Challenge: Improvised Knolling

Photographer Pati Gagarin works for clients including Vogue España, Google and Adidas. In this Domestika Challenge, she improvises a Knolling from scratch.

Pati Gagarin (@patigagarin) studied Technical Architecture at university, but actually she preferred taking pictures to making buildings. So she made the leap to professional photography in 2013. Ever since she’s worked for clients like Vogue España, Google and Adidas and has developed her own projects featuring natural light, colors and order.

One of Pati Gagarin’s passions is putting things in order (especially by color), as a quick glance at her Instagram account makes clear! She often uses knolling or overhead shots to create still lifes of an infinite number of scrupulously arranged objects.

So Domestika set her a challenge: create a Knolling in just 11 minutes. The challenge was divided into two parts. First Pati Gagarin was given one minute to find the materials for her work in the Domestika dressing room. Then she had to create a Knolling from scratch in just 10 minutes. Did she succeed? Find out in this video:

Like this Domestika Challenge? Remember Pati Gagarin teaches you how to showcase your work and make your Instagram profile your best business card in her online course: Instagram as a Photography Portfolio.

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