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Creativity Tutorial: A Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Brief

Learn to structure a brief–step by step–for a marketing project, with MUMU – El Branding Love

A brief is a key tool for facilitating communication between a company and its customers, across all sectors. It is a document that communicates what some people are looking for and what offers can offer, the objectives of the person who has contracted your services, as well as all the creative solutions that one can adopt to reach them.

To help you get to grips with all the essential elements that this document should include, Daniel Yepes Giraldo, founder of the Colombian branding agency MUMU – El Branding Love (@mumuelbrandinglove), will guide you through creating your own.

1. Basic Information: Understanding the Company and its Current Situation

  • What is the name of the brand? The client might more or less have a clear idea, however, you might need to help them perfect it.
  • Briefly tell us the story of the brand. The client should be able to describe it in their own words–how the brand came to be and where they are now.
  • How do you think people perceive your company now? In other words, what is the client’s perception of the public opinion about their brand?

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