• 9 tips to improve your drawings

    9 tips to improve your drawings

    Are you looking to up your drawing game and become the artist you've always wanted to be? Good news! This comprehensive guide will show you how to improve your drawing skills with 10 simple yet effective tips. From mastering the basics to experimenting with different techniques, these tips will help you make great strides in your artistic journey. So, let's dive right in!

  • Conquer Blank Page Fear: Unleash Your Illustration Skills

    Conquer Blank Page Fear: Unleash Your Illustration Skills

    Master the art of drawing and brush aside your fear of the blank page with this comprehensive guide. Discover useful techniques, inspiring figures, must-read books, and practical exercises that will transform your artistic journey. Discover this amazing Domestika course: Drawing Techniques to Lose Fear of the Blank Page

  • The art of drawing manga

    The art of drawing manga

    Drawing manga scenes is a complex process, but the end result is always worth it. Clear steps when creating a manga scene is something that you will need in order to have an organized process. This 5 steps method will help you to master any manga scene. Step 1: Script and Storyboarding The first step in drawing a manga scene is to have a clear understanding of the script and the story. This will help you to determine what kind of scene you are drawing and what kind of emotions and actions you need to convey. Take notes on the script and then create a storyboard, which is a series of rough sketches that outline the key elements and actions of the scene. This helps to visualize the scene and make changes if necessary before you start drawing the final illustration. Step 2: Character Design and Sketching Once you have a clear understanding of the scene, start by sketching out the characters and their poses. This is a crucial step in manga illustration as the characters are the main focus of the story and need to be drawn with great care and attention to detail. Make sure to capture the unique features and expressions of each character to help bring them to life on the page. Step 3: Background Design After you have finished sketching the characters, start to work on the background. The background is an important part of the scene and can help to set the mood and atmosphere. Start by sketching out the basic shapes and then adding details such as buildings, trees, and other elements to create a fully realized environment. Step 4: Inking Once you are happy with the sketches, start the inking process. This involves tracing over the pencil sketches with a fine-tipped pen to create clean, crisp lines. This step is important as the inked lines will form the final outline of the illustration and will determine the overall look and feel of the scene. Step 5: Coloring The final step in the manga illustration process is coloring. This is where the scene comes to life and where the characters and background are given depth and dimension. Use a combination of traditional mediums such as watercolor and colored pencils, as well as digital tools such as Adobe Photoshop to add color to the scene.

  • 7 Free Tutorials to Get Started in Architectural Drawing
    Architecture & Space

    7 Free Tutorials to Get Started in Architectural Drawing

    From urban sketching to 3D modeling, discover the world of architectural drawing with our experts The job of an architectural illustrator is to create a visual representation of an architect’s plans for a structure or space. It has been a prominent discipline throughout history: humans have created sketches, diagrams, and drafts for thousands of years, with the earliest known example of an architectural plan dating back to 2200 BC. So, how do you get started portraying the atmosphere and uniqueness of buildings? These seven tutorials for getting started in architectural drawing cover everything from urban sketching to 3D modeling, so whether you work in pencils or with CGI, you can create visualizations that wow your audience and capture the experience of a building in imagery.

  • 6 Free Websites to Publish Your Own Comic Online

    6 Free Websites to Publish Your Own Comic Online

    Explore these popular online publishing platforms to showcase your comic art, and share unique stories From manga to daily sketches, comics offer diverse ways to express yourself and your stories. Whether you love classic, humorous comic strips or full-length graphic novels, nowadays there’s a wealth of sources to read and publish these stories online. Below you'll find different websites where you can start publishing your work right now for free. If you’re hoping to build an audience of comic-lovers and create a platform for your work, read on to learn about the various features of each site to help you decide where to upload your comics.