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Watercolor Tutorial: How to unblock your creativity

Learn the technique to turn watermarks into characters, to lose the fear of watercolors and break the creative logjam with Alinailustra

Creative blocks are something all artists have to deal with, no matter their discipline or experience. The blank page can intimidate us, but it’s important to get rid of the fear and not stop practicing.

Alinailustra (@alinailustra), an illustrator and graphic designer, shares the keys to an exercise that will unblock your creativity and transform watercolor marks into scenes and characters. Find out more in the video below:

1. Paint marks onto the paper with watercolors

Start painting marks in different colors on the paper. If you prefer, you can also mix colors into the same mark. We don’t need to concentrate on achieving perfect forms: the object of the exercise is to play with unusual compositions to train our creativity. But make sure that each mark is different from the rest: the variety is important!


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