• Peter Lord, Creator of Aardman Animations, Shares His Unique Wisdom
    3D & Animation

    Peter Lord, Creator of Aardman Animations, Shares His Unique Wisdom

    Peter Lord shares his insight and stories of UK-based Aardman Animations, in this Domestika Maestros In the sixties, two British school friends turned university students decided to try their hand at animation. They wanted something to keep them entertained, and to experiment with a new hobby. But what began as a way of passing the time, went on to be a multinational, award-winning animation company, with cult character creations such as Morph, Shaun The Sheep, and Wallace and Gromit captivating audiences along the way. This is the story of one half of the duo, Peter Lord, who along with his old school friend, David Sproxton, has become a national treasure in the UK, and one of the most successful animators of all time.

  • Paula Scher: Insider Advice From the Trailblazing Designer

    Paula Scher: Insider Advice From the Trailblazing Designer

    The rock star of visual identity gives us her unique insight into the world of branding and design Paula Scher is no stranger to success. The designer, artist, and teacher, is the creative genius behind the visual identities of some of the most important brands in the world, with an enviable client list that includes Coca-Cola, Tiffany & Co, Microsoft, the New York City Ballet, and the Museum of Modern Art. In this episode of Domestika Maestros, we discover the challenges she has faced in the industry, the defining moments of her career, and a few insider tips for aspiring creatives.

  • Yves Zimmermann: six decades at the forefront of design

    Yves Zimmermann: six decades at the forefront of design

    The Swiss designer was a key player in Spain for his inventive logos and graphic solutions Designer, teacher, editor. If he were just one of these things, Yves Zimmermann would have still left a mark on the early years of graphic design in Spain. However, he managed to be all three and his impact on the craft is still felt today. Zimmermann, who died on Sunday, July 4, 2021 at the age of 84, leaves us a legacy of corporate identities in Spain and wide international recognition. Arriving in Barcelona in 1961, at just 24, Zimmermann brought with him a new conception of design, influenced by his Swiss roots, that he applied to his works, classes and collection of books GG Diseño. Zimmermann has worked with Barcelona Airport, the Bank of Spain, Carolina Herrera and the Círculo de Lectores. He was a finalist in the competition to design the euro notes and won the Premio Nacional de Diseño in Spain. Join us to remember the extraordinary career of Zimmermann in this interview that he gave to Domestika - that became his last one - where he transmitted his passion for graphic solutions, talked about his legacy, the industry and current creativity.

  • 7 Masters of Graphic Design Share Their Industry-insider Secrets

    7 Masters of Graphic Design Share Their Industry-insider Secrets

    Get to know these legendary international graphic designers and discover their industry-insider secrets Just like any other creative discipline, the key to graphic design is practice. Listening to and learning from the best of the best will help you to perfect your daily output. These 10 graphic designers from our Domestika Masters series share their experiences to help you develop your own library of references and reflect on the role of a graphic designer. Domestika Masters: Milton Glaser Not many designers have been able to say that they have produced several works that are considered iconic all over the world. However, US designer Milton Glaser (1929-2020) was one of them. Founder of New York Magazine and creator of the I ❤ NY logotype–to give just a couple of examples–Glaser was a gamechanger in the history of design.

  • Domestika Maestros: Ouka Leele

    Domestika Maestros: Ouka Leele

    Photographer and painter Ouka Leele uses reality to build new worlds of color and fantasy Should the photograph be a faithful reflection of reality or of the photographer's inner world? Maybe both? These kinds of questions have been asked of the art of capturing still images since its beginnings, giving rise to an infinite number of different photographic styles, depending on the philosophy of the person pressing the shutter. In the case of the photographer, painter, and artist Ouka Leele (Madrid, 1957), icon of Spain's cultural revolution in the 1980s and winner of the country's National Photography Prize, the answer to these questions might seem simple: Leele is known above all for her combination of photography and painting, for her black and white snapshots that she later painstakingly colors to obtain a new reality. A world apart. But she herself assures us that, if she does so, it is because those are the true colors of reality. We visited Ouka Leele in her studio in Madrid to learn about her particular photographic philosophy, go over the milestones of a fascinating career, and hear her advice to new generations of photographers. Discover her story in the video below:

  • Domestika Maestros: Chip Kidd

    Domestika Maestros: Chip Kidd

    We talked to American writer, editor, and graphic designer Chip Kidd, one of the most famous and influential book cover designers in history It's hard not to find a book on your shelf that carries one of his designs. Chip Kidd (Pennsylvania, 1964) has worked on over 3000 book covers of all genres, styles, and authors. From Cormac McCarthy to Haruki Murakami, his images have illustrated stories for over three decades. His cover of the mythical novel "Jurassic Park", the skeleton silhouette of a T-Rex, has become part of our cultural imaginary. Chip Kidd opens the doors of his studio in New York and shares with his reflections from his extensive career.

  • Domestika Maestros: Tom Geismar

    Domestika Maestros: Tom Geismar

    Tom Geismar, one of the most important graphic designers of the 20th Century, took us through his career and his life-long commitment to design Founder of the influential agency Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv, and the creator of the visual identities of many of the most well-known brands in the world, such as Mobil, Xerox and PBS, the story of design would look very different if it weren't for Tom Geismar. Over 50 years in design have confirmed Geismar's place as one of the greats of modern logo design and visual identity. Always up to date with the most recent trends, Geismar guided us through his most recent achievements such as the visual program for National Geographic, making it clear once more that good design doesn't depend on eras or styles but timeless principles. Find out what he had to say in the video below:

  • Domestika Maestros: Viki Ospina

    Domestika Maestros: Viki Ospina

    A pioneer of Colombian photojournalism, her camera has captured the last 50 years of the country's history When Viki Ospina started taking photographs, being a photojournalist and a woman were almost incompatible. Still, working alongside other photographers who struggled for decades to claim their role in the world, she managed to find a place for women in this profession. Along the way, Ospina also captured all the contradictions of the recent history of Colombia through the lens of her camera. The photographer meets us in her studio to enlighten us with all her wisdom, accumulated over decades of constant work. Passionate about capturing the true essence of things, and about transmitting everything she learned throughout her extraordinary career, Ospina reviews the most important moments of her life in the following video.

  • Domestika Maestros: Milton Glaser

    Domestika Maestros: Milton Glaser

    One of the 20th Century’s most influential designers, from ‘I Love New York’ to work with Dylan and Obama, his talents have helped define graphic design today It’s not common for a designer to see not one, not two, but three of their designs go viral but Milton Glaser (New York, 1929) has experienced just that. The influence of his work, which stretches from editorial design to branding, passing through interior design, is impossible to calculate. The New York Magazine, the ‘I Love New York’ logo, and the iconic posters of the Barack Obama presidential campaign are just a few of his creations. We sat down with him in his New York studio to discuss just some of the many hits of his career.

  • Domestika Maestros: Colita

    Domestika Maestros: Colita

    We speak to the photographer who has captured many of the 20th century’s most famous faces, stories, and personalities, and discover what defines great photography and makes a great photographer Isabel Steva Hernández (Barcelona, 1940) has always been known to those around her as Colita. While photography has had a big impact on her life, now, at almost 80 years old, it’s no longer at the center of it. She no longer needs what for decades was her way of life, her way of survival, her way to have fun. Here, she shares what defines great photography what makes a great photographer.

  • Domestika Maestros: Enric Huguet

    Domestika Maestros: Enric Huguet

    We got to know the human side of one of the design world’s most renowned pioneers, who defines the designer as a "poet of the world’s images". Enric Huguet Muixí (Barcelona, 1928) is one of the fathers of graphic design and illustration in Spain. He made his name creating some of the most iconic posters of the 50s and 60s and designing brands and other commercial communication, most often in the pharmaceutical sector.