• Public Speaking Tutorial: How to Present Your Ideas Confidently

    Public Speaking Tutorial: How to Present Your Ideas Confidently

    Discover quick tips on body language, warm-ups, and breathing techniques to stay relaxed and present ideas successfully As a shy child, Dasha Dollar-Smirnova (@dasha_dollar_smirnova) found drama and acting classes gave her confidence to speak in front of people. Moving into an advertising career, she used her public speaking skills to pitch to new clients and grow a small business into one of the UK’s fastest-growing advertising agencies. Now, she empowers others through public speaking workshops. So, if you're feeling nervous about an upcoming presentation or interview, watch this tutorial to hear Dasha’s top tips on keeping your cool and ensuring you deliver an effective message.

  • These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022

    These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022

    The World Economic Forum sheds light on which creative profiles will be most in demand over the next three years The World Economic Forum has published a report entitled Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy, in which it analyzes the professional profiles that will be most sought after in the immediate post-covid future and the skills they require. According to this report, over the next three years, more creative opportunities will emerge across almost every industry. Below, we list the most in-demand profiles across the fastest-growing sectors and explain which tools you will need to improve your CV and secure a promising career.

  • Creative Tools and Techniques to Revamp Your Professional Profile

    Creative Tools and Techniques to Revamp Your Professional Profile

    Learn to enhance your professional profile with some of Domestika’s best-selling courses With the new year comes a renewed impulse to boost your personal and professional lives. If you are looking to create or revamp your brand, or improve your professional performance, we have gathered some interesting resources to guide you and help you get the best results from your creative business or endeavor. ‘Five hats’ technique Mònica Rodríguez Limia (@rodriguezmon) is a business consultant who teaches the Domestika course, Time Management Techniques for Creators and Creatives. She offers advice for creative professionals looking to fix their time management problems. She teaches all the steps involved in planning a full year of work using technology to your advantage so you can prioritize activities, control distractions, and have a successful business while saving time, money, and energy. One of the methods used in her strategy is called ‘the five hats technique’ and is based on Dr. Bono’s ‘Thinking Hats,’ a creative tool also used by actors when they need to take on different personalities. When it comes to time management, if followed with discipline, this technique helps you define roles and associated tasks to improve your results and reduce your stress levels. The five hats are: CEO: refers to your role as owner or founder of your project, holder of your objectives’ vision. Administration: the management role, dealing with money, finance, and paperwork. Design and production: your favorite role and the most attractive side of your business. However, this role should not take over, especially during the first three years. Sales and business affairs: you may not like this role, but it is essential to your product or service’s commercial survival. Communication and marketing: you need to communicate your services and give access to your product. All five aspects play a key role in developing your creative business and should be approached positively.