Free Download: Notebook Drawing Exercises

Download our selection of free drawing exercises and unlock your artistic potential

Free Download: Notebook Drawing Exercises 1

Facing the blank page is always difficult and it is good to have some kind of guide, with techniques and tools, to use when we feel we lack inspiration. At Domestika, we give you plenty of resources (many of them free) that you can use depending on what you need. In this case, we come with nothing more and nothing less than four free documents that will help you when drawing, to unlock your artistic potential.

First of all, we want to tell you about the author, because if we have these documents it is thanks to her. She is Sarah van Dongen (@sarahvandongenillustration), a Dutch illustrator and Domestika teacher[/url] who loves nature, food and spending hours at home, three themes that she captures to perfection in her drawings. Besides drawing as a hobby, she also draws professionally and has created several children's books and collaborated with international magazines.

Free Download: Notebook Drawing Exercises 3

In this free file pack that we are sharing with you today, Sarah van Dongen presents you with different exercises covering four themes: drawing and observation, inspiration and research, experimentation and play, and imagination and association. She will give you the instructions and all you have to do is let her guide you and try out the techniques she suggests. We have no doubt that with them you will be able to unblock your creativity a little more.

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Also, if you like Sarah's proposal, we invite you to join her courses in Domestika. She has a total of three courses, all of them related to drawing. We invite you to start with Notebook exercises to grow as an artist, from where we have taken the free documents we share with you today.

In this online course, Sarah teaches you different exercises to develop the most important artistic skills, overcome creative blocks and unlock your imagination. You will be able to fill a sketchbook with experimental drawings using different materials and reference images, designed to help you improve your creativity. It will feel like a game where you learn and explore your skills in depth.

Why a sketchbook? A sketchbook is an essential tool for any artist. It's a safe space where you can improve your skills, develop your style, try new materials and explore different techniques, so give it a try!

In addition and as always, we leave you other links that may interest you about the world of drawing:

- Character Design Tutorial: How to Draw Manga Eyes

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