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After Effects Tutorial: How to Create a Loop

Learn to loop an animation in After Effects with Moncho Massé

One of our favorite features from After Effects is that it enables you to create loop animations. A loop animation has no beginning nor end–it repeats itself infinitely. This makes it easy to create gifs and is a very useful tool for generating social media content.

Freelance illustrator and animator Moncho Massé will show you how to create your own loop animation in After Effects in the following video. You just need to have already designed the character that you’ll be using to create your continuous loop.

Creating a composition

We begin by creating a composition measuring 1080x1080–this will be the final composition for our loop. We can save it as whatever we like, for example “Loop Composition”, and set the duration to five seconds–we wouldn’t want anything much longer than that for a gif.


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