• 5 Online Courses to Learn 3D Animation For Beginners
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    5 Online Courses to Learn 3D Animation For Beginners

    Learn how to use different programs and techniques to improve your 3D animation skills The world of 3D animation is becoming more and more popular, and it’s no wonder given all the exciting possibilities it offer. Moreover, you can choose from many software options that could fit your skills level and preferences to match your projects needs. Whether you are taking your first steps or improving your 3D animation abilities, these five courses will inspire you to reach new levels in your professional career.

  • All the V-Ray Shortcuts You Need to Know
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    All the V-Ray Shortcuts You Need to Know

    Improve your workflow using these shortcuts for the rendering engine V-Ray Widely used in movies—think Avatar, Robocop, Iron Man, and Tron Legacy, to name just a few—, the video game industry, and architectural visualizations, V-Ray is one of the favorite render engines for 3D professionals. Discover all the shortcuts you need to start working efficiently with this software and speed up your projects.

  • What Is a Turnaround in Character Design and How To Draw One
    3D & Animation

    What Is a Turnaround in Character Design and How To Draw One

    A turnaround shows a character in different poses. Learn how to create one following these steps. If you work in illustration and animation, chances are that at some point, you'll be asked to create a turnaround. It is a vital tool for successfully modeling in 3D. As the name suggests, a turnaround is a 360-degree view of a character that gives us all the information we need to know. It can be tricky to do it correctly, but Laura Ewing Ferrer (@le_lauraewing) knows a lot about turnarounds. She is an illustrator and storyboarder who loves creating characters and has worked as a freelance artist for various documentaries, pilot series, and publishing houses. Today she will share with you the steps and tricks you should use when making a turnaround.

  • What Is Voxel Art?
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    What Is Voxel Art?

    Learn about the creative possibilities of voxel art, a technique connected to but different from pixel art To understand what voxel art is, we must first understand what a pixel is. In 2D graphics, a pixel is the smallest visible part of an image. If you zoom all the way into an image, you will notice a grid formed by hundreds of small squares. Each of these squares, all of them in a single blocked color, is what we call a pixel. A voxel is the equivalent of a pixel but in 3D. Think of the pixel as a square and the voxel as a cube. It's as simple as that, and the reason why many artists start their modeling and 3D animation careers by working in voxels. It represents, after all, a fun process for experimenting and creating.

  • Essential Shortcuts for Adobe Animate and Photoshop for Animation
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    Essential Shortcuts for Adobe Animate and Photoshop for Animation

    Designer and animator Pablo Cuello shares the most popular shortcuts for animating with these software packages To achieve spectacular animations, you do not need complex resources. You can recreate frame-by-frame animation using a couple of tricks to make your design process a lot easier. Designer and animator Pablo Cuello (@pablocuello) shares the most common shortcuts in Adobe Animate and Adobe Photoshop to save time when creating effective animation work.

  • Meet Game Designer Zach Soares
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    Meet Game Designer Zach Soares

    Step into the Voxel art universe with Zach Soares and create a fantasy character made entirely of 3D cubes Zach Soares (@voxels) is a French Canadian self-taught Voxel artist now living in the UK. He has worked on freelance projects for clients such as Hipster Whale for almost a decade and is the creative director of his studio, Bunnyhug. Before concentrating on 3D animation and the game industry, Zach, who studied urban design, created 3D designs for cities. Zach started exploring game design on the side, which inspired him to look into game development through Voxel art. In his Domestika course, he teaches how to model, rig, and animate a character from scratch, using Voxel Art design.

  • Pioneers of Animation: Before Mickey Mouse
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    Pioneers of Animation: Before Mickey Mouse

    When you think of the first animated drawings, do you think of a steamship with a mouse at the wheel, or of seven dwarves singing as they march towards the mine? You’re not the only one who thinks this, nor are you the only one who is mistaken. Snow White and the Seven Dwarves weren’t the first animated film in history, nor was Mickey Mouse the first animated superstar. Although it may be hard to imagine the world of animation before Walt Disney and his company, this discipline actually started long before the birth of his famous mouse. In fact, long before the arrival of cinema itself. Find out more in this video:

  • The Importance of Storyboarding in Animation
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    The Importance of Storyboarding in Animation

    Designer Roberto Puig talks about the importance of using storyboards and animatics in animation projects Storyboarding is an integral process in the development of animation. It includes all the planned details of the piece, and it is a clear and detailed document of the ultimate result. Despite its importance, many professionals and animation studios jump this step of the process. Roberto Puig (@rpuig)—graphic designer and director of Don Porfirio studio—highlights how this step is fundamental and gives us some tips on how to execute it best. Why is storyboarding important? The main reason all animation projects must include a storyboard is to help us achieve exceptional outcomes. It also ensures that everyone involved in the production has a vision of the product from the start, including the client. It is also useful for organizing all the individuals' jobs and tasks within the animation project pipeline. These tasks can be assigned from the beginning, even before the project is in development. Furthermore, during the storyboard stage, our client can suggest any changes that can be easily applied. This would be more complex at a later stage.

  • 5 Courses on 3D Modelling with Maya
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    5 Courses on 3D Modelling with Maya

    Give free rein to your imagination and transform your ideas into 3D images with programs like Maya If you are passionate about creating amazing graphics from scratch, chances are your future is in 3D modeling. Thanks to software like Autodesk Maya, it is now relatively easy to model your ideas and make them look close to real on screen. In these five courses, the best professionals in the industry share how to master the program and learn 3D modeling with Maya.

  • What Kind of 3D Projects Can You Create Using Maya?
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    What Kind of 3D Projects Can You Create Using Maya?

    3D artist Albert Valls Punsich shows us the incredible scope of this powerful software Albert Valls Punsich (@albert_valls_punsich) specializes in creating 3D digital worlds and modeling and VFX scenarios for film and television. Part of the production company Framestore, he has worked on films such as Avengers: Infinity War, Thor: Ragnarok, and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

  • 5 Free Apps for Video Game Creators (Who Can’t Program)
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    5 Free Apps for Video Game Creators (Who Can’t Program)

    Is it possible to create a video game without previous knowledge of programming? Video games are not limited to one discipline: they need illustration, narrative, design, 3D modeling, and, of course, programming. If you want to create your own interactive game, you may well find it a complex and daunting task. There are often two main obstacles: the price of certain development programs and a lack of programming knowledge. Fortunately, there are a number of free programs that can help you enter this world with, believe it or not, no prior knowledge of programming. We present you the following list of 5 video game design apps of different complexity so that you can find the one that best suits your level and needs. 1. Quest A good story is the basis of many video games, so perhaps you should start with the basics. If you are a fan of complex and flexible narratives but have never had to design an interactive story, Quest will allow you to develop text-based games in the style of the legendary Zork (1977). You won't need any programming, design, or illustration skills for this kind of "Choose Your Own Adventure” game and you will exercise your brain to start thinking like a narrative designer.

  • Storyboarder: Free Digital Storyboarding Software
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    Storyboarder: Free Digital Storyboarding Software

    This tool allows anyone to create a digital storyboard in just a few seconds, as if it were on paper The maxim that "less is more" becomes especially relevant when speaking about apps. Even more so when we discover that simplifying how they work doesn’t reduce their functionality. Storyboarder, a free and open source software for sketching stories digitally, complies perfectly with this premise, getting rid of unnecessary tools and embracing extreme simplicity to make creating a digital storyboard practically the same as doing it on paper.

  • 5 Loop Animation Styles That Will Inspire You
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    5 Loop Animation Styles That Will Inspire You

    Animator Pablo Cuello shares the work of 5 incredible creatives When you think about animation, you might imagine feature films from the big film studios. However, you don't need to create such complex or lengthy animations to inspire a deep emotional response in your viewers. Pablo Cuello (@pablocuello) is an Argentine graphic designer and animator who works with After Effects to create short and straightforward pieces that overflow with appeal:

  • More than 400 Free Images of Studio Ghibli in High Resolution
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    More than 400 Free Images of Studio Ghibli in High Resolution

    Download hundreds of free high-res images from this beloved animation studio's films The films of Studio Ghibli without a doubt have won the heart of animation lovers all over the world. Much of their emblematic films appear in many of the critics' selections as unmissable works of art. This week, producer Toshio Suzuki published a handwritten note that communicated that the studio shares free stills that belong to some of the studio's most iconic films.

  • Essential Shortcuts for TVPaint Animation
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    Essential Shortcuts for TVPaint Animation

    Discover the keyboard shortcuts of one of the most popular 2D illustration and animation programs around TVPaint Animation, with After Effects and Toon Boom Harmony, is one of the most complete and used 2D illustration and animation programs on the market. The program allows you to make storyboards, character designs, and boasts other tools that will help you create two-dimensional animations in the best way possible. A good animator needs to be fast and efficient and, as you use TVPaint Animation, you will realize the amount of time it can save you knowing these useful keyboard shortcuts. Here we compile some of the basic shortcuts on TVPaint Animation:

  • Domestika Diary: Caroline Kjellberg
    3D & Animation

    Domestika Diary: Caroline Kjellberg

    2D animator and motion designer Caroline Kjellberg talks us through her creative routine and life as a freelancer based in Bali Being far away from home during a global pandemic is a complicated situation to find oneself in. Danish animator and motion designer Caroline Kjellberg had to lengthen her stay in Bali as a result of lockdown measures, and she’s been working from there ever since. The multifaceted artist welcomes us into her house in Bali to talk us through her day-to-day routine working as a freelancer during unprecedented times. She also speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance creative, and shares advice for preventing professional exhaustion, which can set in if we don’t stick to a good routine. Discover more below:

  • How to Create Memorable Characters
    3D & Animation

    How to Create Memorable Characters

    Five tips for designing unique protagonists for your stories Sociedad Fantasma (@sociedadfantasma) is an animation and illustration studio, comprising Carlos Rupit, Gabriel Pichardo and Lizeth Rodríguez. They create wonderful stories through illustration and animation and have worked with clients such as Netflix, Gatorade, Google, and Nike. Their characters are one of the main pillars in each of their stories; they bring great substance to the plots and make the worlds they create all the more magical. While they’ve designed so many different characters, they all share characteristics that make them stand out. Here, Sociedad Fantasma shares their secret to creating memorable characters.

  • Motion Graphics: What Is It and What’s It For?
    3D & Animation

    Motion Graphics: What Is It and What’s It For?

    Learn what differentiates motion graphics from animation, and why it is such an effective branch of design Today, motion graphics is a branch of design that is becoming increasingly popular. It’s now known that people pay more attention to videos than still images, even if those videos are just simple GIFs that move very little. If you’re a graphic designer, sooner or later you will come across a client who will ask you to create a piece that requires motion graphics. Learning to do so is sure to help you stand out among the competition. Find out more about this branch of design below. What is motion graphics? Motion graphics is essentially a type of animation. However, it has a different purpose. The term “animation” can refer to all sorts of techniques used to make images move, such as those seen in animated films and series. In this sense, animation is a basic component of narration and storytelling. Instead, motion graphics is a particular type of design, which applies movement to certain elements in a composition in order to capture the viewer’s attention. In this video, you can see some examples of motion graphics created by Guillermo Zapiola (@guillermo_zapiola):

  • What is 3D Printing?
    3D & Animation

    What is 3D Printing?

    Designer and maker Agustín ‘Flowalistik’ Arroyo explains how FDM 3D printing works and the different types of 3D printing that exist

  • Get Inspired by 7 3D Artists and CG Illustrators
    3D & Animation

    Get Inspired by 7 3D Artists and CG Illustrators

    Discover the work of these creatives and their spectacular compositions Computer-generated images can bring life to shapes, movements, colors, and creatures that only exist in their creator's imagination. Meet 7 talented illustrators and animators from different countries who give life to fantastic characters and beautiful 3D worlds: Frank J. Guzzone Frank is a multidisciplinary artist and art director based in New York who specializes in CG animations. He has worked with numerous international brands, and in his projects, he plays with impossible physics in vibrant colored universes.

  • How to Create an Animated Web Series
    3D & Animation

    How to Create an Animated Web Series

    Sociedad Fantasma shows us the process behind the creation of R.T., an alien that tries to sympathize with humanity Sociedad Fantasma (@sociedadfantasma) is a storytelling studio founded by Carlos Rupit, Gabriel Pichardo, and Lizeth Rodríguez, devoted to telling great stories through illustration and animation. This path has led them to work with brands like Netflix, Gatorade, Google, and Nike, but also to develop their projects, such as their web series UFUCK_U, where a curious alien tries to fit into daily human life. This project demonstrates this Mexican studio's experience in crafting stories, characters, illustration, color management, and animation–the foundations of their work. These are the main steps Sociedad Fantasma takes to make an episode of its series.

  • Why Start Your Own Creative Projects?
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    Why Start Your Own Creative Projects?

    Learn, experience, and satisfy your creative side are just some of the benefits of taking on your own personal projects Josep Bernaus (@josep_bernaus) is a 2D animator. He’s worked on animation series and advertising campaigns for clients like the BBC, CNN, and TVE. However, he has never abandoned his personal projects, which hold an important place in his life and, he believes, should be important to any creative, artist, illustrator, photographer. Josep shares three reasons why personal projects are so important and what attitude and expectations we should have for them.