• 8 Apps to Manage and Improve Productivity
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    8 Apps to Manage and Improve Productivity

    Discover the tools to help you out of a creative jam, organize your to-do list, and reduce stress It's no secret the creative process isn't always the cleanest one: you probably know what it’s like having a few dozen tabs loaded, and as many open files. You've most likely experienced the headache that comes from not only doing your job but also having to search for your work among all that information. The good news is that there are apps out there to help you keep the urgent tasks in view and get rid of the extras, preserving your creative energy so you can focus on specific tasks and work more productively. These tools allow you not only to be more efficient but also to rid yourself of unnecessary stress and, as a result, use that energy to be creative. The productivity experts at Elastic Heads studio (@elasticheads) encourage entrepreneurs and freelancers to use a variety of apps to manage and improve their productivity on a daily basis - here's eight to get to know now.

  • 5 Free Apps for Restoring and Animating Old Photos
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    5 Free Apps for Restoring and Animating Old Photos

    Bring old photos to life and animate your memories with these five apps We all have old photos that we wish were in better condition: portraits of family members we never had the chance to meet, people we haven’t seen for decades, or places we once lived or used to visit. If only we could restore their original quality. The good news is that analog and digital photography are working together better than ever. Thanks to cell phones and artificial intelligence, today we can accurately reconstruct photos of faces, objects, and landscapes. This list of free apps will enable you to improve blurred and washed-out images, give them a new look, and, in some cases, animate a gesture, person, or landscape.

  • Free Icons Pack for Adobe XD
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    Free Icons Pack for Adobe XD

    Add these icons to your digital designs to ensure the best digital experience in Adobe XD When creating a product, such as a web page, digital designers often test their work. Before sharing the result with the end-user, you need to ensure that the browsing experience is intuitive and enjoyable. Icons play a major part in achieving this. Thanks to their symbology, they communicate better than words and make the user's journey more fun. José Galeano (@josegaleano) specializes in designing interfaces of digital products. He has collaborated with brands such as Uber, Asus, and ROG. For him, Adobe XD is the most powerful tool on the market as it allows you to create animated prototypes and visualize the product with a very high degree of fidelity. However, when it comes to improving results, he adds some extra resources to the program, such as icons.

  • What Does a Web Designer Do?
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    What Does a Web Designer Do?

    Discover the skills and mastery needed to be a web designer Internet is the perfect and obligatory stage in which to showcase our work and projects to the world. Good planning and functional web design are essential for achieving a professional, current, and creative look. Web designers are a critical factor in this process. But what exactly does a web designer do? What is the thought process they follow? What tools do they use? Read on as we analyze the know-how and skills needed for such a key profession.

  • 75 Sketch Shortcuts for UI Designers
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    75 Sketch Shortcuts for UI Designers

    Learn these basic keyboard shortcuts for Sketch and speed up your UI design workflow in Windows and Mac Sketch is a pioneering program for UI design. Very intuitive, it offers endless possibilities, such as scaling graphics to different screen sizes or testing out your design directly on a device with just a few clicks. To fully master this program you will need to constantly practice. To make learning easier, you can use these 75 keyboard shortcuts. They will optimize your workflow and help you achieve professional results.

  • The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast
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    The Best Free Sound and Music Libraries for Editing Your Podcast

    Take your podcast to the next level with these 13 royalty-free music and sound effects apps Up there with the script and actual recording, the way you edit your podcast is key. During this process, your choices regarding music and sound effects have the power to make the final result shine, and will help you connect more with your audience. If you've already created your own podcast or are about to record an episode, this list of free and pay-for resources and apps will help you uncover a vast source of royalty-free music and sound effects, presenting you with a range of options when it comes to editing your work and making it sound its best.

  • Farewell Charles Geschke, Adobe Co-founder Passes Away
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    Farewell Charles Geschke, Adobe Co-founder Passes Away

    We bid farewell to the Adobe co-founder and creator of the PDF format The Adobe story began in December 1982, when Charles Geschke joined John Warnock in founding the company which would make design software like Acrobat, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop a reality. Last Friday, on April 17, Geschke passed away at the age of 81.

  • Discover LumaFusion, an App to Edit Video on Your iPhone or iPad
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    Discover LumaFusion, an App to Edit Video on Your iPhone or iPad

    With this professional editing app that features a mobile interface, you can work anywhere For many creatives, speed is critical when working on audiovisual pieces. Those who deal with content that is updated daily on social media, for example, or film an event that needs to be published right away, need the fastest tools available. For all of them, and for those who prefer the convenience of working on a mobile phone, LumaFusion is one of the best options for video editing. Far from the traditional editing suites that require a lot of hardware, everything here works on an iPhone or iPad.

  • 12 Essential Apps to Prepare Your Presentations
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    12 Essential Apps to Prepare Your Presentations

    Discover the best programs to make your next presentation a success Almost all social media professionals need, at least sporadically, to prepare presentations for coworkers, clients, or followers. One of the fundamental requirements for effective presentation is to transmit the content in a clear, concise, and captivating way. It is also essential to understand how we process information to arrive at the best visual solution possible. Katya Kovalenko (@katyakovalenko) is a designer who helps companies highlight their products' purpose through graphic visualizations. By combining a simple analytical and aesthetic approach, she tells visual stories based on data. In this post, Katya lists the essential tools you'll need to make your next presentation a success.

  • How to Use the Pathfinder Tool in Illustrator
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    How to Use the Pathfinder Tool in Illustrator

    Discover how to use the basic Pathfinder options to speed up your workflow If you are familiar with vector illustration, or even if you are just starting out in Adobe Illustrator, one of the tools that you'll find more useful is the Pathfinder tool. By learning how to use it, you will be able to quickly do many designs and streamline your workflow. Discover its essential functions below. What is the Pathfinder tool for in Illustrator? This useful tool allows you to quickly manipulate different shapes and strokes to create other, more complex shapes and combine them without having to redraw. It is handy when you want to combine several shapes. Find the tool To start using Pathfinder, go to the Main Menu, then to Window, and then Pathfinder to make it visible. You can also use the Shift + Ctrl + F9 commands on PC, or Shift + Cmd + F9 on Mac.

  • What Is a Design System and How Can I Use One in My Digital Projects?
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    What Is a Design System and How Can I Use One in My Digital Projects?

    Find out how you can use design systems to develop online products If you work in web development or the creation of digital products–such as apps, websites, portals, or digital services–design systems are a set of principles that will help you develop your project in a comprehensive and efficient way. Find out what a design system is and how you can start using one right away. What is a design system? A design system refers to the processes used to decide which elements will be included in a system during the planning and construction stages of a digital project. These elements include the structure, modules, components, interface type, design, and usability of the website or app you are building. A design system looks at a digital product as a whole and understands how all of the different elements interact. You can think of it as architecture for a digital product.

  • 7 Free Apps and Websites To Organize and Track Your Activities
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    7 Free Apps and Websites To Organize and Track Your Activities

    Would you like to plan your time better and keep a record of how you spend it? These websites will help you do just that When setting goals for yourself, it helps to know your habits and how you invest your time. Your targets may be to read more, learn a new skill, or spread activities more effectively over your week. We’ve compiled a list of websites and apps that will help you plan out all your activities and reach your goals. A number of them analyze activities to help you change your schedule accordingly. You can make lists of whatever you want to achieve and even save time deciding what film to watch in the evening.

  • 5 Apps to Help You Focus
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    5 Apps to Help You Focus

    Do you get easily distracted when it's time to work or study? These apps could do the trick Messiness, boredom, anxiety, or simply not having good planning tools around can make it difficult to concentrate on our daily tasks. Fortunately, as the saying goes, there's an app for that. This list features some award-winning applications recommended by our experts that will help you concentrate on the task at hand. For those who are playful: Forest This app has won the Best of Google Play award two years in a row. In 2018, it was also recognized as the best Android self-improvement app in nine countries. Why? Well, it's cute, useful, and has a measurable effect in the real world! Forest allows you to plant a virtual seed every time you start a task that requires concentration. As you achieve your goals, the seed grows and becomes a tree. If you touch your mobile before you finish your task, the little tree gets sick and dies—and nobody wants that. The app creators also help the non-profit organization, Trees for the Future. As users meet objectives, real trees are planted. Forest has planted about 340,000 trees so far. It's free.

  • What Is UX Research and What Is Its Relevance In Web Design?
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    What Is UX Research and What Is Its Relevance In Web Design?

    Learn about user experience research and how it helps you understand how to design the products that you need to build User experience, commonly abbreviated as UX, is the design process behind every relevant experience we encounter. From shopping online to driving a car, a carefully considered experience can be the difference between a happy user or one that will never use the product in question again. But, how do UX designers come up with the experiences that feel right and connect with their audience? That's where UX research comes into play. UX research helps identify problems early and allows designers to create experiences that let users easily navigate even the most innovative digital technologies. Below, UX and UI designer Patricia Reiners (@ux_patricia) shares with us an overview of the main concepts involved in UX research.

  • 20 Useful Free Websites for Designers to Discover in 2021
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    20 Useful Free Websites for Designers to Discover in 2021

    These resources will prove very useful at different stages of the design process and help you start 2021 off on the right foot If you’re looking to create a library of useful resources for design projects, this list features websites that will help you fulfill your professional goals. Below you’ll find a list of websites organized into categories: from web design and branding to graphic design. If you want to discover additional recommendations for each category, just click on the category title in red. Free Websites for Creating Color Palettes Colormind Upload any image and Colormind will turn it into a harmonious color palette. Unlike other automated websites, instead of selecting the dominant colors in the image, this free website uses an algorithm to find the colors that go well together. You can also browse a selection of ready-created color palettes.

  • 5 E-commerce Tools to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level
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    5 E-commerce Tools to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

    Digital business consultant Karla Covarrubias shares some key resources to perfect your e-commerce skills More than ever, digital or e-commerce has become of primary importance for all types of brands, businesses, and services. Whether your product or service is digital or physical, it is essential to migrate your business to an e-commerce model to increase success opportunities. E-commerce and marketplace consultant Karla Covarrubias (@antareskcm) has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and has collaborated with brands such as BBVA and Coca-Cola. She shares some tools to help us move our business to a digital environment.

  • 7 Amazing Websites to Find High-Quality Stock Images for Free
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    7 Amazing Websites to Find High-Quality Stock Images for Free

    Find great stock photos websites on the internet for free and use them to make a collage Joseba Elorza (@miraruido) is an illustrator and animator who has also trained as a sound technician; Joseba loves collage. His work has been published in such titles as The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, and the Hollywood Reporter, and he’s created animations for National Geographic, Amazon Studios, Green Day, and more. In this blog post, Joseba shares a list of his go-to websites for making a collage, all of which offer royalty-free images that can be used for different types of content.

  • 5 Free Apps for Recording and Editing Video
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    5 Free Apps for Recording and Editing Video

    Discover five video editing apps that will improve your way of working Recording or editing video on cell phones allows you to film and share whatever you want, at any time of day, transforming short clips into cinematic masterpieces. You no longer need sophisticated equipment to start generating great content, just a phone camera with a decent app. In this post, we share five free apps that will help you capture and edit beautiful videos. ProMovie Recorder This iOS application allows you to record high-quality videos in 4K resolution (or 3K and upwards on older phones). It has various functions for controlling exposure, focus, frame rate, color temperature, white balance, and other recording settings. It also has an automatic mode if you’d prefer to start recording straight away.

  • Improve the Quality of Photos and Videos With Artificial Intelligence
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    Improve the Quality of Photos and Videos With Artificial Intelligence

    Discover how artificial intelligence has learned to interact with information contained in an image so it can improve it Artificial intelligence, a term that not long ago brought to mind scenes straight out of science fiction films, is today a reality. The good news is that it has lots of practical uses, such as medical diagnosis, remote control of devices, finance, transport. Interestingly, it is also being applied to creativity. These artificial intelligence apps make it possible for filmmakers, animators, and researchers to get high-definition results from images and videos in low-resolution or that have been recorded using old equipment. A.I. Gigapixel This app for both Windows and Mac claims to enlarge photos by up to 600%, while perfectly preserving the quality and detail of each image. It also includes features such as automatic face refinement. Artificial intelligence "recreates" the pixels that would get lost using an automatic enlargement process, such as those you can perform in Photoshop. Artificial intelligence has learned this process by analyzing thousands of sample images. A.I. Gigapixel offers a trial version. The app usually costs $99.99. This video explains how their technology works:

  • Essential keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Animate and for animation in Photoshop
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    Essential keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Animate and for animation in Photoshop

    Designer and animator Pablo Cuello shares the most popular shortcuts for animating with these software packages To achieve spectacular animations, you do not need complex resources. You can recreate frame-by-frame animation using a couple of tricks to make your design process a lot easier. Designer and animator Pablo Cuello (@pablocuello) shares the most common shortcuts in Adobe Animate and Adobe Photoshop to save time when creating effective animation work.