• 5 Online Courses to Learn Naturalist Illustration from Scratch

    5 Online Courses to Learn Naturalist Illustration from Scratch

    Learn to create nature-inspired drawings and compositions using different art techniques with the help of expert illustrators Naturalist illustration developed during the time of great explorations as a way to depict all species discovered in the Americas. Contrary to their scientific counterpart, naturalist illustrations were not realistic representations and could reflect the artist's personal vision. Other than a pencil, ink, and brush, a naturalist artist also carried a magnifying glass to help them investigate, compare, and measure all sorts of details to best capture what they were observing. To learn to create naturalist illustrations professionally from scratch, we have selected five courses with five different expert teachers who will share all their tips and techniques. Naturalist Illustrations with Watercolors: Drawing and Composition, a course by Cristina Cilloniz Watercolor is a versatile medium that requires a lot of attention to detail and brings calm to those who paint with it. In this course, you will learn to draw and combine animal figures with botanical elements and complete a naturalist illustration in watercolor under the guidance of botanical illustrator and artist Cristina Cilloniz (@cristina_cilloniz).

  • Basic Materials for DIY Shibori Technique

    Basic Materials for DIY Shibori Technique

    Discover what materials you’ll need to dye fabrics using shibori techniques such as sewing, tying, folding, and fastening With a history that spans over 1300 years, shibori is a reserve dyeing technique, like batik or ikat, which means that areas of the fabric are left undyed; they are “reserved.” Those who practice shibori techniques use methods such as stitching, tying, folding, and pressing. Designer and artist Carolina Raggio (@carolina_45) grew up surrounded by fabric and colors. Keen to experiment with new materials, she discovered shibori–an ancient technique that has the power to transform your garments and home textile accessories using simple materials. In this blog post, Carolina also shares suggestions for tools you can use to reserve or protect areas of the fabric from the dye.

  • After Effects Tips to Speed Up Your Workflow
    Pro 3D & Animation

    After Effects Tips to Speed Up Your Workflow

    Do you want to speed up your workflow in After Effects? Check out these tips from expert Borja Holke You probably already know that Adobe After Effects, one of the best post production and motion graphics software on the market, adds final touches to videos, images, and graphic design pieces. In addition, you can use this software to add movement to your lettering, typography, and illustration projects and help your portfolio stand out from the crowd.

  • 20 Free Elements to Add to Your Portraits in Procreate
    Pro Illustration

    20 Free Elements to Add to Your Portraits in Procreate

    Combine letters and abstract elements in your digital illustrations with Samuel Rodríguez Procreate has become an essential tool for today’s digital artists. Its ease of use and infinite possibilities mean that you can create something to be proud of no matter what your illustration level. Samuel Rodriguez (@samrodriguezart) is a renowned California-based artist who swapped analog techniques for an iPad Pro and Procreate, using the tools to develop stunning portraits filled with bold colors, abstract designs, and an original style.

  • 5 Websites For Downloading Free UI Design Icons

    5 Websites For Downloading Free UI Design Icons

    Find the perfect icons to make your project shine One of the most important decisions when carrying out UI design is choosing the right icons. When you start working with icons, you soon realize that this decision is not just a question of aesthetics. Every detail counts, and there are various factors to think about, such as whether your icons need a supporting element for users to understand them. Christian Vizcarra (@christvizcarra) is an expert in interface design and is here to guide you through this process. Here he shares his favorite websites for finding icons in a range of styles. Enjoy! Iconfinder You’ll easily find what you're looking for on the world's largest icon marketplace. With more than 4,900,000 different types, this website is the place to go to find one icon in particular or a complete collection for your projects. One of Iconfinder’s key features is its team of creatives, who are always on the lookout for what users need. Its filter is very detailed, and you can browse through different sections: designers, categories, or styles. Aside from the icons that are available for free, you can also access their Premium rates.

  • Free Guide to Learn How To Draw Flowers and Leaves

    Free Guide to Learn How To Draw Flowers and Leaves

    Want to learn how to draw leaves and flowers? Check out this guide shared by Luli Reis, an illustrator specializing in botanical watercolor Observation is the most important skill for those who create botanical art, after all, nature, together with its nuances and particularities, serves as a starting point and inspiration for everything that will be created. Over time, you will be able to perceive and learn patterns that are repeated in several botanical varieties. Brazilian visual artist and illustrator Luli Reis (@lulireis) seeks to convey her love and admiration for botanical life through expressive watercolor compositions. In her creative process, the details of leaves and flowers play a crucial role in expressing and reproducing the beauty and enchantment present in nature.

  • Domestika Maestros: Kiko Farkas

    Domestika Maestros: Kiko Farkas

    Kiko Farkas is a designer and illustrator whose work improves the visual experience of publications, books and posters. He talks to Domestika about his career

  • What Is Botany, and How Does It Inspire Creativity?

    What Is Botany, and How Does It Inspire Creativity?

    Learn about the origin of this ancient science and how it has kept inspiring artists throughout the ages Botany is the science that studies the features, properties, and processes of plants and vegetables; how they connect, and what their vital functions are. It is a scientific discipline that's part of biology. Botany is also responsible for describing and classifying the world of flora. Origins of botany The need for early humans to identify and later cultivate edible and medicinal plants and avoid poisonous ones originated in the Paleolithic. The first written list of plants, which made herbalism one of the oldest branches of science and the basis for modern botany, dates back to the Sumerians over 5000 years ago. Later, in ancient Greece, a student of Aristotle called Theophrastus, wrote De Historia Plantarum (Enquiry into Plants) and On the Causes of Plants. These works, which gained him the title of 'father of modern botany,' were the most significant contribution to botanical science for 17 centuries, up until the Middle Ages.

  • Learn to Paint Digitally for Free with Joel Santana's Course

    Learn to Paint Digitally for Free with Joel Santana's Course

    Get free access to Joel’s course for just 72 hours and learn to inject life into your characters in Photoshop For an illustrator, making a character look realistic can be a challenge. What sets a sketch apart from a professional illustration is that the latter, once completed, will radiate life and depth. The key to achieving this quality in your work is knowing how to combine color, light, and texture. Joel Santana (@themaddhattr) is an expert in this field. Throughout his career, he has brought characters to life while working on freelance projects for brands such as Champs Sports, Walt Disney World Orlando, and other major clients. Aside from creating, Joel has also mentored other artists, generously sharing his techniques. From April 8, and for 72 hours only, you will be able to access Joel’s course, Digital Painting for Characters: Color and Light, for free, in which you will learn expert techniques to help you master combining color, light, and texture in your digital paintings.

  • What Are NFTs, and How Are They Transforming Digital Art?

    What Are NFTs, and How Are They Transforming Digital Art?

    Discover the fascinating universe of NFTs, how they benefit the art world, the risks they pose, and why people are concerned about their environmental impact NFTs have taken the creative world by storm in recent weeks and prompted many questions. To fully get our head around this new technology, we need to put the current conversation into context. In February this year, the Nyan Cat meme sold for $600,000. On March 1, visual artist and musician Grimes sold some videos for $6 million. And on March 11, a single jpeg file sold for $69 million. Aside from receiving a lot of attention over recent weeks, the creator of this jpeg–digital artist Mike Winkelmann, best known as Beeple–has become a record holder: 'Everydays: The First 5000 Days' is the third most expensive artwork to be sold by a living artist. What do all of these works have in common? Well, they don't exist in the physical world and have conquered the mainstream.

  • Interview with Illustrator Sergi Solans, Winner of Domestika Scholarships 2017

    Interview with Illustrator Sergi Solans, Winner of Domestika Scholarships 2017

    One of our 2017 winners tells us how he used 50 free courses to expand his creativity Sergi Solans (@no_topo) is an illustrator, screenprint artist, and graphic designer from Barcelona who specializes in editorial work. His work consists of transforming images and complex ideas into illustrations that complement a text. Thanks to his strong portfolio, Sergi was the winner of one of our Domestika Scholarships following the first edition in 2017. He was granted access to 50 courses to develop his skills and train in creative areas of his choosing. We talked to him about how he used his prize and how it helped him evolve his creative process for working on illustration projects. Find out what benefits the opportunity to win a Domestika Scholarship—now in its third edition—can bring to a creative’s work.

  • 6 Free Editing Tutorials for Professional and Amateur Photographers

    6 Free Editing Tutorials for Professional and Amateur Photographers

    Learn photo retouching and editing with experts and give your images a professional finish Photo retouching allows you to perfect your photographs and give your images a professional finish. Adobe Photoshop helps you with both minor adjustments and major retouching. We have listed six free Adobe Photoshop tutorials to discover or improve your photo editing options and enhance your jobs. Click on the red links to access the relevant blog post and view the embedded video tutorial. Get started and enjoy the ride! Photoshop Tutorial: Step-by-Step Tips for Retouching Skin Graphic designer and Adobe Photoshop expert Nina Bruno (@ninabruno) shares five essential steps to retouch skin quickly in this tutorial. Even without prior knowledge, you will achieve professional results. Her best tip? Don't go over the top with your retouching!

  • What Is Retail Design?

    What Is Retail Design?

    Learn about the design of commercial spaces, the role they play, and the current trends within this discipline

  • Curious Minds Podcast: Why Are Artists Hired to Illustrate Trials?

    Curious Minds Podcast: Why Are Artists Hired to Illustrate Trials?

    Discover how illustrators capture what happens behind closed doors with Curious Minds, an original podcast by Domestika Curious Minds is an original podcast by Domestika that explores the curiosities and untold histories of the creative world. Each week we’ll bring you a new episode, interviewing experts and creatives as we dive into the unusual origins of the images, patterns, and designs we take for granted. Subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app to never miss an episode.

  • What Is 360 Brand Identity and How Does It Help Brand Recognition?

    What Is 360 Brand Identity and How Does It Help Brand Recognition?

    Discover how to integrate your company or brand’s visual resources to improve your brand’s image If you own a business, at some point, you will have thought about ways to improve how you communicate. Embracing a brand identity is the best way to make coherent and effective decisions. A brand identity is defined by a set of graphic and visual elements and guidelines that communicate the story behind your brand: its values and how it interacts with the public. These elements will become easily recognizable once you have created a compelling brand identity. In a world full of stimuli, having a strong brand identity is becoming increasingly important. Today, businesses should consider it an utmost priority.

  • Free Guide: Light and Shadows in Street Photography

    Free Guide: Light and Shadows in Street Photography

    Find out how to use light consciously in this guide created by brazilian urban photographer Gustavo Minas To find the source of light in an environment or scenario to be photographed, just look at the direction of the shadows. They are the ones that show the distance and intensity of the light source. This tip, taken from the book 50 years: Light, Camera, Action, by film photographer Edgar Moura, was a watershed for the career of photographer Gustavo Minas, specialized in street photography. One of his trademarks is the reflexes of everyday life, which allow the materialization of different points of view in the same image.

  • Take Part in Domestika Scholarships and Turn Your Creative Passion Into Your Future

    Take Part in Domestika Scholarships and Turn Your Creative Passion Into Your Future

    You have until April 12 to register your portfolio and be in with a chance of winning 50 courses of your choosing On March 9, 2021, Domestika launched its 3rd edition of Domestika Scholarships, intending to share knowledge with the creative community. Domestika Scholarships was conceived to promote learning across different creative disciplines. This year’s participants are in with the chance of winning 10 scholarships, each offering up 50 courses of each winner’s choosing. That’s a total of 500 online courses for anyone who would like to participate that is over 16 years old: it doesn’t matter where you live or what your educational or professional background is. Domestika is committed to learning. To take a course, there are no limits regarding age, geographical location, time zone, or experience. Domestika brings together some of the most prominent professionals in the creative sector and showcases what they do best. All of our courses are for everyone.

  • Discover the Incredible Art of Cake Design with Julián Ángel

    Discover the Incredible Art of Cake Design with Julián Ángel

    The designer behind the creative cake blog Historias del Ciervo shares a selection of his breathtaking designs How many times have you passed by a cake shop and had to stop to visually devour cakes that look more like works of art than something to eat? Creative cake design really is an art. It involves designing, sketching, and planning to pull off a showstopper. T hose who work in this profession think about the same things that, for example, a painter would, such as color schemes and creating textures.

  • 10 Creative Embroidery Online Courses for Beginners

    10 Creative Embroidery Online Courses for Beginners

    Discover some fascinating hand embroidery techniques with our excellent specialists and turn your passion into a profession Over the last ten years, embroidery has become very popular and has gained new artistic, social, and political meaning. Nowadays, it means getting in touch with thousand-year-old artisanal techniques and establishing new connections with our objects and garments. Furthermore, embroidery allows us to create truly unique pieces. To accompany you in a fascinating embroidering adventure, we have selected several courses that will teach you basic embroidery principles while showing you the infinite possibilities of this technique using materials like wood, paper, and fabric. Nine experts share the secrets of their creative processes so that you can also become a professional embroiderer and achieve fantastic designs. Character Illustration with Needle and Thread, a course by Flora Te Sometimes, innovation comes from experimenting and mixing materials and techniques. Embroiderer and illustrator Florencia Toyos (@holaflorate), better known as Flora Te, combines traditional disciplines that have nothing to do with each other, such as embroidery and illustration, to create fun and unusual pieces. Her Diburdaditos, embroidered pins of illustrated characters, are an example of her style. In her course, Flora explains her creative processes to help you get inspired and transform your ideas into a sketch first and later into a final piece. She also demonstrates various embroidery stitches that will help bring your characters to life.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of March 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of March 2021

    We put together the projects that received the most likes in March within the Domestika community We kick off the new month by introducing you to the 10 favorite community projects for March. Final projects of courses from different disciplines, teachers' works and commissions are mixed in this space open to creativity. All of them different but with something in common: they are the projects that have received the most likes. In March, watercolor has had a lot of prominence, but also crochet and illustration. Nature has been one of the most inspiring themes and has also been the highlighted theme in other disciplines, such as packaging. And as for digital arts, a work done with the SketchUp design program stands out. To check their creative processes, click on the red titles. Don't forget to add your comment at the end of the article and let us know your favorite.

  • 12 Online Courses for Creating Children’s Books

    12 Online Courses for Creating Children’s Books

    Learn to create a range of illustrated books and albums with a little help from these experts in children’s and young adult literature International Children's Book Day is celebrated every year on April 2, which is also the same day that Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen was born. You are sure to have come across his works, such as The Ugly Duckling, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and The Little Mermaid, which have also been made into films. This annual celebration aims to fuel children and young adults’ interest in books. Discovering original and inspiring stories on the page helps children and young adults to unleash their imaginations in the real world. These 12 online courses will help you to become an expert in children’s and YA literature and invent a unique language that combines words with illustrations. From picture books to theater books, the possibilities are endless. Creation of a Children's Picturebook, a course by Claudia Rueda When it comes to embarking on the creation of an illustrated children's book, it’s always better to seek out the advice of experts. Claudia Rueda is here to guide you, having published over thirty works and been nominated for important international awards such as the Hans Christian Andersen Award and Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award. Learn how Claudia plans and elaborates a picture book from scratch, starting with the first idea to creating the layout and finalizing the project before delivering it to a publisher.

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