• What is an Art Toy?

    What is an Art Toy?

    Is it a toy? Is it art? What does it represent? Who determines its price? Luasio López answers your questions For many, the charm of an art toy derives from the difficulty of defining it. For Luaiso López (@luaiso_lopez), Spanish graphic designer and illustrator, it’s about understanding their essence: their figurative characters used in exhibitions, events, and collected by private collectors. To understand their nature, Luaiso shares part of the history of these iconic objects that–regardless of their shape, price or the value attributed to them personally–are becoming known to the minds and tastes of millions of people around the world.

  • The art from the Everything but the Kitschen Sync Exhibition

    The art from the Everything but the Kitschen Sync Exhibition

    Meet the participating artists from this annual exhibition in Los Angeles Established in 1986 La Luz de Jesus Gallery is the brainchild of entrepreneur and art collector Billy Shire, considered primarily responsible for fostering a new school of California art and prompting JUXTAPOZ Magazine to dub him “the Peggy Guggenheim of Lowbrow.” La Luz De Jesus Gallery presents its annual juried group exhibition, Everything but the Kitschen Sync. This gigantic, no-theme show features works from some of the freshest and most relevant artists working today.

  • 7 Habits of Effective Artists

    7 Habits of Effective Artists

    What separates successful artists from their fans? 3D artist and animator, Andrew Price, gives you some advice to improve your artistic development. In 2015, creator Andrew Pierce made a bet with his younger cousin: whoever managed to get 1000 likes for their painting work and 2D drawing would win $1000. Six months later, Andrew had done it. His bet inspired his Blender Conference 2016 talk, The Habits of Effective Artists. In it, he shares how to be a more effective artist, the habits and practices of the best artists in computer graphics and tricks and advice on how to improve your own work.

  • What Is an Art Curator?

    What Is an Art Curator?

    Julius Wiedemann tells us what an art curator is and what their job consists of within an art exhibition