• 7 Sustainable Design Studios to Be Inspired By

    7 Sustainable Design Studios to Be Inspired By

    Discover the studios that put our planet first when it comes to developing a design project Spanish creative director and graphic designer Núria Vila Punzano (@nuriavilapunzano) fuses her passion for the visual arts with today’s most pressing issues: sustainability and protecting the environment. While at university, Núria was drawn to experimental books and learning about alternative production techniques. Worried that her work lacked purpose (after all, what was her objective, just to make money?), she decided to turn her attention to environmentally-conscious design. She was disappointed by the standard of what was being classed as "ecodesign" around the world and decided to become the Irma Boom of sustainable design. Her Domestika course, Introduction to Sustainable Graphic Design, seeks to train other designers and creatives to focus their work on these issues, encouraging people to develop an aesthetic that respects and defends the planet. Below, we present seven design studios that prioritize sustainability and which Núria considers important references: La page This Catalan design studio sets out to develop projects with a zero-carbon footprint and analyses how much damage each stage of the process causes to the environment, from production to distribution. La page has launched BlueTool, an eco graphic design tool for public use.

  • Discover the Colors That Will Trend and Triumph in 2021

    Discover the Colors That Will Trend and Triumph in 2021

    We analyze the main color trends in fashion, decoration, and design so you can use them in your projects For Eva Heller, author of the book The Psychology of Colors, colors - and how we perceive them - change according to context. This is how we connect colors with experiences, languages, thoughts, feelings, and times. For this very reason, brands, designers, artists, and specialists regularly focus on the color trends of the year or the season, since these will be the colors that will express the feelings and emotions of the moment and will reach the largest number of people.

  • Domestika Diary: Núria Vila

    Domestika Diary: Núria Vila

    Núria Vila is a graphic designer and art director who specializes in sustainable design. She tells us about her daily routine and the creative process she uses to implement more sustainable and ethical projects.

  • 20 Useful Free Websites for Designers to Discover in 2021

    20 Useful Free Websites for Designers to Discover in 2021

    These resources will prove very useful at different stages of the design process and help you start 2021 off on the right foot If you’re looking to create a library of useful resources for design projects, this list features websites that will help you fulfill your professional goals. Below you’ll find a list of websites organized into categories: from web design and branding to graphic design. If you want to discover additional recommendations for each category, just click on the category title in red. Free Websites for Creating Color Palettes Colormind Upload any image and Colormind will turn it into a harmonious color palette. Unlike other automated websites, instead of selecting the dominant colors in the image, this free website uses an algorithm to find the colors that go well together. You can also browse a selection of ready-created color palettes.

  • Top 5 Films and Documentaries on Design

    Top 5 Films and Documentaries on Design

    Two of the creative minds behind Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio share the films and docs that have most influenced them Architect Matteo Ferrari and product designer Andrea Caruso are the creative minds behind Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio, based in Madrid. Both Matteo and Andrea have drawn on a wide range of influences to expand their intellectual awareness and aesthetic understanding over the years, helping them to develop and evolve their practice. In this blog post, they share a selection of films and documentaries that have inspired them, and which can be seen reflected in their work.

  • Designers of Unique Spaces: Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio

    Designers of Unique Spaces: Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio

    Matteo Ferrari and Andrea Caruso from Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari Studio share some of the milestones that have outlined their careers Ciszak Dalmas Ferrari (@ciszak_dalmas_ferrari) is an architecture and design studio founded in Madrid by Alberto Gobbino Ciszak, Andrea Caruso Dalmas, and Matteo Ferrari. The studio works across a range of disciplines including architecture, interior, product design, and art direction. Recent clients have included Bosa, Bitossi, Camper, Loewe, Max&Co., and Zara. The studio also founded contemporary furniture and interior design brand, La Clinica Design. Their work has been presented at the Biennale di Architettura in Venice, Salone del Mobile in Milan, Experimenta Design in Lisbon, and Design Ambassador in Hong Kong. Matteo and Andrea studied architecture and industrial design, respectively, in Italy. In Spain, they started running their studio with another designer (Alberto) and succeeded despite starting with few clients and resources during the economic crisis. ‘It wasn’t easy, but we worked very hard and… experimented every day.’ Let’s have a look at how they did it.

  • 10 Free Color Palette Websites To Achieve Harmony And Contrast

    10 Free Color Palette Websites To Achieve Harmony And Contrast

    Take advantage of these color tools to give the perfect finish to all your projects In all branches of design and the arts, color is one of the key elements for the end result to be consistent and pleasing to the eye. Two components that you should also take into account when choosing your color palette are contrast and harmony, which will make all the colors integrate into your chromatic proposal. That is why Leire and Eduardo (@leireyeduardo), graphic design experts and color lovers, share with you 10 free websites that will help you complete your chromatic proposal, all of them focused on contrast and harmony.

  • The 10 Funniest Lorem Ipsum Generators

    The 10 Funniest Lorem Ipsum Generators

    "Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet..." Forget the boring classic fake text and use one of these instead. A Lorem ipsum, as you probably already know, is a text commonly used in design and layout, which allows you to check that the spaces are well distributed and the fonts work correctly. It is a Latin passage extracted from a text by Cicero, De finibus bonorum et malorum. However, you don't need to stick to it in your projects. New fake text generators are constantly popping up and can help you give your designs a twist, even for provisional text boxes that are not meant to be read. If you are one of those who wants to have fun with Lorem ipsum, here are some ideas: Strangeripsum Our obsession with Stranger Things, the Netflix show that dusts off our eighties memories, has led us to Strangeripsum, a Lorem ipsum generator inspired by some of the show's scenes.

  • Free Download: Guide for Creating Conceptual Images

    Free Download: Guide for Creating Conceptual Images

    Explore the different techniques and materials to create posters with an extraordinary communicative force When a poster transcends its informative function and becomes a form of artistic expression, its true design unfolds. Graphic design studio 12caracteres (@12caracteres), founded by Samuel Aznar and Miguel Frago, specializes in creating graphic solutions with a strong visual impact mainly in poster form. They shared this guide with Domestika on how they generate images and shape surprising concepts.

  • What Is the Color Wheel?

    What Is the Color Wheel?

    You've probably heard a lot about this tool, but what exactly is the color wheel, and how does it work? The color wheel is an important tool to get to grips with when you begin a visual art. To put it simply: if colors were words, the color wheel would be the alphabet–it’s what you need to speak this language well.

  • 8 Interior Design Trends for 2021

    8 Interior Design Trends for 2021

    Discover how our homes will look next year: the return of long-gone pieces of furniture, the new role of industrial designers, and the unexpected role of walls Juan Pablo Fuentes studied industrial design at Diego Portales University in Chile in the late 1990s. Since then, he has founded several studios and built his own design space, COMODO, the first in Chile dedicated to producing, manufacturing, and marketing the so-called new national design. He was also the School of Design's director at the University of the Americas, which connected him to Latin America and Europe's design world. As a designer, @juanpablofuentes can study every aspect of an object: aesthetic, functional, economic, and social. His work enriches this skill at the editorial project Nuevos Creativos Chilenos, through which he focuses on product design, clothing, and graphics. His global vision is also nourished by the National Design Space, the first design gallery in Chile, a place that he shares with other partners and to promote, disseminate, and market serialized or limited design pieces sourced from local talent.

  • 5 Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

    5 Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

    Discover which trends will impact photography, editorial design, and typography in 2021 Silvia Fernández Palomar, also known as Silvia Ferpal, is a designer and artist with a well-trained eye. She won the 2019 National Design Award for the young designers category; has worked at companies such as Ogilvy & Mather, Paseo, Designit Madrid, and Designit New York; and is a design teacher at IED. While Silvia believes that our perception of trends is subjective, when you listen to her make observations, you start seeing how new patterns emerge where you hadn't noticed them before. Her opinion, she says, is based on requests from clients, the projects she’s recently worked on, and her personal judgement. "The important thing about trends," she warns, "is to use them as a guide. These are, for her, five trends that will make an impact on the design world in 2021.

  • 5 Essential Courses for Learning Color Theory

    5 Essential Courses for Learning Color Theory

    Learn useful concepts for working with color with five experts Color theory is used across nearly all creative disciplines: interior design, crafts, painting, design, illustration, and more. Five experts working across different creative disciplines share their methods, tips, and unique insights to help you add color to your projects. Color applied to Interior Design, a course by Miriam Alía Interior designer Miriam Alía shows you how to create powerful color combinations for interior design projects and use them to manipulate light and mood. Create fresh color palettes that reflect the personality of a space.

  • Domestika Creatives: Birgit Palma

    Domestika Creatives: Birgit Palma

    We talked to lettering artist and illustrator Birgit Palma about how she captures the essence of an idea in her typography Birgit Palma has created lettering and graphic designs for clients such as Adobe, Samsung, and Coca Cola. But her path into design was rather unconventional, and it began with the video game Counter-Strike. She welcomed us into her home and studio in Barcelona to share how she creates the lettering designs that have made her one of the city’s brightest and most sought after young designers.

  • Design Better Websites Using These Wireframes

    Design Better Websites Using These Wireframes

    A good wireframe is the first step to a successful website and these are the different types Wireframes are schematic drawings of a web page that help us plan the distribution of content or communicate to a client how the users will interact with their page. Javier Usobiaga (@htmlboy) is the founder of Swwweet, a web design studio in Barcelona that has worked with numerous companies and institutions. Over the years, Javier has created countless wireframes for his own projects, and he classifies them according to their design and function: Bird's-eye view This is a global view of the website's navigation tree. It explains how users would move through the different pages and approximate the UX elements they'll encounter.

  • Tat*: A Graphic Designer’s Addiction to Ephemera and ‘Bad’ Design

    Tat*: A Graphic Designer’s Addiction to Ephemera and ‘Bad’ Design

    A book of tat and ephemera collected by one of the UK’s most accomplished graphic designers, Andy Altmann Most scrapbooks are tucked away in a drawer or on a shelf somewhere, never to be seen again. But, when a scrapbook is compiled by one of Britain’s foremost designers and ephemera aficionados, it’s worth taking another look. Andy Altmann is the co-founder of Why Not Associates, the design studio behind brands like the Pompidou Center, BBC, Channel 4, and the Tate Modern. He is also an ephemera addict who has decided to put said addiction to good use by publishing a book called tat*. *tat (noun) – anything that looks cheap, is of low quality, or in bad condition; junk, rubbish, debris, detritus, crap

  • And the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 is...

    And the Pantone Color of the Year 2021 is...

    Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray! Two colors that symbolize strength and optimism and that give us hope After an especially difficult year worldwide, Pantone has announced its color of the year 2021. And it is not one, but two. The tones that will mark the year ahead are designed to create the feeling of a fresh sunrise over rocky terrain. These are Illuminating, a yellow that looks like the skin of a ripe lemon, and Ultimate Gray, a gray that resembles wet concrete. Their technical names are PANTONE 17-5104 + PANTONE 13-0647. The symbolism, like every year, is very important. This time it is not a depressing gray but a gray that refers to practicality and solidity, like a rock. Yellow is neither frivolous nor fleeting, it invokes strength and positivity. The combination is, according to Pantone, the story of colors that encapsulate deeper feelings and that, when they meet, bring the promise of something happy and friendly. Made of a practical and solid material like a rock but at the same time warm.

  • How to Identify a Good Logo

    How to Identify a Good Logo

    Learn how to identify a good logo, with designer Sagi Haviv Your logo is the first image people will associate with your brand. That is a lot to ask of one small graphic, but the greatest designs manage to communicate a company’s identity and ethos in an instant. Few know this better than Sagi Haviv (@sagi), partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, who has developed more than 60 graphic identities, including those of the US Open, Harvard University Press, and National Geographic. In this video, Sagi Haviv reviews different designs, highlighting and explaining their strengths and weaknesses so that you can better understand how to apply these lessons to your own work.

  • Free Download: Press Release Samples for Your Design Project

    Free Download: Press Release Samples for Your Design Project

    Learn about key information you can include in a press release to promote your project Finally! After months (or maybe years) of hard work, your design project will see the light and the world will know all the great things about it. Or will they? How can you assure your project is all represented in the media and that the target audience gets the information? STUDIOLAV (@studiolav) is a Design Studio founded by Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi. Specializing in the fields of interior and product design, STUDIOLAV focuses on creating a meaningful emotional connection between people, objects, and the environment. They know some key aspects of promoting your work properly, so it can be used in social media, your website, or some other media.

  • 5 Sustainable Graphic Designers You Should Know

    5 Sustainable Graphic Designers You Should Know

    Designer Núria Vila Punzano shares the work of those who have inspired her You have probably heard about the sustainable design movement happening across fashion or architecture. However, it’s also a rising trend in graphic design, setting out to reduce the environmental impact of printed items (such as posters or packaging) from the get-go. Many designers take inspiration from nature to create and commit to caring for the planet in all stages of their work. Graphic designer and creative director Núria Vila Punzano (@nuriavilapinzano) is among them. She takes special care to reduce the negative impact her designs could have on the environment and to minimize her carbon footprint.

  • 20 Years of Pantone Color of the Year

    20 Years of Pantone Color of the Year

    Over the past two decades, Pantone has chosen 22 colors of the year based on trends, research, and analysis Imagine a world in which creatives were unable to guarantee how the final color of a print, fabric, product, or poster would turn out. Imagine a world in which, whenever you printed a copy of a design, the color was always different. Sounds scary, right? Well, that's exactly what the world was like until the arrival of Pantone. This unpredictable way of working was transformed in 1963, when Lawrence Herbert, Pantone's founder, created a system for identifying, combining, and communicating colors. Today, the Pantone Matching System is considered the international standard. The PMS is quite simply a color manual that opens out like a fan. Creative professionals use it on a daily basis to ensure that all the colors they use in their projects are universally understood. You’ve probably come across one of these catalogs of different colors.

  • Free Download: (Not Boring) Color Theory Basic Guide

    Free Download: (Not Boring) Color Theory Basic Guide

    With simple, easy and fun explanations, illustrator Alex de Marcos explains color theory in this guide Color theory is, perhaps, one of the first lessons that we should learn when we start working in design, art, illustration or any other visual discipline. It explains what are the primary and secondary colors, and how they combine and complement to form the color wheel. This basic knowledge is one of the basics that anyone working with color should master. It is a theoretical lesson that is as basic as it is important, and sometimes we fail to pay due attention to it. This guide that illustrator Alex de Marcos has created presents color theory in a friendly and fun way so you can give it the importance it deserves.

  • How Is the Pantone Color of the Year Chosen?

    How Is the Pantone Color of the Year Chosen?

    Every year Pantone chooses a color that sets the trend all over the world, but not many know how it is decided Despite having been the universal color identification system and the established color palette paradigm for over 50 years, it wasn’t until the year 2000 that Pantone started to proclaim a color of the year. The turn of the century marked the beginning of a trend, starting with ‘Cerulean Blue,’ which Pantone identified with ‘the sky’s color on a serene day.’ This would be followed by ‘True Red’ in 2001, aimed to symbolize the impact of the 9/11 attacks, a day that shook the world; then the equally acclaimed and criticized ‘Marsala,’ and Pink Quartz and Serenity (two hues were picked for the first time in 2016). Nowadays, the Pantone Color of the Year has become an institution, and many designers worldwide await its announcement, which takes place towards the end of the year with trepidation. The Pantone Color of the year forecasts the color trend we will see in the world of fashion, graphic and web design, and on an infinity of products. However, not many people know who decides which will be the ‘Color of the Year’ or how they do it.

  • Interior Designers React to Regular Homes

    Interior Designers React to Regular Homes

    Founders of interior design studio STUDIOLAV Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi react to the homes of members of the Domestika community Professional interior design can often seem like an unaffordable luxury. However, a few simple changes can dramatically improve the look and feel of a room. Loukas Angelou and Vasso Asfi, founders of international interior design studio STUDIOLAV, have had their work exhibited at London’s Royal Academy of Arts but their talents can also be applied to a regular home. We asked them to take a look at the homes of a few members of the Domestika community and to share a few simple tips on how to improve them.

  • Let The Bets Begin: 7 Colors That Could Become the 2021 Pantone Color of The Year

    Let The Bets Begin: 7 Colors That Could Become the 2021 Pantone Color of The Year

    Domestika's community on Instagram tried to guess what the Pantone Color of the Year will be 2020 marks the 20th anniversary of the Pantone Color of the Year declaration, which serves as inspiration for all kinds of creative projects. As happens every year, as we approach December, speculation and bets arise about what will be the new color that Pantone will choose. This color of the year arises from a long investigation, and its choice has repercussions in sectors ranging from fashion to graphic design. That's why we asked the Domestika community on Instagram what they think the Pantone color of 2021 will be, and below we show some of the most voted bets:

  • Interior Design Tutorial: How to Choose Your Color Palette

    Interior Design Tutorial: How to Choose Your Color Palette

    Learn the importance of materials and aesthetic elements in choosing the color of your space Choosing the right color palette is one of the biggest decisions of any interior design project and it is not one you should take lightly. The color you choose will affect the entire project, from your materials to your furniture, so knowing how to bring these elements together is key to a successful design. In this tutorial, Vasso Asfi (@studiolav) shares some basic principles and tips for choosing the right color palette for your next project.