• Photographic Composition: 9 Basic Principles You Should Know

    Photographic Composition: 9 Basic Principles You Should Know

    Derio Ilari tells you how to achieve stunning photos for a professional Instagram profile Many people believe, to capture a great photo, you need great equipment and editing skills. However, you can be a master of post production and not get a single good photo if you don’t pay attention to the composition. Derio Ilari (@derioi) is a product photographer who has worked with brands like Adidas, Audi, Volkswagen, Guaraná and, Stella Artois, among many more. His incredible catalog shows his talent and artistic sensibility. Photos have always been the medium he has best expressed himself with and the composition is the essence of each of his images. Here he shares what to consider when taking professional photos for Instagram.

  • Printing Tutorial: The Monotype Technique Step By Step
    Creativity Tutorials

    Printing Tutorial: The Monotype Technique Step By Step

    Learn to make the most of textures with monotype printing, with Ustudio Mol+Carla Monotype is a versatile technique which allows you to get creative in a different way to other artistic disciplines but, if we've never used it, we might not know where to begin. That's why illustrator and designer Mol, of Ustudio (@ustudio), who has worked with clients like Coca-Cola and Nescafé, is going to show us how it works so we can use it to give life to our sketches. Start with this video tutorial:

  • What is VFX?
    What is

    What is VFX?

    Carolina Jiménez explains how animators, modelers, lighting TDs, and editors work together to create fantastic visual effects

  • Ralph McQuarrie: Star Wars' Concept Artist
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    Ralph McQuarrie: Star Wars' Concept Artist

    Remembering the work of Ralph McQuarrie, the visual genius behind the look of Star Wars Star Wars has captivated audiences over four decades. Its actors as much a part of popular culture as the characters they play and its creator George Lucas is already living history. To celebrate Star Wars Day, May the Fourth, we are revisiting at an artist who may not have George Lucas' fame but certainly played his part in the look and soul of Star Wars: Illustrator Ralph Angus McQuarrie who designed the concept art for the first three films.

  • Books & Sleeves: Motion Graphics for Classic Design

    Books & Sleeves: Motion Graphics for Classic Design

    An audiovisual project that adds animation to book and album covers Henning M. Lederer is a visual communication and animation artist born in Essen, Germany. He studied in Germany and the UK, and works as an independent graphic and motion graphics designer for different international clients. Besides his commercial work, he likes to create personal projects and seek collaborations. His project Books & Sleeves came after a simple but very attractive premise: How would these great book graphics and record covers from the past look like when set in motion? His work is an example of how rescuing design from other times can result in a product with a contemporary look. We chatted with him about his quest to give new life to vintage design.

  • 10 Short Documentaries To Inspire Anyone to Make a Film
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    10 Short Documentaries To Inspire Anyone to Make a Film

    Whether you’ve directed a hundred films or just a humble Instagram story, this collection of short documentaries will inspire you to make your own Documentary is a big word, but short isn’t. To make one, all you need is a device with editing software–a basic free one will do–images to play with–record them, make them, or find them–and some imagination. With that, you can find a story almost anywhere. As a filmmaker, I turn to visual stories to inspire me and a feature-length films can be too long. A short is just as good, if not better: focusing on one small corner of the world can reveal universal truths and even a toilet-break is enough to watch the one that inspires your next creation. If you’re starting out, or yet to begin, smaller projects also give you the chance to try things out, sharpen your tools, and actually finish a production. A completed short is worth infinitely more than that epic saga you’ve been sitting on for the last decade. You can even make a short in quarantine: Great Big Story just made “not leaving home” the only rule to their #StayHomeFilmChallenge.

  • What Is Color Grading?
    What is

    What Is Color Grading?

    Learn how to manipulate color to evoke emotion in your audiovisual projects Color grading is a very creative process. In the same way that a video editor tells a story and shapes its narrative, a color grading artist evokes emotion through the manipulation of color. They do this by digitally modifying exposure, white balance, contrast, tones, and more, using specialized software and tools. Why do we need to color grade the footage we’ve shot? Producers and directors ask themselves the same question: if the footage is well shot, why does it need to be color corrected/graded? It’s normal to question this, especially given the extra time and costs there are to consider. The answer is very straightforward: if the footage is good to start with, once it’s color graded, it will be even better.

  • The Expert: Sagi Haviv

    The Expert: Sagi Haviv

    Graphic designer Sagi Haviv shares his opinion on some of the planet's most recognizable television logos The Israeli designer Sagi Haviv (@sagi), partner of the New York design studio Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, has specialized in logos throughout his career. He is responsible for the visual identities of huge brands and institutions such as the US Open, Harvard University Press, Conservación Internacional, and Hitco Entertainment, and is considered a prodigy in the world of design. In the first edition of Domestika's The Expert, Sagi Haviv uses his experience and critical vision to analyze the biggest logos in Spain and Latin America, from Venezuela's Venevision, Spain's Antena 3, and Brazil's Rede Globo among others. Want to understand the strengths and weaknesses Haviv's expert eye picks out? Find out in the video below:

  • VFX: Peter Ellenshaw’s Defining Moments
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    VFX: Peter Ellenshaw’s Defining Moments

    The moments that defined the remarkable career of matte painting artist, Peter Ellenshaw Born in London in 1913, Peter Ellenshaw went on to become one of the most inspiring matte painting artists of the 20th century and an integral member of the Walt Disney team for over 30 years. In 1965, along with Hamilton Luske and Eustace Lycett, Ellenshaw was awarded an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for his work on “Mary Poppins,” for which he painted 102 different mattes with scenes of Edwardian London. In 1993, he was named a Disney Legend. Here we take a look at his life and highlight the moments that defined his remarkable career.

  • Resources to Support You and Your Business During Quarantine
    Digital Marketing

    Resources to Support You and Your Business During Quarantine

    The COVID-19 lockdown is hitting artists and creators especially hard. These resources can help you stay afloat during the quarantine period. The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown measures are wreaking havoc on all kinds of industries and businesses, from restaurants to airlines, but it is especially troublesome for artists and creatives. Those who relied on live performances or in-person classes to survive now find themselves with no chance to continue their professional activities. Those who worked in a studio or at home, and can keep doing it during quarantine, face deteriorating market conditions. Commissions have dwindled, and fear of a recession is holding back creative projects for many companies.

  • The Illustrations That Represent Marcos Chin

    The Illustrations That Represent Marcos Chin

    Get to know iconic illustrator Marcos Chin through the pieces that define his art Marcos has worked for everyone from Google to Ford, Rolling Stone Magazine to The New York Times. But, he didn't grow up in such grand circumstances. Civil war forced his family to leave Mozambique, where he was born, in the mid-1970s. From a humble background, Marcos has been working since he was ten. "I've been paying most of my significant purchases on my own since I was a kid," he told The Illustration Department. "Back to school clothing, books and supplies, my undergraduate education, rent and now my mortgage." Don't miss the opportunity to knoe more about Marcos on his . Here is a collection of the works that took him from there to where he is now. The first big job: Lavalife After working for magazines for a while, his big commission came from an online dating agency, Lavalife: "Where singles click." The company blew up and gave him the platform so he could too. "This campaign lasted for about nine years and it afforded me a life that I never knew could be possible for an illustrator."

  • DIY Tutorial: How to Design Your Own Desk
    Creativity Tutorials

    DIY Tutorial: How to Design Your Own Desk

    Learn to sketch a DIY furniture design freehand to make the perfect workspace with Gema Casada Olea, founder of El Tarro de Ideas A workspace that let's us work comfortably is essential to letting our talents and creativity flow. An inadequate desk or seat, bad lighting, or cramped space is sometimes unavoidable but making an effort to improve this will help us be more efficient. Gema Casado Olea, founder and director of DIY agency El Tarro de Ideas (@eltarrodeideas), is an expert in the design and creation of homemade workspaces that adapt to the necessities of each and every creative. She runs us through the sketch and configuration process for creating a personalised desk from zero in the video below:

  • Simple Methods to Brainstorm Better in Teams

    Simple Methods to Brainstorm Better in Teams

    How to improve your brainstorming and create together better Advertising executive Alex Osborn came up with brainstorming in the 1950s: get together, share as many ideas as possible (no judgment or criticism), revise ideas and build on the best. Sounds great, but that Mad Men stuff just isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Decades of studies show that these brainstorms actually lead to fewer and worse ideas than people would’ve come up with alone. Ideas fuse together into much of the same where fresher, individual ideas are what we really want. Some easy fixes have been shown to work by several studies however. We at Domestika pieced together a simple method we’ve dubbed “WAGSAD”. Just kidding, but you can call it that if you want.

  • What is Photojournalism?
    What is

    What is Photojournalism?

    Photojournalist Manu Brabo on the history of photojournalism and its defining features Manu Brabo (@manubrabo) is an independent photojournalist who formed part of the team that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize in 2013 for coverage of the Syrian civil war. Since 2007, he has captured uprisings, rebellions and civil wars in such countries as Haiti, Honduras, Kosovo, Palestine, Libya, Syria, and Ukraine. He is a regular collaborator to the Associated Press agency and has seen his stories published by some of the most widely-read media titles around the world. Here, Manu talks about the history of photojournalism and its current rulebook. A record of history Since the beginning of culture, art has captured historic moments in different visual and literary formats. Manu Brabo reminds us that man’s first graphic works captured important events, such as the first-ever hunting expeditions and wars. The purpose of these works was to glorify military victories and teach others about historical events.

  • Tips for Highlighting Brightness and Reflections in Product Photos

    Tips for Highlighting Brightness and Reflections in Product Photos

    Karina Meza shares how to take advantage of light and shade in your photos using Photoshop Karina Meza (@karinameza) is a photographer with 15 years experience in digital retouching, specializing in advertising still lifes. She knows that special attention should be giving to retouch brightness and reflections for product photos, as much as to contrast. These details greatly influence the product’s final look. Below, she gives three basic tips you should consider when editing these elements on Photoshop.

  • 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Music
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    5 Websites to Download Free Stock Music

    Give your audiovisual projects an original touch with these free audio resources Free music and sound libraries are a staple for creating video projects. They don’t only help you produce unique pieces with audio elements adjusted to your needs, but they help build your style. You’ve got to invest sufficient time to choose the right track instead of just the most popular ones. That way, you’ll make more professional and original projects. That’s why we’ve made this list of 5 platforms so you can find the perfect feel among an enormous variety of options. NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) This record label is one of the most practical and high-quality resources around for free music. NCS was founded by a British entrepreneur Billy Woodford in 2011 and, although his original idea was to provide music to video game developers, it’s possible to use his library for all kinds of audiovisual projects published on YouTube or Twitch. The collection is predominantly electronic music, and the only requirement is to credit the musicians and the platform.

  • Tutorial for Freelancers: Practical Exercises To Help You Work Out Your Strengths
    Digital Marketing

    Tutorial for Freelancers: Practical Exercises To Help You Work Out Your Strengths

    Discover your strengths and build your career with these exercises recommended by Mònica Rodríguez Limia Mònica Rodríguez (@rodriguezmon) is a business mentor for creators and creatives. She is passionate about her work and believes that everyone has it in them to keep getting better and better. For Mònica, education is key and has the power to change the world. Mònica shares how you can go about getting to know yourself better before launching your business project. She shares simple exercises that you can do to work out your strengths.

  • What is the Color Font Trend?
    What is

    What is the Color Font Trend?

    We speak to Alex Trochut about one of the most interesting typography trends right now: color font Alex Trochut (@trochut), works in graphic design, typography, and illustration. He takes language further with innovative letter designs. In a journey of discovery, through fun and amazement, Trochut worked out that words and designs must be legible but can also transmit meaning visually in a less conventional way. We decided he was best qualified to explain what a color font is. Learn more about this new colorful typographic concept, and the impact it can have on digital design.

  • Cinema to Watercolor: The Work of Alex Hillkurtz

    Cinema to Watercolor: The Work of Alex Hillkurtz

    Learn how this visual artist’s love of cinema inspired his painting Alex Hillkurtz (@alexhillkurtzart) is a storyboard artist and watercolor painter specialized in architectural motifs. Originally from England, he grew up in California, where he has worked on storyboards for films like Argo, Almost Famous, and Captain America: Winter Soldier. Alex says painting and drawing help us to live at a more relaxed pace by making us aware of our space and what surrounds us. Don’t miss his live chat on Domestika Live. Watch him create a sketch and see his process in action. Let’s learn more about how he developed his artistic style.

  • Domestika Diaries: Joel Santana

    Domestika Diaries: Joel Santana

    Joel Santana, an illustrator specialized in character design, has a daily routine that helps him start the morning with more creative energy Staying active and creative, especially during times when you can't leave the house, can be difficult if you fall into certain routines. But thankfully there are always ways to reignite that creative spark and to get back on track. In this Domestika Diary, the concept artist and children's book illustrator Joel Santana (@themaddhattr) shares his routine and the daily rituals that help him start his morning off on the right foot so that he can stay focused throughout the day. Learn more in the video below:

  • Artistic Photomontage Tutorial: How to Create a Narrative
    Creativity Tutorials

    Artistic Photomontage Tutorial: How to Create a Narrative

    Discover the key steps to tell a story using photomontage with Carlos Herrejón Camera, Photoshop, and lots of imagination. You don't need much to tell a good story with a picture. In this tutorial, Carlos Herrejón explains the basic elements for creating a narrative through photography and creative editing on Photoshop. Internationally celebrated for his surreal style, inspired by the great artistic masters, Carlos teaches the Domestika course Artistic Photography Compositing. Below, he shares his tips for expressing yourself through narrative photography.

  • Photography Tutorial: How to Make a Pinhole Camera at Home
    Creativity Tutorials

    Photography Tutorial: How to Make a Pinhole Camera at Home

    Learn to make your own pinhole camera at home with Fotolateras Nowadays, almost everyone can take photos. Even if you don't have your own digital or analog camera, your cellphone should. But if you want to go that bit further and you're a fan of a more artisanal approach to your photography, we've got another option for you. Fotolateras share how to make a pinhole camera with simple materials: a metal box, black paint, black adhesive tape, aluminum adhesive tape, and a drill. Are you ready to step into the world of analog photography?

  • What Makes Something Kawaii?
    What is

    What Makes Something Kawaii?

    We spoke with two experts in kawaii illustration to discover the secret formula behind the "cutest" characters The concept of kawaii was born in Japan during the 60s. In just a couple of decades, this idea of "adorability" has spread to all corners of the world, attracting legions of fans. It is difficult to resist smiling at the perfectly designed features of a kawaii illustration but, what does kawaii exactly mean? We spoke to Azul Piñeiro and Carlos Higuera, two designers and illustrators specialized in kawaii illustration and founders of Estudio Kudasai (@estudiokudasai), to learn more about the origin of this term and above all, what is the formula to create kawaii —or extremely lovable— characters.

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