• Spark AR: Create Filters for Facebook and Instagram Stories

    Spark AR: Create Filters for Facebook and Instagram Stories

    Learn to merge the real world with the virtual world, creating unique experiences with your designs Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories offer infinite options for all sorts of projects. You’re probably already familiar with filters, having used them regularly to enhance images and videos. But do you know which software you can use to create your own? Now, everyone can create their own filters thanks to Spark AR, an intuitive app that can transform your illustrations into augmented reality filters.

  • Sketchbook: 5 Great Masters Who Sketched

    Sketchbook: 5 Great Masters Who Sketched

    Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Goya all sketched before their masterpieces Seeing them hung in art galleries around the world, it can seem that the most important paintings in the world came out of nowhere. However, the creative process is often far more important, the tests and mistakes, in creating something really great. Many of the greatest artists in history would take their sketchbooks everywhere, drawing whatever interested them. Behind every masterpiece, there is an entire life of practice. See in the video below five of the biggest artists who also sketched.

  • 5 Procreate Timelapses to Inspire Your Illustration and Lettering Projects

    5 Procreate Timelapses to Inspire Your Illustration and Lettering Projects

    Observe, enjoy and learn with these time-lapses on illustration and digital lettering A timelapse is a video that compresses many hours or days into just a few seconds or minutes. It is ideal for sharing creative processes related to illustration, design or lettering. Aware of this fact, Procreate added a function that allows you to record your work process, save it as a video file and easily share it on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. At Domestika we love observing and learning from the best professionals and these timelapses have become the perfect way to discover their way of working. On the Domestika YouTube channel, you will find a playlist with exclusive timelapses made by a range of artists. Here, we recommend just five by some of the professionals who teach courses on our platform: Creating Characters From Scratch, with Microbians (@microbians) Gabriel Suchowolski, better known as Microbians, is a creative and art director specializing in character design. In this speed painting, he shows how to create an attractive character composition in Procreate, from the skeleton and the first sketch to the work of light and shadow, application of color and gradients, and the variation of lines.

  • How to Embroider Hair in Less Than 4 min (TUTORIAL)

    How to Embroider Hair in Less Than 4 min (TUTORIAL)

    Learn to use the nuance stitch and different tricks and techniques to create hair for embroidery portraits with Bugambilo Hair is something so fine, with so many shades, colours, shapes, and movements that it can be difficult to embroider it realistically. In this tutorial, Bugambilo goes over a series of techniques and tips for drawing hair with thread. So prepare your mouliné thread and needle and let's go.

  • How to Set up a Sound Recording Studio at Home
    Music & Audio

    How to Set up a Sound Recording Studio at Home

    Advice for recording and producing your own audio projects at home Whether you work in audiovisual, music, or a specialized area of audio production, going that extra mile will not only help you stand out amongst the competition but will make your experiences more enjoyable and improve the quality of the work you produce. Where and how best to record audio at home is one of the first hurdles those looking to develop their own audio projects are currently facing (whether you’re looking to launch your first-ever podcast or to improve the quality of your video projects). While the amount of money and time you invest in a home studio is entirely your choice, it’s important for you to consider the following information before you decide for certain that you want to go ahead.

  • Share Your Sketchbook with the Community

    Share Your Sketchbook with the Community

    Stimulate your creativity and share your work Creativity does not belong to a select few. We all have the potential to create and it is very important to foster that power since in doing so we are developing our imagination, intellectual curiosity, self-esteem, ability to solve problems, and many other things. Many people use a sketchbook to dump the ideas that spring into their minds, and it becomes their little treasure. We invite you to show us your creativity in this initiative: share your favorite page from your sketchbook, regardless of the technique used: it can be doodles, sketches, collage, photographs, lettering, illustrations, as long as it’s important for you and you want to share it.

  • Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Care for Your Tools
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering Teacher

    Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Care for Your Tools

    Learn the techniques to clean, dry, and keep your calligraphy tools in great condition with Bego Viñuela When we finish our work, the last thing we might want to do is clean our tools. However, while our work dries, we have to clean and take care of our them. Calligrapher Bego Viñuela shares how to maintain our brushes, brush pens and watercolor palettes so they last longer.

  • Three Watercolor Timelapses to Boost Your Creativity

    Three Watercolor Timelapses to Boost Your Creativity

    Discover different watercolor techniques in these speed painting videos Watercolor is one of the oldest illustration mediums. Almost everyone who has ever been interested in drawing and painting has practiced it. By diluting pigments in water, it is possible to create stains of enormous depth and beauty, which have been part of our cultural heritage for millennia. We share these three timelapses that will allow you to discover the work process of great creatives, or simply relax and enjoy the care and affection that they put into their strokes. Timelapse: Illustrating with Watercolor and Procreate, by Naranjalidad

  • Four Initiatives to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    Four Initiatives to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

    If you’re experiencing creator’s block during quarantine, here are four initiatives to get your juices flowing Most creatives would agree that the best source of inspiration is to go out into the world and make observations, so what happens when you are stuck staring at the same four walls every day? If you’re experiencing creator’s block during lockdown, know that you are not alone. It’s OK to not be at the top of your game right now. This is a challenging time. So, first things first: give yourself a break. Being housebound will affect everyone in different ways–perhaps you are dealing with increased anxiety, feeling lethargic, and/or struggling to concentrate on work. You don’t have to be productive right now. But if you are itching to create and are not sure where to start, look to the creative community for support and inspiration. Right now, lots of brands and organizations are reaching out to their followers and the wider creative community to unite artists and inspire them to get started on different creative projects by setting fun tasks and launching competitions. So if you’re stuck for ideas, here are four initiatives that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

  • Discover the Dos and Don'ts of Instagram with Dot Lung

    Discover the Dos and Don'ts of Instagram with Dot Lung

    Do you want to make better use of your Instagram account to grow your following? Dot Lung, Mother of Social Media Dragons, gives us 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Instagram to gain more followers and grow your social media presence Like other social networks, Instagram has become a perfect place to show our talents as creatives or promote our brand, but it is important to know the rules by which the platform is governed. To reach more people or, rather, reach those people who interest us the most: this is the obsession of many Instagram accounts. Do you want to take better advantage of your Instagram account to build a greater audience? Dot Lung (@dotlung), specialist in social networks, gives us 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Instagram. Discover them in the following video:

  • The Greatest Albums Covers By The Man Who Defined The Jazz Look

    The Greatest Albums Covers By The Man Who Defined The Jazz Look

    David Stone Martin is the album cover artist who defined how jazz looked for the greats for Astaire, Coltrane, Fitzgerald, and dozens of other jazz greats He’s the only artist who worked with Fred Astaire, John Coltrane, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Charlie Parker, and many more jazz greats without ever recording as much as a ditty. You might now know David Stone Martin’s name, but he made it onto the cover of Time Magazine eight times. Nowadays, record collectors scour stores searching for his work, not to listen to it, but to see it. Martin is perhaps the most iconic designer of jazz record sleeves of all time. His signature hand-sketched graphics, with just one or two bright colors, epitomized the sharp energy and spontaneity of the world of jazz.

  • Interview with Ji Lee, Creative Director at Facebook and Instagram

    Interview with Ji Lee, Creative Director at Facebook and Instagram

    Lee explains the importance of personal projects and the power of actions over ideas Ji Lee gave us this interview to speak about how personal projects have influenced his career. Ji Lee strongly believes in the transformative power of personal projects and taking action on ideas that can feed your creativity and give life to your day to day. Lee also believes we are in the best era for creatives thanks to the democratization of technology and access to the internet. After eight years as Facebook and Instagram’s creative director, and Google’s creative director before that, Lee’s work is currently focused on helping brands and agencies create different kinds of campaigns for smartphones.

  • Photoshop Tutorial: How to Flatten Your Character

    Photoshop Tutorial: How to Flatten Your Character

    Learn the steps and techniques to color your illustrations on Adobe Photoshop, with Joel Santana Where do we start coloring our new character, once we've decided on how it will look? How do we choose the right color palette to communicate its personality? How can we apply all this to its digital illustration? Character design specialist Joel Santana (@themaddhattr) shows us how to color our creations with Photoshop, using the flattening technique, in the following video tutorial:

  • Domestika Maestros: Viki Ospina

    Domestika Maestros: Viki Ospina

    A pioneer of Colombian photojournalism, her camera has captured the last 50 years of the country's history When Viki Ospina started taking photographs, being a photojournalist and a woman were almost incompatible. Still, working alongside other photographers who struggled for decades to claim their role in the world, she managed to find a place for women in this profession. Along the way, Ospina also captured all the contradictions of the recent history of Colombia through the lens of her camera. The photographer meets us in her studio to enlighten us with all her wisdom, accumulated over decades of constant work. Passionate about capturing the true essence of things, and about transmitting everything she learned throughout her extraordinary career, Ospina reviews the most important moments of her life in the following video.

  • How to Transfer an Embroidery Design to Fabric with Solvent

    How to Transfer an Embroidery Design to Fabric with Solvent

    Florula shows you her technique for transferring your embroidery designs to fabric with solvent, step by step One of the most important steps in embroidery is printing your design onto fabric. There are many ways to do it. Here, we show you one of Mexican designer and textile artist Elidé Rangel Soto’s (@florula) favorites. She specializes in embroidered lettering and always uses this technique: transfer with solvent.

  • 10 Artists Who Were Inspired By Their Cats

    10 Artists Who Were Inspired By Their Cats

    Meet the artists whose cats inspired their masterpieces From drawing to architecture, we have composed a list of ten cat-loving artists who used their felines as sources of inspiration. As all cat-lovers know, the lives of these artists were deeply connected to that of their pets: they roamed their studios, interrupted their work, and often, served as models and parts of their studio production. Edward Gorey The American illustrator Edward Gorey, famous for his macabre and dark sense of humor, said that his greatest loves were his cats. He looked after them for more than 60 years, and on his death, he gave most of his wealth to an animal care organization. In this video, animated by Benjamin and Jim Wickely, Gorey himself speaks of his love of cats.

  • The Path to Establishing an Independent Studio, by BASA

    The Path to Establishing an Independent Studio, by BASA

    Creativity and hard work have led to success in this Mexican multidisciplinary studio Success, defeat, achievements, and failures are pillars of our training as professionals. That is why we talked with Diego Huacuja "Deachete", an illustrator and animator who, since 2010, is also the director of BASA, a studio located in Mexico City. BASA has become a well-known name all around the world thanks to projects ranging from music festivals and art for events and music videos to animations for TV stations such as ESPN and Discovery Channel or collaborations with human rights organizations. We spoke with Diego about the origin of the studio, the problems they faced in establishing a customer base, and the learning involved in achieving a solid workflow as an independent studio in the world of illustration, design, and animation:

  • What is Latch Hooking and Locker Hooking?

    What is Latch Hooking and Locker Hooking?

    Discover these two embroidery techniques that can create a multitude of decorative objects Latch hooking and locker hooking are two modern textile techniques that appeared at the beginning of the 20th century that allow the creation of a wide variety of things, from tapestries to pillows and mats. Colors and textures are brought together by weaving wool and other materials into a mesh. Mariana Baertl (@marianabaertl) is a Peruvian textile artist who specializes in the creation of woven and embroidered pieces for interior decoration who is an expert in these two techniques. Her main source of inspiration is the natural and organic world. All her pieces are made by hand with fibers from across the world.

  • The First Special Effects: From Méliès to Marvel
    Film & Video

    The First Special Effects: From Méliès to Marvel

    Discover the technology behind the first special effects in history Destroyed cities, explosions, aliens: nothing is impossible in the world of special effects. We're used to seeing practically anything imaginable on our screens. They're not only for action movies either: almost all films use digital elements to simplify production. But this isn't the end of "true cinema": film has always been a visual spectacle filled with special effects. Discover in the video below how the first special effects were made:

  • Learn with the Domestika Live series while you #StayAtHome

    Learn with the Domestika Live series while you #StayAtHome

    Get to know the creatives that will share their expertise on Domestika Live We invite you to watch our Facebook Live series, Domestika Live, where creatives from different backgrounds will share their secrets and answer your questions. Keep learning while you discover more about Domestika teachers and other members of the creative community. You can watch the talks here. All past episodes are available here. Come and join us!

  • 5 Free Tools to Create Color Palettes

    5 Free Tools to Create Color Palettes

    Designer and illustrator Laura Varsky tells us about her favorite tools to create color palettes for her projects Creating and selecting the right color palette is an art that not many designers can master. Trends play a big role in choosing specific colors for designs and illustrations, but a trained eye will be able to build a winning palette more easily. There are several free tools to help you create perfect color ranges for your projects. Laura Varsky, an Argentinian designer and illustrator who has made a name for herself in the field of pattern making, shares her favorites. Color Lisa Color Lisa is a collection of color palettes inspired by the works of some of the most famous artists of all time, paintings such as The Son of Man, by René Magritte; Gravitation, by M. C. Escher or Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grande Jatte, by Georges Seurat. And these are just a small selection of the whole collection, which will allow you to use color like the great masters.

  • Types of Watercolor Brushes and How to Use Them

    Types of Watercolor Brushes and How to Use Them

    Naranjalidad shows us the types of paintbrushes we should be using to paint in watercolor, how to use them for each type of stroke, and how to make sure they last longer Types of watercolor brushes Before starting to paint with watercolor, it’s important to prepare your basic palette of brushes. This will be your main work tool, so it’s important to know what types of brushes we can use for each case. For Naranjalidad, (@naranjalidad) illustrator and Domestika teacher, there are three types of brushes crucial to any artist: Round tip The top the list because they are indispensable. They are the most versatile brushes that are good to fill in large surfaces, but also to add details and fine lines. They come in different sizes but a medium-sized one will cover all your needs.

  • Stefan Sagmeister: 7 Key Works on Graphic Design

    Stefan Sagmeister: 7 Key Works on Graphic Design

    Learn about the legendary graphic designer through the defining moments of his career Born in Austria, Stefan Sagmeister is one of the most respected graphic designers of the world. Known by his distinct sense of humor and unique perspective on art, design, type, and illustration – his award-winning projects span from personal art to branding and music album covers, as well as striking and complex pieces that don’t fit into a specific discipline. Make sure to catch here his exclusive Domestika Live session next Thursday 9 April at 13:00 hrs (CT). Stefan will be telling us about how he started as a designer and the highlights of his career that have led him to where he is today. You can also watch the recording at any time here. Now, learn more about this iconic designer with some of the key moments in his career.

  • How to Promote Yourself and Your Work to the Right People
    Marketing Teacher

    How to Promote Yourself and Your Work to the Right People

    Learn to sell your talent to the right people, in the right space Once you have put together a portfolio that best demonstrates who you are as an artist, you need to do two things: 1) get your work and your art in front of the right people 2) convince them that you are the right person for the job. Today, we are sharing five basic industry tips that will land you your dream job:

  • Domestika Talks: Rodrigo Corral

    Domestika Talks: Rodrigo Corral

    Watch this talk by Rodrigo Corral, one of the greatest book cover designers of recent decades What makes a great book cover designer? Is it best to bring your own style to the design or should you focus entirely on communicating the concept of the book you're working on, removing yourself from the equation? Perhaps the trick is to strike a balance between the two. Rodrigo Corral (@rodrigocorral_) answers these questions and more. Corral–creative director of the publishing house Farrar, Straus and Giroux and head of his own studio–took the stage at the most recent edition of Copa Domestika Colombia to talk about the core ideas behind his work. Watch his talk in the following video: