Illustrator Tutorial: Essential Tips for Beginners

Learn how to use some of the key graphic design functions in Adobe Illustrator, including: rulers, zoom and movement, with Gilian Gomes

It’s important to know some of the basic functions that make it easier to manage the program before starting to create your illustration and graphic design projects in Illustrator. Graphic designer, illustrator, art direction and typography fan: Gilian Gomes, uses his 15 years’ design experience to teach you how to use rulers, zoom and screen movement in Illustrator, which will help make your work much faster.

Learn more in the video:

3 Ways to perform basic functions in Illustrator

1. Zoom
The zoom is an essential tool for working on details. The easiest way to use it is to select the magnifying glass and click on the area where you wish to work, but this isn’t the quickest method. There are two other ways to activate this function when you’re looking for greater agility:

• Hold down Z and click on the area you wish to expand. Then click Alt to zoom out.
• Press Alt and use your mouse wheel to move forwards and backwards, zooming in and out.


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