• Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Camera Raw

    Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Camera Raw

    Speed up your photo workflow with these Adobe Camera Raw shortcuts RAW photo files are unprocessed images that contain all the information your camera is capable of capturing. One of the best tools for importing and editing these raw images is Adobe Camera Raw, a native Adobe plugin for working with RAW files in Photoshop and Lightroom that has become indispensable for many professional photographers. It is advisable to use Camera Raw whenever you are going to work with this type of file, since its main function is to recover all the information from the camera and process the image so you can make the most of it with any other editing tool like Photoshop or Lightroom. To increase your productivity when using the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in, use these basic keyboard shortcuts:

  • Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

    Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

    Get to know these five apps that will make your Instagram posts pop A few days ago, we shared 5 apps for recording and editing videos on your phone, now it's time for photos. Whether you want to improve your Instagram content, get into professional photography with your smartphone camera or just improve your digital photo album, these apps will help you capture and edit incredible photos. Ortho - Perspective Camera Imagine finding yourself walking through the street as the sun sets. You get your smartphone and aim up to take a photo of the horizon but you can’t find a good angle. The vertical lines seem to converge, the upper parts of buildings are cropped. It’s chaos. This app corrects your perspective automatically, in real time. It also lets you add a grid to help with composition, choose from multiple aspect ratios, and use angle, level, and histogram displays.

  • Tips for your Commercial Documentary Photos

    Tips for your Commercial Documentary Photos

    Discover how to adjust your expectations to reality when creating a documentary image bank with these tips. Outdoor documentary photography assignments have two characteristics that might seem opposite: they mean working for a client, with established budgets and deadlines, and at the same time they are subject to the variability of outdoor photography. So, with a lot of headwinds, we must work effectively and practically. CONTRA, a photographic and audiovisual producer specializing in the creation of documentary image banks, shares his essential tips for being well prepared when dealing with these types of commissions, which have differential characteristics with respect to other photographic works.

  • 3 Creative Retouching Techniques to Work Magic on Your Photos

    3 Creative Retouching Techniques to Work Magic on Your Photos

    Create alternate realities with three simple creative retouching techniques in Photoshop that will transform your photos. Silvia Grav (@silviagrav) began making waves in international photography from a young age: this self-taught photographer has collaborated with brands like HBO, Lexus and Samsung, inspired the makers of the opening sequence of True Detective and has impacted half the world with her fascinating photographs. Her process begins behind the camera – and she is often the one who poses in front of it too – but a good part of the magic is made in post production, with different professional creative retouching techniques such as reshaping the image, painting with light, and blending images to create dreamlike visions that affect the viewer. Discover these three creative retouching techniques to transform your photos:

  • Basic Guide to Shortcuts on Capture One and how to create your own

    Basic Guide to Shortcuts on Capture One and how to create your own

    Discover how to create your own keyboard shortcuts, in addition to learning the basic ones, for this RAW editing software Capture One is an application developed by Phase One, a manufacturer of medium format digital camera systems. They created it to enhance the workflow in photography and get great results. It focuses on cataloging collections of images, developing RAW files, and professional color grading. The program uses its own processing engine and takes advantage of the RAW shooting mode in cameras. This mode offers a wider range of editing possibilities because the files have the largest range of information captured by the camera sensor. That way, you can better work out the details and colors on the image, making it one of the best applications for digital photography. Designed by and for professional photographers, Capture One provides full control over every aspect of the image with many customizable tools. One of its best features is the long list of keyboard shortcuts and the fact that, in addition to the default ones, you can also create your own.