The Impactful Winner of the 2024 World Press Photo: A Portrait of Pain and Resilience

Discover the moving story behind the winning image of the 2024 World Press Photo, captured by photographer Mohammed Salem in Gaza.

Attention all photography enthusiasts! The winner of the prestigious 2024 World Press Photo has been announced, and this time it brings us an image that leaves no one indifferent. Mohammed Salem, a photographer for Reuters, has been awarded for his striking capture at Nasser Hospital in Jan Yunis, southern Gaza Strip.

Mohammed Salem
Mohammed Salem

The photograph, taken on October 17, 2023, shows Inas Abu Maamar, a 36-year-old Palestinian woman, sobbing as she cradles the shrouded body of her five-year-old niece in the hospital morgue. This heartbreaking scene reflects the pain and loss that many families have experienced during the Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip.

Mohammed Salem, humbly, has expressed that this image is not to celebrate, but greatly values the recognition and the opportunity to share this story with a wider audience. From Reuters, during the award ceremony in Amsterdam, Netherlands, the importance of the world being aware of the human impact of war, especially on children, was emphasized.

The World Press Photo Foundation also wanted to recognize the sacrifice of journalists covering conflicts, lamenting the death of 99 professionals since the start of the Gaza conflict. This image, among thousands, stands out for its care and respect, offering both a metaphorical and literal view of unimaginable loss.

The 2024 World Press Photo spans a wide range of topics, from the wars in Gaza and Ukraine to migration, family, and dementia. This year, 33 photographers from 130 countries have been awarded, selected from over 61,000 works. Each image tells a unique and powerful story that invites us to reflect on the world around us.

The Impactful Winner of the 2024 World Press Photo: A Portrait of Pain and Resilience 7

This award is more than a recognition of the technical skill of photographers; it is a reminder of the importance of photography as a means to document reality and raise awareness of the injustices and challenges facing our society.
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