• Challenge: Draw Astonishing Headlines, with Del Hambre

    Challenge: Draw Astonishing Headlines, with Del Hambre

    In this Domestika Challenge he has to illustrate some surprise headlines. Will he succeed? Illustrator Fernando Del Hambre, aka @del_hambre, has over 20 years’ experience. He studied illustration and graphic arts before starting his career in editorial design.

  • 3 Free Inspirational Books For Illustrating Japanese-style Waves

    3 Free Inspirational Books For Illustrating Japanese-style Waves

    Boost your creativity with these early 20th-century illustrations from artist Mori Yuzan The ocean is incredibly hypnotic. Outlining the silhouette of a wave for an illustration requires letting the brush glide almost freely across the page. In Japanese art, waves express beauty and are packed with symbolism, and Hamonshū, a collection of three books from 1903, includes many great examples. Despite not being very well known, author Mori Yuzan demonstrates a unique ability to draw different types of waves with great accuracy. Thanks to Internet Archive and The Smithsonian Library, you can now access and download all three books free of charge. They will no doubt serve as an incredible source of inspiration and great reference material when creating mood boards in the early stages of your creative process.

  • 40 Essential Adobe Fresco Shortcuts for Illustrators

    40 Essential Adobe Fresco Shortcuts for Illustrators

    Make the most of the painting and drawing program's features with these speedy keyboard shortcuts When it comes to creating work digitally, many illustrators are looking to mimic the effects of real brushes and canvases. Adobe Fresco is a drawing and painting app that seeks to merge both worlds. This program offers drawing and painting experiences that feel natural, both for professional illustrators and people simply looking to experiment with different tools. In this post, we walk you through some of the program's key features and compile a list of shortcuts that will allow you to work more quickly and efficiently.

  • 7 Online Courses for Learning How to Illustrate in Photoshop

    7 Online Courses for Learning How to Illustrate in Photoshop

    Unleash Adobe Photoshop’s full potential and start illustrating your ideas digitally Digital illustration gained popularity in the early 1980s, thanks to the birth of Adobe and its range of software. Since then, it has greatly evolved and built up a huge following, becoming one of the most widely used and most popular artistic mediums of our time. To ensure you don’t get left behind, we’ve curated a list of Domestika courses on digital illustration. Taught by top professionals, they will guide you as you master new techniques and get to grips with different programs so you can produce one-of-a-kind digital artworks.

  • 7 Free Tutorials for Learning How to Draw the Human Body

    7 Free Tutorials for Learning How to Draw the Human Body

    Discover how to draw accurate and proportional faces, hands, and bodies in pencil and Procreate You could say that we are all specialists at identifying the human figure: from the moment a baby’s eyes learn to focus on shapes, the first things they can distinguish are the faces and silhouettes of parents. That also means when it comes to drawing, you really ​need to work on your technique to avoid drafting out-of-proportion bodies or unrealistic poses - noticeable to even the untrained eye. Looking back at the history of art, representing the body realistically and according to the canons of Greek and Roman beauty was of great importance for Renaissance artists. To achieve these standards, artists such as Leonardo da Vinci studied dissected corpses - an unthinkable practice nowadays, albeit one that helped the progress of both the arts and medicine alike.

  • Illustration Challenge: 31 days, 31 drawings

    Illustration Challenge: 31 days, 31 drawings

    Flex your creative muscles and win free Domestika courses with our daily drawing challenge running through October The month of October is synonymous with daily drawing. And to keep this healthy habit alive, we at Domestika are inviting you to join in our challenge with thousands of other people around the world to draw something every day for 31 days. Of course, you'll be rewarded for your efforts - keep reading to find out more and how you could win a free course!

  • 10 Free Online Digital Illustration Classes for Beginners

    10 Free Online Digital Illustration Classes for Beginners

    Up your skills and get inspired by these free digital illustration classes led by Domestika experts Digital illustration is the art of creating images that tell stories through the use of digital tools. Artists manipulate images using a digital illustration interface, like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and a pointing device, such as a tablet, a mouse, or a stylus. Digital illustration is used extensively in web design, advertising, animation, video games, social media, and more. It's also often combined with traditional illustration for editorial work. When an illustrator's drawing skills are transferred to a digital environment, and paired with digital tools (used correctly), the work can take on a different form with unique and spectacular results. Taking a digital illustration course can help you make the most of these tools, giving you the opportunity to explore different possibilities with your drawing and develop your creativity through experimentation. It's also a way of playing around with and discovering the best software to suit your style.

  • 4 Drawing Exercises That Will Loosen up Your Hand

    4 Drawing Exercises That Will Loosen up Your Hand

    Illustrator Raúl Urias shares tips on improving your drawing and illustration technique Raúl Urias (@raulurias) is an illustrator and visual artist who finds inspiration in pop culture, traditions, and history to create work with a modern twist. Having worked on major projects for clients such as Google, Nike, Converse, and ESPN, over the years he has developed a methodology that allows him to constantly reinvigorate his creativity. In this article, Raúl shares one of his favorite illustration exercises, which is not just a great way to practice technique but also opens the doors to new ways of working and new aesthetics.

  • 8 Free Tutorials for Drawing Characters Quickly

    8 Free Tutorials for Drawing Characters Quickly

    Bring your characters to life on screen and paper with the help of Domestika experts If you are dedicated to creating comics, animation, children's illustration or concept art, much of your professional career will depend on your ability to draw characters. However, this ability is not unique to those creatives. Social media and online design trends make it increasingly necessary to create attractive and original characters that communicate complex concepts through playful language. Whether you are about to start in this art or are already established, it is essential to know that drawing attractive and endearing characters requires a lot of expertise. Exaggerating or simplifying certain physical qualities is not enough for bringing your marks to life and for people to identify with your characters. You must apply rules of anatomy, a bit of psychology, and even deal with the dreaded creative block.