• Domestika Projects: Watercolor Portrait Notebook

    Domestika Projects: Watercolor Portrait Notebook

    Discover the creative process behind Carlos Rodríguez Casado’s watercolor portraits Here, I (Carlos!) am sharing my project from my second Domestika course, in which I show you tricks for making a notebook for portraits using simple watercolor techniques. Filling those first few pages of a new notebook can seem a daunting task: as those blank pages stare up at you, you feel nervous that you might ruin them with what you’re about to draw or paint. To combat this fear, you should use the first few pages as a catalog of techniques that you are going to use and different effects. You are going to work with watercolor pencils, watercolor paints, and a refillable brush pen (Pentel) filled with paint diluted with water. Save a section of this catalog for testing out what happens when you mix different techniques.

  • 10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Designing an Icon

    10 Tips to Keep in Mind When Designing an Icon

    Art director Hermes Mazali gives us his tips for designing any icon you can imagine Knowing how to create effective icons is a task that requires several skills: among them, the ability to synthesize, graphic design and, above all, curiosity about the client we are working with and a deep understanding of the values and graphic approach of their brand. Hermes Mazali (@hmazali), art director with an extensive background in icon design, has synthesized everything he knows into 10 essential points to keep in mind if you want to devote yourself to this discipline. We share them below:

  • OrigamiSimulator: The Simulator That Will Teach You to Become an Origami Master

    OrigamiSimulator: The Simulator That Will Teach You to Become an Origami Master

    This paper simulator allows you to follow, step by step, the procedure of creating any origami object When it originated in China in the first or second century, those who practiced it could never have imagined the heights this noble art would reach, much less how technology would help its development. We are not talking about types of folds, much less qualities of paper, something that, of course, will have changed a lot over time, but projects like OrigamiSimulator, a platform that, thanks to technology, is capable of becoming the most patient and meticulous teacher when teaching us to create all kinds of sculptures with paper, from the simplest to the most intricate.

  • Download Free Coloring Pages #StayAtHome

    Download Free Coloring Pages #StayAtHome

    Have fun with five Andonella's illustrations to color digitally or by hand Andonella (@andonella) is a self-taught Mexican illustrator and cartoonist. Her colorful style and unique sense of humor have made their mark within the contemporary illustration scene today. Her work is full of portraits inspired by real people and the scenes that arise from her imagination, characterized by plenty of irreverence and graphic humor.

  • Domestika Talks: Santiago Carrasquilla

    Domestika Talks: Santiago Carrasquilla

    Santiago Carrasquilla, the visual artist, designer, and animator, talks about the most important stories and projects of his successful career Santiago Carrasquilla is a designer, entertainer, and audiovisual producer born in Bucaramanga (Colombia) and currently living in the United States. After his graduation, he worked for Sagmeister & Walsh for three years as a designer, first, and then as art director. In the following talk, recorded during Copa Domestika Colombia, Carrasquilla talks about his successful career, leading to one of the projects he is most proud of: his recent collaboration with Thom Yorke creating music loops for Spotify.

  • Dos and Don'ts for Your First Portfolio

    Dos and Don'ts for Your First Portfolio

    Show your creative work the right way. Here are some tips to create a perfect portfolio In all creative fields, especially those with a visual component, a portfolio becomes the main cover letter for potential clients or employers. Designing yours correctly is, therefore, essential. The content of your portfolio will largely depend on your area of expertise, your level of experience, and the quantity and quality of the projects you want to include. These are decisions that you need to make yourself (helpful tip: quality beats quantity). The choice of where to publish it is also in your hands. You can use a creative platform, such as Domestika, or your own website. Regardless of how many projects you choose to include, there are a series of tips that you should consider when showing your projects and skills. Here, we will give you some advice on what to do and what not to do when you design your portfolio:

  • What is Molecular Typography?
    What is

    What is Molecular Typography?

    An unexpected perspective on letters as living beings Molecular typography is the study of letters from a radically new perspective. In molecular typography, letters are considered molecules and have certain physical and chemical properties. All characters are formed from seven basic atomic blocks called typtoms. When these are combined, letters, numbers, and punctuation are formed, just as in chemistry different simple elements can form complex molecules.

  • Domestika Creatives: Venturia
    Masters & Creatives

    Domestika Creatives: Venturia

    Venturia Animation Studios specializes in recreating the traditional cartoon aesthetic using digital techniques Venturia Animation Studios fuses animation styles from different periods in history: taking inspiration from genre classics to create characters and backdrops using digital techniques that enable them to work more comfortably and thoroughly, and deliver the best results for their clients. It is thanks to this cocktail-approach that the Colombian animation studio has ended up collaborating with international clients such as Netflix, Warner Records, and Walt Disney World, alongside developing their own original content that captures the magic and personality of their native country. Here, Juan Manuel Urbina, creative director at Venturia Animation Studios, tells us why he is drawn to the traditional cartoon aesthetic and what it is about their characters that make them so exciting. Watch below:

  • Collage Tutorial: Trial and Error
    Creativity Tutorials

    Collage Tutorial: Trial and Error

    Mixed media artist Hanoch Piven shows us how he creates, using trial and error When it comes to creating, going with the first idea that you have can prevent you from experimenting and exploring new possibilities. Whichever discipline you’re working in, trying out different options is the only way to find surprising solutions. Don’t be scared of making errors: the process is just as important as the end product. Hanoch Piven (@piven) is an award-winning artist whose work has been published in world-renowned publications such as Time, Rolling Stone and Der Spiegel. He has also published numerous children’s books, in which he crafts unique worlds, combining different materials and textures to create playful characters. In the following tutorial, he reveals the creative process behind his collages, using trial and error. Watch it below:

  • Five Film Festivals That Are Going Virtual
    Cinema & Filmmaking

    Five Film Festivals That Are Going Virtual

    Enjoy these international film festivals from the comfort of your own home With artists and curators finding new ways to share work, connect with the public, and create communities online, we can rest assured that our next culture fix is only a click away. Following a slew of postponements and cancellations, many international film festivals are moving online, offering up diverse programs, championing independent cinema and powerful documentaries, that you can access from the comfort of your own home. From the most popular stops on the US circuit to more genre-focused events in Europe, here are five festivals that are going virtual in 2020. The show must go on!

  • Formats and Limitations for Video on Social Media
    Pro Animation

    Formats and Limitations for Video on Social Media

    Yimbo Escárrega gives practical advice on video content creation for social media It’s a proven fact that social media users prefer to consume content in video formats. Whether you’re a designer, a motion graphics artist, or a digital marketing professional, you may already know that the importance and popularity of videos and GIFs are on the rise. For that reason, it’s important that you know more about the ideal formats for this type of content, and that way you’ll be able to meet your client’s expectations or publish the ideal content for your brand. Graphic designer and motion graphics specialist Yimbo Escárrega (@yimbo8) shares the basic aspects you need to consider when creating a video for social media, such as dimensions, weight, and ideal formats for social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

  • 5 Instagram Accounts Sharing Food Styling Inspiration

    5 Instagram Accounts Sharing Food Styling Inspiration

    Espacio Crudo shares some of their favorite food photographers’ Instagram accounts Over recent years, new artists working in food styling and food photography have been emerging and proving that a love of food really does develop through the eyes. If you have some experience in photography, this is a discipline that will interest you: there is a growing demand for photographers who can capture products so that they look as delicious as they taste.

  • 10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home

    10 Tips For Being More Productive Working From Home

    While some are still reluctant, it’s becoming more common every day for businesses to allow their employees to work from home As a worker, it sounds great: you don’t have to get up hours in advance to get ready, you don’t lose hours in traffic jams, you don’t even have to shower! All that means you get to spend more time in bed. But all that glitters is not gold.. Adapting to the routine of working at home comes with its own inconveniences and it’s necessary to look for solutions that don’t leave you feeling caged in after hours indoors. This is why we wanted to share our top ten tips on how to be more productive when working from home.

  • 5 Consequences of Choosing a Bad Name
    Digital Marketing

    5 Consequences of Choosing a Bad Name

    Choosing the wrong name for your brand can result in serious consequences, from negative reactions to financial losses Ignasi Fontvila (@ignasifontvila) is an expert in verbal brand identity and a member of the Global Branding Network. He says that, before coming up with a name for your brand, you should reflect on the consequences a wrong decision could have. “Choosing a bad name means you are helping your competitors,” says Nassim Javed, president of the ABC Nambank (Canada). Today, the expert goes through different scenarios you could find yourself in as a result of a bad name. His following five points might make you reconsider some of the ideas you’ve had in the past. Being drawn to what’s obvious “The purpose of a name isn’t to describe, but to make stand out”: this is Fontvila’s first point when it comes to avoiding problems concerning brand identity and positioning. Describing is easy, but that is not your primary objective when it comes to choosing a name. That’s why so many coffee brands struggle to stand out: they don’t have unique names.

  • Vector Icons on Hand Washing and Hygiene #Stayathome

    Vector Icons on Hand Washing and Hygiene #Stayathome

    Iconfinder gives away over 300 vector icons on hand washing and hygiene measures Iconfinder is a website specialized in vector icons, formed by an international team of designers based in Copenhagen, Denmark. It brought together a group of designers to generate a pack of over 300 Covid-19 related free icons. You will find packages with topics such as hand washing, hygiene recommendations and social distancing.

  • 7 Animators That You Should Get To Know
    TOP 10

    7 Animators That You Should Get To Know

    The Domestika community has selected their favorite female animation artists We asked the Domestika community to share the female animators they most admire. Among them, are creatives from all around the world, many of whom also have backgrounds in illustration and design. Get to know them all! Rebecca Sugar (@rebeccasugar) Animator, director, producer, scriptwriter, composer, singer, and LGBTQ+ rights activist, Rebecca is the creator of the cult animation series, Steven Universe. She is the first woman to independently create a series for Cartoon Network.

  • 10 Tips for Creating a Collage
    TOP 10

    10 Tips for Creating a Collage

    Hanoch Piven shares his top tips for reinventing the meaning of everyday objects through collage Mixed media artist Hanoch Piven (@piven) creates playful portraits that have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic Monthly, The Times, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Known for his 3-dimensional collages, he reinvents the meaning and use of everyday objects–from clothes pegs and playing cards to fruit and bathroom products–to visually communicate personality and playfulness.

  • What is a Flat Lay Photo and How to Shoot It
    What is

    What is a Flat Lay Photo and How to Shoot It

    Learn to create these popular images and bring your Instagram profile and other social networks to life Flat lay photography is one of the most popular styles on social networks, especially on Instagram. It provides an ideal way to present products, projects under development or travel arrangements. Mina Barrio (@minabarrio), product photographer at Melon Blanc studio, tells you everything you need to know about this approach and how to easily create the most striking flat lays using only your phone.

  • 7 Apps for Remote Working
    TOP 10

    7 Apps for Remote Working

    If you're considering working from home, these apps could be just what you're looking for Working remotely isn't just a craze, it's becoming more common every day. Buffer's State of Remote Work annual report analyses the challenges, perceptions, and advantages for professional communities that work remotely. Of all the insights the study shares, perhaps the most interesting question is: "Would you like to work remotely, at least some of the time, in your career?" The result:

  • 5 Tips for Working From Home
    TOP 10

    5 Tips for Working From Home

    Discover practical ways to adapt to a home office routine Right now, we are facing the collective task of learning to find new ways to collaborate and form communities online. Maybe you’ve never done it before and even thinking of working from home seems like a big challenge. Here are five habits that will ensure the transition goes smoothly for you and your colleagues. If you’ve got any other ideas, please share them in the comments.

  • 5 Reference Websites for Ad Research
    Digital Marketing

    5 Reference Websites for Ad Research

    Discover new sources of inspiration for your high-impact advertising campaigns Whether you specialize in design, creativity, production or another area of ​​advertising, this list of sites we have put together for World Advertising Day could prove useful to you. All of them will help you research your campaigns and find documentation of numerous other campaigns throughout history, with detailed archives organised by categories, countries and media. In addition to being excellent reference options, they offer instant inspiration, so bookmark them all!

  • Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Make a Reed Pen
    Creativity Tutorials

    Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Make a Reed Pen

    Learn, step by step, how to make this old calligraphy tool, with Joaquín Seguí You might never have heard of a reed pen, yet, without a doubt, it is one of the oldest writing tools in existence. It is essentially a hollowed-out reed, cut diagonally at one end, which collects ink and can be used to draw on paper. It is a key tool for various types of calligraphy, including uncial, given that it enables you to create compact but organic shapes on paper. It is a useful tool for testing the waters and trying out calligraphy for the first time. To do so, you will need to know how to create your own reed pen using basic, low-cost materials. Check out Joaquín’s (@joaquinsegui) video tutorial below:

  • Challenge: Hanoch Piven is Faced With an Improvised Collage

    Challenge: Hanoch Piven is Faced With an Improvised Collage

    Hanoch Piven, mixed media visual artist and expert in collage, takes on the Domestika Challenge Hanoch Piven’s (@piven) work has featured in iconic magazines like Time, Rolling Stone and Der Speigel and won him the Society of Illustrators of New York's Gold Medal. He also publishes children’s books in which various textures and materials are woven together to build unexpected characters and universes. The mixed media artist is an expert in making faces through the collage of objects. But how will he fare when confronted with our mysterious box? Find out in the video below:

  • Free Icons that Redefine Professional Women

    Free Icons that Redefine Professional Women

    Download these free icons from Noun Project that promote equality and the fair representation of women “Visual language has the power to give form, reinforce and change our perceptions of the world,” says Sofya Polyakov, CEO and co-founder of Noun Project (@nounproject). That is why her company launched a collection of more than 60 free-to-use icons that represent women in design, arts, technology and other professional fields.

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