• Contest: Create Your Own Version of Domestika's Logo

    Contest: Create Your Own Version of Domestika's Logo

    Over 2 million creatives on Instagram! To celebrate, participate in this creative challenge At Domestika you always have the power to choose: you can learn to design, draw, embroider, sculpt... Each person's experience is unique and different, but one element is the same for everyone: the desire to create and to share. Now that there are 2 million followers on Instagram (@domestika) we want to celebrate with a creative challenge: create and share your own version of the Domestika logo (specifically its isotype) in your own style, using the technique of your choice. It could be designed in Adobe Illustrator, embroidered on fabric, painted with watercolor, 3D-printed... the options are endless. The most important thing is that it is uniquely yours, and that it reflects your experience as part of the Domestika community! Below you can see some examples:

  • Learn to Unlock Your Creativity for Free Drawing with Puño

    Learn to Unlock Your Creativity for Free Drawing with Puño

    For 48 hours only, access this course for free to improve your drawing skills It doesn't matter where your skill level is at: if you like to draw and you still find it difficult to master elements such as color, shadow, perspective or proportion, this course is for you. Illustrator and educator Puño (@puno) is dedicated to teaching people who believe they would never be able to draw just that. He has perfected a teaching method by which, through simple and fun exercises, he will get your hand going and your mind to work, unlocking your creativity.

  • Simple Methods to Brainstorm Better in Teams

    Simple Methods to Brainstorm Better in Teams

    How to improve your brainstorming and create together better Advertising executive Alex Osborn came up with brainstorming in the 1950s: get together, share as many ideas as possible (no judgment or criticism), revise ideas and build on the best. Sounds great, but that Mad Men stuff just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Decades of studies show that these brainstorms actually lead to fewer and worse ideas than people would’ve come up with alone. Ideas fuse together into much of the same where fresher, individual ideas are what we really want. Some easy fixes have been shown to work by several studies however. We at Domestika pieced together a simple method we’ve dubbed “WAGSAD”. Just kidding, but you can call it that if you want.

  • Share Your Sketchbook with the Community

    Share Your Sketchbook with the Community

    Stimulate your creativity and share your work Creativity does not belong to a select few. We all have the potential to create and it is very important to foster that power since in doing so we are developing our imagination, intellectual curiosity, self-esteem, ability to solve problems, and many other things. Many people use a sketchbook to dump the ideas that spring into their minds, and it becomes their little treasure. We invite you to show us your creativity in this initiative: share your favorite page from your sketchbook, regardless of the technique used: it can be doodles, sketches, collage, photographs, lettering, illustrations, as long as it’s important for you and you want to share it.

  • Learn with the Domestika Live series while you #StayAtHome

    Learn with the Domestika Live series while you #StayAtHome

    Get to know the creatives that will share their expertise on Domestika Live We invite you to watch our Facebook Live series, Domestika Live, where creatives from different backgrounds will share their secrets and answer your questions. Keep learning while you discover more about Domestika teachers and other members of the creative community. You can watch the talks here. All past episodes are available here. Come and join us!

  • Ji Lee Challenges You to Make Someone Happy in This Creative Challenge

    Ji Lee Challenges You to Make Someone Happy in This Creative Challenge

    Join the #DMSTKHappyChallenge, with creatives like Ji Lee, Joluvian or Zenzuke Ji Lee, a Domestika community professional and freelance designer currently working as creative director for Instagram and Facebook, is a strong believer in the power of personal creative projects. For him, projects that really touch and move us are the best way to expand our horizons. For this reason, his Challenge is called 'Make Someone Happy', and the goal is to use our creativity to, well, make someone happy. To kickstart this creative challenge, Ji Lee turned to two professionals from the Domestika community: motiongrapher Carlos 'Zenzuke' Albarrán and graphic designer Joluvian. Both had to apply their creativity to meet Ji Lee's goal: build something creative capable of making someone else happy. Find out if they succeeded in the following video:

  • 10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home

    10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home

    While some are still reluctant, it’s becoming more common every day for businesses to allow their employees to work from home As a worker, it sounds great: you don’t have to get up hours in advance to get ready, you don’t lose hours in traffic jams, you don’t even have to shower! All that means you get to spend more time in bed. But all that glitters is not gold.. Adapting to the routine of working at home comes with its own inconveniences and it’s necessary to look for solutions that don’t leave you feeling caged in after hours indoors. This is why we wanted to share our top ten tips on how to be more productive when working from home.

  • Meet the Creatives Launching Domestika Courses Over March

    Meet the Creatives Launching Domestika Courses Over March

    Discover all the new material dropping this month so that you don’t miss out Meet the creatives who are launching courses this month on Domestika. This month, newcomers to the community, as well as members who you probably already know, present courses across a range of creative disciplines. Get to know them all as you prepare for a month packed with creativity. Design Create your identity as a designer with Sagi Haviv Sagi Haviv is a designer and partner at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv–the legendary studio that handles design for brands such as Mobil, PBS, NBC, Showtime, and National Geographic. In this course, Sagi will show you how to add personality to graphic design and make the most of your creativity in every one of your projects.