Upcycling Tutorial: Clothes Printing

Learn how to revamp your clothes with your own designs and stencils, with Krizia Robustella

Transforming used clothes into something new and original ranks high on online do it yourself wish lists. There are many techniques that allow us to give new life to a t-shirt, a pair of trousers or any other worn out piece of clothing. Few, however, are as fun as using a stencil and spray paint.

Create drawings that will decorate your clothes, transform them into templates, and add different colors and textures through simple exercises that will lead to extremely varied results. Krizia Robustella (@kriziarobustella), a fashion designer with her own brand based in Barcelona, shows us how in the video below:

4 steps to upcycle and print your clothes with stencils and spray paint

1. Draw a pencil outline

It is not necessary to fill in your drawing because you are going to turn it into a stencil–basically, a frame for negative painting: the spray paint will fill all the gaps inside the drawing. You can use a acetate to make the stencil template as it is a sturdy, transparent material that will allow you to see the garment while applying the paint.


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