• Experience the Power of Daryan Dornelles’ Iconic Portrait Photography

    Experience the Power of Daryan Dornelles’ Iconic Portrait Photography

    This remarkable contemporary photographer captures the soul of his subjects Daryan Dornelles is Brazilian, lives in Lisbon (Portugal), and his experience with photography started when he was a teenager thanks to his passion for music. So, it is no surprise that he's photographed some of the biggest names in Brazilian music, from Gilberto Gil to Chico Buarque, Caetano Veloso, Marisa Monte, Elza Soares, and Maria Bethânia. Over the years, his photographs have appeared on the cover of over 150 magazines worldwide: GQ, Vogue, Bravo, Rolling Stone, Serafina, Trip, and Esquire, to name a few. In addition, he was awarded the Prêmio Abril de Jornalismo in 2007, and in 2016 the Prêmio Globo de Comunicação, both prestigious Brazilian accolades.

  • What Is Ghost Light in Photography?

    What Is Ghost Light in Photography?

    Learn about this mysterious lighting technique and how you can use it to take incredible photos Ghost light is a lighting technique that photographer Ibai Acevedo (@ibai) discovered while trying to find the best way to light his models and control the light as much as possible, both how it is perceived and how it appears. Imagine you want to photograph a person using a diffuser, playing with the light and shadows. Given that you need the light source to be close to your model in order to achieve the right lighting, surely the light source will be visible in the frame? Well, Ibai discovered that it’s possible to light your model without showing your light source. He does this by creating a layered composition as if it were a collage. This gives you the power to decide what you want and don't want to show in the photograph: he calls this technique “ghost light”.

  • How Photography Fought to Become an Art

    How Photography Fought to Become an Art

    Despite transforming the world, photography has always had to prove itself worthy of being called art Photography was struck upon by a collection of inventors across Europe, almost simultaneously. However, it is most commonly attributed to Louis Daguerre. The French government acquired the rights to his creation in 1839 and gave them away to the world. Since then, photography has struggled to be considered equal to painting and sculpture. While the world rushed to get their photo taken, the art world turned its nose up at the technology, refusing to accept that a camera could facilitate artistic expression. Watch the video below to learn how artists, innovators, journalists, and business people won photography the status it deserves, and how a science that changed the world in a flash, had to change art before art accepted it.

  • How to Crop a Photo

    How to Crop a Photo

    Learn how to best crop a photo in Photoshop, with self-portrait photographer Laura Zalenga One of the simplest yet most underrated and effective ways to enhance your photos is by cropping them correctly. It may sound simple but knowing what to take out of your images is just as important as what you leave in. Laura Zalenga is a photographer specializing in artistic self-portraits, with commercial clients that include Adobe, Disney, Sony, and Mercedes Benz. In this tip, she shares how to best crop a photo using Photoshop and basic photographic principles.

  • 12 Free Photography Tutorials To Become a PRO

    12 Free Photography Tutorials To Become a PRO

    Get ready to learn amazing techniques to improve your photos’ quality If you’ve been flirting with the idea of learning new photography techniques and explore new creativity challenges, search no more! Expert photographers will show you in these free tutorials easy steps to capture intriguing subjects, stimulate your creativity and even try some adventurous artisan and digital techniques. Are you ready? You can read the full instructions by clicking on the red title of each tutorial.

  • 5 Free Photography Online Classes: Best Materials and Equipment For a Professional Session

    5 Free Photography Online Classes: Best Materials and Equipment For a Professional Session

    Five experts show you their favoirte material and share practical tips to help you find the ideal equipment for your needs If you want to explore your surroundings to capture new images or you would like to carry out a professional production and you are not sure about what you need, there is nothing better than spying on the brains of those in the know. In these free classes, 5 experts advise you on technical issues, present their essential equipment, and give you some unexpected advice. To watch each class, just click on its red title. Enjoy!

  • Photoshop vs. Lightroom: Which is Best?

    Photoshop vs. Lightroom: Which is Best?

    Discover the pros and cons of working with these popular photo editing programs and work out which is most suitable for you There are two very popular programs across the globe that are designed specifically for image editing: Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom. At first glance, these two programs may seem very similar since they both allow you to edit photographs, but the truth is that each one has been designed for a different purpose and will shape your post-production workflow differently. In a nutshell, Photoshop can be likened to a digital darkroom, which you can use to make detailed adjustments to any kind of image. Adobe Lightroom, however, is more similar to a complete photo studio, as it imports, organizes, edits, and exports photographs. Understanding what makes them similar, as well as different, will help you make the right decision when selecting the software most suited to your needs:

  • 5 Online Courses to Learn How to Retouch Photos with Adobe Lightroom

    5 Online Courses to Learn How to Retouch Photos with Adobe Lightroom

    Learn from the experts to improve the final quality of all your photos using this popular software A good photographer knows that retouching is an essential process in post-production to obtain the best results. One of the most used software by professionals is Adobe Lightroom. If you want all your photography projects to look amazing and professional, check out these Domestika courses in which five experts share their knowledge. To learn more about each course and learn more about the benefits of using this tool, simply click on the title in red.

  • 7 Amazing Websites to Find High-Quality Stock Images for Free

    7 Amazing Websites to Find High-Quality Stock Images for Free

    Find great stock photos websites on the internet for free and use them to make a collage Joseba Elorza (@miraruido) is an illustrator and animator who has also trained as a sound technician; Joseba loves collage. His work has been published in such titles as The Wall Street Journal, Esquire, and the Hollywood Reporter, and he’s created animations for National Geographic, Amazon Studios, Green Day, and more. In this blog post, Joseba shares a list of his go-to websites for making a collage, all of which offer royalty-free images that can be used for different types of content.

  • Basic Settings for Editing Photographs

    Basic Settings for Editing Photographs

    Photographer Nicanor García shares some fundamental editing settings to apply to all your photographs Adobe Photoshop was one of the first programs created for editing digital images; it became popular because it enabled the user to change and manipulate images for creative purposes and to fix mistakes. Editing, or post-production, allows photographers to go a little further than merely taking a photo. Besides lighting and framing, you can take advantage of other basic editing settings to achieve optimal results. You can refine a picture by correcting the perspective, geometry, exposure, contrast, or highlights. Expert photographer Nicanor García runs us through the basic editing settings that can help us achieve amazing photographs.

  • Improve the Quality of Photos and Videos With Artificial Intelligence
    Film & Video

    Improve the Quality of Photos and Videos With Artificial Intelligence

    Discover how artificial intelligence has learned to interact with information contained in an image so it can improve it Artificial intelligence, a term that not long ago brought to mind scenes straight out of science fiction films, is today a reality. The good news is that it has lots of practical uses, such as medical diagnosis, remote control of devices, finance, transport. Interestingly, it is also being applied to creativity. These artificial intelligence apps make it possible for filmmakers, animators, and researchers to get high-definition results from images and videos in low-resolution or that have been recorded using old equipment. A.I. Gigapixel This app for both Windows and Mac claims to enlarge photos by up to 600%, while perfectly preserving the quality and detail of each image. It also includes features such as automatic face refinement. Artificial intelligence "recreates" the pixels that would get lost using an automatic enlargement process, such as those you can perform in Photoshop. Artificial intelligence has learned this process by analyzing thousands of sample images. A.I. Gigapixel offers a trial version. The app usually costs $99.99. This video explains how their technology works:

  • 10 Tips to Market Yourself Better on Pinterest

    10 Tips to Market Yourself Better on Pinterest

    Natalia Escaño shares some simple tips to boost the position of your pins among the top search results Pinterest is one of the most visual social networks, with a search power comparable to that of Google, but basing its content strategy on aesthetics and being a tool to find inspiration. This makes it a handy tool for creatives, artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, and even companies who want to share their products differently. Natalia Escaño (@nataliaescano) is a designer and illustrator and one of the most prominent Pinterest influencers in Spain, with more than a million followers and a portfolio of clients that includes brands such as L'Oréal Paris and Disney. As a great connoisseur of this platform, at both a user level and business level, she knows what it takes to stand out with attractive, eye-catching, and extremely visual content that will surely resonate with the audience. Here are the 10 fundamental tips from Natalia Escaño to improve the SEO of your Pinterest pins:

  • 5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots

    5 Free Make-up Classes for Photo Shoots

    Available for a limited time only, these classes will teach you make-up techniques for a photo series Make-up often plays a fundamental role in the creation of a photograph. Whether you’re working on a self-portrait, artistic photo series, or fashion shoot, the right look can save hours of post-production work. We recommend that everyone working both in front of the camera and behind it learn the basics of working with make-up so that they can efficiently solve any problems that might arise on set. These five free classes will guide you in what you need to know, whatever your studio role. Free Class: Make-up for Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography In this class, from the Conceptual Self-Portrait Photography course, photographer Krishna VR shares some simple tips for doing one’s own make-up. The expert explains how she has learned different techniques online. In this lesson, she advises how to match skin color and avoid a lengthy post-production process.

  • What Is Photogrammetry?
    3D & Animation

    What Is Photogrammetry?

    Discover more about this 3D creation technique and how it is applied to video games, VFX, and more We are living in a technological era in which humans are able to generate 3D objects and environments that are difficult to distinguish from reality, demonstrated by the most cutting-edge video games and movies. This is done using different methods, and photogrammetry is one of the most common and most interesting of them. To help you get to grips with this technique, which is often used in the VFX and video games’ industries, here are the essential points you should know according to 3D artist David Chumilla (@amnoon), who has worked on projects like Forza Horizon 3, Need for Speed: Heat, and Call of Duty: Black Ops IV.

  • Work Out Your Instagram Color Palette

    Work Out Your Instagram Color Palette

    This tool will show you which colors you use the most on your Instagram profile Color can be a window to your personality and an essential tool to create visual harmony. Use it correctly, and you'll be able to convey emotions and messages in a much clearer fashion. It doesn't matter if your Instagram account is personal, professional, or you are representing a brand: if you take color seriously, you need to explore Color Kuler, a service that analyzes the most prominent colors in the images you post on your feed, giving you a good idea of what palette represents you, and greater control over what your profile looks like. Try this tool, discover the colors your followers associate with you, and compare it with others.

  • 5 Free Classes in Food Photography

    5 Free Classes in Food Photography

    Available for a limited time only, these classes will show you how to take great photographs of your favorite recipes A quick scroll on Instagram proves that food photography has made a big impact on social media. You’ll also see how difficult it is to stand out amongst the sea of images that have been hashtagged with popular categories like #foodporn. When going up against this strong competition, it’s a good idea to learn from the best: from coming up with a concept to setting up lighting. These five free classes are an invitation into the exciting world of food styling and the range of skills you can master. Free Class: Set and Lighting A photography set is where the magic begins, and creating it, of course, has its secrets. In this class from the course Food Photography Basic Techniques, commercial photographer Ernesto López explains how to create a workspace that helps you concentrate on your creative process. He will also teach you how to control light so that your photographs look great from the get-go. In summary, you will learn how to assemble a set and will discover the basic knowledge you need to take a spectacular photograph.

  • Top 10 Photography Books of 2020

    Top 10 Photography Books of 2020

    If you're looking for a book to give to a professional photographer or photography enthusiast, check out these 10 titles that we recommend History repeats itself: the year draws to an end and we celebrate and exchange gifts with our loved ones. If you have a photographer or photography enthusiast on your gift list, it’s hard to go wrong with a great photography book. In this blog post, we share our top ten recommendations to help you find the ideal title. Don't forget to write a personal inscription! Loving: A Photographic History of Men in Love, by Hugh Nini This book is a visual narrative of rare sensitivity showcasing Hugh Nini & Neal Treadwell’s previously unpublished collection of over 2700 unique photographs taken between the 1850s and 1950s, depicting romantic love between men. The images are almost all anonymous and from all over the world. They were sourced from flea markets, family archives, and online auctions. The exceptional quality of the collection and the emotions it conjures up are reasons alone to include it on our top ten list.

  • 4 Great Tools to Manage Your Social Media Activity

    4 Great Tools to Manage Your Social Media Activity

    Manage and optimize your brand’s social media activity with top suggestions from an expert Hana Klokner (@hanajayklokner) is a social media marketing specialist who works with major companies like Amazon, the United Nations, GLH Hotels, and smaller personal brands. In her Domestika course, Hana helps build a community management strategy and establish effective relationships with followers and customers using popular social media platforms. To ensure you build a thriving community around your brand and are on top of your social media strategy, Hana recommends using some practical tools and apps to make this job more manageable.

  • How to Curate Your Instagram Grid Layout

    How to Curate Your Instagram Grid Layout

    Find out how you can make the most of Instagram to show off your creative portfolio Customizing your Instagram feed is a great idea if you want to use your account as a portfolio. A well-curated feed can transmit what you do in seconds. If your work is visual, knowing how to order your posts–so that they stand out more as a whole–is key when it comes to attracting new followers and showing off your work. Or maybe you are just interested in experimenting with your personal page. The well-organized and harmonious effects you achieve when you plan your posts in advance are known as Instagram Grid Layouts, Puzzles, or Mosaics. To incorporate them into your feed, all you need to do is follow different publishing methods and try out some of the tools that photographer Pati Gagarin (@patigagarin) recommends in her course, Instagram as a Photography Portfolio.

  • 7 Sites for Storing Your Photos in the Cloud

    7 Sites for Storing Your Photos in the Cloud

    Discover the storage services you can use to organize and back up your images A few weeks ago, Google announced that it will no longer offer free unlimited photo storage after June 2021. Following then, if you require more than the 15GB of storage space available for free, you will need a sign up to a paid plan (as is the case if you have Google Drive). If that’s not enough or you’re looking for alternative options, we’ve compiled a list of sites that offer image storage services: Amazon Prime Photos If you have an Amazon Prime account, you can take advantage of their unlimited photo storage service and free space for up to 5GB for videos. Other services are also offered, such as the option to share albums with other users or get images printed and delivered to your home. Price For more information on prices, check how much an Amazon Prime subscription costs where you live.

  • What is Light Painting Photography?

    What is Light Painting Photography?

    Visual artist and photographer Cristias Rosas introduces you to the technique of "painting" with light There are different methods to achieve unique effects in artistic photography that allow images to go beyond what the camera can capture. These methods allow creators to express their emotions and communicate more subtle messages to their audience. Often, they also produce more striking images. One of those methods is light painting. Visual artist and photographer Cristias Rosas (@cristias_rosas), who has explored the expression of metaphors through his images in artistic photography, explains what it is and how to apply it to your pictures.

  • Dos & Don'ts For Freelance Photographers

    Dos & Don'ts For Freelance Photographers

    Visual poet and photographer Danny Bittencourt shares interesting advice on how to manage your career as a freelance photographer Choosing which themes to explore in your work, developing your own visual language, managing your routine and timetable, being your own boss... Sounds pretty good, right? Of course, being freelance has a lot of benefits, if and when you can avoid the most common problems. Visual poet and photographer Danny Bittencourt (@dannybbittencourt) is an expert in freelancing. In this post, she shares her dos and dont's for freelance photographers. Discover more in the video below: