• What Is Naturalist Illustration and its Fundamental Steps?

    What Is Naturalist Illustration and its Fundamental Steps?

    Discover the origin and features of naturalist illustration, as well as the steps involved in drawing flora and fauna The natural sciences have gone hand-in-hand with art for centuries, thanks to naturalist illustration. Since the 16th century, naturalists have taken part in scientific expeditions or investigated nature of their own accord. The preservation of their drawings of their discoveries resulted in the knowledge they obtained becoming the foundations of modern science. If you like to observe and draw nature, then this article is for you. Discover the characteristics of this discipline and the steps you should follow to create your own naturalist illustration. You will also learn the subtle differences between this discipline and scientific illustration, such as their objectives.

  • 5 Poems About the Environment and Climate Change

    5 Poems About the Environment and Climate Change

    Five young wordsmiths use poetry to reflect and inspire change Today is Earth Day, an annual event that sets out to educate individuals on different issues affecting the environment, raise awareness of climate change, and encourage people to live more sustainable lifestyles that protect natural resources. It also celebrates the achievements of climate activists around the world. Nature has always provided wordsmiths with an infinite source of inspiration. However, while the Romantic poets wrote about nature’s beauty, today’s ecopoets call out the destruction caused by poor choices and poor policy, while inspiring listeners to do their part.

  • Why Are Oddly Satisfying Videos Trending In the World of Crypto Art?

    Why Are Oddly Satisfying Videos Trending In the World of Crypto Art?

    Learn about the oddly satisfying 3D animation videos that are fetching high prices in the NFT market Thanks to the fascinating universe of NFTs, the option to tokenize digital artworks, as well as the sudden emergence of a marketplace where you can trade them, have opened up new possibilities for artists. Two of the factors that have brought about this transformation of the digital art world are the global economic crisis and the subsequent need to generate new sources of income. Many digital artists have already dived straight into exploring the market, taking a practical approach–in other words, looking at supply and demand–and have found themselves drawn in by the substantial (or not quite so substantial) figures that sales are fetching every day at auctions held by new galleries. Within this arena, a genre of animation known as oddly satisfying videos has stood out as one of the most highly valued forms of digital art. In this post, we explain exactly what oddly satisfying videos are and share examples of works currently on sale.

  • 20 Key Concepts For Surviving in the Creative World

    20 Key Concepts For Surviving in the Creative World

    Discover these essential creative terms that are sure to come in useful for your projects To broaden your vision of the artistic world, it is important to get to grips with the concepts that are currently making an impact. Not only will doing so turn you into an expert in your field and expand your vocabulary, but it will also improve your understanding of different disciplines and the work of other experts in a more precise way. The following list features 20 concepts that will help you to perfect your knowledge of creativity. You will find definitions of documents such as a brief or a portfolio and discover what makes sketchbooks and mood boards such valuable tools. You will also explore color theory, learn why NFTs are taking the digital art world by storm, and find out about professions such as art directing. If you want more information, you can read the articles in full by clicking on the red titles. What Are NFTs, and How Are They Transforming Digital Art? On March 1st, visual artist and musician Grimes sold some videos for $6 million. And on March 11th, a single jpeg file sold for $69 million. What do all of these works have in common? Well, they don't exist in the physical world. In short, an NFT (non-fungible token) is a unit of data that functions as a unique signature, a digital certificate that certifies the authenticity of a creation. In this post, we reflect on how NFTs benefit the art world, the risks they pose, and why people are concerned about their environmental impact.

  • Free Short Guide for Drawing a Hummingbird

    Free Short Guide for Drawing a Hummingbird

    Do you want to know how to draw and color a hummingbird? Check out this sketch and tips shared by Marco Mazzoni Artist and illustrator Marco Mazzoni (@marcomazzoniart) uses colored pencils to illustrate animals and natural elements with mood and symbolism. The animal kingdom has always been a potent source of inspiration for artists, with surprisingly accurate metaphors of human emotions found in each animal’s characteristics. Marco is fascinated by flora and fauna. His illustration work is filled with depictions of human emotions inspired by nature. You are invited to try his methods to create a beautiful and sensitive version of your own colorful hummingbird.

  • Curious Minds Podcast: Why Do We Keep Designing Furniture?

    Curious Minds Podcast: Why Do We Keep Designing Furniture?

    Discover the creative history that our furniture has to share with Curious Minds, an original podcast by Domestika Curious Minds is an original podcast by Domestika that explores the curiosities and untold histories of the creative world. Each week we’ll bring you a new episode, interviewing experts and creatives as we dive into the unusual origins of the images, patterns, and designs we take for granted. Subscribe for free on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favorite podcast app to never miss an episode.

  • What Exactly Is Hygge in Nordic Design?

    What Exactly Is Hygge in Nordic Design?

    Discover this Danish design trend based on comfort, which is applied to fashion, crochet, and interiors If you have your finger on the pulse of what's happening on social media, you'll probably have already spotted the word “hygge” everywhere, especially hashtags related to design, style, and decoration. The term is often associated with fluffy carpets and soft fabrics; warm atmospheres filled with flowers, flooded with beautiful light, and serving up delicious and nutritious dishes. It is also associated with clothing, furniture, and even certain practices. If it encompasses so many different things, what exactly is hygge?

  • What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    Discover what a growth marketer does and why it is a critical figure in the development of a company All businesses worldwide want to grow, but not many know how to do it, as strange as it may seem. This explains why growth marketing strategies have become increasingly popular recently. Following scientific methods, developing growth strategies, and relying on growth marketers, are fundamental elements to help companies achieve results. What are the skills required to pursue a growth marketing career? How do companies regard the role of a growth marketer? How will this figure evolve over the next few years? We will answer these questions with the help of a marketing expert with ten years of experience as a startup consultant who supports the idea to include growth marketing in your business.

  • Farewell Charles Geschke, Adobe Co-founder Passes Away

    Farewell Charles Geschke, Adobe Co-founder Passes Away

    We bid farewell to the Adobe co-founder and creator of the PDF format The Adobe story began in December 1982, when Charles Geschke joined John Warnock in founding the company which would make design software like Acrobat, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Photoshop a reality. Last Friday, on April 17, Geschke passed away at the age of 81.

  • Interview With Ana Porta, 3D Illustrator Winner of Domestika Scholarships 2018

    Interview With Ana Porta, 3D Illustrator Winner of Domestika Scholarships 2018

    One of our 2018 winners tells us how the 50 free courses influenced her work Ana Porta (@anaporta_) is a Spanish graphic designer and 3D illustrator who specializes in branding. Thanks to the striking personality of her work, which has led her to collaborate on brilliant projects and having work published in The Washington Post, she was one of the winners of our Domestika Scholarships in 2018. She was granted access to 50 courses to develop her skills and train in creative areas of her choosing. We talked to her about how she used her prize and how it helped her evolve her career since then. Find out what benefits the opportunity to win a Domestika Scholarship—now in its third edition—can bring to a creative’s work.

  • Basic Materials For Making a Macramé Wall Hanging

    Basic Materials For Making a Macramé Wall Hanging

    Discover which basic materials you need to create your own macramé pieces Do you know much about macramé? This technique consists of making types of knots using a crochet needle to create unique textile pieces. The name of the technique, macramé, has two possible origins: the majority of people say it derives from the Arabic term "migramah" (ornamental fringe). However, it could also come from the Turkish word "makrama," meaning napkin or towel.

  • Free Hand-building Handbook for Ceramics

    Free Hand-building Handbook for Ceramics

    Do you want to know how to hand-build pots at home? Check out this guide shared by Lilly Maetzig Ceramist Lilly Maetzig (@mae_ceramics) talks about her craft as a sacred and ancient activity that we seem to understand innately. We’ve been molding clay by hand for thousands of years. The slow pace of hand-building ceramic objects brings her a meditative peace and calm, as she creates simple yet refined pieces with a limited color palette and playful touches. Set up your home as a workspace by using everyday objects and understand how pots are made by making a basic pinch pot, a coil pot, and a slab pot.

  • 10 Online Furniture Design Courses for Beginners

    10 Online Furniture Design Courses for Beginners

    Learn artisanal techniques to design and create furniture at home and renew your spaces Furniture design, and the ability to build unique pieces is an attractive field for a lot of creatives. Although many different decorative styles exist, designer carpentry can help you move away from generic furniture and allow you to add style to your abode. For this, you will need to learn the appropriate techniques and make use of all your creativity. Whether you want to restore or upholster chairs, design your own cement tiles, weave your own furniture with PVC cord, or create origami lamps, our expert teachers can direct you to the right courses to learn how to design, plan, and build furniture. All ten courses listed below will help you achieve beautiful pieces and professional finishes. Professional Woodworking for Beginners, a course by Patricio Ortega Discover designer carpentry with Patricio Ortega, architect, carpenter, and co-founder of workshop Maderística. In his course, you will learn about the furniture making process, from start to finish, and learn to work wood like a professional. You will also learn to use a router, a coping saw, and a circular saw safely. After creating your first reinforced wooden stool, you’ll be hooked to the magic of this craft.

  • 45 Basic Toon Boom Harmony Shortcuts for Windows and Mac
    3D & Animation

    45 Basic Toon Boom Harmony Shortcuts for Windows and Mac

    Simplify your 2D and 3D Toon Boom Harmony animated projects with these basic shortcuts for Windows and macOS Toon Boom Harmony is a 2D animation tool that has become essential in television and film productions. You can make characters look realistic in a couple of clicks. The tool offers a wide range of possibilities and resources. Advanced versions also have 3D options. Several Disney movies and famous series, such as The Simpsons, are created using Toon Boom Harmony. Highly intuitive, it is the leading software to create animations and bring stories to life.

  • 10 Online Courses For Learning How to Draw With Pencil

    10 Online Courses For Learning How to Draw With Pencil

    Unleash your creativity and imagination with the help of these five drawing experts and start to draw from scratch Drawing is probably the one creative activity we all have in common: ever since we were children, we have used it to express ourselves. However, as the years go by, we tend to neglect this skill. When it comes to drawing, there are some universal rules based on how human beings perceive things and their cultural norms. Whether you choose to respect these rules, break them, or experiment with them, there’s no doubt that they are essential for every illustrator. If you want to rediscover your love for drawing in pencil, these 10 courses will teach you everything you need to know. Artistic Illustration: Draw from Your Imagination, a course by Fito Espinosa Painter, visual artist, and illustrator Fito Espinosa will show you the process he uses to connect with his deepest feelings and thoughts through images full of symbolism and emotion. He shares exercises that will help you explore yourself and learn to develop your ideas into images that express your personal point of view.

  • 10 Illustration Projects Celebrating 10 Years of Game of Thrones

    10 Illustration Projects Celebrating 10 Years of Game of Thrones

    Discover these incredible projects from the Domestika community that honor the HBO series On April 17, 2021, Game of Thrones celebrates 10 years of its debut on HBO. One of the most successful fantastic sagas in the history of TV, the series proved that plots with characters and complex conflicts can attract the attention of millions of people. Thus, it influenced several creative areas, from audiovisual to literature. Characters like Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister have become icons of pop culture and have inspired the work of countless artists, illustrators and designers to this day. To celebrate the 10 years of the series, we selected 10 projects created by the Domestika community that pay homage to the universe created by George R. R. Martin. If you want to know more about the creative processes of each project, click on the title in red. Do not forget to leave your comment at the end of the article, stating what you think of each of these projects.

  • Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees The World Press Photo Contest recognizes the best visual journalism of the last year, rewarding images and stories in eight categories: Contemporary Issues, General News, Environment, Long-Term Projects, Nature, Spot News, Sports, and Portraits. This year, 4315 photographers from 130 countries entered 74,470 images. Of the 45 photographers nominated, only 10 are women. Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees, two of whom have just been awarded first place in their categories.

  • Free Watercolor Palette Guide: Botanical Sketchbooking

    Free Watercolor Palette Guide: Botanical Sketchbooking

    Do you want to achieve the best colors for your botanical sketching? Check out this guide shared by Lapin Urban sketcher and illustrator Lapin (@lapinbarcelona) knows the importance of drawing from direct observation and playing with cold and warm tones to add strength to one’s artwork. In botanical sketching, what seems to be green is much more subtle. Looking closer, you'll see yellow, blue, ochre, even orange or purple. To help you get to the closest color of the plant you are observing, Lupin shares his watercolor palette and a few tips to create your own greens chart without using any green pigments.

  • Discover the 2021 Winner of the World Press Photo Contest

    Discover the 2021 Winner of the World Press Photo Contest

    The hug between an elderly woman and her nurse at the beginning of the health crisis in Brazil is the Best Photograph of the year The World Press Photo Contest has once again recognized the best of visual journalism from the past year. In an online ceremony held today, the winner of the photo of the year 2021, the photo story of the year, the interactive photo of the year, and the video photo of the year were announced. The jury chose the winners from 4,315 photographers from 130 countries who submitted 74,470 images. The top prize for the World Press Photo of the Year has been awarded to Danish photographer Mads Nissen, who already won World Press Photo of the Year in 2015.

  • What Is Intarsia Crochet, and What Do You Need to Get Started?

    What Is Intarsia Crochet, and What Do You Need to Get Started?

    Learn about the origin of the intarsia technique, how it differs from tapestry and how to crochet patterns The intarsia technique is not widely known but worth exploring as you can use it to achieve some beautiful effects with yarn. This crocheting technique allows you to create designs by adding separate yarns when you want to change color in a section of your work. This feature separates it from traditional tapestry, where the different color yarns are inserted into the crocheted piece.

  • 8 Essential Concepts for Art Lovers

    8 Essential Concepts for Art Lovers

    Expand your knowledge of art through concepts such as color, style, movements, and techniques Despite their importance, many fundamentals of art are often unfamiliar. We have included a list of some of those concepts below. Even if you are already familiar with some of these ideas, you’ll probably learn something new: how they came to be, their traditions, and their development. It is a varied selection that includes essential notions, such as color theory, popular artistic movements such as Pop Art, professions, and techniques such as collage. If you want to explore the topics in detail, click on the red links to access the full blog post.

  • Clubhouse: What’s All the Fuss About, and What Does It Offer?

    Clubhouse: What’s All the Fuss About, and What Does It Offer?

    Four experts explain the great potential and opportunities Clubhouse offers creatives, as well as its limitations If you've been surfing the net over the last few weeks, you'll have probably heard about Clubhouse, a new audio-based social network that’s currently overshadowing all other social media platforms. It brings several people interested in talking about the same topic together in a “room” or “small club” as if they were sitting down together at a table in a bar. What makes this platform stand out from other networks is that it doesn’t have an endless feed of content where anyone can participate, interact, or contribute to the debate. The sense of connection is intensified by having more intimate, personal, and meaningful exchanges. The way Clubhouse structures its content consumption makes it possible to exchange ideas and information in much greater depth.

  • Free Quick Analog Photography Guide

    Free Quick Analog Photography Guide

    Discover the best settings and tips for analog photography in this guide created by photographer Maria Louceiro Analog photography offers a myriad of creative opportunities for those who want to experiment with new forms of expression. Using the unique features of an analog camera, it is possible to capture colors and magical effects to bring unique and fantastic atmospheres to life. The Portuguese photographer and art director, Maria Louceiro (@marialouceiro), is an expert on the subject and in her portfolio are projects for major brands such as Mercedes-Benz, MTV, VICE, Coachella Festival, among others.

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