• 5 Low-cost Ideas to Improve Your Video Call Backdrop
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    5 Low-cost Ideas to Improve Your Video Call Backdrop

    If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the walls of our homes have a lot to say Your wall–and no, we’re not talking about Facebook or Instagram, but the physical one behind you–sends a message. As a result of lockdown, last year, many of us had to quickly transform corners of our homes into impromptu office spaces. In 2021, these spaces can tell our colleagues, clients, and collaborators a lot about who we are. Among the interior design trends to look out for in 2021, your walls, now visible to others, have become a tool for connecting with the world. Therefore, it’s time to start thinking more carefully about how we present them (if you weren’t already!). Below, interior designer Sofi Saraví O'Keefe (@decolookbook) shares her top tips. 1. Be careful about what can and can’t be seen “By now, many of us have realized that having the ironing board, an unmade bed, or a bottle of laundry detergent visible during a video call doesn’t make a great impression. However, sitting in front of a plain, empty white wall is not the solution either. While the latter was acceptable during the first week of lockdown, that is no longer the case–it can suggest that the rest of that person's house is a mess. It also transmits that you couldn’t be bothered to make a little effort. After all this time, could you not have come up with something more interesting? If you're creative, this is your moment to shine.”

  • Essential Shortcuts for Mastering AutoCAD
    Architecture & Space

    Essential Shortcuts for Mastering AutoCAD

    Improve your workflow in AutoCAD with these incredibly useful shortcuts AutoCAD is a program that was originally built for the creation of technical drawings of industrial parts in two dimensions (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) models. This software has become so useful and practical that professionals working in the fields of architecture, urban planning, engineering, and construction use it on a daily basis to create inspiring and transformative projects. To help those of you using AutoCAD every day to improve your workflow, we have compiled a list of useful shortcuts. Check it out below: Note: For Windows use Ctrl, for Mac use Command.

  • 7 Free Tutorials to Decorate Your Spaces
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    7 Free Tutorials to Decorate Your Spaces

    Discover practical tips on how to beautify your home with your own hands Our house is our refuge, our territory. It is the place where we disconnect from the hostility of the world and create a parallel, comforting and restorative reality. To experience it in this way, we must appropriate the spaces, impregnate them with our personality and imprint them with our personal style. And that is exactly what we do when, with our own hands, we create objects that will live in our house or we undertake modifications and use interior design techniques that will beautify it. With these 7 tutorials you will be able to create design pieces and make decisions to make your home an even more placid place. If beside watching the video you want to read full instructions for each tutorial, please click on its red title to do so.

  • Choosing Colors and Materials for an Interior Design Project
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    Choosing Colors and Materials for an Interior Design Project

    STUDIOLAV talk choosing colors and materials when designing a space For Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi, interior design has the power to boost a person's mood, get their creative juices flowing, and improve their wellbeing. This design duo focuses on creating meaningful emotional connections between people, objects, and their surroundings. Founders of the interior design studio STUDIOLAV (@studiolav), Loukas and Vasso have had their work exhibited in museums such as the Royal Academy of Arts in London and MUDEC in Milan. Their projects have been recognized by Elle Decoration Design Awards and the European Product Design Awards. In this blog post, Vasso talks us through the duo’s process for choosing colors and materials for an interior design project and shares some of her top tips.

  • Free Download: Scale guide for building models
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    Free Download: Scale guide for building models

    This guide by Julieta La Valle will help you understand the main scales used in the construction of models for architectural projects When entering the world of model making, one of the first elements that we have to take into account is the concept of scale: the size, relative to the real world, that we will give to each of the furniture and other elements that we want to build. For this reason, sculptor, filmmaker and art director Julieta La Valle (@julietalavalle) shares a scale guide with Domestika. In it you will find very useful information: first, a graphic explanation of the usual scale measurement formula (for example, 1: 1, 1:10, 1:20 ...), which is nothing other than the size that would correspond to the object in the real world and its size transported to the model (for example, 1:10 means 1 meter in the real world and 10 centimeters in the model).

  • 5 Free Classes on Decoration and Interior Design That You Should Try
    Architecture & Space

    5 Free Classes on Decoration and Interior Design That You Should Try

    Get started in interior design and decoration with these 5 experts and renovate any space Decoration and interior design are two creative disciplines that will allow you to reflect your own style (or that of your client) in any space. Discover basic tips and put them into practice to create spectacular projects. To watch each class, just click on its red title. Enjoy!

  • What is SketchUp?
    Architecture & Space

    What is SketchUp?

    Learn how to use SketchUp–a program for architects and interior designers–and discover what it’s for with Alexandra Proaño SketchUp is a 3D modeling program, which is mainly used in the fields of architecture and interior design. However, it also has many other uses. Alexandra Proaño (@alexandra_proano), an architect and 3D artist specializing in architectural rendering or visualization, talks us through using SketchUp and explains its main uses. Discover more in the following video:

  • 7 Examples of Architectural Visualization to Inspire Your Future Projects
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    7 Examples of Architectural Visualization to Inspire Your Future Projects

    Discover some incredible examples that use Unreal Engine 4 Architectural visualization is a discipline that merges architecture, design, and illustration. The purpose is to attractively represent architectural projects. Architect and info-architecture expert Miguel Albo (@miguel_albo) explains that this process resembles creating a simple video game. After defining some basic elements' properties, you will be able to recreate a real space, or create an entirely new virtual one.

  • V-Ray Tutorial: Introduction to Lighting Tools
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    V-Ray Tutorial: Introduction to Lighting Tools

    Learn the basic tools for natural and artificial lighting with V-Ray When it comes to making a successful 3D architectural model, it is not enough just to take care of the physical objects: you also have to work on the lighting so that the final effect is as close to reality as possible, giving us a sample of what the project would look like if it was ever carried out. To achieve precise and realistic lighting, one of the best options is to use the lighting tools of V-Ray Next, a rendering engine that completes the modeling capabilities of SketchUp. In the following video tutorial, architect María Alarcón (@mariaalarcon_) teaches us the basics of lighting an architectural model created in SketchUp using the V-Ray Next rendering tools. Discover it below:

  • Interior Design Tutorial: How To Light A Space
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    Interior Design Tutorial: How To Light A Space

    Basic notions to define and complete spaces through lighting, with Nook Architects In an interior design project, artificial lighting is one of the most important elements: a well chosen light will elevate the characteristics of the space while poor lighting can undermine the rest of the work. In the following video tutorial, Nook Architects (@nookarchitects), an architecture and interior design studio, explains how to best illuminate a public or private environment. Learn more below:

  • SketchUp Tutorial: How to Import a CAD File to SketchUp
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    SketchUp Tutorial: How to Import a CAD File to SketchUp

    Basic tips to convert an AutoCAD project to SketchUp with Fernando Neyra Moreta An architectural project made with 3D resources allows potential clients to visualize important details such as the distribution and proportion of the spaces, as well as the forms and textures of the materials that will be used in the work. For this reason, it is essential to know how to correctly import a 2D design from AutoCAD to SketchUp tool, a program that allows projects to be made in 3D. In this tutorial, architect, illustrator, and educator Fernando Neyra Moreta (@fn23grafica) shows us the process step-by-step, highlighting important tips, such as creating layers and reference objects, and the SketchUp commands for executing the different tasks. Find out more in the following video:

  • What Is Landscaping?
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    What Is Landscaping?

    Learn the fundamentals of this branch of landscape architecture Few (if any) of the greatest architectural spaces around the world would be able to fill onlookers with such awe if it weren’t for landscaping. Think about beautiful parks filled with monuments; relaxing gardens filled with fountains; or university campuses and their ideal spots for studying: all of these examples feature design elements that fall under the umbrella of landscaping. A branch of landscape architecture, landscaping’s main aim is to find perfect harmony between human-made constructions and their natural surroundings using an extensive design process. It covers a range of disciplines including architecture, science, art, ecology, law, historic preservation, horticulture, and urbanism.

  • What Is Interior Design?
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    What Is Interior Design?

    We spoke to Madrid designer Patricia Bustos and learned all about the world of interiors Business-minded, passionate, and creative, Patricia Bustos (@patricia_bustos) draws on her artistic, analytical and business-oriented traits when carrying out fashion, art or decoration projects. While she also works as a professional painter and furniture designer, she first and foremost considers herself an interior designer. Patricia was awarded the “Best Project” Casa Decor prize in 2018. Her very personal way of reading and understanding spaces means she can transform each one into something truly unique. We caught up with Patricia to learn more about interior design, including the differences between disciplines such as decoration and architecture.