• 5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    Photographer Sandra Holmes shares a list of the Instagram accounts she goes to for inspiration when planning trips Slowly, the time is approaching to start traveling again. I'm one of those people who starts preparing weeks before a trip. I want to make the most of my vacation before I’ve even started packing my bags. I begin sorting out books, guidebooks, and brochures, and use Pinterest to gather interesting information. I also read books and watch movies that immerse me in my destination's atmosphere. This is all part of my creative routine that not only helps me organize my trip logistically, it's also preparation for documenting my travels through photography.

  • Free Guide: Makeup Tips for Photography

    Free Guide: Makeup Tips for Photography

    Discover the secrets of makeup in photography with an expert and create striking professional images Lighting is what allows a photograph to tell a story and convey emotions and sensations. Contrast, shadow and brightness, when properly used, transform a simple image into something striking. In this image capture process, dedicated flashes, light modifiers and makeup play a crucial role in giving the photographer more scene control and cutting down on editing time. Photographer Chris Robinson (@chrisccrobinson) is an expert in using light to materialize abstract feelings and create portraits that highlight the subject's facial expressions.

  • What Is Focus in Photography?

    What Is Focus in Photography?

    Learn about different camera lenses are and when and where to use them to achieve the best focus In photography, focus is the sharpest area of the image. It is the area where the lens works to highlight an object, a person, or a situation. Focus is one of the pillars of photography, along with ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. You can either use automatic or manual focus. In automatic mode, the camera adjusts the focus in response to incoming light so that the subject appears sharpest. In manual mode, the photographer has to turn the lens’ focus wheel until the desired part of the image is in focus.

  • 10 Free Online Photography Classes For Beginners

    10 Free Online Photography Classes For Beginners

    Discover free photography classes led by Domestika experts to inspire you and help you achieve the best results Since its invention a couple of centuries ago, photography and the ability to immortalize any moment of our lives has transformed our world. If you are starting out in this art, it will be useful to know some essential tips to make the most of it as you develop as a photographer. Following a photography course can help you master this art, You can explore all its possibilities and use your creativity through experimenting in this popular form of expression.

  • 5 Free Apps for Restoring and Animating Old Photos

    5 Free Apps for Restoring and Animating Old Photos

    Bring old photos to life and animate your memories with these five apps We all have old photos that we wish were in better condition: portraits of family members we never had the chance to meet, people we haven’t seen for decades, or places we once lived or used to visit. If only we could restore their original quality. The good news is that analog and digital photography are working together better than ever. Thanks to cell phones and artificial intelligence, today we can accurately reconstruct photos of faces, objects, and landscapes. This list of free apps will enable you to improve blurred and washed-out images, give them a new look, and, in some cases, animate a gesture, person, or landscape.

  • Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Would you like to have the ultimate guide to night photography? Check out these essential professional tips If you have tried night photography you may have found it is a different process to photographing in daytime! The reason is that you don’t rely on your light meter in the camera. My Domestika course, Introduction to Digital Photography in Manual Mode, is on how to use your camera in manual mode and you need to understand this process to be able to use long shutter speeds for night time photographs or to make water look smooth.

  • Photography Tutorial: Lighting with a Beauty Dish

    Photography Tutorial: Lighting with a Beauty Dish

    Learn how to light like a professional using a beauty dish, with Julia Robbs Even if you’re new to photography, you probably know that lighting is fundamental to achieving professional-looking photos. A beauty dish is a useful tool for portrait shots, as it creates a focal point for the light, illuminating the model and creating contrast between light and shadow for flattering results. Julia Robbs (@juliarobbs) is a fashion and beauty photographer based in NYC. Her love of travel has taken her all over the world, working both in-studio and on location for lifestyle, portraiture, beauty, and fashion photoshoots. In this tutorial, Julia gives you some simple and easy-to-follow advice to create stunning beauty shots using a beauty dish.

  • Basic Materials for Coloring Photos with Watercolors

    Basic Materials for Coloring Photos with Watercolors

    Discover which materials you need to start experimenting with paint and photographs After Joseph Niépce produced the first photograph in 1826, around 100 years passed before the first color film arrived. However, you would be mistaken to think that all photographic records produced during that century were in black and white. Long before the legendary Kodachrome, one of the first great photographic color films, color was added by hand using processes such as photo painting, also known as hand coloring.

  • Photographer Claudia Andujar: a Life Dedicated to the Socially Invisible

    Photographer Claudia Andujar: a Life Dedicated to the Socially Invisible

    Discover the work of this 90-year-old Swiss-Brazilian creator and activist, defender of the indigenous cause Half a century ago, when Claudia Andujar first visited the great land of the Yanomami, a territory larger than Portugal, situated on the extreme North of Brazil, and inhabited by around 30,000 souls, this ancient civilization was living in isolation, leading existences embedded in tradition. Over the next few decades, she was able to document what assimilation had meant to the villages of the forest—illegal mining of metals, land-grabbing, loss of traditions and landmarks, illness, and misery. During the most critical moments of the aggressive developmentalism by the military dictatorship and the failing democratization at the end of the 1980s, the Swiss photographer, with Brazilian naturalization, captured the accelerated transformation that impacted the surviving people who originally inhabited the country.

  • The PhotoBook That Vindicates the Memory of Argentina's Trans Community

    The PhotoBook That Vindicates the Memory of Argentina's Trans Community

    Archivo de la Memoria Trans preserves the happy moments of the trans community during a time of criminalization Argentina became the first country in South America to establish the Gender Identity Act in 2012. Before that, trans identity was criminalized and repressed by the police. Those who were forced to live on the edge of society had to look for ways to find refuge and create a fantasy parallel life for their community. The Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina is an audiovisual collection that aims to preserve, build and vindicate the memory of the Argentinean trans community through photographs, videos, and diary entries. The archive contains some 10.000 images, dating back from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1990s. Part of this material has been turned into a book. Its goal is to recall the memories of the protagonists, captured in a happy moment during an otherwise difficult era.

  • The NASA Lens That Ended Up in the Hands of Stanley Kubrick
    Film & Video

    The NASA Lens That Ended Up in the Hands of Stanley Kubrick

    Discover how the legendary film director shot scenes from Barry Lyndon with a lens designed to photograph the dark side of the Moon Of the thirteen feature films that Stanley Kubrick directed during his career, Barry Lyndon appears relatively far down the list when ranked according to commercial success (according to IndieWire, the top spots go to 2001: A Space Odyssey, Spartacus, and The Shining). However, Kubrick’s adaptation of William Makepeace Thackeray’s novel following the life of an ambitious young Irish social climber, played by Ryan O’Neal, who sets out to achieve wealth and status by all means possible, is often considered a favorite among cinephiles.

  • 5 Contemporary Artists Who Color Photographs with Paint

    5 Contemporary Artists Who Color Photographs with Paint

    Discover this technique for coloring photos and be inspired by these innovative photographers and visual artists Painting and photography are two visual languages that can be combined to create surreal universes that awaken our creativity and imagination. For Brazilian documentary filmmaker, director of photography, photographer, and visual artist Carine Wallauer (@wallauercarine), combining photo records with watercolor painting techniques allows her to experiment with new emotions and play with different tones and textures in her art.

  • Free Guide: Basics of Composition in Photography

    Free Guide: Basics of Composition in Photography

    Do you want to learn how to best arrange the elements of a photograph to capture the best shot? Check out this guide In photography, as much as in other art forms, capturing the perfect shot requires a good subject that can tell a story and some fundamental skills: one of these skills is getting the right composition. Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Giulia Candussi (@giulia_candussi) can teach you how to take high-quality photos that can convey your unique vision. One of the essential skills is knowing how to guide the viewer’s gaze towards the most salient elements of your image; in other words, using adequate composition.

  • What Is Documentary Family Photography?

    What Is Documentary Family Photography?

    Discover a photography style that captures the intimacy, routines, and relationship ties of a family If you are over 30, you will remember when your parents and grandparents used to pull out and show family albums to visiting family and friends. Together with many staged pictures, those albums are also full of spontaneous and unexpected snapshots. In the days of analog photography, you could not see the result of your shots before developing them, which allowed for a lot more spontaneity. And spontaneity is one of the main features of celebrated Brazilian photographer Grazi Ventura (@graziventura), a documentary family photography specialist.

  • Discover Julia Nimke’s Outstanding Travel Photography

    Discover Julia Nimke’s Outstanding Travel Photography

    Explore the nature-inspired work of this German photographer as she takes us on her travels around the world We all live in the same world, but we do not always manage to honor its beauty when it comes to capturing it on film or in photos. Specialist travel photographers know how to connect with the wonders of our surroundings through their lenses. The images they capture enable us to experience the magic of those places, even if we’ve never been there. Julia Nimke (@julia_nimke) is a German photographer who specializes in travel and lifestyle. She has worked with clients such as Adobe, Mercedes-Benz, Lufthansa, and Sony. She knows how to represent the emotion and beauty of our planet. Read on to learn about her fascinating professional journey.

  • Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021!

    Meet the Winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021!

    Thousands of creatives from all over the world took part in the third edition of Domestika Scholarships March 9th marked the launch of the third edition of Domestika Scholarships, an initiative that recognizes and celebrates the talents of creatives from all over the world. Thousands of participants–65% of which were women–from across the globe submitted their portfolios in response to our third call-out for entries, with the majority of the projects presented falling into the categories of design and illustration. A jury composed of top experts working in the creative sector, all of whom are also Domestika teachers, was asked to select the best candidates to be awarded scholarships. The members of the jury are Paloma Rincón (@paloma_rincon), Sagi Haviv (@sagi), Catalina Estrada (@catalinaestrada), Pepe Gimeno (@pepegimeno), Ana Victoria Calderón (@anavictoriana), Antoni Arola (@toniarola), Trini Guzmán (@holaleon), Alexis Moyano (@alexismoyano), Mattias Adolfsson (@mattiasadolfsson), Isadora Zeferino (@imzeferino), Ji Lee (@jilee),Fito Espinosa (@fitoespinosa), James Lewis (@jamesllewis), Marcelo Tas (@marcelo_tas), and Alex Trochut (@trochut). The ten winners will each get to choose 50 free courses from the entire Domestika catalog to boost their creativity and enhance their learning across multiple disciplines. Meet the ten winners of Domestika Scholarships 2021 below! Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên (@tranphucnguyenyenn1997) Yên Trần Phúc Nguyên is a Vietnamese illustrator who studied at Ho Chi Minh City University of Architecture, majoring in graphic design. Her work is influenced by Asian crafts such as Chinese handscrolls. In her project Memoirs of a Geisha, an illustrated Orihon book originating from the Tang Dynasty, she used Indian ink, a Kolinsky sable brush, and lines to recreate the mysterious beauty of the world of geishas. Yên Trần had not experimented with digital tools before.

  • What Is Fine Art Photography?

    What Is Fine Art Photography?

    Learn all about this photographic style and its key characteristics Although there isn't one clear definition to describe fine art photography, a key characteristic of this type of photography project is that its author always has a clear intention. In this discipline, the photographer is considered an artist. The images, which translate the creative vision of the person behind the lens, seek to go beyond reproducing or representing reality, as is the case, for example, in documentary photography. Instead, these images are the fruit of an artistic process that will usually have been developed over months. Their aim, like all works of art, is to invent, or, to quote a song by brazilian artist Caetano Veloso, "throw worlds at the world".

  • Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Meet the 10 Female Photographers of World Press Photo 2021

    Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees The World Press Photo Contest recognizes the best visual journalism of the last year, rewarding images and stories in eight categories: Contemporary Issues, General News, Environment, Long-Term Projects, Nature, Spot News, Sports, and Portraits. This year, 4315 photographers from 130 countries entered 74,470 images. Of the 45 photographers nominated, only 10 are women. Following the announcement of this year’s winners, we spotlight the 10 female nominees, two of whom have just been awarded first place in their categories.