• Adobe Firefly: What Is It and How Does This Artificial Intelligence Work?

    Adobe Firefly: What Is It and How Does This Artificial Intelligence Work?

    For the past few months, we have been hearing more than ever about the concept of "artificial intelligence." A new computer revolution that is undoubtedly changing our daily lives and the future. But to what extent, we still don't know. We are learning to live with it, to test it, to be amazed, and to ask ourselves many questions about the role it will play in our professions. Artificial intelligences are emerging more and more in the market. We have seen them for generating text and also for creating images out of nothing. In this article, we will explore image generator, Adobe Firefly. Let’s take a look:

  • What is Microsoft Designer and how to use it

    What is Microsoft Designer and how to use it

    AI is developing numerous new applications, like Microsoft Designer, that aim to simplify our lives. This post offers some tips for those interested in trying it out. You can quickly create impressive social media posts, invitations, digital postcards, and graphics with it. This graphic design app uses AI to generate designs unique to you and provides personalized recommendations. You can use your own images or ideas to get started. Currently, it's available for a free preview, but some features require a paid Microsoft 365 subscription after the preview period. But first of all, let's see what Microsoft Designer is all about.

  • Get Started with Figma: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Get Started with Figma: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Figma is a powerful, web-based design tool that enables you to create interactive interfaces from scratch. With its collaborative features, Figma allows multiple users to work simultaneously on a project, streamlining the design process. This comprehensive guide will teach you everything you need to know to get started with Figma and create stunning, interactive interfaces.

  • All you need to know about NFTs and how to convert your artwork into one

    All you need to know about NFTs and how to convert your artwork into one

    Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have revolutionized the digital art world by providing a unique and secure way to buy, sell, and trade digital assets. In contrast to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which are fungible and interchangeable, NFTs represent a distinct digital item, such as art, music, videos, or collectibles. Built on blockchain technology, NFTs offer a secure and transparent way to verify ownership and provenance, ensuring that creators receive proper compensation for their work.

  • What are eco-resins and how can be used to make beautiful design objects?

    What are eco-resins and how can be used to make beautiful design objects?

    Eco-resins, also known as bio-resins or green resins, are a type of bio-based thermosetting plastic derived from renewable resources such as plant-derived oils, starches, and natural fibers. They have gained popularity in recent years due to their lower environmental impact and reduced carbon footprint compared to traditional petroleum-based resins. Here's an overview of eco-resins and their properties: Composition: The most common eco-resins are made from plant-derived monomers, such as epoxidized soybean oil, linseed oil, and castor oil. Other bio-based components can include cellulose, natural fibers (e.g., hemp, flax, jute), and biopolymers (e.g., polylactic acid or PLA). Some eco-resins may also contain a blend of bio-based and petroleum-based components to improve their performance characteristics. Environmental Benefits: Lower Carbon Footprint: Eco-resins have a lower carbon footprint than petroleum-based resins, as they are derived from renewable resources. This results in reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a positive impact on climate change Reduced Dependency on Fossil Fuels: Using eco-resins helps decrease reliance on finite fossil fuels, which are not only environmentally damaging but also becoming scarcer and more expensive. Biodegradable and Compostable: Some eco-resins are biodegradable or compostable, making them a more sustainable option in the long run. These properties help reduce the volume of waste that ends up in landfills.

  • Learn from the Experts: 5 Renowned Designers to Teach You at Domestika.

    Learn from the Experts: 5 Renowned Designers to Teach You at Domestika.

    If you are passionate about design, you have probably heard of some of the most influential designers in the world. On Domestika, you can access the courses taught by some of them, who share their experience and knowledge with all of us. We introduce you to 5 renowned designers and the courses they teach on Domestika so you can learn from the best. From editorial design to corporate identity and typography, these courses will give you the tools to improve your skills and take your projects to the next level, so get ready to discover new techniques and concepts from the greats of design!

  • What Is Graphic Design? History and Basic Elements

    What Is Graphic Design? History and Basic Elements

    Learn about the evolution of graphic design, get to know its key elements, and learn the secrets to becoming a successful designer We live in a world filled with graphic design. It manifests itself when we don't know which book to choose in a bookstore, and we buy the one whose cover catches our eye. It is also present in the subway or airport, where the signage shows us which way to go. Or even on television, when we see a map full of shapes and colors reflecting the information in the news. Graphic design is super important and constantly present in our lives, although we often do not even recognize it. Read on to learn what graphic design is, how relevant it is in business and social media, and how it can be used in the design process.

  • 5 Design Trends for 2023

    5 Design Trends for 2023

    Experimental typography, minimalist style, dark mode, and 3D design set the aesthetic for the New Year 2023 is just around the corner, and the most forward-thinking among us are already starting to prepare lists of resolutions and upcoming creative challenges. This is why it is important to gather information and make a forecast of what the year will bring in terms of trends. According to Natalia Escaño (@nataliaescano), the designer and illustrator behind the Nia brand, "being aware of what's up and coming to be able to implement it in our projects and not be left behind is a must". She spoke to us about the design trends for the year 2023.

  • 15 Creative Courses Inspired by Japanese Art for 2023

    15 Creative Courses Inspired by Japanese Art for 2023

    From paper craft to illustration to ceramics, explore Japan’s rich history of cultural arts with these online beginner courses Japan’s traditional arts cover a range of styles and media. From meditative, slow crafts that focus the mind, to the bright and rebellious culture of kawaii, many have a global impact and are now internationally well-known. With these fifteen online courses, you’ll discover expert tips and techniques to learn famous Japanese art forms. Explore brushwork like sumi-e and shodō, modern illustrative styles like manga and kawaii-influenced art, and crafts from kokedama pots to origami lampshades.

  • How To Become A Creative Director

    How To Become A Creative Director

    Learn first-hand knowledge and advice on advancing your creative career and becoming a creative director Steve Wolf (@stevewolfdesigns) is a graphic designer and creative director based out of Austin, Texas. Having grown up with a knack for creativity, Steve attended college for Industrial Design, before quickly realizing that graphic design was his true passion. He’s worked his way up through the years, and is currently the co-owner of his own design studio, Steve Wolf Designs. Steve’s areas of focus include brand identity design, illustration systems, and packaging, and he uses his experience to support brands of all sizes in telling their stories through timeless visuals and strategic thinking. Steve’s philosophy of continuity, resilience and simplicity result in elegant and sophisticated works aimed to stand the test of time.