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Watercolor Tutorial: How To Paint Eyes Step By Step

Learn these basic tips to start working on your watercolor portrait eyes with Sol Barrios

The eyes are the element of the face express the most and bring the most personality to a portrait. Therefore, it is important that we dedicate special attention and detail to them in our projects.

In this tutorial, Sol Barrios (@solbarrios), watercolorist and muralist, teaches us how to approach the drawing of the eyes step by step in a watercolor portrait. You can follow the process in the following video:

1. Mark the contour of the eyes and paint the iris

We will use fine brushes to begin our painting and first mark the eye contours [/b]with the darkest colours we have used for the skin. For example, we can add a sepia-brown spot above the eye, and some violet underneath to mark the dark circles under the eyes. Remember that, if we are not working on a realistic portrait, we can take certain liberties when painting and choose colors to achieve greater expressiveness in our portrait.

To paint the iris, we will choose a color like Payne Grey to apply a first layer. It's OK to stray into the inside of the pupil, as its color will be darker, and it will cover the color we have chosen for the eyes.


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