• 10 Free Classes to Learn How to Sell Your Brand Online

    10 Free Classes to Learn How to Sell Your Brand Online

    Learn online marketing strategies, from the basics of eCommerce to social media copywriting with these classes Digital marketing has revolutionized business and entrepreneurship. It has enabled small companies and individuals to carry out marketing campaigns without the need to invest large sums (as was the case with traditional platforms), making it possible for small brands to appear alongside well-established giants. Anyone with passion and a great idea can set up their own viable business—the trick is having a solid action plan that taps into your creativity. You need to identify your strong points, establish your objectives, create a profitable niche, and set milestones to ensure long-term sustainability.

  • 5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    Photographer Sandra Holmes shares a list of the Instagram accounts she goes to for inspiration when planning trips Slowly, the time is approaching to start traveling again. I'm one of those people who starts preparing weeks before a trip. I want to make the most of my vacation before I’ve even started packing my bags. I begin sorting out books, guidebooks, and brochures, and use Pinterest to gather interesting information. I also read books and watch movies that immerse me in my destination's atmosphere. This is all part of my creative routine that not only helps me organize my trip logistically, it's also preparation for documenting my travels through photography.

  • 5 Free Instagram Tutorials for Illustrators

    5 Free Instagram Tutorials for Illustrators

    Discover how to make your creative profile stand out on Instagram with experts in illustration and marketing When an illustrator shares their work on Instagram, they are showing off their style, techniques, and creativity. It might seem like a spontaneous choice, a random photo to fill their feed, but what lies behind this decision? Dedication and hard work. Illustrators who manage their personal brand on Instagram know that the road ahead can at times seem more like a maze. However, their passion for what they do drives them to try out new tools and explore new ways to connect with their followers on social media.

  • 65 Premiere Rush Shortcuts for Editing Social Media Videos
    Film & Video

    65 Premiere Rush Shortcuts for Editing Social Media Videos

    Speed up your workflow for editing, producing, and publishing social media videos with these essential keyboard shortcuts Adobe Premiere Rush is a program designed to quickly make and share videos online. It lets you edit, color correct, adjust audio, add titles, and more. It can be used on multiple devices, offers hundreds of customizable motion graphics effects, and can be integrated with Adobe Stock. To get the most out of this program and speed up your process for creating content for social media, check out these shortcuts.

  • 10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

    10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

    Enjoy these incredibly creative cake designs by artists with large followings on social media Cake designing is a decorative baking technique that proves you can eat something with your eyes. Even the most greedy, those who never say no to trying something sweet, would probably be left speechless in front of such masterpieces and hold back for a minute. These artistic creations deserve time to appreciate their colorful look, rich in textures and endless details. Creative bakery is also perfect for a visual channel such as Instagram. By visiting the #cakedesign hashtag, you can get lost among the number of real masterpieces, in all styles and from all over the world.

  • 13 Free Essential Tutorials for Mastering Social Media

    13 Free Essential Tutorials for Mastering Social Media

    Take your social media profiles to the next level with these expert tips and resources Social Media platforms have become such a big part of our lives. Since social media emerged, it has changed the way we communicate and consume content, giving us the power to impact trends and broadcast information. New features are constantly being launched to enrich our experiences as users. The growth of social media is unstoppable. However, if social networks are continuing to expand, are users finding it easier to face new challenges: Is it easy to get increased engagement? Gain more followers? Can I improve my photos? Should I explore what options TikTok has to offer?

  • Animation Tutorial: How to Encode for Instagram and Vimeo
    3D & Animation

    Animation Tutorial: How to Encode for Instagram and Vimeo

    Learn the basic settings needed to encode your animation projects so that you can share them online, with Dan Zucco One of the most exciting parts of creating an animation is the final step: getting to share your work with the world. To do that, you’ll need to encode and upload it to an online platform like Instagram or Vimeo, where it can be enjoyed by your followers and be discovered by new viewers. Dan Zucco (@dan_zucco) is a freelance 3D art and motion director who produces 3D content for commercials, events, and social media. In this tutorial, he shows you how to use Adobe Media Encoder to prepare and encode your animations so that they’re ready to share online.

  • Instagram Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect IG Reels

    Instagram Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect IG Reels

    Learn how to produce creative Instagram Reels from scratch and succeed on social media, with Vix Meldrew Vix Meldrew is an educator specializing in social media and personal branding who helps people and brands build communities using Instagram. Her work as a professional content creator and influencer consultant led her to establish Grow & Glow, a community of creators and founders that empowers others on their brand-building journey. In this tutorial, Vix shares four fundamental tips to create successful IG Reels. Find out more in the video.

  • 10 Inspirational Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts

    10 Inspirational Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts

    Discover different techniques, uses, and styles and start bullet journaling Bullet journaling means taking a blank notebook and using it to plan, organize, and document your thoughts, anecdotes, inspiration, task list… anything! Unlike a regular journal, a bullet journal isn’t pre-designed, you shape and evolve its contents. If you love to be organized and creative, you’re going to love bullet journaling. We asked the Domestika Instagram community to recommend their favorite bullet journaling accounts to give you some inspiration. Here are the results: Bullet Journals (@bullet.journals) Bullet Journals is a great space to explore the possibilities that this format offers for recording dreams, fantasies, and events. It showcases the work of artists from around the world.