• Instagram Tutorial: how to make the perfect IG Reels

    Instagram Tutorial: how to make the perfect IG Reels

    Learn how to produce creative Instagram Reels from scratch and succeed on social media, with Vix Meldrew Vix Meldrew is an educator specializing in social media and personal branding who helps people and brands build communities using Instagram. Her work as a professional content creator and influencer consultant led her to establish Grow & Glow, a community of creators and founders that empowers others on their brand-building journey. In this tutorial, Vix shares four fundamental tips to create successful IG Reels. Find out more in the video.

  • These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022

    These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022

    The World Economic Forum sheds light on which creative profiles will be most in demand over the next three years The World Economic Forum has published a report entitled Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy, in which it analyzes the professional profiles that will be most sought after in the immediate post-covid future and the skills they require. According to this report, over the next three years, more creative opportunities will emerge across almost every industry. Below, we list the most in-demand profiles across the fastest-growing sectors and explain which tools you will need to improve your CV and secure a promising career.

  • 5 Tips For Dealing with Comments on Social Media

    5 Tips For Dealing with Comments on Social Media

    Expert Hana Klokner shares her top tips for responding to feedback on social media, both the good and the bad Hana Klokner (@hanajayklokner) is an expert in social media marketing and a children’s book author from Slovakia. Hana started out in digital marketing in 2007 when she got a job at the age of 16 working for MacBlog.sk, an online Apple magazine based in Slovakia. During the time that she worked for the company, she wrote around 200 articles about Apple products and discovered her passion for blogging. This fuelled Hana to launch her own “fashion blogazine,” through which she learned all about planning, producing, editing, and promoting content while she was still at school.

  • How to Find a Great Story
    Pro Marketing

    How to Find a Great Story

    Writer Shaun Levin shares his techniques for finding great stories in everyday life Shaun Levin (@shaun_levin) is a writer and creative writing teacher with over twenty years of experience in the creative sector. For the past fifteen years, he has edited literary magazines and short story collections and set up small publishing houses for whom he has designed different publications. He has also created writing maps that help to inspire other writers in whatever situation they find themselves in. According to Shaun, we tend to think that the best stories are somewhere out there, in the world, and that we have to go searching for them. However, over time, he has realized that most of the stories we want to write are already inside us. In other words, we are already carrying special moments around with us that have great narrative potential. But how do we unlock them?

  • The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast

    The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast

    Take your podcast to the next level with these 13 royalty-free music and sound effects apps Up there with the script and actual recording, the way you edit your podcast is key. During this process, your choices regarding music and sound effects have the power to make the final result shine, and will help you connect more with your audience. If you've already created your own podcast or are about to record an episode, this list of free and pay-for resources and apps will help you uncover a vast source of royalty-free music and sound effects, presenting you with a range of options when it comes to editing your work and making it sound its best.

  • What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    Discover what a growth marketer does and why it is a critical figure in the development of a company All businesses worldwide want to grow, but not many know how to do it, as strange as it may seem. This explains why growth marketing strategies have become increasingly popular recently. Following scientific methods, developing growth strategies, and relying on growth marketers, are fundamental elements to help companies achieve results. What are the skills required to pursue a growth marketing career? How do companies regard the role of a growth marketer? How will this figure evolve over the next few years? We will answer these questions with the help of a marketing expert with ten years of experience as a startup consultant who supports the idea to include growth marketing in your business.

  • Clubhouse: What’s All the Fuss About, and What Does It Offer?

    Clubhouse: What’s All the Fuss About, and What Does It Offer?

    Four experts explain the great potential and opportunities Clubhouse offers creatives, as well as its limitations If you've been surfing the net over the last few weeks, you'll have probably heard about Clubhouse, a new audio-based social network that’s currently overshadowing all other social media platforms. It brings several people interested in talking about the same topic together in a “room” or “small club” as if they were sitting down together at a table in a bar. What makes this platform stand out from other networks is that it doesn’t have an endless feed of content where anyone can participate, interact, or contribute to the debate. The sense of connection is intensified by having more intimate, personal, and meaningful exchanges. The way Clubhouse structures its content consumption makes it possible to exchange ideas and information in much greater depth.

  • What Is 360 Brand Identity and How Does It Help Brand Recognition?

    What Is 360 Brand Identity and How Does It Help Brand Recognition?

    Discover how to integrate your company or brand’s visual resources to improve your brand’s image If you own a business, at some point, you will have thought about ways to improve how you communicate. Embracing a brand identity is the best way to make coherent and effective decisions. A brand identity is defined by a set of graphic and visual elements and guidelines that communicate the story behind your brand: its values and how it interacts with the public. These elements will become easily recognizable once you have created a compelling brand identity. In a world full of stimuli, having a strong brand identity is becoming increasingly important. Today, businesses should consider it an utmost priority.

  • Free E-book: Strategy for Social Media Success, by Dot Lung

    Free E-book: Strategy for Social Media Success, by Dot Lung

    Discover the “dragon formula” and how to deliver quality social media content Dot Lung (@dotlung) is known as the "Mother of Social Media Dragons”. She specializes in helping designers and creatives create irresistible social media content to develop their projects, ideas, and careers. Want to make the most of Instagram and reach a larger audience? In Dragon's Strategies For Social Media Success, Dot Lung lists the ingredients that go into cooking up quality social media content. She presents them in a formula known as the “dragon formula”, a reference to her Taiwanese last name meaning dragon. Download this e-book for free and get to grips with this effective formula that has led her to work with clients such as Facebook, Wix, Motionographer, OFFF festival, Digital Design Days, Sonar + D, and many more.

  • Why You, As a Creative, Should Use TikTok

    Why You, As a Creative, Should Use TikTok

    If you haven't already joined the fastest growing social network in the world, find out what you’re missing TikTok has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms globally. It’s positioned itself as an essential space to build brands, especially your own. Fast, bold, creative, and funny language often scares those who are trying to find a way to embrace it, especially if they are shy or feel like they are not in the appropriate age-group. However, if you work in the creative field, there are many reasons why TikTok deserves to be included in your social strategy. Today, the photographer, Domestika teacher, and influencer THAT ICELANDIC GUY (@arnulfur) will share some of them.

  • What Is Graphic Identity and What Does a Branding Professional Need to Know About It?

    What Is Graphic Identity and What Does a Branding Professional Need to Know About It?

    Discover how the personality of a brand is built We all know that image is essential when launching and growing a company, but not everyone knows there is a methodology to find and develop our aesthetic universe. The graphic identity is a set of parameters that define a brand's visual aspect, that is, everything that is seen. We say that a company or a project has its own graphic identity when we can quickly identify its presence and relate it to a logo, colors, and fonts.

  • Essential Equipment for Creating Podcasts

    Essential Equipment for Creating Podcasts

    Do you want to create your own podcast? Check the basic equipment you’ll need to get started There are some fixed rules to creating a podcast, but you don’t have to follow a model to the letter, and you can be quite flexible: you can record one wherever you want and about any topic. However, for your podcast to be of acceptable quality, you will need to use some basic technical tools. Journalist and podcast producer David Mulé Rebecchi (@davimulepodcast) runs through the essential kit you need to produce a good podcast.

  • 10 Creatives to Follow on TikTok in 2021

    10 Creatives to Follow on TikTok in 2021

    Domestika’s Instagram community votes for the social network's most inspiring accounts TikTok is much more than dance moves, reactions, and laughs. There is also a growing wave of creatives surprising everyone with their talents. On Instagram, we often get to see a more carefully-curated side of each user, with heavily edited photos and thought-out angles. TikTok gives us a more relaxed experience and a behind-the-scenes atmosphere. That's why we asked Domestika’s Instagram community which TikTok accounts they find most inspiring. These were the most voted: Marjan Roshan @dailymarjan A Persian-Spanish designer and illustrator based in Madrid. Her work has been featured in Spanish magazines and group exhibitions. On her TikTok, she shares creative processes behind her illustrations (mostly portraiture) with different techniques and materials.

  • “Working Together, Apart”: Reinventing Relationships Between Teams and Clients

    “Working Together, Apart”: Reinventing Relationships Between Teams and Clients

    Sagi Haviv explains how the rebranding of discovery+ and Panda Global logos helped his team to reinvent their working methods In March 2020, when the pandemic hit, like everyone else, we were nervous about impact on our business. There were two main worries: one, that clients might be skittish about initiating or continuing design projects when the world was in crisis. This worry very quickly lifted when we discovered that many companies were eager to use the downtime of the pandemic to continue and even to accelerate their engagement with us. The second concern was more existential: working collaboratively and in person—both within our office and with our clients—has been at the core of our practice for decades.

  • The 4 Pillars of Constructive Advertising

    The 4 Pillars of Constructive Advertising

    What is constructive advertising and how to achieve it, according to copywriting expert Carla González Sooner or later, if you work in the field of advertising, these questions will pop-up in your head: does my work have any meaning? Can a publicist do more than just sell a product? Advertising has evolved over time. We went from a simple "buy now" to campaigns that help discover, deepen, and expand a brand's universe through concepts such as "values". In this context, we spoke with Carla González (@carlagoon), an advertising copywriter specializing in Branded Content and a Domestika teacher. We wanted to know what constructive advertising is and how it is made. We are talking about the kind of advertising that promotes values, takes a stance, and aims to benefit consumers and society. Carla, who has worked for brands such as IKEA, BMW, Vueling, Banco Sabadell, or Casio, shared some ideas and tips to rethink advertising as a business and our role within it.

  • Domestika Diary: Weekend Creative

    Domestika Diary: Weekend Creative

    Product photography and art direction duo Weekend Creative take us on a day in their life as they make their podcast, shoot photos, and visit the places that brought them together. Weekend Creative (@weekendcreative) is a creative duo made up of Arabela and Elle, who specialize in stop motion and playful and creative brand photography. The two of them have collaborated with the likes of Benefit, Camelbak, and Saint Jane. No matter what they’re working on, they demand just two things from a client: “you need to know how to have fun” and “you have to prefer the weekend.” In this Domestika Diary, you will see where the pair met, what they do, and why they work so well together.

  • What Is a Press Release and How to Write One

    What Is a Press Release and How to Write One

    Learn how and when to use this essential communication tool In life and business, the saying "out of sight, out of mind" applies. Today, in a world where the information lifespan is measured in seconds, standing out and remaining relevant is one of the biggest challenges for companies and public figures and creatives launching their own projects. One way to be noticed is to consolidate your presence in the media, and press releases are the best way to do it. But, what exactly is a press release, and how do you write one?

  • 12 Essential Apps to Prepare Your Presentations

    12 Essential Apps to Prepare Your Presentations

    Discover the best programs to make your next presentation a success Almost all social media professionals need, at least sporadically, to prepare presentations for coworkers, clients, or followers. One of the fundamental requirements for effective presentation is to transmit the content in a clear, concise, and captivating way. It is also essential to understand how we process information to arrive at the best visual solution possible. Katya Kovalenko (@katyakovalenko) is a designer who helps companies highlight their products' purpose through graphic visualizations. By combining a simple analytical and aesthetic approach, she tells visual stories based on data. In this post, Katya lists the essential tools you'll need to make your next presentation a success.

  • The Pomodoro Technique: The Key to Successful Time Management

    The Pomodoro Technique: The Key to Successful Time Management

    Get to know this way of working–your brain will thank you! You'll have already figured it out by now: human beings are not machines. Although many of us would love to be able to perform at a steady pace for hours at a time, inevitably, our attention wanes, our brainpower deteriorates, and we can become prone to procrastination. To perform well, to make the most challenging days productive, we must understand how our brains work and organize our planning around that information–that's what the Pomodoro Technique is all about.

  • What Is an SEO Copywriter and What Is SEO Copywriting?

    What Is an SEO Copywriter and What Is SEO Copywriting?

    Discover how words have the power to improve a website’s ranking The written word is a key tool for developing any brand. Every business needs to use text to present itself to the world, to connect with potential customers, and strengthen its relationships with users. Copywriters are content creators who write words and messages for media platforms and brands and speak directly to clients and customers.

  • How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips

    How to Succed on YouTube Like a Pro? Top 10 Tips

    Experts reveal their secrets and tutorials to exploit the potential of your videos on YouTube Remember when we believed that to succeed on YouTube you only needed a good video? That is not the only key factor. If you want to create a solid profile you need technical knowledge. There are some secrets that will allow you to make sure that you are doing the right thing so that that video that cost you so much, reaches as many people as possible. Some Domestika experts give you access to these techniques through their tips. If you are interested in learning more, just click on the red title to read the full details.

  • UX Tutorial: How to Conduct Qualitative User Research

    UX Tutorial: How to Conduct Qualitative User Research

    Learn the basics of UX and user research to analyze what your users are doing and why they are doing it, with Patricia Reiners UX research can seem like an intimidating area of study but it is actually based on a set of simple principles and methods that you can learn and apply to your own projects. Patricia Reiners (@ux_patricia) is a UX/UI designer based in Berlin who is an Adobe resident and the host of the Future of UX podcast. In this tutorial, she explains the basic principles and techniques of qualitative user research and how to use it to improve your product’s UX.