• How Video Game Soundtracks Help You Level Up Your Creativity
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    How Video Game Soundtracks Help You Level Up Your Creativity

    Even if you aren’t gaming, here’s how video game soundtracks can help you level up your creativity Whether you’re crafting, painting, or editing images, getting into the flow while you’re working can help you focus and better enjoy the creative process. Listening to music is a great way to do that. Research suggests that listening to happy music promotes divergent thinking, which is a key element of creativity. Beyond that, music can also help get you into a flow state, if it meets certain criteria.

  • 5 Great Examples of TV and Cinema Voice-over Narration
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    5 Great Examples of TV and Cinema Voice-over Narration

    Find out how to use off-screen voice-overs to define the tone of a story The use of off-screen voice-overs to add an extra layer of meaning to what you see on the screen is common practice in audiovisuals. With voice-overs, screenwriters and directors can change their story’s tone and add elements that highlight the narrative. As an option, a voice-over can create a new atmosphere, structure a story, guide the script. It also serves as a way to engage the audience in the story. To write good voice-overs, we have compiled a series of excellent examples of audiovisual work that use this technique, and that will undoubtedly inspire you: American Beauty (Dir. Sam Mendes, 1999) This is a classic example of how the narration can keep the viewer engaged and fill in the story’s gaps. The movie begins with the protagonist telling us he is dead, and we see the sequence of events that lead him to his death. Through this narration, we learn about the protagonist's past, his circumstances, and the people around him. In this case, the off-screen voice-over allows the audience to become deeply engaged in the story and learn the facts, culminating in the final twist. American Beauty is an example of off-screen narration that directs the story.

  • Basic DJ Equipment for Beginners

    Basic DJ Equipment for Beginners

    Discover the setup recommended by Chuck Pereda for mixing electronic music Always wanted your own DJ setup? Before you start preparing your set and get ready to make your DJ debut, you will need some basic equipment (in addition to a love of music.) Chuck Pereda (@chuck_pereda), a DJ and radio presenter with more than two decades’ of experience, shares a basic list of essential equipment for beginner DJs. Chuck wants to point out that you will be able to acquire the following material second-hand. These are just recommendations, get together what you can, and turn up the volume.

  • 10 Music Playlists to Spark Your Creativity

    10 Music Playlists to Spark Your Creativity

    These playlists, curated by Domestika teachers, will inspire you Music and creativity are inseparable for many; some artists even say hitting that Play button is the first thing they do when they get to their studio or sit at the computer to work. With that in mind, we asked some of the creative professionals who teach courses at Domestika to share the music that inspires them most at work. Painting with music by Alex Hillkurtz If you had to choose a song that makes the paint flow and brushes dance, what would it be? For Alex Hillkurtz (@alexhillkurtzart), who teaches Architectural Sketching with Watercolor and Ink at Domestika, it is impossible to choose just one, so he has compiled the most inspiring titles in this playlist.

  • 40 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Pro Tools
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    40 Basic Keyboard Shortcuts for Pro Tools

    Discover the basic keyboard shortcuts for one of the most popular audio editing programs Pro Tools is one of the most popular DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations) among the creative community involved in audiovisual projects. Due to its friendly interface and the wide variety of plugins it offers for recording, editing, and mixing audio, it has been one of the most recommended software packages of the last three decades for sound professionals. One of the most valued features is that it works both in MacOS and Windows, so it offers flexibility for all kinds of users. Get to know the basic shortcuts —compatible with both platforms— that will optimize your workflow. Download a PDF filw with these shortcuts at the end of this post.

  • How To Perfect Your At-home Sound Recording Booth
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    How To Perfect Your At-home Sound Recording Booth

    Follow these tips to turn your space into a home studio You’ve got your computer, microphone, monitors, a DAW–digital audio workstation–set up and your at-home studio is ready to go. However, when you finally get around to recording, you don’t get the results you were expecting. Even though you have all the right equipment, to get quality results, you will nearly always need to spend time adjusting the acoustics in the space where you’ll be recording. If you’re a producer, audio designer, audio, or music content developer, and you need to improve the quality of your voice recordings, follow these simple tips that will help you to perfect your at-home sound studio.

  • Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Ableton Live 10
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    Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Ableton Live 10

    Discover the basic keyboard shortcuts of one of the most popular digital audio editing programs Ableton Live 10 is a complete digital audio editing studio. It's incredibly popular among musicians, editors, and audio professionals because not only is it an excellent tool for composing, creating masters, recording, and mixing; it also allows working with live music, both for DJ sets and instrumental music. The different view modes allow you to use samples or MIDI files, control live sessions, and edit or produce music using the tools of a classic sequencer. Get to know the most used shortcuts that will allow you to improve your productivity and save time. You can download a PDF with these shortcuts at the end of this post.

  • 5 Websites to Download Free Stock Music
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    5 Websites to Download Free Stock Music

    Give your audiovisual projects an original touch with these free audio resources Free music and sound libraries are a staple for creating video projects. They don’t only help you produce unique pieces with audio elements adjusted to your needs, but they help build your style. You’ve got to invest sufficient time to choose the right track instead of just the most popular ones. That way, you’ll make more professional and original projects. That’s why we’ve made this list of 5 platforms so you can find the perfect feel among an enormous variety of options. NoCopyrightSounds (NCS) This record label is one of the most practical and high-quality resources around for free music. NCS was founded by a British entrepreneur Billy Woodford in 2011 and, although his original idea was to provide music to video game developers, it’s possible to use his library for all kinds of audiovisual projects published on YouTube or Twitch. The collection is predominantly electronic music, and the only requirement is to credit the musicians and the platform.

  • How to Set up a Sound Recording Studio at Home
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    How to Set up a Sound Recording Studio at Home

    Advice for recording and producing your own audio projects at home Whether you work in audiovisual, music, or a specialized area of audio production, going that extra mile will not only help you stand out amongst the competition but will make your experiences more enjoyable and improve the quality of the work you produce. Where and how best to record audio at home is one of the first hurdles those looking to develop their own audio projects are currently facing (whether you’re looking to launch your first-ever podcast or to improve the quality of your video projects). While the amount of money and time you invest in a home studio is entirely your choice, it’s important for you to consider the following information before you decide for certain that you want to go ahead.

  • Podcast and radio: similar but not the same

    Podcast and radio: similar but not the same

    Podcasts are quickly becoming a substitute for traditional radio, but both media outlets are somewhat different You could call podcasts and radio distant cousins; it's almost impossible to ignore the similarities. Both are media outlets that have audio and voice at their core (although - for a brief period of time - video podcasts were also a thing, before YouTube killed them). It's also easy to see that both are not exactly the same. A radio show can be turned into a podcast, split into small pieces to listen to on demand. And a podcast can easily be broadcast on a radio station, providing it has enough quality. But something, or several things, sets them apart - both outlets have different constraints which end up affecting the final product.