• Crafting a Winning Website Content Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

    Crafting a Winning Website Content Plan: A Step-by-Step Guide

    If you want your website to reach its full potential, it's essential to have a solid content plan. With one, it's easier to make sure your audience gets impressed. Fear not! This article provides a step-by-step guide to creating a website content plan to help you hit all the right notes and achieve your goals.

  • Learn what a brand strategy is and how to develop one effectively

    Learn what a brand strategy is and how to develop one effectively

    A strong brand is crucial to thrive in a competitive business landscape. Branding is more than just a logo; it's the essence of your business and what sets you apart from the competition. But... How can you build a strong brand that drives business growth? The key to success is having a well-defined brand strategy. In this article, we will discuss the significance of brand strategy and guide developing an effective one. Join us as we explore the art of creating authentic and strong brands.

  •  7 Top LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

    7 Top LinkedIn Profile Tips for Job Seekers

    Learn five essential tips to create a professional profile on LinkedIn Digitalization has changed the world of work, the way we look for employment, and engage with our our professional network. Nowadays, being present on LinkedIn–the most important social media in the professional world–and keeping a solid digital reputation is an important move. Núria Mañé—communication consultant and social media strategist—has over 17 years’ experience working with companies and entrepreneurs. She shares some basic tips to help you review the essential details of your LinkedIn profile. She offers advice on how to present your profile image, experience, activities, aptitudes, and endorsements, as well as a few other details that will help optimize and improve your personal brand and get more profile views. Basic tips to improve your profile and communicate your unique selling point on LinkedIn 1. The initial visual section includes the cover and the profile picture. Always use a 400x400 image for your profile, with a neutral background: a headshot looking at the camera and smiling. For the cover, choose a photograph (size 1584x396) showing yourself engaged in some activity, for example, giving a presentation, or at work in your studio. 2. Your work title is perhaps the most crucial feature because it appears in Google searches. Therefore, try to use keywords that communicate your unique selling point: include what you can offer to your clients and what makes you stand out. Use the expression: ‘Specializing in …’ to better describe yourself, add your training if relevant, and the type of professional relationship you are seeking. Having the right title will also help you increase profile views. 3. In current employment, add what you are currently involved in and add a link to the website of the company you work for, even if it’s your own. 4. The summary is the text provided by LinkedIn to describe who you are and what your field is. This part is aimed at convincing viewers to offer you a contract or become your clients. Write a summary of your professional history written in the first person to captivate the reader, and include the most relevant jobs in the first three lines to start off strong. Then, add your present responsibilities, milestones, aptitudes, skills, key values, and external links. Conclude with a final prompt (“send me an e-mail,” “let’s talk”). 5. If you are looking for work or projects, indicate that you are seeking professional opportunities, but don’t put this in your title. Insert the dates of previous jobs and add a current place related to your profession to better position yourself. 6. Add volunteer experience to your page. It gives recruiters and hiring managers an idea of your values and work ethic. The ability to take something on for the sake of passion, or experience, speaks volumes. 7. Make connections with people who work in your sector. By doing that, you’ll expand your professional network and reach. Having a bigger circle within your field will also help open up more job opportunities. Núria Mañé teaches the Domestika course 'LinkedIn: Build Your Personal Brand,' an excellent way to learn necessary tools to optimize your LinkedIn profile, improve your personal brand, expand your network, change jobs, increase your professional visibility, and get more clients. You may also like: How to reach out to decision makers on Linkedin Creative Portfolio with Own Identity with Futura, Design Studio Introduction to Social Media for Creative Entrepreneurs with Pamela Barrón Branded Content and Content Curation for your Personal Brand with Carla González & Eva Morell

  • Mastering Email Marketing with Mailchimp

    Mastering Email Marketing with Mailchimp

    Dive into the world of email marketing with Mailchimp, learn how to create engaging campaigns, and explore strategies that convert. This comprehensive guide offers practical exercises, book recommendations, inspiring quotes, and insights from marketing moguls. Introduction: A Blank Page is Just the Beginning Ever stared at a blank screen, your mind as white as the page before you, the blinking cursor taunting you like a relentless adversary? Let's be honest, we've all been there. In the world of email marketing, the blank page isn't just a canvas waiting for a stroke of inspiration—it's an open field, ripe with opportunities, waiting for a strategy to take root. In this piece, we'll embark on a journey, stepping away from the intimidation of the blank email template, and instead, embracing it as an opportunity to craft an engaging, effective, and compelling email marketing strategy using Mailchimp. You'll even get a peek into the minds of marketing maestros and their words of wisdom. So, buckle up and let's dive headfirst into the world of email marketing! Discover this amazing Domestika course: Introduction to E-Mail Marketing With Mailchimp

  • Copywriting for Social Media: Crafting Effective and Engaging Content

    Copywriting for Social Media: Crafting Effective and Engaging Content

    Are you ready to delight your social media audience with an exceptional copy? In the digital age, social media has become an essential platform for businesses and individuals to communicate their message and connect with their target audience. Copywriting, the art of writing persuasive and compelling content, plays a crucial role in crafting effective social media messages. We will walk you step by step on how to excel in copywriting for social media.

  • 5 Tools for Visual Thinking

    5 Tools for Visual Thinking

    Discover innovative resources designed to help you look at challenges from a different perspective and come up with creative solutions Visual thinking is a way of conceptualizing that allows you to put your thoughts into images. In doing so, you can make complex problems simpler, and explore innovative solutions by thinking outside of the box and learning to see things from a different perspective. Hermen Lutje Berenbroek (@hermen) is a design strategist who specializes in visual thinking through his brand Artifizer. For the past decade, Hermen has worked with global clients in Europe, the United States, Africa, China, and the Middle East, leading workshops with executives to explore complex challenges, engage stakeholders, and develop clear communication. As part of his online course, Hermen shares 5 tools that are designed to help you get started with visual thinking.

  • 4 Apps for Planning Content on Instagram

    4 Apps for Planning Content on Instagram

    Discover free and paid-for apps for Apple and Android to help you plan your content on social media Creating an attractive profile on Instagram is a challenge faced by all creatives. To make yours stand out at first glance, it's essential to learn how to develop cohesive content and a visual narrative that connects with people. Luckily, there are many helpful resources to support you on this path, including Instagram content planning apps available for both Apple and Android. Visual artist Valeria Palmeiro, better known as Coco Dávez (@cocodavez), shares with us the 4 apps (free and paid for) that she uses daily to plan engaging content for her audience. For Valeria, Instagram is an essential work tool. Her profile is the perfect cover letter to showcase her projects and collaborations with brands such as Vans, Bombay Sapphire, Brava Fabrics, Kiehl's, Netflix, and Prada. Take note of her go-to apps!

  • Free Tutorial: 6 Personal Finance Tips for Effective Money Management

    Free Tutorial: 6 Personal Finance Tips for Effective Money Management

    Take control of your finances and find more time for creativity with expert advice from a financial well-being specialist Managing your money is an essential part of any creative career, but knowing where to start can be daunting. No matter your creative discipline, staying on top of your finances requires logic, organization, and dedication, but, when done properly it can give you the resources and freedom you need to focus on your passion and express yourself freely. Clare Seal (@clareseal) is an author and columnist specializing in financial well-being and money management. After sharing her own financial journey on Instagram, she quickly grew a huge following which led her to found a forum to encourage individuals and businesses learn more about money and improve their financial security. In this tutorial, she talks you through 6 dos and don’ts to help you take charge of your financial future and find more time for doing what creatives do best.

  • Public Speaking Tutorial: How to Present Your Ideas Confidently

    Public Speaking Tutorial: How to Present Your Ideas Confidently

    Discover quick tips on body language, warm-ups, and breathing techniques to stay relaxed and present ideas successfully As a shy child, Dasha Dollar-Smirnova (@dasha_dollar_smirnova) found drama and acting classes gave her confidence to speak in front of people. Moving into an advertising career, she used her public speaking skills to pitch to new clients and grow a small business into one of the UK’s fastest-growing advertising agencies. Now, she empowers others through public speaking workshops. So, if you're feeling nervous about an upcoming presentation or interview, watch this tutorial to hear Dasha’s top tips on keeping your cool and ensuring you deliver an effective message.