• 8 Top Tips to Succeed on TikTok as a Creative

    8 Top Tips to Succeed on TikTok as a Creative

    Two official TikTok creators tell us how to promote art on the fastest-growing online platform With 800 million users worldwide, TikTok is the undisputed platform to publicize your projects. However, not everyone dares to venture into the network. Associated with teen dances, jokes, and acting, TikTok can intimidate those who do not have or aspire to have histrionic qualities and prefer to keep a lower profile. The good news for them is that the network continues to seek to expand the quality of its content and is also rewarding other types of videos with greater visibility. Two official experts tell us about it with strategies tested by themselves. Official TikTok Creators Cristina Luengo and Micaela Folgan are expert TikTok creators. This means that they have made their relationship with the network official and that, due to the quality and visualization of their videos, TikTok has promoted them to TikTok Creators. This category gives them access to some preferential features, such as immediate technical support, filter previews, and participation in content monetization, among other things. Cristina Luengo is a Spanish illustrator who has more than two million followers on @cluengoart. And Micaela Folgar is an Argentine illustrator with 673 thousand followers on her @micafolgar account.

  • 5 Free Instagram Tutorials for Illustrators

    5 Free Instagram Tutorials for Illustrators

    Discover how to make your creative profile stand out on Instagram with experts in illustration and marketing When an illustrator shares their work on Instagram, they are showing off their style, techniques, and creativity. It might seem like a spontaneous choice, a random photo to fill their feed, but what lies behind this decision? Dedication and hard work. Illustrators who manage their personal brand on Instagram know that the road ahead can at times seem more like a maze. However, their passion for what they do drives them to try out new tools and explore new ways to connect with their followers on social media.

  • 65 Premiere Rush Shortcuts for Editing Social Media Videos
    Film & Video

    65 Premiere Rush Shortcuts for Editing Social Media Videos

    Speed up your workflow for editing, producing, and publishing social media videos with these essential keyboard shortcuts Adobe Premiere Rush is a program designed to quickly make and share videos online. It lets you edit, color correct, adjust audio, add titles, and more. It can be used on multiple devices, offers hundreds of customizable motion graphics effects, and can be integrated with Adobe Stock. To get the most out of this program and speed up your process for creating content for social media, check out these shortcuts.

  • 10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

    10 Cake Design Accounts to Follow on Instagram

    Enjoy these incredibly creative cake designs by artists with large followings on social media Cake designing is a decorative baking technique that proves you can eat something with your eyes. Even the most greedy, those who never say no to trying something sweet, would probably be left speechless in front of such masterpieces and hold back for a minute. These artistic creations deserve time to appreciate their colorful look, rich in textures and endless details. Creative bakery is also perfect for a visual channel such as Instagram. By visiting the #cakedesign hashtag, you can get lost among the number of real masterpieces, in all styles and from all over the world.

  • What Is a Vlog and How Do You Start One?
    Film & Video

    What Is a Vlog and How Do You Start One?

    Learn what a video blog is, get tips to produce one, and check out 9 vloggers’ accounts to inspire you Vlogging is one of the fastest-growing formats on the web and has the greatest monetization capacity on YouTube. Users tend to watch vlogs to experience other realities or listen to reviews about products and services. They also want learn about certain experiences they’d like to live for themselves. Lucas Merayo, better known as Merakio (@merakio), is an actor and audiovisual content creator with more than 800 thousand followers on YouTube. The fresh and fun approach to everyday life he uses in his vlogs has turned him into a model for this genre. By exploring his process, we’ll be able to understand this format and learn practical tips to start producing vlogs, for launching our own channel or simply to record snippets of our lives in a fun and personal way.

  • Tiktok Tutorial: 5 Tips to Grow from 0
    Film & Video

    Tiktok Tutorial: 5 Tips to Grow from 0

    Discover the best tips and tricks to quickly grow your following on TikTok, with Arnulfur Hakonarson TikTok has become one of the world’s most popular social networks, and with more than 1 billion users this relatively new tool is essential for any content creator who wants to get their work noticed. Arnulfur Hakonarson (@arnulfur), also known as That Icelandic Guy, is famous for his creative content on platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and, more recently, TikTok. Arnulfur believes that TikTok is not only super fun to use, it is actually easier to grow organically than on other platforms such as Instagram. With over 726 thousand followers and 8 million likes on his TikTok profile, his success on the app after only a short amount of time highlights just how effectively TikTok can help content creators reach new audiences. Join him in this tutorial as he shares five simple tips for how to grow and gain more followers on TikTok.

  • 13 Free Essential Tutorials for Mastering Social Media

    13 Free Essential Tutorials for Mastering Social Media

    Take your social media profiles to the next level with these expert tips and resources Social Media platforms have become such a big part of our lives. Since social media emerged, it has changed the way we communicate and consume content, giving us the power to impact trends and broadcast information. New features are constantly being launched to enrich our experiences as users. The growth of social media is unstoppable. However, if social networks are continuing to expand, are users finding it easier to face new challenges: Is it easy to get increased engagement? Gain more followers? Can I improve my photos? Should I explore what options TikTok has to offer?

  • 5 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About TikTok

    5 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About TikTok

    Discover 5 interesting facts about the viral social media platform From viral dances and creative challenges to dueted videos and memes, in only a few years TikTok has become a household name, serving up a steady stream of viral videos with some of its top creators earning millions of dollars. To get an idea of just how popular the app has become, TikTok, spelled with and without a space, is the third most common search query on Youtube. But even if you spend hours at a time on the app, there’s always more to discover. Like, do you know the secret to making a successful TikTok? Or how can you use the app to make money? Or how are viral trends sparking larger social change? Discover those answers and more in this video.

  • Animation Tutorial: How to Encode for Instagram and Vimeo
    3D & Animation

    Animation Tutorial: How to Encode for Instagram and Vimeo

    Learn the basic settings needed to encode your animation projects so that you can share them online, with Dan Zucco One of the most exciting parts of creating an animation is the final step: getting to share your work with the world. To do that, you’ll need to encode and upload it to an online platform like Instagram or Vimeo, where it can be enjoyed by your followers and be discovered by new viewers. Dan Zucco (@dan_zucco) is a freelance 3D art and motion director who produces 3D content for commercials, events, and social media. In this tutorial, he shows you how to use Adobe Media Encoder to prepare and encode your animations so that they’re ready to share online.

  • Instagram Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect IG Reels

    Instagram Tutorial: How to Make the Perfect IG Reels

    Learn how to produce creative Instagram Reels from scratch and succeed on social media, with Vix Meldrew Vix Meldrew is an educator specializing in social media and personal branding who helps people and brands build communities using Instagram. Her work as a professional content creator and influencer consultant led her to establish Grow & Glow, a community of creators and founders that empowers others on their brand-building journey. In this tutorial, Vix shares four fundamental tips to create successful IG Reels. Find out more in the video.

  • 5 Tips For Dealing with Comments on Social Media

    5 Tips For Dealing with Comments on Social Media

    Expert Hana Klokner shares her top tips for responding to feedback on social media, both the good and the bad Hana Klokner (@hanajayklokner) is an expert in social media marketing and a children’s book author from Slovakia. Hana started out in digital marketing in 2007 when she got a job at the age of 16 working for MacBlog.sk, an online Apple magazine based in Slovakia. During the time that she worked for the company, she wrote around 200 articles about Apple products and discovered her passion for blogging. This fuelled Hana to launch her own “fashion blogazine,” through which she learned all about planning, producing, editing, and promoting content while she was still at school.

  • What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    Discover what a growth marketer does and why it is a critical figure in the development of a company All businesses worldwide want to grow, but not many know how to do it, as strange as it may seem. This explains why growth marketing strategies have become increasingly popular recently. Following scientific methods, developing growth strategies, and relying on growth marketers, are fundamental elements to help companies achieve results. What are the skills required to pursue a growth marketing career? How do companies regard the role of a growth marketer? How will this figure evolve over the next few years? We will answer these questions with the help of a marketing expert with ten years of experience as a startup consultant who supports the idea to include growth marketing in your business.

  • Clubhouse: What’s All the Fuss About, and What Does It Offer?

    Clubhouse: What’s All the Fuss About, and What Does It Offer?

    Four experts explain the great potential and opportunities Clubhouse offers creatives, as well as its limitations If you've been surfing the net over the last few weeks, you'll have probably heard about Clubhouse, a new audio-based social network that’s currently overshadowing all other social media platforms. It brings several people interested in talking about the same topic together in a “room” or “small club” as if they were sitting down together at a table in a bar. What makes this platform stand out from other networks is that it doesn’t have an endless feed of content where anyone can participate, interact, or contribute to the debate. The sense of connection is intensified by having more intimate, personal, and meaningful exchanges. The way Clubhouse structures its content consumption makes it possible to exchange ideas and information in much greater depth.

  • Free E-book: Strategy for Social Media Success, by Dot Lung

    Free E-book: Strategy for Social Media Success, by Dot Lung

    Discover the “dragon formula” and how to deliver quality social media content Dot Lung (@dotlung) is known as the "Mother of Social Media Dragons”. She specializes in helping designers and creatives create irresistible social media content to develop their projects, ideas, and careers. Want to make the most of Instagram and reach a larger audience? In Dragon's Strategies For Social Media Success, Dot Lung lists the ingredients that go into cooking up quality social media content. She presents them in a formula known as the “dragon formula”, a reference to her Taiwanese last name meaning dragon. Download this e-book for free and get to grips with this effective formula that has led her to work with clients such as Facebook, Wix, Motionographer, OFFF festival, Digital Design Days, Sonar + D, and many more.

  • 10 Free Tutorials for Illustrators Who Want to Promote Their Work (And Don't Know How)

    10 Free Tutorials for Illustrators Who Want to Promote Their Work (And Don't Know How)

    Discover practical tips so that your designs and illustrations capture the attention of your audience Once you start a career as an illustrator, designer, or other creative disciplines, it's a matter of time before you discover that the promotion stage is almost as important as the production stage. Reaching out to potential clients and establishing yourself within the creative community is crucial, but we don't always know how to position our work. In the following tutorials, experts give you the best tips to make your professional profile and your work attractive and generate more work for you. If, in addition to watching the videos, you want to read the complete instructions, click on the red title of each tutorial.

  • Free Creative Brief Template for Social Media

    Free Creative Brief Template for Social Media

    Senior Copywriter Paul Anglin shares a template you can modify to adjust your needs When engaging with a new client, a brand or planning your own social media plan, there is one crucial step of the process: the brief. For Senior Copywriter Paul Anglin (@paulanglin), this might be the single most important document for any project. With twenty years of experience in working with brands like Apple, Nike, and Microsoft, Paul shows you his process for producing engaging social media copy.

  • 4 Key Tips for Creating Viral Content for Social Media

    4 Key Tips for Creating Viral Content for Social Media

    Learn to create viral content for social media and see your likes and shares soar Social media has become an integral part of our day-to-day lives: we swipe, click, share, like, and save posts every day. Our desire to share content with our friends, family, and followers is what causes posts to reach more and more people and even become “viral.” In the digital world, if a piece “goes viral,” it means it has become incredibly popular in a matter of hours or days, having been shared by thousands, if not millions, of people on social media. The term is used as a marketing strategy to promote products and services. While, in general, viral content has a short shelf life, it’s still very effective. Publicist Renato Farfán (@nato_farfan) is an expert in creating viral content for social media. In this blog, he shares four key points that will help arrive at the best ideas for your next viral post.

  • 5 Free Tutorials on Digital Marketing to Succeed on Social Media

    5 Free Tutorials on Digital Marketing to Succeed on Social Media

    Learn the experts' secrets to highlight your personal brand by upgrading your social media strategy For many creatives it can be frustrating to see that their audience on their social media channels is not growing as expected. Knowing how to take advantage of the possibilities of social networks will help you reach a global market, make your work known and position yourself in your sector. Learn with these 5 experts on digital marketing practical and effective tutorials so that your social networks reach their full potential. Just click on each video to check out their tips!