• 5 E-commerce Tools to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

    5 E-commerce Tools to Take Your Online Business to the Next Level

    Digital business consultant Karla Covarrubias shares some key resources to perfect your e-commerce skills More than ever, digital or e-commerce has become of primary importance for all types of brands, businesses, and services. Whether your product or service is digital or physical, it is essential to migrate your business to an e-commerce model to increase success opportunities. E-commerce and marketplace consultant Karla Covarrubias (@antareskcm) has over 15 years’ experience in the industry and has collaborated with brands such as BBVA and Coca-Cola. She shares some tools to help us move our business to a digital environment.

  • What is Copywriting?

    What is Copywriting?

    Find out about copywriting and discover its infinite possibilities with creative director and copywriter Erica Igue

  • Free Download: Community Management Strategy Template

    Free Download: Community Management Strategy Template

    Use this helpful template to achieve your strategic goals and assess your work Mastering social media as a community manager or social media strategist requieres to build, grow and maintain thriving communities online. This discipline consists in creating a brand online presence that truly resonates with the audiences while generating meaningful conversations and interactions with the product. Social Media Marketing Specialist Hana Klokner (@hanajayklokner) has been working with brands to perfect their community management strategy for over ten years, with a client list of major brands that include Amazon, glh Hotels, and the United Nations. She knows that a strong community management depends on a solid strategy.

  • What is Branded Content?

    What is Branded Content?

    "Branded content is not a format, but a new way of thinking", explains Carla González Over the last couple of days, you have almost certainly come across, and interacted with, branded content, probably even without realizing it. You have also heard this term before and maybe wondered what it is. So we asked Carla González (@carlagoon), a digital copywriter specializing in this type of content, to explain the origin, some examples, and the future of branded content.

  • Naming a Brand in 5 Easy Steps

    Naming a Brand in 5 Easy Steps

    The right name transmits what a company does and has communicative value for the user The process of choosing a name for your brand can be summarised in five key points. Xavier Grau (@xgrau) has over 20 years of experience in this field. Today, he presents the questions you need to be asking yourself when you undertake this task.

  • Copywriting vs. Content Writing

    Copywriting vs. Content Writing

    Learn some of the key differences between these often confused terms The roles of a copywriter and that of a content writer are often confused. Both figures are equally important in building a brand or product. We have gathered information from Domestika experts to define these two marketing processes and understand their main differences. They may be different, but both aim to connect with customers by using important messages about a particular brand. The common part of these two disciplines is the word writing, and indeed they both exist to tell a story about a brand or a service. However, their style, purpose, and strategy deployment are quite far apart. Let’s see in detail what their differences are.

  • 10 Tips to Market Yourself Better on Pinterest

    10 Tips to Market Yourself Better on Pinterest

    Natalia Escaño shares some simple tips to boost the position of your pins among the top search results Pinterest is one of the most visual social networks, with a search power comparable to that of Google, but basing its content strategy on aesthetics and being a tool to find inspiration. This makes it a handy tool for creatives, artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, and even companies who want to share their products differently. Natalia Escaño (@nataliaescano) is a designer and illustrator and one of the most prominent Pinterest influencers in Spain, with more than a million followers and a portfolio of clients that includes brands such as L'Oréal Paris and Disney. As a great connoisseur of this platform, at both a user level and business level, she knows what it takes to stand out with attractive, eye-catching, and extremely visual content that will surely resonate with the audience. Here are the 10 fundamental tips from Natalia Escaño to improve the SEO of your Pinterest pins:

  • Work Out Your Instagram Color Palette

    Work Out Your Instagram Color Palette

    This tool will show you which colors you use the most on your Instagram profile Color can be a window to your personality and an essential tool to create visual harmony. Use it correctly, and you'll be able to convey emotions and messages in a much clearer fashion. It doesn't matter if your Instagram account is personal, professional, or you are representing a brand: if you take color seriously, you need to explore Color Kuler, a service that analyzes the most prominent colors in the images you post on your feed, giving you a good idea of what palette represents you, and greater control over what your profile looks like. Try this tool, discover the colors your followers associate with you, and compare it with others.

  • Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

    Top 15 Digital Marketing Trends for 2021

    Discover the digital marketing trends that will make their mark in 2021 Business interactions are increasingly taking place in the virtual world. Therefore, planning and developing digital marketing strategies that are relevant to the current market is essential. It is a sure-fire way to help you reach new customers and strengthen your relationship with those already loyal to your brand. To help you with this task, check out the incoming trends for 2021 across this field. This list not only takes into account predictions from international publications such as Business Insider and Forbes, it also draws on information shared in several Domestika courses dedicated to the best digital marketing techniques. Make sure to stay up to date. In a market as vast and competitive as the Internet, every little detail that makes you stand out is vital and may be the factor that determines whether a business is successful or not.

  • 4 Great Tools to Manage Your Social Media Activity

    4 Great Tools to Manage Your Social Media Activity

    Manage and optimize your brand’s social media activity with top suggestions from an expert Hana Klokner (@hanajayklokner) is a social media marketing specialist who works with major companies like Amazon, the United Nations, GLH Hotels, and smaller personal brands. In her Domestika course, Hana helps build a community management strategy and establish effective relationships with followers and customers using popular social media platforms. To ensure you build a thriving community around your brand and are on top of your social media strategy, Hana recommends using some practical tools and apps to make this job more manageable.

  • How to Curate Your Instagram Grid Layout

    How to Curate Your Instagram Grid Layout

    Find out how you can make the most of Instagram to show off your creative portfolio Customizing your Instagram feed is a great idea if you want to use your account as a portfolio. A well-curated feed can transmit what you do in seconds. If your work is visual, knowing how to order your posts–so that they stand out more as a whole–is key when it comes to attracting new followers and showing off your work. Or maybe you are just interested in experimenting with your personal page. The well-organized and harmonious effects you achieve when you plan your posts in advance are known as Instagram Grid Layouts, Puzzles, or Mosaics. To incorporate them into your feed, all you need to do is follow different publishing methods and try out some of the tools that photographer Pati Gagarin (@patigagarin) recommends in her course, Instagram as a Photography Portfolio.

  • Copywriting Dos and Don’ts with Carla González

    Copywriting Dos and Don’ts with Carla González

    Top marketing copywriter Carla González shares her vital Dos and Don’ts. Being a good copywriter is about much more than knowing how to write. Copywriting involves creating texts for advertising. As such, it persuades and informs, which is a more complex task. To ensure your words convey precisely what you need to say in the clearest, most direct and entertaining manner, you need to master a series of techniques and learn to apply them on a daily basis. Carla González (@carlagoon) has worked as a marketing editor for brands including IKEA, BMW, Vueling, Banco Sabadell and Casio. She shares her experience and defines her top three key copywriting Dos and top three key copywriting Don’ts. Find out what they are in this video:

  • What Is Going on in the World of Social Media?

    What Is Going on in the World of Social Media?

    Learn how to improve customer relations through community management with Hana Klokner Hana Klokner (@hanajayklokner) is a social media marketing specialist who has provided training for clients such as Amazon, the United Nations, GLH Hotels, among others. She lectures on digital marketing, social media marketing, and branding at the University of the Arts London and Istituto Marangoni. Not all companies are passionate about social media; however, by embracing this side of the market, you will achieve visibility and reach new clients or customers. In her Domestika course, Hana helps you build a community management strategy and establish relationships with your followers, customers, or partners using popular social media platforms. Help your brand resonate with your audience and generate engaging conversations around your product.

  • YouTube Tutorial: How to Upload Videos, Step by Step

    YouTube Tutorial: How to Upload Videos, Step by Step

    Kaos shares tips for publishing your first video with YouTube Studio Every month, over 2 billion users consume over a billion hours of video content per day while logged into their YouTube accounts. One of the most popular video-sharing platforms available, it is also a great gateway for others to learn about your work. Juan Bermudez, also known as Kaos (@estudioKatastrofico), is an illustrator, writer, and–since 2011–YouTuber. Over the years, he has explored different ways to tell stories through drawing and video. Through his channel, he has worked with different brands and created an impressive portfolio. In this tutorial, he will show you how to upload videos to YouTube Studio, step by step. Discover more in the video below:

  • 4 Examples of Creative Portfolios on YouTube

    4 Examples of Creative Portfolios on YouTube

    Discover the possibilities of video and YouTube as a way of showing off your talent to lots and lots of people Although it may not be the most popular platform for presenting portfolios, YouTube can be very effective at showing off your work and creative processes. Juan Bermúdez–better known as Kaos (@estudiokatastrofico)–is a YouTuber, illustrator, and writer with a degree in Fine Art. In his course, YouTube: Creating a Channel from Scratch, he will teach you the advantages of using this social network as a means to make your work more visible and what to keep in mind. Here he lists some of his favorite creative portfolios on YouTube and the strategies they use to showcase their products or their creative process: Little King Goods This channel belongs to a leather craftsman who sells products such as wallets, belts, purses, and watch straps. Their videos give the viewer a unique insight into the creative processes behind making each piece. What makes Little King Goods stand out is that customers can purchase the materials and tools and assemble pieces themselves, in addition to buying the finished product. This YouTube channel also teaches its customers DIY methods, showing them how to make the leather objects themselves.

  • How to Tell Visual Stories on the Internet

    How to Tell Visual Stories on the Internet

    Josune Imízcoz shows us how to master tone, aesthetics, and emotion in audiovisual storytelling on social media Josune Imízcoz (@josune_imizcoz) has written for newspapers, presented on TV and radio, and is a journalist whose creativity is constantly evolving. Lately, she has been specializing in digital audiovisual storytelling, i.e., videos especially conceived to be shared and consumed on social media. The videos aim to tell great stories in a few seconds, trying to connect with an audience that is overexposed to information on the internet and on social media. It is essential to pay particular attention to tone, aesthetics, and emotion when creating digital content. What are those, exactly? Josune defines them as follows:

  • Marcelo Tas, Mònica Rodríguez, Cecilia Tham on Working Remotely

    Marcelo Tas, Mònica Rodríguez, Cecilia Tham on Working Remotely

    Three professionals working in communications, entrepreneurship, and business reflect on their 'extreme' experiences of working from home It was already becoming an ongoing/long-term trend. It’s now become an imperative: the new normal. Remote working was already the standard for many creative professionals, but for others, it has marked a significant change. Studies carried out in countries like Spain, the United States, China, and South Africa have shown that employee productivity can increase by up to 15% just by working from home. "In the past, the words 'working from home' conjured up images of people lying half-naked on a couch or in a bathtub while tapping away at their laptops. These clichés have been replaced by the truth: people who are able to reconcile their work life and home life, without having to make personal sacrifices, are more productive and happier," says Nicholas Bloom, a researcher and professor at Stanford University in the United States. Nicholas led a macro study on remote working involving employees from companies in China. The study highlighted the benefits of working from home. Marcelo Tas (@marcelo_tas), Mònica Rodríguez Limia (@rodriguezmon) and Cecilia Tham, professionals working in communications, entrepreneurship and business, tell us about and reflect on their own “extreme” experiences of working from home. Discover more in the video below:

  • Why You Need a Video Portfolio or YouTube Channel Trailer

    Why You Need a Video Portfolio or YouTube Channel Trailer

    Learn how to promote your portfolio and build a community with Juan Bermúdez Romero, aka Kaos With over 700,000 users subscribed to his channel, Kaos (@estudiokatastrofico) knows that using YouTube can be the ideal strategy to promote your career as an artist. A writer and illustrator based in Spain, Juan Bermúdez Romero, better known as Kaos, decided to use his YouTube channel as a personal portfolio and has collaborated with major brands like Disney, Wacom, Fiverr, and many others. In his Domestika course, he teaches you to create your own YouTube channel and share your portfolio with the world. One of the most crucial steps in this process is creating a video portfolio that will be the channel trailer. First, you’ll need to define your goals and values. Then, you can set out to create your channel’s trailer to showcase your portfolio. You must follow three pre-production processes: the idea, the script, and the storyboard.

  • 4 Key Tips for Creating Viral Content for Social Media

    4 Key Tips for Creating Viral Content for Social Media

    Learn to create viral content for social media and see your likes and shares soar Social media has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives: we swipe, click, share, like, and save posts every day. Our desire to share content with our friends, family, and followers is what causes posts to reach more and more people and even become “viral.” In the digital world, if a piece “goes viral,” it means it has become incredibly popular in a matter of hours or days, having been shared by thousands, if not millions, of people on social media. The term is used as a marketing strategy to promote products and services. While, in general, viral content has a short shelf life, it’s still very effective. Publicist Renato Farfán (@nato_farfan) is an expert in creating viral content for social media. In this blog, he shares four key points that will help arrive at the best ideas for your next viral post.

  • What Is Social Listening?

    What Is Social Listening?

    Get to know this marketing tool that will help your social media accounts grow Perhaps you have recently heard the term “social listening”–it’s becoming more and more popular in the world of social media. It offers a valuable view of your audience as well as the direction of your brand. Learn how to implement this practice in your digital marketing strategy to obtain positive results for your personal brand or your customers.

  • Writing Tutorial: 3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

    Writing Tutorial: 3 Ways to Overcome Writer’s Block

    Use these three activities to overcome writer’s block, with Shaun Levin Writer’s block, the blank page, self-doubt, and fear are challenges every writer must learn to overcome. You may want to wait for inspiration to strike but that, more often than not, will lead to nowhere. In the words of E. B. White, the author of the classic children’s tale Charlotte’s Web, “A writer who waits for ideal conditions under which to work will die without putting a word on paper.” Shaun Levin (@shaun_levin) is no stranger to these difficulties but has still managed to write numerous novels, a collection of books on creative writing, and has even created a series of writing maps–illustrated creative writing prompts to inspire writers on the go. In this tutorial, Shaun shares three simple activities to help you break through writer’s block:

  • Creativity Tutorial: How to Make a Brief Step by Step

    Creativity Tutorial: How to Make a Brief Step by Step

    Learn to structure an advertising brief step by step with Mumu El Branding Love The briefing is a key tool in building a relationship between a creative company and its clients, whatever their sector: it details what one side is looking for and what the other can offer, the objectives set by the person who hires your services and the creative solutions you can use to achieve them. If you want to fully understand everything that this essential document should include, Daniel Yepes Giraldo, founder of the Colombian branding agency MUMU, El Branding Love (@mumuelbrandinglove) guides you step by step through the items that he incorporates in the their briefs. Discover his advice in the following video:

  • Free Download: Content Marketing Planner

    Free Download: Content Marketing Planner

    Use this template by Ellie Rivers to easily create a multi-platform content and marketing calendar for your e-commerce business Marketing campaigns are a powerful way of attracting customers to your e-commerce. While it’s important to have a content and marketing calendar year-round, they are especially crucial during peak sales periods like the holidays. E-commerce marketing consultant Ellie Rivers has over 15 years of experience working independently and as part of a digital consulting agency for luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands. In her Domestika Live on October 15, she explains how to use this content marketing planner to create an effective digital marketing campaign for your e-commerce business. If you miss the Live, you will be able to find an archived version of it to enjoy later.

  • 4 Project Management Tools for Working From Home

    4 Project Management Tools for Working From Home

    Work more efficiently from home and make the most of your time with these tools The evolution of technology and the democratization of the internet have made working from home a daily reality for many. Managing projects remotely means that teams can be completely decentralized–a designer in Peru can successfully work on a project for a client in Europe without ever meeting face to face. Foncho Ramírez-Corzo (@cholutions)–a digital marketing expert and consultant–embraces and applauds the home office trend. In this blog, he shares a list of project management tools that will transform your working-from-home routine and help you juggle different tasks and stay organized.

  • 5 Essential Brand Strategy Books and the Power of Presentation

    5 Essential Brand Strategy Books and the Power of Presentation

    Discover the brand strategy publications that will help you harness the influential art of presentation design The way we present information dramatically influences what the audience absorbs, which is why presentation design is an art in and of itself. Katya Kovalenko (@katyakovalenko) is a Barcelona-based data designer with a background in communication and advertising. She helps businesses communicate visually, clearly, and effectively. Some of her clients include Telefónica, Nestlé, Indra, and plenty of startups she has assisted in delivering their messages efficiently. In her Domestika course, Katya explains the potential of presentation design and the process she uses with her clients to build their brand strategy. She helps you structure your presentation, develop the content and narrative, and design it professionally.

  • Creativity Tutorial: How to Find Inspiration to Create Stories

    Creativity Tutorial: How to Find Inspiration to Create Stories

    Learn how to build your own writing process, with Alberto Chimal Forget about the old clichés, inspiration is nothing more than a good idea turned into something concrete after lots of work and constant effort. This is one of the lessons from writer and teacher Alberto Chimal (@albertochimal), who offers a solution to anyone who suffers from creative block: practice, practice, and practice some more. In the tutorial below, this creator of stories for adults and children, film scripts, and other formats and finalist for the Rómulo Gallegos International Novel Prize, presents tips that will help you get into a creative flow, using simple everyday elements to inspire you. Find out more in the video:

  • What Is Social Selling?

    What Is Social Selling?

    Get to know the strategy that helps you improve your brand value, your content, and your sales through social media Online sales are becoming increasingly more important. The digital age has revolutionized practices, ideas, and marketability, offering opportunities to grow and adopt new strategies, while causing old ways to become obsolete. One of the new options is social selling, a new way of making the most of social media–such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram–and connecting with the market, branding, and identifying potential customers among users. Núria Mañé (@nuriacomunica) is passionate about digital communication, creativity, and technology. She has almost twenty years of experience working closely with companies and entrepreneurs and in this post she shares what she knows about social selling with Domestika: What is social selling? With the term “social selling”, we describe the use we make of social media to meet, connect, understand, and investigate sales prospects. It is a digital and very current way to develop meaningful relationships with potential clients. It's a sales strategy that offers us data about potential customers, including their areas of interest. Where do we find it? If you have a business page on Facebook or Instagram, a LinkedIn profile, or a professional account on Twitter, you are already involved in basic social selling. You may not have used this term before to describe your online activity, but if you present yourself within a digital environment, you are, in essence, already social selling.

  • How to Get a Job that Works for You in the New Normal

    How to Get a Job that Works for You in the New Normal

    We spoke to the work-from-home maestro, Foncho Ramírez-Corzo, about how to make the new normal work for you Working from home was already growing in popularity before the global pandemic hit, confinement merely sped up its trajectory, according to the incessantly smiley Foncho Ramírez-Corzo (@cholutions). The consultant and entrepreneur, who teaches the Domestika course, Home Office: Working from Home Successfully, shared some tips, tricks, and philosophies that will help you or your business stand out in the market and help anyone make the new normal work for them. Whether you’re out of a job or adapting your current one to new circumstances, his perspective will make your situation feel a lot more hopeful.