• Sophia Parnok: One of the First Openly Lesbian Voices of Russian Poetry

    Sophia Parnok: One of the First Openly Lesbian Voices of Russian Poetry

    Discover the life and work of the influential Russian-Jewish poet whose work was banned from publication Sophia Parnok was a Russian-Jewish poet born in 1885 and was considered the only openly lesbian voice of the Silver Age of Russian Poetry. During her lifetime, she published five volumes of poetry, a substantial body of literary criticism, and authored the libretti of several operas. Yet, despite her achievements, her work still remains relatively unknown.

  • Photographer Claudia Andujar: a Life Dedicated to the Socially Invisible

    Photographer Claudia Andujar: a Life Dedicated to the Socially Invisible

    Discover the work of this 90-year-old Swiss-Brazilian creator and activist, defender of the indigenous cause Half a century ago, when Claudia Andujar first visited the great land of the Yanomami, a territory larger than Portugal, situated on the extreme North of Brazil, and inhabited by around 30,000 souls, this ancient civilization was living in isolation, leading existences embedded in tradition. Over the next few decades, she was able to document what assimilation had meant to the villages of the forest—illegal mining of metals, land-grabbing, loss of traditions and landmarks, illness, and misery. During the most critical moments of the aggressive developmentalism by the military dictatorship and the failing democratization at the end of the 1980s, the Swiss photographer, with Brazilian naturalization, captured the accelerated transformation that impacted the surviving people who originally inhabited the country.

  • A Brief Guide to Roger Deakins’ Cinematography
    Film & Video

    A Brief Guide to Roger Deakins’ Cinematography

    Discover the work of the Oscar-winning cinematographer, known for films such as Blade Runner 2049, Fargo and 1917 Roger Deakins is a living legend. At 71, not only is the British DP still active, he is arguably at the top of his game (and given that cameras keep getting lighter and lighter, he has no plans to retire any time soon). Best known for his collaborations with directors such as the Coen brothers, Sam Mendes, Michael Radford, Ron Howard, and Denis Villeneuve, Deakins has worked on a myriad of films shot on wide-ranging budgets, exploring completely different genres. Each one has a unique look.

  • Discover Julia Nimke’s Outstanding Travel Photography

    Discover Julia Nimke’s Outstanding Travel Photography

    Explore the nature-inspired work of this German photographer as she takes us on her travels around the world We all live in the same world, but we do not always manage to honor its beauty when it comes to capturing it on film or in photos. Specialist travel photographers know how to connect with the wonders of our surroundings through their lenses. The images they capture enable us to experience the magic of those places, even if we’ve never been there. Julia Nimke (@julia_nimke) is a German photographer who specializes in travel and lifestyle. She has worked with clients such as Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, Lufthansa, and Sony. She knows how to represent the emotion and beauty of our planet. Read on to learn about her fascinating professional journey.

  • Farewell to Willian Santiago, Illustrator of Vibrant Colors and Infinite Talent

    Farewell to Willian Santiago, Illustrator of Vibrant Colors and Infinite Talent

    We remember the life and work of the Brazilian illustrator and teacher, who died at the age of 30 Domestika deeply regrets the passing of Willian Santiago, a Brazilian illustrator, teacher, and member of our creative community. The artist's agent has announced his death. His strong artistic instincts are expressed through the work that he made, characterized by the combination of simple shapes and vibrant, uniquely Brazilian colors. Willian was primarily a digital artist, but he gave his work an artisanal and analog touch by digitizing old papers or mark making with chalk and splashed of ink.

  • Who is Oscar Winner Chloé Zhao?
    Film & Video

    Who is Oscar Winner Chloé Zhao?

    Discover the life and work of the award-winning director, writer, and editor of Nomadland who made history in 2021 Chloé Zhao is the name on everyone’s lips after making Oscar history as the first woman of color to take home the Best Director prize. Having already won a number of awards for Nomadland, including the top prizes at the Venice and Toronto Film Festivals and both the BAFTA and Golden Globe for Best Director, the world was poised to see if her poetic drama starring Frances McDormand would triumph at the 93rd Academy Awards. It did. Not only was Zhao awarded Best Director, Nomadland also picked up Best Picture and Frances McDormand took home Best Actress in a Leading Role for her performance in the film.

  • The Diverse Creative Universe of Carlinhos Brown

    The Diverse Creative Universe of Carlinhos Brown

    Learn about the life and career of the composer and multi-instrumentalist who know teaches a course on Domestika Carlinhos Brown (@carlinhos_brown) was the first Brazilian musician to be appointed as Ibero-American Ambassador of Culture and to become a member of the Oscars Academy. He is a singer, composer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, visual artist, a judge on The Voice Brasil, and has worked on The Voice Kids. He will also soon publish a course on Domestika. In the course Introduction to Percussion: Discover the Magic of Rhythm, the artist demonstrates the power of percussion instruments, not just for music but for universal communication. In addition to shedding light on his career path and influences, Carlinhos talks about the power of percussive communication, taking us on a journey through his ancestral past in which he will present instruments from different parts of the world. The course also covers topics such as composing and arranging and include tips on recording and editing. Be sure to check out the trailer!

  • Discover the Incredible Art of Cake Design with Julián Ángel

    Discover the Incredible Art of Cake Design with Julián Ángel

    The designer behind the creative cake blog Historias del Ciervo shares a selection of his breathtaking designs How many times have you passed by a cake shop and had to stop to visually devour cakes that look more like works of art than something to eat? Creative cake design really is an art. It involves designing, sketching, and planning to pull off a showstopper. T hose who work in this profession think about the same things that, for example, a painter would, such as color schemes and creating textures.

  • Discover Inuit Artist Kenojuak Ashevak

    Discover Inuit Artist Kenojuak Ashevak

    We celebrate the enchanted art and life of this remarkable female artist Kenojuak Ashevak was born in an igloo in an Inuit camp in 1927. She became one of Canada's most celebrated graphic artists, collecting multiple honors and achievements until she died in 2013. The daughter of an Inuit hunter and fur trader, she grew up traveling from camp to camp in Arctic Quebec. When she was 19, she married Johnniebo Ashevak, a local Inuit hunter who developed artistic talents in his own right and sometimes collaborated with her on projects. In the late 1950s, both Kenojuak and Johnniebo experimented with carving and drawing.

  • Zelda Fitzgerald: The Writer Who Was Plagiarized and Silenced by Her Husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Zelda Fitzgerald: The Writer Who Was Plagiarized and Silenced by Her Husband, F. Scott Fitzgerald

    Discover the story of Zelda Fitzgerald, the "muse" and writer who was plagiarized by her celebrated husband Many simply know her as "the wife of the famous novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald," but Zelda Fitzgerald was special in her own right. An icon of the 1920s and one of the most relevant figures of the so-called Jazz Age, she was one of the first American flappers. Flappers were a generation of young women who defied the norms and showed a blatant disregard for what was considered "acceptable behavior" at the time. They didn’t wear corsets, wore knee-length skirts (a scandal in those days), cut their hair into bobs, listened to jazz, and drank in public. However, above everything else, Zelda was an artist. She was a dancer, a painter, and, most importantly, a writer. What many people don't know–perhaps because history has gone to great lengths to hide the truth–is that F. Scott Fitzgerald owes much of his success as a writer to Zelda. Not only did he use her as his muse, but he also unscrupulously stole her ideas and writing. Discover her story below:

  • Meet Maria Mandea, a Play Designer From Bucharest

    Meet Maria Mandea, a Play Designer From Bucharest

    Maria Mandea designs and creates playful objects and experiences for all ages Play is essential, regardless of our age. “It allows mistakes, discovery, and the creation of new realities,” says Maria Mandea, a play designer from Bucharest, Romania. Not sure what a play designer does? Actually, the role of “play designer” is a job title that Maria invented herself to most accurately explain what she does. Allow us to elaborate... Maria designs and creates playful objects and experiences, such as toys, stop-motion animations, apps, and games.

  • Who Is Valerie Thomas and What Is the Illusion Transmitter?

    Who Is Valerie Thomas and What Is the Illusion Transmitter?

    The Illusion Transmitter was invented by a trailblazing Black female NASA scientist This March, we are celebrating the outstanding achievements of female creatives throughout history. Today, we look back on the life and accomplishments of a trailblazing black female scientist who made enormous contributions to NASA’s research and technological development: Valerie Thomas. Valerie Thomas was born in Maryland in 1943. As a child, she developed an interest in technology after watching her father tinker with the mechanical parts of radios and television sets. Aged eight, she read a book called The Boys First Book of Radio and Electronics, piquing her interest. She asked her father to help her with projects featured in the book, but he allegedly refused.

  • Melanie Chadwick: Philosopher of Sketching

    Melanie Chadwick: Philosopher of Sketching

    Meet food and travel illustrator Melanie Chadwick and learn why she considers sketching to be a way of life Melanie Chadwick (@melanie_chadwick) is a freelance illustrator and designer based in Cornwall, UK. She believes that design should be fun, lively, and enrich the lives of those around it. She has a love for sketching and incorporates it into her daily practice. She specializes in map and food illustration and enjoys mixing analog and digital techniques in her work, working in a variety of media–from traditional watercolors, pen and ink, and collage to digital and vector brushes. She has worked with numerous clients across various projects, including book illustration, food packaging, restaurant menus, magazine editorials, branding projects, maps, greeting cards, postcards, and more. Melanie's clients include Cornish Seasalt, Foodimentary, Ferment Magazine, American Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic.

  • Be Inspired to Create Amigurumi Characters with the Prince of Crochet

    Be Inspired to Create Amigurumi Characters with the Prince of Crochet

    Crochet artist and character designer Marcelo Javier Cortés, a.k.a. Príncipe del Crochet, shares his favorite projects Crocheting is a hand knitting technique that is gaining interest among contemporary creatives. Starting in the craft of crochet is easy, and there are lots of possibilities. One of the most attractive projects you can do using a crochet hook is ‘amigurumi.’ You can create cute, three-dimensional characters by crocheting them as if you were sculpting with yarn.

  • Meet Digital Artist and Photoshop Expert Harrison Kuykendall

    Meet Digital Artist and Photoshop Expert Harrison Kuykendall

    Digital artist and founder of HE–Studios Harrison Kuykendall on the magic of Photoshop Harrison Kuykendall is a digital artist living in Brooklyn, New York. He is the owner and founder of HE–Studios, a creative studio specializing in still and animated retouching for large-scale global advertising campaigns. He’s worked with clients such as Target, Stella Artois, Lady Gaga’s Haus Labs, Aveeno, Champion, and Diane von Furstenberg. Originally from Chicago, Harrison moved to New York after graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design to start a full-time role at 3.1 Phillip Lim. Harrison was in charge of the fashion house’s emerging e-commerce department. “In my senior year of college, I co-founded a magazine with a friend of mine who's a fashion photographer, and so that really led to an interest in art direction and creative direction for fashion and beauty.” After he left Philip Lim, Harrison went on to work full-time at different advertising agencies over three or four years before founding his own company. “I was either working as a video editor or a graphic designer or retouching a project. I was able to touch on all these different points of creativity and get comfortable with the 360-degree creative process.”

  • James Chapman on Swapping Microscopes for Acrylic Paint Markers

    James Chapman on Swapping Microscopes for Acrylic Paint Markers

    Illustrator James Chapman on why he chose a career in art after completing a PhD in physics Over the last five years, illustrator designer James Chapman (@jameschapman) has written and illustrated his own books; worked on projects for Disney, Nickelodeon, and Universal as a 2D designer at the animation studio, Brown Bag Films; created viral content for Buzzfeed; and seen his POSCA pen sketchbook series evolve, attracting tens of thousands of followers to his Instagram account. James describes his specialty as “making art that’s cute and colorful and overall entertaining.” James grew up in an artistic household in the West Midlands in England. “My dad was an architect, and my brother was very good at drawing.” Inspired by the talents in the family, he set about practicing his drawing skills at a very young age, producing pictures of the things he liked most (namely Sonic the Hedgehog). Aged 16, he came to a crossroads when picking the subjects he would study at A-level–a decision that would determine what he could go on to study at university. Forced to decide between science and art, he eventually chose science and went on to study physics, right up to PhD level.

  • Ed Benguiat: Stranger Things, Esquire and the 600 Creations of a Unique Typographer
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering

    Ed Benguiat: Stranger Things, Esquire and the 600 Creations of a Unique Typographer

    A retrospective on the prolific typographer and logo designer, featuring some of his most emblematic creations Ed Benguiat (1924-2020) was an American typographer, designer, and lettering artist whose influence on the creative world is difficult to overstate. In addition to having served as associate director of Esquire magazine—whose logo he designed, he was a prestigious jazz percussionist under the name Eddie Benart, a pilot, a teacher with more than 50 years of experience, and, every now and then, he found the time to retouch some "scandalous" images in magazines.

  • Meet Award-winning Illustrator Owen Davey

    Meet Award-winning Illustrator Owen Davey

    Discover the wonderful world of this multi-talented British artist as he tells us about his creative process, influences, and inspiration Owen Davey (@owendaveydraws) is passionate about illustration. His award-winning children’s books have been published in every continent except Antarctica. Working from the English coastal town of Worthing, Owen is known for his geometric vector illustrations, limited color palettes, and his love of drawing animals. Among his clients, he counts Google, Facebook, Sony, The New York Times, National Geographic, Microsoft, Lego, the Two Dot app, and many, many more.

  • Mia Winston-Hart Creates Vibrant Resin Jewelry

    Mia Winston-Hart Creates Vibrant Resin Jewelry

    Meet the British jewelry designer crafting one-of-a-kind pieces with epoxy resin A graduate of the University of the Arts in London, Mia Winston-Hart (@miawinstonhart) is an educator and the founder and owner of a small accessories business in the south of England. She creates brightly-colored one-of-a-kind pieces with epoxy resin–a material that has no limits, allowing Mia to explore her creativity and work with an infinite range of shapes and colors.

  • Designers of Unique Spaces: Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio

    Designers of Unique Spaces: Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio

    Matteo Ferrari and Andrea Caruso from Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio share some of the milestones that have outlined their careers Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari (@ciszak_dalmas_ferrari) is an architecture and design studio founded in Madrid by Alberto Gobbino Ciszak, Andrea Caruso Dalmas, and Matteo Ferrari. The studio works across a range of disciplines including architecture, interior, product design, and art direction. Recent clients have included Bosa, Bitossi, Camper, Loewe, Max&Co., and Zara. The studio also founded contemporary furniture and interior design brand, La Clinica Design. Their work has been presented at the Biennale di Architettura in Venice, Salone del Mobile in Milan, Experimenta Design in Lisbon, and Design Ambassador in Hong Kong. Matteo and Andrea studied architecture and industrial design, respectively, in Italy. In Spain, they started running their studio with another designer (Alberto) and succeeded despite starting with few clients and resources during the economic crisis. ‘It wasn’t easy, but we worked very hard and… experimented every day.’ Let’s have a look at how they did it.

  • Interior Designers React to Regular Homes

    Interior Designers React to Regular Homes

    Founders of interior design studio STUDIOLAV Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi react to the homes of members of the Domestika community Professional interior design can often seem like an unaffordable luxury. However, a few simple changes can dramatically improve the look and feel of a room. Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi, founders of international interior design studio STUDIOLAV, have had their work exhibited at London’s Royal Academy of Arts but their talents can also be applied to a regular home. We asked them to take a look at the homes of a few members of the Domestika community and to share a few simple tips on how to improve them.

  • Self-Portrait Photography Filled with Emotion: Laura Zalenga

    Self-Portrait Photography Filled with Emotion: Laura Zalenga

    Learn how to delve into your thoughts and feelings using photography with Laura Zalenga Laura Zalenga (@laurazalenga) is a German freelance photographer with a passion for creating self-portraits filled with emotion. In 2018, she was one of seven international artists selected for the Adobe Creative Residency. She has worked for Adobe, Artemide, Disney, Lufthansa, Sony, and many more and been featured in a Sky Arts documentary. In her Domestika course, Laura takes you on an intimate journey of self-discovery and experimentation through the art of self-portrait photography. ‘Self-portrait taught me everything I know about photography. It also taught me how to accept myself more and how important it is to spend quality time with yourself.’ She finds inspiration within her memories, moods, and emotions, other times in places, light conditions, and even everyday objects. Her style is defined by clear visual language, the power of telling stories, and showing raw, honest emotions. Let’s get to know her and her unique and emotional art.

  • Meet Amy Pearson and Her Beautifully Illustrated Portraits

    Meet Amy Pearson and Her Beautifully Illustrated Portraits

    Be inspired by the unique style of her illustrations and her stunningly lifelike portraits Amy Pearson (@amypearsondesign) is a multidisciplinary artist and illustrator specialized in creating art that combines analog and digital techniques. At the heart of Amy Pearson’s work are beautiful images of women who display power and strength. She has worked with clients like The Beauty Effect, Nylon, and more. Her work has included magazine spreads, privately commissioned portraits, and other projects showcasing her unique creative style, and she markets her self-directed artwork through her website. In her Domestika course, Amy seamlessly combines graphite, watercolor, and Photoshop to create a stunningly lifelike portrait.

  • Louis Bicycle Creates One-of-a-kind Embroidered Clothing

    Louis Bicycle Creates One-of-a-kind Embroidered Clothing

    Louis Bicycle creates hand-dyed embroidered clothing, from hoodies to bucket hats Being forced to adapt to new circumstances can take us down unexpected paths. Louis Bicycle (@louisbicycle) was taking a break from tattooing and selling his hand-made screen prints and linoleum block prints at a street fair in San Francisco when the pandemic caused the fair to shut down. During those first few days stuck at home, he picked up a tote bag that he had started to embroider a tiger onto a couple of years before. He finished the bag and put it online. “It got a decent response, so I made another the next day. It just went from there.” Since then, he has put out a variety of clothing—unique pieces that sell out almost immediately. “I've sewn for a long time, even a small amount as a kid. As I got older, I fixed clothes. I had a little wave a few years ago where I made some little embroidered patches. I just did it for a month or so and set it down. I hadn’t done hoodies in the past, just patches and tote bags. I soon figured out a way to put a backing on the hoodies so I could embroider them in a way that it would stay flat.”

  • Meet Game Designer Zach Soares
    3D & Animation

    Meet Game Designer Zach Soares

    Step into the Voxel art universe with Zach Soares and create a fantasy character made entirely of 3D cubes Zach Soares (@voxels) is a French Canadian self-taught Voxel artist now living in the UK. He has worked on freelance projects for clients such as Hipster Whale for almost a decade and is the creative director of his studio, Bunnyhug. Before concentrating on 3D animation and the game industry, Zach, who studied urban design, created 3D designs for cities. Zach started exploring game design on the side, which inspired him to look into game development through Voxel art. In his Domestika course, he teaches how to model, rig, and animate a character from scratch, using Voxel Art design.

  • L’Abu Studio: Where Carpentry And Embroidery Come Together

    L’Abu Studio: Where Carpentry And Embroidery Come Together

    L’Abu Studio produces a unique range of custom handmade wooden pieces featuring detailed embroidery Estela Botello grew up in Madrid, surrounded by a talented family of craftspeople. Looking back on her childhood, she recalls picking up her first needle around the age of six and learning to embroider and crochet with her grandmother (an expert at making intricate tablecloths). Since picking up her first needle, Estela has rarely put it down. Estela is the founder of L’Abu Studio (@labustudio), producing a unique range of custom-made decorative objects combining carpentry and other crafts such as embroidery and macrame–from unique wall hangings to embroidered furniture.

  • José Rosero: The Infinite Possibilities of Illustration

    José Rosero: The Infinite Possibilities of Illustration

    Editorial is just one of the many fields in which José Rosero feels comfortable working as an illustrator José Rosero (@rosero) is a Colombian visual artist whose graphic talents are so varied, it’s impossible to list them all. While he has worked as a painter, in theater, teaching, management, and research, it is as an illustrator that he has achieved his highest levels of success and built up an impressive career. This choice of career path has never narrowed his work opportunities, in fact, it has done the opposite. He considers being an illustrator a bit like being a platypus–in that it's made up of different parts of other animals–since you have to be able to speak different languages, all at the same time. Here’s how Rosero has used illustration across different mediums:

  • Fito Espinosa: 3 Creative Approaches

    Fito Espinosa: 3 Creative Approaches

    Be inspired by the work of this Peruvian artist and illustrator Fito Espinosa (@fitoespinosa) has been cultivating his prolific portfolio for 25 years in painting, illustration, and ceramics. In the last few years, he has also contributed to advertising campaigns, participated in collective and individual exhibitions, as well as a number of painting competitions, many of which he has won. He has published five books and collaborated on a number of other publications. Below, we present a collection of his vibrant and varied art.