• VFX Tutorial: How to Make a Homemade Green Screen
    Creativity Tutorials

    VFX Tutorial: How to Make a Homemade Green Screen

    Learn to make a green screen and integrate your digital compositions with material you can easily find at home Video cameras and digital video editing programs mean that anyone can make effects that just a few decades ago were only achievable for huge production companies in the comfort of their own homes. Among those, the green screen sticks out: an element that allows us to integrate backdrops in our digital compositions, making it possible to put our characters in any situation we can imagine. Juan Olivares (@juanolivares), digital VFX designer, shows us how to make our own homemade green screen and create incredible scenes in our videos. Find out how in the video below:

  • Useful Tips for Drawing Comics
    Pro Illustration

    Useful Tips for Drawing Comics

    Salva Espín shares some tips to deal with particular aspects when drawing comics Starting a few decades ago, comics have started to gain more strength and relevance in the creative world. This special language mixes the art of storytelling with graphics, allowing spectacular and exciting narratives. If you like drawing and are a lover of stories, you will discover an exciting outlet for expression in comics. Salva Espín (@salvaespin) is a prolific illustrator who has worked for Marvel Comics since 2007 and is one of the few Spanish-speaking cartoonists who has given life to more than twenty comic books of characters such as Deadpool, Wolverine, or Hulk. Below, Salva reveals some of his secrets to dealing with certain aspects in your comics like a professional:

  • Formats and Limitations for Video on Social Media
    Pro Animation

    Formats and Limitations for Video on Social Media

    Yimbo Escárrega gives practical advice on video content creation for social media It’s a proven fact that social media users prefer to consume content in video formats. Whether you’re a designer, a motion graphics artist, or a digital marketing professional, you may already know that the importance and popularity of videos and GIFs are on the rise. For that reason, it’s important that you know more about the ideal formats for this type of content, and that way you’ll be able to meet your client’s expectations or publish the ideal content for your brand. Graphic designer and motion graphics specialist Yimbo Escárrega (@yimbo8) shares the basic aspects you need to consider when creating a video for social media, such as dimensions, weight, and ideal formats for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • How to develop a unique style, according to Marcelo Vignali

    How to develop a unique style, according to Marcelo Vignali

    An interview with the wonderful art director and concept artist Marcelo Vignali is a well-known name in the animated film industry. He has been involved in titles such as Hotel Transylvania, The Smurfs, and Lilo & Stitch, to name a few, and his particular way of thinking about art can give us insight into our own training as artists. We recently interviewed him about how to cultivate a personal style and find our own voice. We also chatted with him about some ideas that we can use to market ourselves better.

  • Follow These 7 Tips For Your Next Personal Project
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    Follow These 7 Tips For Your Next Personal Project

    Starting a big personal project from scratch can feel overwhelming, here are some strategies to help you along the way Embarking on a personal project always brings mixed feelings. There's the excitement that comes from starting something from scratch knowing you will have total control of the process, and the joy of spending more time doing something you feel passionate about. But there is also the fear that the results will not live up to the initial expectations or, if we are talking about a very complex project, of the stress that comes with organizing the multiple tasks involved. Fear no more. These tips will make working on any project, big or small, much easier so you can focus on letting your creativity flow.

  • Download Free Presets for Adobe Lightroom

    Download Free Presets for Adobe Lightroom

    Rafaella Bertorini shares the tools to improve your photographic post-production processes Rafa Bertorini (@rafabertorini) got into photography thanks to her mother. Her most vivid childhood memory is taking photos of everything around her with her mother's camera. It was her first hobby, and over the years it became a much greater passion. Now, it's her profession, her full-time job. These days, Rafa is a professional photographer and instagrammer focused on fashion, portraits, and travel.

  • Weaving Tutorial: Macramé Carpet Knot
    Creativity Tutorials

    Weaving Tutorial: Macramé Carpet Knot

    Learn how to make a carpet knot step by step following the loom tapestry technique with Belén Senra Loom tapestry techniques are useful for creating pieces of decoration. The carpet knot is one of them: its simplicity and versatility make it an ideal option for your macramé practice. The textile artist Belén Senra (@belensenra) teaches us how to make a carpet knot step by step, so that you can use it to decorate your macramé pieces. You can see the tutorial here:

  • Top 10: Films for Sound Design
    TOP 10

    Top 10: Films for Sound Design

    Check out the list of the Domestika community’s favorite films for their music and sound design Sound design is a key element of cinema. It doesn’t just accompany the pictures, but it evokes what can’t be done with images alone: moods, effects, emotions, and more. Made through audio effects and composes soundtracks, it can ruin or save a film. We asked the Domestika community which films they considered to have the best sound design, and those nominated remind us once more that great cinema isn’t just about what you can see. Here are the films your top nominations: Star Wars —complete saga— US, 1977-2019 Sound design by John Williams et al. The George Lucas saga is a classic, not just for its story, character development, and memorable visual moments, but for recognizing sound design as a foundation of production. Firstly, John Williams’ immortal soundtrack has become a classic of pop culture–it was voted the greatest of all time by the American Film Institute. Secondly, the Imperial March became the leitmotif of the franchise’s films. Finally, the sounds of lasers, wookies, and spaceships were created through real-life recordings of everything from elephants and planes to walruses. 18 of the saga’s 44 Oscar nominations are the result of music and sound, winning three of Star Wars’ ten Oscars.

  • 15 Free Typographic Resources

    15 Free Typographic Resources

    Discover free websites and tools for your typographic design projects Typography is an essential element for any design project. Regardless of your degree of experience, the sites and resources we have highlighted here will help you research, create, and play with different fonts. Research and inspiration What The Font Have you ever seen a typeface that you like but cannot identify? This site solves this problem. It allows you to upload an image match your font with one of over 130,000 fonts in its database. It will also find similar fonts you can use in your projects.

  • Cleaning and perfecting skin in Photoshop
    Pro Photography

    Cleaning and perfecting skin in Photoshop

    Alain Perdomo goes through a series of editing methods for fantasy portraits in Photoshop The process of retouching skin in a photo can achieve a professional result if it’s done with care. The following methods to correct details of the face and skin in a portrait will ensure spectacular results in your photos. Alain Perdomo (@alainperdomo) is a digital artist, photographer, and editor, focused mainly in cinema and advertising photography for fashion and beauty. In the following video, he shares his methods to retouch and perfect the skin to accomplish a fantasy effect:

  • What is Blackwork Embroidery?
    What is

    What is Blackwork Embroidery?

    We explore the history and characteristics of this traditional English embroidery technique With embroidery being one of the most ancient arts in history, it’s not really surprising that every culture, country, and even region, has developed their own types and techniques. Blackwork is a traditional English embroidery technique which has been very popular. Originating around about the 15th century, here we explore its history and learn more about how it is used.

  • 10 Key Moments from Geek Culture
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    10 Key Moments from Geek Culture

    From the founding fathers in the 18th century to Star Wars and Rick & Morty, understand how this tribe of brilliant and unusual people have reached the pinnacle of pop culture Nerd, geek, otaku, dork, poindexter. None of these terms existed a hundred years ago. However, individuals who share these characteristics–high IQ, bad social skills, acute obsessions with particular topics, an affinity for math or science–have lived among us since long before their creation. The biographer and writer Tom Schachtman, in Gentlemen Scientists and Revolutionaries: The Founding Fathers in the Age of Enlightenment, gathers data that illustrate how some of the so-called 'founding fathers' in the United States in the 18th century, such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, were geeks of the technological world, polymaths obsessed with research and inventions who had little time for things like family or "normal" friends. Today, nerds come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic computer geek to the anime obsessed otaku, and the school nerd boffin. While they were ridiculed when they were younger, many are now leaders of industry, superstars, and billionaires associated with entrepreneurship, discipline, and professional success. This Geek Pride Day, a celebration that began in Spain and has now spread across the world, we look at ten key moments in geek culture, from its prehistory in the 18th century to today. 1. The Founding Fathers

  • Watercolor Tutorial: Wet-on-Wet Technique
    Creativity Tutorials

    Watercolor Tutorial: Wet-on-Wet Technique

    Learn to blend wet watercolors with Ana Santos Watercolor is a much more complex medium than one might suppose: one has to understand the drying times, when to use more opaque or watery colours, and how to mix the different shades well, avoiding undesired results–or taking advantage of them. Artist and illustrator Ana Santos (@anasantos) teaches us in this tutorial how to use the wet-on-wet technique, in which the same layer of paint is used, before drying, to perfectly blend the colors. Learn more in this video:

  • Jupiter: Textures and Colors Out of This World

    Jupiter: Textures and Colors Out of This World

    Enjoy this stunning collection of Jupiter photographs created by NASA and amateur astronomers The Juno space probe reached Jupiter in 2016 after a five-year journey from Earth. Since then, NASA has gathered a vast collection of data that is helping us understand the fascinating nature of the planet and giving the artistic and scientific communities new opportunities to work together.

  • Creativity for Kids with Puño

    Creativity for Kids with Puño

    Illustrator and teacher Puño teaches us how to create animals based on basic shapes To encourage the creativity of the little ones at home, there’s nothing better than practicing a fun illustration exercise with them. It’s almost like a game. By keeping a few rules in mind we can help children imagine anything and everything they want with the help of a pencil or marker. In the following tutorial, Puño (@puno) shows us how easy it is to create a lot of different animals and characters starting with geometric shapes as basic as a square, circle or triangle. Discover more below:

  • Architectural Drawing Tutorial: How to Make a Good Composition
    Creativity Tutorials

    Architectural Drawing Tutorial: How to Make a Good Composition

    Alex Hillkurtz shares how to create a composition with depth using architectural illustration Composition is the foundation of all illustration, especially architectural sketches. That's why we should pay attention to how we place our elements in space before drawing them. In this tutorial, storyboard artist Alex Hillkurtz (@alexhillkurtzart) explains how to use two techniques give compositions dynamism and lift sketches to another level. Get your pencil and paper, and let's go!

  • Illustration Tutorial: Basic Proportions of a Face
    Creativity Tutorials

    Illustration Tutorial: Basic Proportions of a Face

    Learn to make a guide for the basic proportions of a face with Carlos Rodríguez Casado Making a portrait is no easy task. A person's face can determine their age, background, and personality so we need to pay special attention when drawing them. All good work needs a solid foundation, that's why it's vital to learn these techniques to draw a balanced face. Editorial illustrator Carlos Rodríguez Casado (@carlosrodriguezcasado) explains how to make a basic guide for composing a face in this tutorial. With these tips, we'll learn a series of traits and proportions common to almost all faces that will help us in our illustrations. You can watch the tutorial below:

  • What’s an App Style Guide and What’s It For?
    What is

    What’s an App Style Guide and What’s It For?

    Discover the benefits of using a style guide when designing and developing apps Christian Vizcarra (@christvizcarra) is a Senior UI/UX Product Designer and Digital Strategist whose work also includes elements of marketing, social media, 3D, and video. On a daily basis, he creates digital products, as well as designing websites, apps, and different interfaces for companies around the world. Here Vizcarra explains the purpose of a style guide and why it is a key tool when designing and developing apps.

  • 7 Tips For Photographing Amateur Models

    7 Tips For Photographing Amateur Models

    How to take professional portraits of amateur models Catalina Bartolomé (@catalina_bartolome) is an Argentinian photographer who has been taking portraits for more than 12 years. She has collaborated with the likes of La Nación, OHLALÁ, Clarín, Radar, Inrockuptibles, Rolling Stone, and Las 12. In 2016, she founded her own company, Retratos Profesionales, specializing in portrait photography for amateur models. Over the course of her career, Bartolomé has mastered the secret to great direction, having worked with a diverse mix of models and clients who have each had their own unique reason for seeking out a professional portrait. Today she is sharing 7 key tips that will help you work with amateurs and get the best results.

  • What is Tapestry? The Definitive Crochet Technique
    What is

    What is Tapestry? The Definitive Crochet Technique

    Learn about this thousand-year-old crochet technique that allows you to create state-of-the-art fabric patterns Tapestry is one of the oldest forms of textile weaving. It has been used to create almost everything from tunics to purses, table clothes to upholstery, and even some of the world’s greatest pieces of textile art. In general, tapestry refers to a weaving structure that uses discontinuous weft to create an image on the fabric and is always done by hand. It’s a crochet technique that allows you to weave drawings, geometric or not, based on a pattern that follows a grid of different colors, similar to what we would do if we were to draw an image pixel by pixel.

  • Domestika Creatives: Vasava

    Domestika Creatives: Vasava

    Bruno Sellés, creative director of the Vasava design studio, tells us about his constant experimentation Becoming a reference design studio in the world of creativity is not an easy task, but Vasava has done just that. Since it was founded in 1997, it has become one of the most interesting hotbeds of creativity and talent on the Spanish-speaking scene, due to their attention to detail and obsession with treating each project as if it were their first. And they don't keep their talent to themselves: for some years now, they have been organizing creative talks and conferences in which they share their vision of creativity with the rest of the world, always connected to their constant research and multidisciplinary work. Bruno Sellés, creative director of Vasava, talks about his experimentation and some of his most important projects, such as his collaboration with F. C. Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. Discover more below:

  • Storytelling Tutorial: Key Ingredients for Telling Your Personal Story
    Creativity Tutorials

    Storytelling Tutorial: Key Ingredients for Telling Your Personal Story

    Learn the basics of telling your own story with Antonio Núñez In recent years, the art of storytelling has gone beyond the purely narrative to influence elements of our society such as marketing, politics, and more. Knowing how to tell your own story to convince and inspire listeners helps you define your role as a creative and establish your personal brand. Antonio Núñez (@antonionunezstorytelling), communication consultant and expert in storytelling, goes over the key ingredients for a personal story that will captivate and persuade an audience. Find out below:

  • What is Lowbrow Illustration?
    What is

    What is Lowbrow Illustration?

    Get to know the artistic movement also known as pop surrealism that was once considered bad taste Anyone who's a fan of classic punk or underground comics, read the Mad magazine, seen a horror B-movie, or enjoyed the work of Gary Baseman, will have come into contact with lowbrow illustration: an artistic movement that looks at old graphics and uses comics, cartoons, counterculture and the grotesque as a reference. One of its main exponents today is Ink Bad Company (@inkbadcompany), the studio and alter ego of Juan Carlos Guerrero, a young Spanish illustrator obsessed with, paper and the halftone pattern. In his course Lowbrow Illustration: Go Back to the Past in Style, he reveals the keys to understanding this type of style. But what exactly is lowbrow illustration? These are the key elements:

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