• What Is a Comic Book and What Are Its Main Features?

    What Is a Comic Book and What Are Its Main Features?

    We look at the features and uses of this popular narrative format made up of pictures and words If you want to tell a story, you can be really experimental using a comic format. You can write humor, social commentary, or fantasy, and even tell secrets. You can fit all sorts of genres and ideas into a comic if you know how to exploit it. To evaluate all these possibilities, it is important to understand what exactly is a comic, and what are the main elements it consists of. Once we know this, we can start to structure and organize our messages on the strips. Illustrator and artist Sol Díaz Castillo (@soldiazcastillo) is an expert and explains some of the essential technical notions.

  • What Is Kawaii art, Japan’s Culture of Cuteness?

    What Is Kawaii art, Japan’s Culture of Cuteness?

    Discover the power of cute and the secret formula behind Japanese kawaii adorable illustration characters The concept of kawaii was born in Japan during the 60s. In just a couple of decades, this idea of "adorability" has spread to all corners of the world, attracting legions of fans. It is difficult to resist smiling at the perfectly designed features of a kawaii illustration but, what does kawaii exactly mean? We spoke to Azul Piñeiro and Carlos Higuera, two designers and illustrators specialized in kawaii illustration and founders of Estudio Kudasai (@estudiokudasai), to learn more about the origin of this term and above all, what is the formula to create kawaii —or extremely lovable— characters.

  • Top 10 Creative Projects of May 2021

    Top 10 Creative Projects of May 2021

    Illustration, papercraft, and embroidery projects got the most attention from the Domestika community during May Should you share your creativity with others? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question, then the answer is simply yes. In the same way that other people's work inspires you, you too can contribute with your style and skills. You may even find some opportunities to collaborate with like-minded people. The project area within the Domestika community is the perfect place to showcase your creations. You will find personal projects of creative members of the community, end-of-course projects, and new material from the Domestika teachers and experts. Furthermore, any member of the community has the chance to like or comment on your project. If your project receives the most likes in one month, it will be featured as one of the month’s favorites, just like the ones listed in this article.

  • The 6 Most Expensive Comics in the World

    The 6 Most Expensive Comics in the World

    Check out original artwork and first editions of comics that have sold for over a million dollars each The current NFT craze (NFTs are collectible certificates that certify the authenticity and exclusivity of a digital artwork, some of which have been selling for tens of millions of dollars over recent months) grew out of the obsession humans have with owning something unique and special. This, of course, also applies in the world of physical art. In January, the 1936 original Tintin cover for The Blue Lotus–the fifth volume in the legendary comic book series created by Belgian writer and illustrator Hergé–sold for $3.84 million. The drawing–painted in gouache, watercolor, and Indian ink–is a much more elaborate version of the final printed cover, including Chinese characters, textures, and other details that were eventually removed. Hergé gave it to the seven-year-old son of his editor at the time, Jean-Paul Casterman, as a gift. It remained "forgotten" in a drawer for decades until it was discovered in the 1980s.

  • 5 Bullet Journals Accounts that Will Inspire Your Work

    5 Bullet Journals Accounts that Will Inspire Your Work

    Discover some inspiring bullet journal approaches to help you organize your life creatively Bullet journaling is a simple and creative way to help you organize your life. They are also a powerful tool for mindfulness and help you channel your creativity while keeping you centered, grounded, and productive. Annie Weir (@_a_journal_by_annie) is a Scottish artist who specializes in bullet journaling, a craft she discovered by chance on Instagram. Her background is in graphic design, which is where she learned that you could combine words, lettering, and images together on a page to create something striking and meaningful. Bullet journaling turned out to be another happy space for her love of lettering, illustration, and art, so much that she decided to start sharing it online in 2017. She created her first Instagram account, @ajournalbyannie, and quickly became one of the leading voices in the bullet-journaling online community.

  • Free Guide: How to Draw the Oblique Projection Perspective

    Free Guide: How to Draw the Oblique Projection Perspective

    Do you want to add volume to your drawings using a simple perspective method? Check out this guide Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasadolfsson) creates illustrations for magazines like The New Yorker, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Times, and animation studios like Nickelodeon, Dreamworks, and Disney. His artwork is filled with playful characters and detailed objects. His sketches are intricate, yet he manages to create harmonious and balanced compositions that invite the viewers to observe each little detail up close. Mattias found inspiration in Chinese art and oblique proportion perspective to help him achieve volume in his drawings.

  • 6 Free Tutorials to Get Started in Architectural Drawing
    Architecture & Space

    6 Free Tutorials to Get Started in Architectural Drawing

    From urban sketching to 3D modeling, discover the world of architectural drawing with five of our experts The job of an architectural illustrator is to create a visual representation of an architect’s plans for a structure or space. It has been a prominent discipline throughout history: humans have created visual representations of architectural objects for thousands of years, with the earliest known example of an architectural plan dating back to 2200 BC. These six tutorials for getting started in architectural drawing cover everything from urban sketching to 3D modeling. Urban Sketching Tutorial: Using Different Perspective Techniques Urban sketcher Lapin (@lapinbarcelona) explains different techniques for drawing perspective and how each one will shape your illustration. He will push you to go beyond using just one or two vanishing points and dare to show a much wider view. He will also talk about the importance of observing how things look rather than drawing them how we think they should look. These tips will help you to add depth to your urban sketches.

  • Free Fashion Poses Templates

    Free Fashion Poses Templates

    Do you want to draw expressive poses for your fashion illustrations? Check out this guide shared by Connie Lim There is an explosion of creativity in the fashion illustration industry and many illustrators take inspiration from fashion runways and editorials to create striking visual expressions through drawing and painting. Fashion illustrator Connie Lim (@_connielim_) combines traditional drawing techniques with a more experimental approach using mixed media to create exciting fashion illustrations. Using an editorial reference as a starting point, Connie follows unique processes to achieve the perfect pose and style of her illustrated fashion figures.

  • 5 Anatomy Books to Improve Your Figure Drawing

    5 Anatomy Books to Improve Your Figure Drawing

    Discover some invaluable resources to help you when drawing the human figure Human anatomy is undoubtedly complex, and studying it is an activity that deserves years and years of commitment. Like all complex things, it needs to be broken down to be more easily understood. Studying artistic anatomy books routinely is key to a figurative artist's practice. Understanding how human anatomy works is essential to strong, powerful figure drawing. It improves the ability to represent the human figure and contributes to creating successful dynamic figure drawing. Artist Shane Wolf (@shane_wolf) has dedicated over ten years to exploring and experimenting with the art of figure drawing. Hailing from the US, where he graduated as a graphic designer, he soon realized that his true calling was to explore his inner artist with unwavering determination. He set off to Florence, Italy, where he studied at the Angel Academy of Art and is now a professional painter working from his studio in Paris, where he experiments and seeks to express the depth of humanity through his art.

  • Challenge: Painting Ceramics While Blindfolded

    Challenge: Painting Ceramics While Blindfolded

    We asked ceramic artist Sandra Apperloo to paint fun faces to apply onto her ceramic creations while blindfolded Sandra Apperloo is a ceramist who has not only found great joy in the craft, but also made it her full-time profession. Her brand, known as The Pottery Parade, is filled with quirky faces and pastel hues, has over 100K followers on Instagram, and has been featured in magazines like This is Colossal, ArtPeople, and more. In this Domestika Challenge, she takes on the task of painting while blindfolded. Will she be able to do it? Find out in this video.

  • Free Drawing Exercises to Become an Artist

    Free Drawing Exercises to Become an Artist

    Do you want to learn some drawing exercises so you can warm up before you start illustrating? Check out this guide Illustrator Sarah van Dongen (@sarahvandongenillustration) uses fun methods to develop her ideas and knows that the best ideas come when we least expect them. She encourages you to draw from observation, and without restraints. Before you set off to create a finished illustration, you should start with some warm up exercises. Draw using a variety of materials and fill up your sketchbook pages as you practice. This type of routine free from expectations helps you overcome the fear of the blank page, and to further develop your style.

  • How Can I Become an Architectural Illustrator?
    Architecture & Space

    How Can I Become an Architectural Illustrator?

    Discover how you can train as an architectural illustrator and show what a project will look like using drawing According to architect and architectural illustrator Hector Lopez (@_thearchitector), the role of an architectural illustrator is to create visual representations of a structure, ranging from the smallest detail to a complete building or a block of buildings. In general, an architectural illustrator works in collaboration with an architect to visually present plans and help them understand how a project will look when it’s finished. These drawings are used to show the project to a team, to sell it to potential inhabitants, or to present its features. What does it take to become an architectural illustrator?

  • 10 Amazing Star Wars Tribute Projects

    10 Amazing Star Wars Tribute Projects

    Celebrate Star Wars Day and be inspired by these projects from the Domestika community based on Star Wars' incredible universe Since its first release in 1977, Star Wars' success has not ceased to grow. The conflict between the Light Side of the Force (Jedis) and the Dark side (Sith) is part of cinema history and popular culture. Also, it is a source of reference for creatives all over the world. Star Wars Day is celebrated every year, on May the 4th. For this occasion, we have collected 10 projects, by artists from the Domestika community, inspired by George Lucas' saga. They encompass different styles and techniques, all aiming to pay homage to a universe born "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away." If you want to know more about the creative process of each piece, click on the red title. Leave us a comment at the end of the post, and tell us which is your favorite. Doodles Star Wars, by The Moog (@themoogoriginal) Brazilian graffiti artist The Moog is an expert in doodle art. All sorts of Star Wars-themed details intermingle in this illustration. To complete his tribute, he included the most iconic saying from the saga. You cannot miss it. In his project, the artist applied techniques he learned from the Domestika course Doodle-Style Vector Illustration.

  • 12 Free Tutorials for Handmade Creativity

    12 Free Tutorials for Handmade Creativity

    Stimulate your creativity with these inspiring DIY, calligraphy, and upcycling artists Sometimes, creativity can only be executed manually. Knitting, painting, or dyeing garments are only some of the things you can achieve using easy yo obtain materials. All these activities will help you awaken your lateral thinking, that is, to focus more freely and imaginatively on your day-to-day life. Furthermore, spending time creating something is a way to take a break from the screen. Whatever your reason may be, make sure to check out these 12 free tutorials that will help you develop your creativity using your hands. Disconnect in order to reconnect. There are tutorials for crafting, calligraphy, macramé, upcycling, and more. If any of these take your fancy, click on the title to access the full content. Enjoy! Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Make a Reed Pen for Calligraphy in 5 min Have you ever heard about this calligraphy tool? A reed pen is one of the oldest writing tools in existence. It is key for various types of calligraphy, including uncial, as it enables you to create compact but organic shapes on paper. If you want to know how to make your own reed pen, check out this tutorial by calligraphy expert and graphic designer Joaquín Seguí (@joaquinsegui).

  • What Is Naturalist Illustration and its Fundamental Steps?

    What Is Naturalist Illustration and its Fundamental Steps?

    Discover the origin and features of naturalist illustration, as well as the steps involved in drawing flora and fauna The natural sciences have gone hand-in-hand with art for centuries, thanks to naturalist illustration. Since the 16th century, naturalists have taken part in scientific expeditions or investigated nature of their own accord. The preservation of their drawings of their discoveries resulted in the knowledge they obtained becoming the foundations of modern science. If you like to observe and draw nature, then this article is for you. Discover the characteristics of this discipline and the steps you should follow to create your own naturalist illustration. You will also learn the subtle differences between this discipline and scientific illustration, such as their objectives.

  • Free Short Guide for Drawing a Hummingbird

    Free Short Guide for Drawing a Hummingbird

    Do you want to know how to draw and color a hummingbird? Check out this sketch and tips shared by Marco Mazzoni Artist and illustrator Marco Mazzoni (@marcomazzoniart) uses colored pencils to illustrate animals and natural elements with mood and symbolism. The animal kingdom has always been a potent source of inspiration for artists, with surprisingly accurate metaphors of human emotions found in each animal’s characteristics. Marco is fascinated by flora and fauna. His illustration work is filled with depictions of human emotions inspired by nature. You are invited to try his methods to create a beautiful and sensitive version of your own colorful hummingbird.

  • 10 Online Courses For Learning How to Draw With Pencil

    10 Online Courses For Learning How to Draw With Pencil

    Unleash your creativity and imagination with the help of these five drawing experts and start to draw from scratch Drawing is probably the one creative activity we all have in common: ever since we were children, we have used it to express ourselves. However, as the years go by, we tend to neglect this skill. When it comes to drawing, there are some universal rules based on how human beings perceive things and their cultural norms. Whether you choose to respect these rules, break them, or experiment with them, there’s no doubt that they are essential for every illustrator. If you want to rediscover your love for drawing in pencil, these 10 courses will teach you everything you need to know. Artistic Illustration: Draw from Your Imagination, a course by Fito Espinosa Painter, visual artist, and illustrator Fito Espinosa will show you the process he uses to connect with his deepest feelings and thoughts through images full of symbolism and emotion. He shares exercises that will help you explore yourself and learn to develop your ideas into images that express your personal point of view.

  • 10 Illustration Projects Celebrating 10 Years of Game of Thrones

    10 Illustration Projects Celebrating 10 Years of Game of Thrones

    Discover these incredible projects from the Domestika community that honor the HBO series On April 17, 2021, Game of Thrones celebrates 10 years of its debut on HBO. One of the most successful fantastic sagas in the history of TV, the series proved that plots with characters and complex conflicts can attract the attention of millions of people. Thus, it influenced several creative areas, from audiovisual to literature. Characters like Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister have become icons of pop culture and have inspired the work of countless artists, illustrators and designers to this day. To celebrate the 10 years of the series, we selected 10 projects created by the Domestika community that pay homage to the universe created by George R. R. Martin. If you want to know more about the creative processes of each project, click on the title in red. Do not forget to leave your comment at the end of the article, stating what you think of each of these projects.

  • Free Watercolor Palette Guide: Botanical Sketchbooking

    Free Watercolor Palette Guide: Botanical Sketchbooking

    Do you want to achieve the best colors for your botanical sketching? Check out this guide shared by Lapin Urban sketcher and illustrator Lapin (@lapinbarcelona) knows the importance of drawing from direct observation and playing with cold and warm tones to add strength to one’s artwork. In botanical sketching, what seems to be green is much more subtle. Looking closer, you'll see yellow, blue, ochre, even orange or purple. To help you get to the closest color of the plant you are observing, Lupin shares his watercolor palette and a few tips to create your own greens chart without using any green pigments.

  • 8 Essential Concepts for Art Lovers

    8 Essential Concepts for Art Lovers

    Expand your knowledge of art through concepts such as color, style, movements, and techniques Despite their importance, many fundamentals of art are often unfamiliar. We have included a list of some of those concepts below. Even if you are already familiar with some of these ideas, you’ll probably learn something new: how they came to be, their traditions, and their development. It is a varied selection that includes essential notions, such as color theory, popular artistic movements such as Pop Art, professions, and techniques such as collage. If you want to explore the topics in detail, click on the red links to access the full blog post.