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10 Music Playlists to Spark Your Creativity

These playlists, curated by Domestika teachers, will inspire you

Music and creativity are inseparable for many; some artists even say hitting that Play button is the first thing they do when they get to their studio or sit at the computer to work. With that in mind, we asked some of the creative professionals who teach courses at Domestika to share the music that inspires them most at work.

Painting with music by Alex Hillkurtz

If you had to choose a song that makes the paint flow and brushes dance, what would it be? For Alex Hillkurtz (@alexhillkurtzart), who teaches Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink at Domestika, it is impossible to choose just one, so he has compiled the most inspiring titles in this playlist.

Miniminim, by Sergi Gómez

For photographer Sergi Gómez (@sergi2g), who teaches Introduction to Macro Photography, setting the mood is crucial when taking photos in the studio and editing the images. Instrumental music helps him focus, so he has put together this playlist of some of the songs he likes to listen to when he needs to get behind the camera or in front of the computer screen.

ROBOTS 3D, by Aarón Martínez

Aarón Martínez (@aaronmartinez), teacher of Cinema 4D for Character Creation and six other courses in Domestika, has no doubt that the perfect music to create robots and shape them in 3D is what he has selected in this playlist. These songs will inspire you to create more than robots, of course.

Draw Draw Draw, by Vals

Draw, draw, and draw. Mexican illustrator Vals (@vals421) uses music as a way to channel her colorful illustrations. In her Domestika course Digital Illustration: Use Your Imagination to Create she shares her creative tips, and one of them is this playlist.

DESENHANO, by Willian Santiago

Brazilian designer Willian Santiago (@williansantiagodg) is 100% sure that music is essential to creation. In Domestika's Flat Illustration with Photoshop course, he shares this and other inspiring playlists with his students.


Fashion, illustration, and music are the three ingredients of the cocktail that inspires Robert Tirado (@roberttirado) to create. In Fashion Illustration: from the Catwalk to the Paper, the course he teaches in Domestika, he confesses as much: "Since I can't work without music, I have created a folder on Spotify to serve as inspiration in the process of preparing my illustration. In it, You will find music from some of my favorite artists of various styles and periods, especially from the 50s and 80s."

PSYCHEDELIC HITS 1966-1969, by Steve Simpson

In a course with a title like The Art of Record Covers: Illustration Meets Lettering, taught by Steve Simpson (@stevesimpson), an inspirational playlist to help create the perfect working mood was a given. This is his selection of favorite songs.

Dancing Barefoot, by Carlos Rodríguez Casado

Barefoot and bursting with creativity. This is how the illustrator Carlos Rodríguez Casado (@carlosrodriguezcasado) proposes we work on a Watercolor Portrait Sketchbook of your favorite artists.

Alice in Wonderland, by Adolfo Serra

During the creation process of his illustrations for Alice in Wonderland, artist Adolfo Serra (@adolfoserra) used this playlist for inspiration. In Introduction to Children's Illustration, he explains the process in detail and shares this playlist with all his students.

Photographic Composition, by Emilio Chuliá

For photographer Emilio Chuliá Soler (@emiliochulia), each image is a universe in itself that demands its own listening environment. However, he has been able to curate a music playlist that inspires him and that he shares with his students in Domestika's Minimalist Photography for Instagram course.

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