Instagram Tutorial: How to Create Attention-Grabbing Photo Captions

Learn how to work on your photo captions and structure your Instagram posts with Pati Gagarin

You have to upload great photos to achieve a harmonious, appealing Instagram feed. And a great photo caption will raise your account profile and get followers raining in. It’s important to stand out on the world’s most visual social network. One way to do so is with appealing, clever texts with plenty of personality. So what’s the best way to come up with an attention-grabbing photo caption?

Pati Gagarin (@patigagarin) is a photographer. She has worked for clients including Adidas, Google, Vogue España and Reebok. She has also created numerous personal projects using natural light and an infinite range of colors. In this tutorial, she teaches you the basic tips to improve your captions and give your Instagram posts meaning.

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3 basic tips to improve your photo captions and give your Insta feed meaning

1. Work on your photo caption
Photo captions help set the tone. It’s a good idea to maintain a coherent voice, as this will give your Instagram feed a solid personality. (You can also break the rules now and again!) Remember you have up to 2,000 characters, but don’t forget to include line breaks to make long entries easier to read. Jot all your captions down in your notebook, be creative, play around and experiment with words.

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2. Use hashtags
Using hashtags is a great way to increase the audience for your photos and to organize your content. There’s a limit of 30 hashtags per post, but it’s best not to use more than 4 or 5 to ensure impact.

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3. Interact with your audience
Create Calls to Action (CTAs) to interact with your audience. Ask questions related to your photo. For example, if your image shows a city, ask for tourism or restaurant recommendations. You can also ask people for their opinion about the subject of your post to generate debate and interaction. It’s important to create a community and pay attention to the details in Instagram. Never forget to answer your followers.

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Did you like this tutorial? If you want to learn how to showcase your visual identity make your in Instagram profile your best business card, don’t miss Pati Gagarin’s online tutorial: Instagram as a Photography Portfolio.

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