• What Is a Digital Product and Which Are the Best-Sellers?

    What Is a Digital Product and Which Are the Best-Sellers?

    Learn how to create digital products, the basics of building a prototype, and discover popular products on the market From apps to e-books to games, the creation of digital products is responsible for a massive chunk of wealth generation in the world today. They don't require hefty upfront investments and can be executed without huge resources, however their production requires a certain methodology and a new way of thinking about product design. Identifying demand, harnessing talent, and putting creativity into practice are all critical skills in this industry. Read on to find out more about the biggest digital products in the market and how to go about creating your own, from ideation through to prototyping.

  •  Free Adobe Illustrator Template for Data Visualization

    Free Adobe Illustrator Template for Data Visualization

    Learn to create engaging infographics with information designer Federica Fragapane's free Illustrator template Crafting graphs and tables that are easy on the eye can be a tricky task, but when elegant design meets data visualization, reading and understanding complex information becomes a genuinely pleasant experience. Taking infographics to the next level, information designer Federica Fragapane (@federica_fragapane) is renowned for her ability to transform tables and numbers into an opportunity to tell a captivating story. Here, she shares her free Adobe Illustrator template for designing data visualizations.

  • What is Fileteado Porteño and What Are its Features?
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering

    What is Fileteado Porteño and What Are its Features?

    Discover what is behind the decorative lettering style created in Buenos Aires, Argentina At the end of the 19th century, long before the term ‘lettering’ was being used in Buenos Aires, immigrant artists experimented with long-haired brushes and text, searching for an identity for their very young city. They eventually found it among mischievous proverbs, roguish phrases, and jokes. If tango is the music of Buenos Aires, fileteado porteño is its mark, its hand writing style, and its signature. Curled, ornate, and dramatic, just like the spirit of Buenos Aires, fileteado and its messages are a reminder to the inhabitants to not forget the origins, history, and even life philosophy of their city. Unesco has declared it Intangible Heritage of Humanity. Read on to find out why!

  • Paula Scher: Insider Advice From the Trailblazing Designer

    Paula Scher: Insider Advice From the Trailblazing Designer

    The rock star of visual identity gives us her unique insight into the world of branding and design Paula Scher is no stranger to success. The designer, artist, and teacher, is the creative genius behind the visual identities of some of the most important brands in the world, with an enviable client list that includes Coca-Cola, Tiffany & Co, Microsoft, the New York City Ballet, and the Museum of Modern Art. In this episode of Domestika Maestros, we discover the challenges she has faced in the industry, the defining moments of her career, and a few insider tips for aspiring creatives.

  • What Is Color Harmony and What Types Are There?

    What Is Color Harmony and What Types Are There?

    Discover how to generate effective and attractive color combinations using this color theory technique Color plays a vital role in the world we live in. It influences our thoughts, affects our reactions, and causes strong emotional associations. Color also impacts us on a physical level: our eyes can be soothed or irritated by a color; colors can increase blood pressure or suppress appetite. And when used correctly, color can even help us save energy. As a communicative tool, color is irreplaceable. The universality of its language helps us make our messages flow and invoke certain emotions more easily. For all these reasons and more, it’s essential to learn to speak the language of color theory. And within this language, a technique we should acquire is color harmony.

  • 3 Free Tutorials on Creating Digital Mockups and Dummies

    3 Free Tutorials on Creating Digital Mockups and Dummies

    Discover how to professionally present your design projects in the most attractive way with these tutorials Mockups allow us to see how a design we’ve created will look in the real world. For example, you might use one to see how a poster you’ve designed would look on a billboard or how your business cards would work in card format. It is a way of getting to see the expected results ahead of time. Before diving into these video tutorials, let’s take a moment to remind ourselves what exactly a mockup is and why investing energy and effort into making one for your project is a worthwhile step.

  • Free Alphabet Anatomy for Lettering Projects
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering

    Free Alphabet Anatomy for Lettering Projects

    Perfect your lettering skills by reviewing the main features of letters with this resource shared by an expert Although there are countless designs and styles in lettering, the first thing you should learn is the essential rules of letter anatomy. If you are starting in this discipline, keep practicing to perfect your lines and discover the endless possibilities of this art. You can refer to the alphabet anatomy shared below by graphic designer Eduardo Mejía ( @eduardograph ) for your practice. The resource shows you the features of the main characters. You can use the guidelines and copy the letters or use them as a starting point to develop letters in your own style.

  • Five Amazing Facts About Logos

    Five Amazing Facts About Logos

    Discover 5 facts you never knew about the interesting world of logos A great logo should communicate a brand’s identity in an instant and be remembered for a lifetime. That’s a lot to ask of one tiny image, but the greatest logo designs do just that. Who couldn’t draw up the Mercedes logo in an instant, or recognize a Lacoste shirt from a tiny, open-mouthed crocodile? The fact is, there’s a lot we don’t know about these simple yet highly effective images. For example, do you know what the world’s oldest surviving logo is? Or which logo cost the most to design? Or perhaps you missed a few hidden symbols in some of the world’s most iconic logos? Find the answers to these questions and more in the video.

  • What Is Futurism and How Does It Influence Art and Design?

    What Is Futurism and How Does It Influence Art and Design?

    Learn about this systematic study of possible futures and how it is applied creatively We’re all curious to know what's going to happen in the future, yet, some people have gone as far as to turn pondering the possibilities into their day job. In an era where everything changes so rapidly, there are specialties, disciplines, and arts that focus on predicting and redesigning the future. Information is then used to create objects, services, strategies, and even policies. Cecilia Tham (@future_synthesist) is a biologist, architect, and founder of Futurity Studio. She has worked as a "future synthesist" for organizations such as NASA and the United Nations. She explains how to design from a futurist perspective and how it can impact both the world of both individual and global creativity.

  • 5 Free Lettering Tutorials for Perfectionists
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering

    5 Free Lettering Tutorials for Perfectionists

    Discover excellent professional resources, and be inspired by the styles of great lettering artists You can express yourself through lettering and challenge the rules of creativity. Furthermore, while you learn this discipline, you have many opportunities to experiment with different techniques, styles, and processes. When you’re working on your lettering design, you’ll find yourself wanting to look for perfection. This is normal, and it means you are developing your skills. As for all creative fields, you get to say what you want to achieve.