• Challenge: Can You Write a Long Story on Twitter in Eight Tweets?

    Challenge: Can You Write a Long Story on Twitter in Eight Tweets?

    Screenwriter, cartoonist, and editor Manuel Bartual takes on this Domestika social media challenge Manuel Bartual (@manuelbartual) has many talents, but above all, he considers himself a storyteller. He also knows that there’s more than just one way to bring a narrative to life, and so he uses a range of diverse mediums including podcasts, cinema, novels, and social media. In 2017, he wrote a fictional story through a series of Twitter threads that quickly went viral, becoming a Worldwide Twitter Trend and attracting hundreds of thousands of followers who now eagerly await each post. In this Domestika Challenge, we put his Twitter skills to the test by surprising him with groups of 7 words, picked at random, which he must use to create a story using no more than eight Tweets. Will he succeed? Find out in the video below:

  • Lettering Tutorial: How to Draw Spooky Letters

    Lettering Tutorial: How to Draw Spooky Letters

    Learn how to draw spooky letters with typography artist and illustrator Adam Hayes Clever typography can communicate far more than just words, and there's no clearer example than the work of typography artist and illustrator Adam Hayes (@mrahayes). Merging his passion for typography and illustration to create fun, concept-driven lettering which is playful and full of character, his work spans the design, publishing, and advertising industries, and his clients include Apple, Facebook, Google, and Honda. Halloween offers a great opportunity to add some extra character to your usual creative style. In this tutorial, Adam demonstrates how to create spooky Halloween letters to add a creative twist to your typography.

  • Drawing Tutorial: Three Simple Exercises to Free Your Creativity

    Drawing Tutorial: Three Simple Exercises to Free Your Creativity

    Discover three quick and easy drawing exercises to help unlock your creativity, with Laura McKendry It’s easy to get stuck in a creative rut from time-to-time. When that happens, it’s a good idea to do a few playful drawing exercises to help free your mind and get your creative juices flowing. Laura McKendry (@laura_mckendry) is a drawing and illustration teacher as well as an artist whose work you can find on tableware, fabrics, and fine art prints. Her nature-inspired illustrations have attracted major clients such as Laura Ashley and John Lewis. Laura approaches drawing and illustration with a sense of fun and curiosity, using materials like bubble wrap, blackberries, and teabags alongside her go-to watercolors, inks, and colored pencils. In this tutorial, Laura gives you three great exercises to help you loosen up and overcome creative roadblock.

  • Top 10 Creative Domestika Projects of June 2021

    Top 10 Creative Domestika Projects of June 2021

    Get inspired by Angelina Jolie’s portrait and a concrete kitchen table, two of the most liked projects this month Some of the best-loved subjects by watercolor artists are birds. The Domestika community also shares this preference and last month two of the most appreciated projects were watercolors with birds as protagonists. Other techniques stood out among the community, such as a concrete table and sentimental embroidery. Don’t forget to publish your end-of-course project or any other work you have completed in the Domestika community area. Sharing creativity is great for everyone. Furthermore, any member of the community can put a like or comment on your project. If it is one of the projects to have received more likes during the month, it will feature in the 10 best projects blog post like the one you are reading.

  • #CreateWithPride: Your Favorite LGBTQIA+ Icons

    #CreateWithPride: Your Favorite LGBTQIA+ Icons

    To celebrate Pride Month, the Domestika community has paid tribute to their favorite icons Design and creativity are powerful weapons of communication that have played a key role in the fight against gender and sexual oppression. #CreateWithPride is a Domestika forum action in which the community has been sharing artwork celebrating equality, self-love, tolerance, and freedom by paying homage to their favorite LGBTQIA+ icons. This year, digital illustration, lettering, and embroidery have been the most popular mediums. From singer Freddy Mercury and poet Federico García Lorca to Brazilian activist Marielle Franco, discover a selection of some of the most interesting projects that have been posted in response to this call-out. Thank you very much to everyone who participated!

  • How to Publish Your Projects on Domestika

    How to Publish Your Projects on Domestika

    Tips on publishing your projects: sharing your work, goals, techniques, and even doubts about your creative process Sharing your creativity is a positive thing. And, thanks to technology, it's never been easier to showcase your talents to the world. So many people could be interested in what you create. However, do you know how to present it or photograph it? Talking about your story, your beginnings, your inspiration, and even your obstacles is crucial. Read on as we tell you how to make sure your projects shine on Domestika.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of May 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of May 2021

    Illustration, papercraft, and embroidery projects got the most attention from the Domestika community during May Should you share your creativity with others? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then the answer is simply yes. In the same way that other people's work inspires you, you too can contribute with your style and skills. You may even find some opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people. The project area within the Domestika community is the perfect place to showcase your creations. You will find personal projects of creative members of the community, end-of-course projects, and new material from the Domestika teachers and experts. Furthermore, any member of the community has the chance to like or comment on your project. If your project receives the most likes in one month, it will be featured as one of the month’s favorites, just like the ones listed in this article.

  • The 11 Most Popular Courses in May 2021

    The 11 Most Popular Courses in May 2021

    Discover the favorite courses of the Domestika community to learn and awaken your inspiration Every creative course spurs new ideas, but which ones have had the biggest impact on the Domestika community this month? It’s always interesting to find out the answer to this question as the results say a lot about current trends. Also, if you still haven't discovered your favorite artistic discipline, it's never too late: this blog post spotlights eleven practices you might like to try for yourself. This list explores illustration, embroidery, watercolor, and cake design techniques. If you prefer to work digitally, it also features courses for mastering programs like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Domestika's expert teachers will guide you every step of the way and share top tips and resources. Discover your passion and explore the latest creative techniques with the Domestika community’s top picks! Cake Design: Modern Decorating Techniques, a course by Julián Ángel Step into the fascinating world of creative pastry and cake decoration. Under the guidance of international cake design instructor Julian Angel, you will learn everything you need to know: sketching and designing, combining colors, creating textures, and decorating. You will also practice lighting and photography tricks that will help your cake stand out on social media.

  • Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021!

    Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021!

    Thousands of creatives from all over the world took part in the third edition of Domestika Scholarships March 9th marked the launch of the third edition of Domestika Scholarships, an initiative that recognizes and celebrates the talents of creatives from all over the world. Thousands of participants–65% of which were women–from across the globe submitted their portfolios in response to our third call-out for entries, with the majority of the projects presented falling into the categories of design and illustration. A jury composed of top experts working in the creative sector, all of whom are also Domestika teachers, was asked to select the best candidates to be awarded scholarships. The members of the jury are Paloma Rincón (@paloma_rincon), Sagi Haviv (@sagi), Catalina Estrada (@catalinaestrada), Pepe Gimeno (@pepegimeno), Ana Victoria Calderón (@anavictoriana), Antoni Arola (@toniarola), Trini Guzmán (@holaleon), Alexis Moyano (@alexismoyano), Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasadolfsson), Isadora Zeferino (@imzeferino), Ji Lee (@jilee),Fito Espinosa (@fitoespinosa), James Lewis (@jamesllewis), Marcelo Tas (@marcelo_tas), and Alex Trochut (@trochut). The ten winners will each get to choose 50 free courses from the entire Domestika catalog to boost their creativity and enhance their learning across multiple disciplines. Meet the ten winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021 below! Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên (@tranphucnguyenyenn1997) Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên is a Vietnamese illustrator who studied at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, majoring in graphic design. Her work is influenced by Asian crafts such as Chinese handscrolls. In her project Memoirs of a Geisha, an illustrated Orihon book originating from the Tang Dynasty, she used Indian ink, a Kolinsky sable brush, and lines to recreate the mysterious beauty of the world of geishas. Yên Trần had not experimented with digital tools before.

  • 10 Amazing Star Wars Tribute Projects

    10 Amazing Star Wars Tribute Projects

    Celebrate Star Wars Day and be inspired by these projects from the Domestika community based on Star Wars' incredible universe Since its first release in 1977, Star Wars' success has not ceased to grow. The conflict between the Light Side of the Force (Jedis) and the Dark side (Sith) is part of cinema history and popular culture. Also, it is a source of reference for creatives all over the world. Star Wars Day is celebrated every year, on May the 4th. For this occasion, we have collected 10 projects, by artists from the Domestika community, inspired by George Lucas' saga. They encompass different styles and techniques, all aiming to pay homage to a universe born "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away." If you want to know more about the creative process of each piece, click on the red title. Leave us a comment at the end of the post, and tell us which is your favorite. Doodles Star Wars, by The Moog (@themoogoriginal) Brazilian graffiti artist The Moog is an expert in doodle art. All sorts of Star Wars-themed details intermingle in this illustration. To complete his tribute, he included the most iconic saying from the saga. You cannot miss it. In his project, the artist applied techniques he learned from the Domestika course Doodle-Style Vector Illustration.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of April 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of April 2021

    We’ve compiled a list of 10 projects that have received a lot of positive attention from the Domestika community over April It’s that time of the month when we look back at 10 projects that the Domestika community has crowned as their favorites. If you are looking for inspiration, this list shares personal work, final projects for courses, and exciting updates from Domestika teachers: be inspired by creativity in all different forms. While each project is unique, all ten listed have something in common: they have received the most likes from our community. Over April, watercolor and embroidery stood out as the most popular disciplines. However, the community wasn’t just thinking about threads and colors last month: an e-commerce sustainable packaging project and a digital portrait created in Procreate also feature on the list. If you want to explore each project, click on the title in red. We'd love to hear which one you liked the most in the comments section at the bottom of the article. ¡Nuevo libro! Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media, by Ana Victoria Calderon (@anavictoriana) Ana Victoria Calderón, who teaches Domestika courses such as Modern Watercolor Techniques, has published a book titled Creative Watercolor and Mixed Media. The project has been very enthusiastically received by our community. Presented as a beginner's guide, the book encourages you to experiment with different techniques and paint sparkling galaxies, glowing oceans, and dazzling crystals. The author has shared various images of her process to give you a glimpse of what to expect.

  • 10 Free Graphic Design Tutorials for Professionals

    10 Free Graphic Design Tutorials for Professionals

    Learn all the secrets and techniques of graphic design from the experts Several areas of expertise fall under the umbrella of design: screen printing, editorial layout, illustration, user experience, and more. Although they may all be connected, each of these skills requires a unique and specific learning process. To become a true professional, you need to master a bit of everything. The following tutorials include essential tips from big-name professionals that will help you improve your knowledge of graphic design.

  • Interview With Ana Porta, 3D Illustrator Winner of Domestika Scholarships 2018

    Interview With Ana Porta, 3D Illustrator Winner of Domestika Scholarships 2018

    One of our 2018 winners tells us how the 50 free courses influenced her work Ana Porta (@anaporta_) is a Spanish graphic designer and 3D illustrator who specializes in branding. Thanks to the striking personality of her work, which has led her to collaborate on brilliant projects and having work published in The Washington Post, she was one of the winners of our Domestika Scholarships in 2018. She was granted access to 50 courses to develop her skills and train in creative areas of her choosing. We talked to her about how she used her prize and how it helped her evolve her career since then. Find out what benefits the opportunity to win a Domestika Scholarship—now in its third edition—can bring to a creative’s work.

  • Free Watercolor Palette Guide: Botanical Sketchbooking

    Free Watercolor Palette Guide: Botanical Sketchbooking

    Do you want to achieve the best colors for your botanical sketching? Check out this guide shared by Lapin Urban sketcher and illustrator Lapin (@lapinbarcelona) knows the importance of drawing from direct observation and playing with cold and warm tones to add strength to one’s artwork. In botanical sketching, what seems to be green is much more subtle. Looking closer, you'll see yellow, blue, ochre, even orange or purple. To help you get to the closest color of the plant you are observing, Lupin shares his watercolor palette and a few tips to create your own greens chart without using any green pigments.

  • Domestika Scholarships 2021: Deadline Extended to April 25th!

    Domestika Scholarships 2021: Deadline Extended to April 25th!

    We’ve extended the deadline for entries to take part in Domestika Scholarships to April 25th The third edition of Domestika Scholarships sets out to promote learning across a range of creative disciplines by offering participants the chance to win one of 10 scholarships. Each scholarship consists of 50 courses of the winner’s choosing. Anyone over 16 years old can take part: it doesn’t matter where you live or what your educational or professional background is. To those of you who have already submitted your portfolios, thank you very much for taking part and making our community continue to grow with talent. We have extended the deadline for entries to take part to April 25th. Therefore, if you want, you can take advantage of the extra time to continue developing your portfolio and how you present your projects for the jury’s consideration. Below, winners of previous editions share how they have become better professionals thanks to Domestika scholarships. If you haven't participated yet, we also explain how to get involved.

  • Take Part in Domestika Scholarships and Turn Your Creative Passion Into Your Future

    Take Part in Domestika Scholarships and Turn Your Creative Passion Into Your Future

    You have until April 12 to register your portfolio and be in with a chance of winning 50 courses of your choosing On March 9, 2021, Domestika launched its 3rd edition of Domestika Scholarships, intending to share knowledge with the creative community. Domestika Scholarships was conceived to promote learning across different creative disciplines. This year’s participants are in with the chance of winning 10 scholarships, each offering up 50 courses of each winner’s choosing. That’s a total of 500 online courses for anyone who would like to participate that is over 16 years old: it doesn’t matter where you live or what your educational or professional background is. Domestika is committed to learning. To take a course, there are no limits regarding age, geographical location, time zone, or experience. Domestika brings together some of the most prominent professionals in the creative sector and showcases what they do best. All of our courses are for everyone.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of March 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of March 2021

    We put together the projects that received the most likes in March within the Domestika community We kick off the new month by introducing you to the 10 favorite community projects for March. Final projects of courses from different disciplines, teachers' works and commissions are mixed in this space open to creativity. All of them different but with something in common: they are the projects that have received the most likes. In March, watercolor has had a lot of prominence, but also crochet and illustration. Nature has been one of the most inspiring themes and has also been the highlighted theme in other disciplines, such as packaging. And as for digital arts, a work done with the SketchUp design program stands out. To check their creative processes, click on the red titles. Don't forget to add your comment at the end of the article and let us know your favorite.