• The 10 Most Inspiring and Creative Books
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    The 10 Most Inspiring and Creative Books

    We asked the Domestika community what books inspire them most and boost their creativity Books have always been a great tool for creation. Not only because of the knowledge they contain, but for their ability to spark creativity. That is why, through Domestika's Instagram profile, we asked the community what their favorite books are when they seek inspiration. Here are 10 of them, ranging from artistic compilations, to stories about personal experiences or comics:

  • Where to Download 3D Objects for Free

    Where to Download 3D Objects for Free

    3D illustration and design expert Zigor reveals a few of his favorite sites to download material for limitless 3D projects 3D has become a crucial model for digital production, whether that’s in 3D printing, animation, video games, architecture or industrial design. Below are a few of the best platforms for finding 3D objects online, recommended by designer and illustrator Zigor Samaniego (@zigor), for anyone starting out in the professional world of 3D needing resources to realize renders when working on Cinema 4D. Thingiverse Considered to be the largest community of 3D printers in the world, Thingiverse is a free website where users share all kinds of digital material and anyone can generate new material on it and then print it in 3D. The site has a repository of more than 1.4 million 3D models created by its community and the designs are regulated by Creative Commons licenses. In addition, all objects have a description and instructions on how to print them.

  • Exercises for Working with Volume in Photoshop
    Pro Illustration

    Exercises for Working with Volume in Photoshop

    Gemma Román gives you the secrets to testing the opacity and flow of Photoshop brushes and improving volume. Photoshop has become a tool that’s very helpful for digital illustrators thanks to the amount of options that it offers and their potential. One of digital artists’ favorite tools within the program, are its brushes. Although the default brushes might seem somewhat basic, they have incredible potential. Gemma Román (@gemmaroman) shows us a clear example of this in this series of exercises for working on depth, color and shadow through flow and opacity with Photoshop brushes. By observing the global value of the brushes and how they behave, you can study the parameters that you need to keep in mind to create gradients in your illustrations that will make them infinitely more interesting and give your work a professional finish.

  • Origami for Beginners: Materials and Basic Folding Techniques

    Origami for Beginners: Materials and Basic Folding Techniques

    Discover the basic materials and folds to get started in this ancient technique with endless possibilities This traditional and peaceful Japanese art is directly linked to the Japanese mentality regarding reconciliation between countries at the end of World War II. Origami is the art of folding paper without using scissors or glue to obtain figures of various shapes, many of which could be considered sculptures. “We associate origami with a children's game but it is also a contemporary design technique that inspires functional and decorative products in fashion, furniture, architecture or jewelry", explains Estela Moreno (@cartoncita), an artist that excels at giving modern touches to traditional artisanal techniques. Estela Moreno shares with Domestika some of the secrets that you should keep in mind when you start out in this ancient art: from the most appropriate materials to basic folding techniques that will help you start building complex creations in paper, like the great masters do.

  • The Best Graphic Tablets of CES 2020

    The Best Graphic Tablets of CES 2020

    From affordable options without screens to futuristic computers, these are the tools creatives will use in 2020. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is one of the largest and arguably the most relevant tech shows on Earth. It’s a week-long trade show where most of the high-tech devices we will see in stores during 2020 are announced. Graphic tablets, an invaluable tool for artists and designers, are not an exception and this year's show left four devices that promise to transform the way we work, allowing us to draw faster and with more precision. Let's take a look at them.

  • Typographic Anatomy: the Different Parts of a Letter

    Typographic Anatomy: the Different Parts of a Letter

    Learn the correct terms for the different parts of a letter and familiarize yourself with its anatomy to better work with them Although letters are part of our daily lives and we see them written in millions of ways, with different typefaces and shapes, there are many of us who do not really know their anatomy. Learning to name each of its parts correctly is just one of the things that we must consider if we want to work with them.

  • The Best Animated Shorts Nominated At This Year’s Oscars
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    The Best Animated Shorts Nominated At This Year’s Oscars

    Some of the best animated shorts of the past year are just a click away The Oscars may be the world’s most famous awards show but there are still some categories that most people tend to miss, despite the considerable talent on show. One such category is Best Animated Short Film, which in this edition includes a range of extraordinary works animated in 2D, 3D or stop motion. Most of them are available for free viewing on the Internet: you will find all of them in this list. Kitbull, directed by Rosana Sullivan To calm its fans and give its most talented employees a chance to shine, last year Pixar launched Sparkshorts, a program of animated short films that premiered on YouTube throughout 2019, all developed within the company but never shown in movie theaters. One of them is Kitbull, the story of the unlikely friendship between a dog and a cat, which combines 2D and 3D techniques to great effect.

  • What is a 3D Rendering?
    What is

    What is a 3D Rendering?

    You may have heard the word render a thousand times, but you might still not know what it means exactly. Here, you'll find the answer. In general terms, rendering for a 3D and CG job, also known as 3D rendering, is the process of reproducing an image based on three-dimensional data stored in a computer. This takes raw information from a 3D scene (polygons, materials, textures and lighting) and calculates a final result, which is known as "output" and is usually a single image or a series of compiled images. A rendering can simulate realistic lighting, shadows, atmosphere, color, texture and optical effects such as light refraction or blur seen on moving objects. It may also not be realistic at all, made to transform the output into something that looks like a painting or an abstract image. What is a 3D rendering used for? 3D renderings give audiovisual creators new possibilities. It allows videos to be made without having to record real locations or objects. Industrial designers use them to simulate specific situations and use cases. For architects, they are a powerful way to visualize buildings, complexes, houses or even to recreate ancient structures. Advertisers and graphic designers use them to get more striking results. They are also used in video games, digital art, medicine or even in gastronomy, to offer more immersive experiences.

  • Creative Ways to Reduce Climate Change

    Creative Ways to Reduce Climate Change

    We asked creative experts how we can continue to create while reducing our impact on the environment While the climate crisis has been at the center of international politics for years, it could be said that it is at its most crucial moment. It is an issue that increasingly dominates more headlines, brings together mass protests around the world, and fuels grassroots movements that hope to implement measures and put a stop to the catastrophic consequences that we’ve been told will occur, should things continue as they currently are. Climate change is a global issue that affects the whole planet, and while it is difficult to unify every voice around the world with regards to how (or if) we should try to solve it, there are many steps we can take as individuals–in our creative pursuits as well–that will help to reduce our impact and reduce the problem. To learn more about what we can do, we reached out to several creatives to discover how to be more environmentally conscious when it comes to designing, working, and creating. We are the most invasive species to have walked this planet, and now it’s time to show some gratitude and speak up. It’s time for human beings to contribute and be part of a whole, and not just see everything as theirs for the taking. Pablo Salvaje.

  • 5 Amazing Sites With Quality Stock Images

    5 Amazing Sites With Quality Stock Images

    Mercedes Valgañón shares her favorite websites for downloading free stock images Pinterest is one of the best social media platforms for visual content. If you want to use it to boost sales–using the tools offered to those with Pinterest business accounts–you will need to find strong images that stand out from the sea of visual content and attract potential customers. To help you find the best photographs (that are also free!) for your art and design projects, graphic designer, illustrator, and community manager Mercedes Valgañón (@heymercedes)–who is also an expert in promoting brands and boosting sales using Pinterest–shares a list of her favorite websites offering free stock images. 1. Unsplash Founded in 2013 as a small Tumblr blog, Unsplash is a website offering free image downloads, which has also become one of the most important visual communities in its industry. A source of inspiration for thousands of designers and artists from around the world, it allows you to download high-quality stock images for free in exchange for crediting the author when you use them.

  • How to Create a Pencil-effect Brush for Sketching in Photoshop

    How to Create a Pencil-effect Brush for Sketching in Photoshop

    We explain, step-by-step, how to create a graphite pencil brush for sketching in Adobe Photoshop Sketching is an essential part of the design process. Transferring your first idea to paper enables you to get a first glimpse of what will become the final work; make changes; and remove and redo parts of your design, illustration, artwork, or architecture plan. Every creative process related to drawing includes this essential step. With digital production booming, paper is almost becoming redundant, which is why professionals such as Mercedes deBellard (@mercedes_debellard) create ways to work in Photoshop using traditional processes. Mercedes is an illustrator with a passion for colored pencils who has developed a technique for creating digital textures that mimic traditional pencils. Here she explains how to create a brush in Photoshop that mimics the texture of a graphite pencil so that you can use it to sketch digitally:

  • Download Free: Pencil Package to Illustrate Your Next Photoshop Portrait

    Download Free: Pencil Package to Illustrate Your Next Photoshop Portrait

    Illustrator Oscar Giménez shares a set of pencils with the Domestika community that will improve your Photoshop portraits considerably With 13 years of experience in illustration, Oscar Giménez (@oscargimenez) is passionate about music and the world of graphics; he combines these areas in his work, playing with different elements so that each of his pieces stand out. In recent years, he has specialized in portraiture in his personal project for concert illustrations compiled in the book Sold Out. He also often contributes to Yorokobu Magazine’s biweekly 'Rock n' Draw’ section in which he creates music-inspired portraits. He takes the essence of his characters from photos and other references and then transforms them into something totally different. His talent has secured him clients like Adobe, Playboy, Universal Music, Rolling Stone and Audi, and he has done everything from press pictures, TV and advertising, to murals, book and album covers, and posters.

  • How to Illustrate a Great Children’s Book Character

    How to Illustrate a Great Children’s Book Character

    A few concepts that will help you create fascinating characters for children’s books Children are one of the most demanding audiences that exist. Dedicating your life to children’s illustration requires a mix of absolute passion and drawing know-how that will allow you to illustrate the stories that thousands of children will grow up with the way they deserve. But what are the most important concepts to consider when designing a character for a children's book? Teresa Martínez (@teresa_mtz), an illustrator specializing in children's and youth publications, shares her professional advice which will help you build attractive and charismatic characters aimed at children's audiences.

  • After Effects Tutorial: How to Create a Loop
    Creativity Tutorials

    After Effects Tutorial: How to Create a Loop

    Learn to loop an animation in After Effects with Moncho Massé One of our favorite features from After Effects is that it enables you to create loop animations. A loop animation has no beginning nor end–it repeats itself infinitely. This makes it easy to create gifs and is a very useful tool for generating social media content. Freelance illustrator and animator Moncho Massé will show you how to create your own loop animation in After Effects in the following video. You just need to have already designed the character that you’ll be using to create your continuous loop.

  • How the ‘Joker’ Logo Was Made

    How the ‘Joker’ Logo Was Made

    Discover the analog process behind the logo and initial titles of the film everyone has been talking about With more than 700 million dollars raised worldwide, and a critical reception that has tilted heavily towards positive, there is no doubt that 'Joker', the biopic of the famous Batman villain–starring Joaquin Phoenix and directed by Todd Phillips–was one of the most important titles of 2019. A successful film is, almost always, the result of tens or hundreds of artists' work, creatives who give the most in their particular areas of knowledge: from direction to photography, from production design to hairdressing and costumes, 'Joker' is a particularly rich film from a creative standpoint, and this also shows in its logo. It's a logo that evokes the analog and tangible spirit of the film, and that, surprisingly, was not created digitally but using old techniques: with blocks of wood loaded with ink. A powerful creative decision whose author, designer and animator Chad Danieley, has explained in detail on a reddit post.

  • The Creative Process: from Briefing to Budget
    Digital Marketing

    The Creative Process: from Briefing to Budget

    Discover how to organize a creative proposal when working with clients, from the first handshake to closing the budget One of the main factors that impacts the profitability of creative companies is the process that starts with the first briefing for a project and ends with the final budget: How long should it be? How many people should be involved? Answering these and other questions correctly could be the difference between a company that thrives and one that goes bust. So, with the help of Enrique Rivera (@kike_dnoise), CEO and Creative Director of dnoise, we have created this step-by-step guide that will help you understand the importance of each phase, and how to calibrate this process that is the beating heart of countless creative studios.

  • Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Camera Raw

    Essential Keyboard Shortcuts to Master Adobe Camera Raw

    Speed up your photo workflow with these Adobe Camera Raw shortcuts RAW photo files are unprocessed images that contain all the information your camera is capable of capturing. One of the best tools for importing and editing these raw images is Adobe Camera Raw, a native Adobe plugin for working with RAW files in Photoshop and Lightroom that has become indispensable for many professional photographers. It is advisable to use Camera Raw whenever you are going to work with this type of file, since its main function is to recover all the information from the camera and process the image so you can make the most of it with any other editing tool like Photoshop or Lightroom. To increase your productivity when using the Adobe Camera Raw plug-in, use these basic keyboard shortcuts:

  • Hand Lettering Tutorial: How To Draw An Ampersand
    Creativity Tutorials

    Hand Lettering Tutorial: How To Draw An Ampersand

    Learn to draw the symbol & with these tricks and tips from Joluvian and apply them to your lettering projects When we start lettering, it’s interesting to begin with the letters and symbols that are most common. That way, we can take what we learn from them and use it on more complicated commissions, adding the tools to our repertoire one by one . In order for you to be able to enter the world of lettering with the best, Joluvian (@joluvian), graphic designer, calligrapher, typographer and illustrator, will share a few tips in the following video on how to draw an ampersand, the well known “&” sign, by hand.

  • Domestika Talks: Gary Baseman

    Domestika Talks: Gary Baseman

    Learn how to look for inspiration in this talk given by the popular artist and designer, Gary Baseman The illustrator, animator, and toy designer captivated the audience with his talk at Copa Domestika in Colombia last September, telling a passionate story about how his best friend—a cat—became a never-ending source of inspiration. Watch his talk below:

  • Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

    Top 5 Photo Editing Apps for Instagram

    Get to know these five apps that will make your Instagram posts pop A few days ago, we shared 5 apps for recording and editing videos on your phone, now it's time for photos. Whether you want to improve your Instagram content, get into professional photography with your smartphone camera or just improve your digital photo album, these apps will help you capture and edit incredible photos. Ortho - Perspective Camera Imagine finding yourself walking through the street as the sun sets. You get your smartphone and aim up to take a photo of the horizon but you can’t find a good angle. The vertical lines seem to converge, the upper parts of buildings are cropped. It’s chaos. This app corrects your perspective automatically, in real time. It also lets you add a grid to help with composition, choose from multiple aspect ratios, and use angle, level, and histogram displays.

  • What Is A Brand Identity Manual And What Should It Include?
    What is

    What Is A Brand Identity Manual And What Should It Include?

    Learn the importance of the identity manual and the differences between brand book, identity guidelines and brand guidelines The design of a brand identity is not static, it is not enough to create it once and forget about how it might be used in the future. Brands and businesses are constantly making new content that needs to be fit under the same line and criteria as what went before it. This is where the importance of having an identity manual lies. They serve as a reference for the basic rules on the correct use of the company's image.

  • Design Tutorial: How to Overcome a Creative Block
    Creativity Tutorials

    Design Tutorial: How to Overcome a Creative Block

    Learn to create characters by setting your pencil free and leaving your comfort zone, with these tips from Cecy Meade Drawing for pleasure is usually fun, however, drawing every day for a living can be wearing. If you have to constantly churn out new characters, you will of course have days where you feel less inspired or you just can’t find a way to create something fresh and original. To help you overcome these creative blocks and tap into your creativity, designer and 2D and 3D illustrator Cecy Meade shares her top tips below. Although they focus on character design, these tips can be applied to any illustration task or, in fact, any creative task.

  • 10 Tips for Generating Successful Digital Content in a Saturated Market
    Digital Marketing

    10 Tips for Generating Successful Digital Content in a Saturated Market

    These tips will help your content stand out among the myriad of options the internet offers Given how saturated the market for content is, it is complicated–although not impossible–to stand out on social networks. Lucas García (@lucasgarcia) is a specialist in this field. Director and founder of Social Mood agency, he is an expert in communication and branding and helps brands connect with their audiences through digital content. Under the magnifying glass of traditional marketing skepticism and with the clear objective of capturing the attention of users, Lucas shares with Domestika some key tips to create content and stand out from the crowd.

  •  10 Incredible Illustrated Children’s Books for Kids and Adults

    10 Incredible Illustrated Children’s Books for Kids and Adults

    Among the classics of children’s literature, there are those titles that stand out for their illustrations Inspiration can be found anywhere but books are no doubt one of our greatest creative resources. That’s why we recently asked our Instagram followers to tell us their favorite children’s books. The response, as expected, was varied. Here is what we concluded were the top ten must-read books for any lover of illustration and stories. Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince), a book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a pilot, creator, author and illustrator of one of the books that has captivated the most readers the length and breadth of the world. A story considered by many a children’s book but the background of which is a critique of adulthood through the meaning of life, loneliness, friendship, love and loss. In 1968, the Morgan Library in New York acquired the original manuscripts and drawings, over 30,000 words, original watercolors and coffee-stained sketches with cigarette burns through them.

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