How to Crochet: 12 FAQs Answered

Learn about essential crochet techniques and materials with these top tips, whether you’re a beginner or advanced

A historic technique that's made a comeback in recent years, crochet is an incredible gateway to the world of needlework. This trendy and versatile craft offers a broad range of creative possibilities and is used to make everything from clothes to upholstery, amigurumi dolls, decorative pieces, and beyond. As such, it’s a great hobby for those looking for a new creative discipline or even as a way to relax, needle and thread in hand.

In this article, four crochet teachers—Flor Samoilenco (@florsamoilenco), Estefa González (@santapazienzia), Estefanía Béllico (@alelidecocrochet), and Marcelo Cortés (@principe_del_crochet)—answer the top FAQs about crochet that they receive in their courses. They cover basic questions from what hook and yarn to choose for your designs to understanding the types of projects best suited to your level of experience.

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