• 20 Essential Shortcuts for Adobe Lightroom

    20 Essential Shortcuts for Adobe Lightroom

    Simplify your photo editing work in Adobe Lightroom with these essential keyboard shortcuts Adobe Lightroom launched more than a decade ago with the goal of simplifying the workflow of any digital photographer. From downloading images from a camera to editing or "developing" them, Lightroom is an intuitive program capable of delivering great results in no time. In many cases, users will need to work with huge amounts of photos, so streamlining the workflow is essential to keep up with the delivery dates. This is where keyboard shortcuts come in handy. They make our work much easier. These are the Adobe Lightroom shortcuts that every photographer should know:

  • Creating and Applying Color Palettes to Vector Illustrations
    Pro Illustration

    Creating and Applying Color Palettes to Vector Illustrations

    Camipepe teaches you to create color palettes in a way that's fast and easy, and then how to apply them to your illustrations in a single click Plus, find out how to select the right color palette, shapes and other details that make vector illustrations work. Sometimes, selecting a color range for a project is something that comes naturally, but in other cases you might need inspiration from photos or images to convey the right mood for the project. To make this process easier, Chilean illustrators Camipepe (@camipepe) teach you to create, select and apply color palettes to vector illustrations in Adobe Illustrator in a way that’s effective and simple:

  • 5 Golden Rules for Designing a Successful Logo

    5 Golden Rules for Designing a Successful Logo

    The keys for creating a quality logo, according to creative agency Tatabi Studio Elena Sancho of Tatabi Studio (@tatabi), a design studio that specializes in branding, spoke to us about the basic rules to ensure any logo can stand the test of time. Although all designs will appeal to different people according to taste, there are some objective principles that can give a logo quality. They will help guide your designs in the right direction. There should be an idea behind the design It is more likely to connect to users when there’s a story behind a logo. Look at Amazon, for example: it tells the story that Amazon has everything, from A-Z, the arrow relates to the delivery of the products and, finally, the line suggests a smile, that of the customer when they receive their package or the company when they send it, implying the friendliness of the brand. Logos without concepts aren’t memorable, ideas are what makes them interesting.

  • 10 Creative Accounts You Should Be Following On Instagram
    TOP 10

    10 Creative Accounts You Should Be Following On Instagram

    Which are your favorite creative accounts to follow on Instagram? We asked our followers and this is what they said… Our Instagram feeds are overflowing with content to a point where it can feel overwhelming. Accounts need to go above and beyond to make themselves stand out, engage with their followers, and offer something fresh. The following 10 are doing just that. From a candy-colored magazine based in Beirut to a Slovakian 3D artist revealing his process working in Blender, these are the creative accounts that our Instagram community insist that we should all be following.

  • 7 Embroiderers You Need to Follow

    7 Embroiderers You Need to Follow

    Get to know these fascinating contemporary embroiderers and be inspired by their textile art Crazy for embroidery? These seven women are at the top of their game. Check out their innovative interpretations of this ancient craft - they may even inspire you to pick up a needle and try something different yourself. Lisa Smirnova Lisa Smirnova is a master of color and detail. Her threads complement one another and blend together to create her elaborate painterly designs and portraits.

  • The Production Stages of Video Game Development

    The Production Stages of Video Game Development

    Learn, with the help of an expert, the four basic creative stages of game development Nacho Yagüe (@nachoyague) is a professional concept artist with ample experience in the development of AAA video games, such as Assassins Creed Unity or Watch Dogs 2. As a concept artist, he is involved in all production phases. He explains that, regardless of the size of the studio, these tend to be very similar, although delivery and decision-making times will vary. If you have always wanted to work in a game studio, or launch an independent one, this explanation will be very valuable.

  • 12 architecture photographers from the Art of Building competition
    TOP 10

    12 architecture photographers from the Art of Building competition

    Meet the winners and finalists of this international digital photography competition The Chartered Institute of Building created an annual architectural photography contest to recognize digital photographers from around the world. This union of the art of imagery with built spaces allows us to be amazed by the beauty of constructions, as if we were right in front of them. Get to know the finalists and winners of the tenth edition of this competition, which attracted photographers from over 100 countries. Each photographer explains their results, and the inspiration behind their images.

  • What Is Collagraphy?
    What is

    What Is Collagraphy?

    Collagraphy opens up a world of possibilities for your projects by embedding traditional elements into your digital art

  • Illustrator Tutorial: 3 Ways to Vectorize an Image
    Creativity Tutorials

    Illustrator Tutorial: 3 Ways to Vectorize an Image

    Learn the key steps to vectorize an image in Adobe Illustrator with Juan Villamil In the world of graphic design, and, more specifically, illustration, lettering, branding and corporate and institutional design, mastering the creation of vector images is key. Vectors are highly manipulable, offer different advantages over pixels, and learning to create with them in Adobe Illustrator is not particularly difficult. In this tutorial, illustrator and graphic designer Juan Villamil, better known as Juan Sin Miedo (@juansinmiedo), explains three different ways to vectorize an image in Adobe Illustrator, and reviews the fundamental difference between images created with vectors and images created with pixels

  • Download Free: Star Wars Models for 3D Printing

    Download Free: Star Wars Models for 3D Printing

    Designer and maker Agustín "Flowalistik" Arroyo shares his models for 3D printing inspired by the Star Wars saga Designer Agustín Arroyo (@flowalistik),one of the millions of fans of the Star Wars saga, whose numbers seem to grow with every premiere, wants to share his 3D printing models inspired by Episode VII - The Force Awakens. Although he designed and shaped them some years ago as a treat for his friends–faithful followers of the saga like him–these models are timeless, just like the movies. This is a series of space toys for 3D printing, a fan art interpretation based on the characters of one of his favorite films in the series, that anyone can download and print to use as a decorative element. The files of these 3D figures inspired by the Star Wars saga can be downloaded for free and are ready to be printed, that is, they do not require any kind of support or postprocessing material. In Arroyo's own words: "These designs make the dream of pushing a button and let a machine manufacture your design come true, a vision so magical and at the same time one that seems so detached from reality."

  • What Is Interior Design?
    What is

    What Is Interior Design?

    We spoke to Madrid designer Patricia Bustos and learned all about the world of interiors Business-minded, passionate, and creative, Patricia Bustos (@patricia_bustos) draws on her artistic, analytical and business-oriented traits when carrying out fashion, art or decoration projects. While she also works as a professional painter and furniture designer, she first and foremost considers herself an interior designer. Patricia was awarded the “Best Project” Casa Decor prize in 2018. Her very personal way of reading and understanding spaces means she can transform each one into something truly unique. We caught up with Patricia to learn more about interior design, including the differences between disciplines such as decoration and architecture.

  • 10 Skills to Boost Your Visual Portfolio

    10 Skills to Boost Your Visual Portfolio

    These tips will help your work stand out so you can focus on creating it We all know that thinking up and making a good piece of visual work is just one part of the process. Once the work starts to fill up our portfolio, we have to work out how to make our pieces shine. There’s no simple way to make sure that happens but we’ve come across a few methods that could give your portfolio that something extra. 1. Make a good portfolio It sounds obvious but it’s the truth. If you want your work to triumph, you’ve got to pick the best projects and present them attractively. This is your calling card for future clients and you should always have it updated with the best work you’ve done to date. This Domestika course by Sandra López and Ángel Domingo, from the agency Pencil (@pencil) is full of tips and tricks for illustrators to create their portfolio professional: Keys for Creating a Professional Illustration Portfolio.

  • 10 Essential Shortcuts for Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    10 Essential Shortcuts for Mastering Adobe Premiere Pro

    Keyboard shortcuts help you to speed up your editing process and allow you to fine-tune details in your audiovisual projects Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the most widely-used software by those working in audiovisual media, thanks to the many benefits it offers and how easy it is to use. When it comes to editing your video projects, speed is essential. That’s why it’s important to learn the main shortcuts for Adobe Premiere Pro, so that you can improve your workflow and work quicker. Your experience is what sets you apart, however, even the most advanced professionals will continue to discover new shortcuts that improve the way they edit. These are the 10 essential shortcuts you should learn to master Adobe Premiere Pro:

  • 6 Tips for Starting Out as an Illustrator

    6 Tips for Starting Out as an Illustrator

    Discover the essential tips for getting your illustration career off the ground Over the course of her career as an illustrator, Carla Berrocal from Üstudio Mol+Carla has faced all sorts of challenges. For her, the biggest one has been starting out as an illustrator. Carla knows all too well how difficult it can be to take that giant leap and so, as an act of solidarity, she has decided to share her essential tips for getting your illustration career off the ground.

  • Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards

    Illustrator Micro-tutorials by Marc Edwards

    Australian designer Marc Edwards shows us how to create perfect icons in Illustrator in just a few seconds Icons. They’re everywhere: a universal language to express all sorts of words, ideas, and concepts, synthesizing what we want to say and communicating it directly. Mapping language is an art that not everyone is good at, as well as finding the logo that best says what we want it to, a designer faces the challenge of making sure anybody can recognize it in an instant. Excellence also requires simplicity and speed. Marc is an expert at this and he was kind enough to share some of what he’s learned on his Twitter profile.

  • Domestika Masters: Milton Glaser
    Masters & Creatives

    Domestika Masters: Milton Glaser

    One of the 20th Century’s most influential designers, from ‘I Love New York’ to work with Dylan and Obama, his talents have helped define graphic design today It’s not common for a designer to see not one, not two, but three of their designs go viral but Milton Glaser (New York, 1929) has experienced just that. The influence of his work, which stretches from editorial design to branding, passing through interior design, is impossible to calculate. The New York Magazine, the ‘I Love New York’ logo, and the iconic posters of the Barack Obama presidential campaign are just a few of his creations. We sat down with him in his New York studio to discuss just some of the many hits of his career.

  • Download Free: ‘Rude Font’ Typography, by Miguel Nieto

    Download Free: ‘Rude Font’ Typography, by Miguel Nieto

    Graphic designer Miguel Nieto shares his typography, Rude Font, with the Domestika community for free Miguel Nieto (@miguelnieto) created Rude Font to fill the need for a typography inspired by the ads at the turn of the 20th century. He imagined a modern adaptation of the classic advertising publications with a touch of street style. The typography found its shape and now we can download it for free as members of the Domestika community.

  • Podcast and radio: similar but not the same
    Digital Marketing

    Podcast and radio: similar but not the same

    Podcasts are quickly becoming a substitute for traditional radio, but both media outlets are somewhat different You could call podcasts and radio distant cousins; it's almost impossible to ignore the similarities. Both are media outlets that have audio and voice at their core (although - for a brief period of time - video podcasts were also a thing, before YouTube killed them). It's also easy to see that both are not exactly the same. A radio show can be turned into a podcast, split into small pieces to listen to on demand. And a podcast can easily be broadcast on a radio station, providing it has enough quality. But something, or several things, sets them apart - both outlets have different constraints which end up affecting the final product.

  • 10 apps that we used to obsess over but are now vintage
    TOP 10

    10 apps that we used to obsess over but are now vintage

    We review some smartphone apps that you probably still have but no longer use In a world that moves at the crazy-fast speed imposed by the Internet, the popularity cycle of mobile applications seems to be getting shorter and shorter. The proof of this is that it doesn't take long to recall a good number of apps that were incredibly popular years ago but are hardly talked about anymore. We decided to pay a small tribute to ten of these apps. They are examples of compelling interface designs and clever concepts that conquered hundreds of thousands of people around the world but faded away in our memories. 1. Angry Birds Back in 2012, the name of this mobile video game was literally on everyone's lips. One of the most downloaded games in history, Angry Birds conquered millions of people around the world with its simple and addictive mechanics. Unfortunately, after knowing in 2014 that the US Security Agency had used player data to build surveillance databases, and a sequel not very well received, the game gradually disappeared.

  • Berlinale 2020: 4 Films That Will Inspire You to Pick up Your Camera
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    Berlinale 2020: 4 Films That Will Inspire You to Pick up Your Camera

    With the Berlinale Film Festival kicking off next week, we take a look at the competing films that will inspire you to reach for your camera With the Oscars now done and dusted, conversations are steering away from film accomplishments in 2019 and towards ones-to-watch in 2020. What does this year hold for international cinema? The line-ups for the major film festivals indicate the talent and titles we should be keeping an eye out for.

  • A Quick Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work on Instagram

    A Quick Guide to Sharing Your Creative Work on Instagram

    Discover the best times to publish and other key tips for creatives looking to improve their Instagram page Nubia Navarro, better known as Nubikini (@nubikini), is a Venezuelan graphic designer and lover of typography, letters, and photography. Since discovering her true passion while taking a course in experimental typography, she hasn’t stopped experimenting, working on projects for Adidas, Coca-Cola and UNICEF. Instagram has become her favorite platform for sharing her lettering work, given that the social media network allows her to show her creative process and passion for letters, and connect with her followers. Standing out on Instagram isn’t just about creating quality content, you also need to know which are the best times to publish it, and familiarize yourself with the different formats you can use to generate engagement. Drawing on her own experience, Nubikini has created a list of her top tips for presenting your creative work on Instagram:

  • 5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv

    5 Inspirational Quotes from Logo Design Master Sagi Haviv

    We collected some of the best ideas from a talk given by Haviv, who came to Madrid to share his knowledge and career Sagi Haviv is a partner and designer at Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, a legendary studio responsible for the design of brands such as Mobil, PBS, NBC, Showtime or National Geographic; Haviv counts the logos for Animal Planet, US Open or Conservation International among his most well-known creations. The designer, one of the most influential names worldwide, spent a few days in Madrid to shoot his next course with Domestika, and took the opportunity to participate in the event Domestika Presents: Sagi Haviv, a design talk at the IED in Madrid. We collected some of the most inspiring phrases from the event, during which Haviv captivated the audience with his experience and knowledge.

  • Draw Marina Abramovic in 10 Minutes

    Draw Marina Abramovic in 10 Minutes

    Artist and course teacher, José Rosero, accepts Domestika’s challenge José Rosero (@rosero) has faced many challenges over the course of his career; he is a renowned illustrator who has had work published in various magazines, newspapers and other publications. He is also the director of CasaTinta (Bogotá), a space dedicated to illustration and visual arts. The task we challenged him to was just another excuse to pull out all the stops. Will he manage to draw the famous conceptual artist Marina Abramović in 10 minutes? In 5 minutes? In 1 minute? Find out by clicking on the following video:

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