• Photographer Emma-Jane Lewis in the Latest Domestika Diary

    Photographer Emma-Jane Lewis in the Latest Domestika Diary

    The fashion and conceptual photographer takes us on a lifestyle photoshoot around London Emma-Jane Lewis (@ej_3) began her career as a wedding photographer before branching out into the world of fashion. She has won several awards and was even named one of Elle UK magazine’s top 12 UK wedding photographers in 2020. Her work has appeared everywhere from social media to high street campaigns, lookbooks, album cover artwork, and promotional material for celebrities. Join Emma-Jane in this Domestika Diary as she takes us along on one of her latest lifestyle photoshoots in London.

  • 8 Online Courses for Creating Fashion Garments Easily

    8 Online Courses for Creating Fashion Garments Easily

    Start out in the world of fashion and learn the best design techniques with experts One way to ensure your clothes are unique is to make them yourself. You may think it’s impossible, especially if you have no experience making fashion. However, as is true for all creative disciplines, it’s a matter of being serious about learning and take action. The main thing is to know the results you want to achieve. Do you like a crochet effect? Would you like to adapt pieces you already have in your closet? Once you learn the appropriate technique, it will all be much easier. Be inspired by other creatives, and look through your favorite reference material, but remember that the most exciting part is creating something unique and original.

  • 5 Free Lettering Tutorials for Perfectionists
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering

    5 Free Lettering Tutorials for Perfectionists

    Discover excellent professional resources, and be inspired by the styles of great lettering artists You can express yourself through lettering and challenge the rules of creativity. Furthermore, while you learn this discipline, you have many opportunities to experiment with different techniques, styles, and processes. When you’re working on your lettering design, you’ll find yourself wanting to look for perfection. This is normal, and it means you are developing your skills. As for all creative fields, you get to say what you want to achieve.

  • The Stories Behind 7 of the Most Iconic Olympic Mascots

    The Stories Behind 7 of the Most Iconic Olympic Mascots

    Popular, baffling, or despised: we take a look at the most memorable Olympic mascots Pictograms, logo designs, advertising copy, and the world-famous Olympic rings: these are just a few examples of the pieces that make up the corporate identity of the Summer Olympic Games. Every four years, each host city creates a series of visual and graphic components to be reproduced throughout the month-long multi-sport event.

  • Free Procreate Brushes for Lettering
    Typography, Calligraphy and Lettering

    Free Procreate Brushes for Lettering

    Add personality to your lettering strokes by using this free set of 11 brushes In digital lettering, your ability with brushes and a good command of software like Procreate can boost your creativity. This combination allows you to design letters with lots of personality and high precision. Graphic designer Eduardo Mejía (@eduardograph) specializes in branding and lettering and digital shares 11 of his favorite brushes you can download here to start practicing with daily. Simply install them in Procreate and practice your hand at them to work on your sketches.

  • How the Olympics Helped Popularize Pictograms

    How the Olympics Helped Popularize Pictograms

    The Olympics played a major role on the development of this design element, from stick figures to bathroom signs Go to any swimming pool in the world and you'll probably be able to "read" some of the signs, even if you don't speak the local language. Maybe one tells you not to dive, another warns you to be careful not to slip, and yet another signals where you can go take a shower once you've finished your laps. But how is it possible that you can understand all of these messages, without ever reading a single word? The answer is simple: pictograms. And the fact that you can understand them so instantly is, in large part, thanks to the Olympic Games.

  • 15 Examples of Amazing Comic Strips to Inspire You

    15 Examples of Amazing Comic Strips to Inspire You

    Be inspired by various comic strip and graphic novel artists to find your own style The presence of as many comic styles as there are authors is a good sign. This means you can also start out in this field and share your stories. Even the most celebrated artists started their journey without knowing what they would tell and how they would do it. Practicing non-stop was what made them stand out from the crowd and given them an identity. Also, be aware that every culture has its own way of telling stories. If you are a beginner, it is good to know as many styles as possible, from manga to humor, to made-for-social-media material.

  • 7 Must-Read Branding Books for 2021

    7 Must-Read Branding Books for 2021

    Discover everything you need to know about creating a successful brand identity with this must-read booklist A strong and impactful brand identity makes you stand out from the crowd and is key to connecting with your audience, so getting it right is absolutely essential. Designer, Creative Director, and branding expert Michael Johnson (@michael_johnson) is the founder of Johnson Banks, a world-renowned design consultancy that specializes in branding and visual identity. He has spent over 30 years working on leading branding projects with top clients in the cultural, government, and charity sectors, including Action Against Hunger, the UN Climate Change Conference, and the Royal Academy of Music.

  • Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Create a Basic Animation
    3D & Animation

    Cinema 4D Tutorial: How to Create a Basic Animation

    Learn how to animate a cube in Cinema 4D step-by-step, with director, animator, and designer Danaé Gosset Cinema 4D is an essential program for anyone interested in animation, allowing you to create 3D models and bring them to life with innovative tools. Danaé Gosset (@danaegosset) is a director, animator, and designer who specializes in mixed-media moving images. Her work has been recognized by institutions such as SXSW, D&AD, The Art Directors Club, Graphis, Adobe, Indigo Awards, and the Type Directors Club. Join her in this beginner’s tutorial as she demonstrates some fun and simple ways to animate an object on Cinema 4D using the twist deformer tool.

  • What Is a Vlog and How Do You Start One?
    Film & Video

    What Is a Vlog and How Do You Start One?

    Learn what a video blog is, get tips to produce one, and check out 9 vloggers’ accounts to inspire you Vlogging is one of the fastest-growing formats on the web and has the greatest monetization capacity on YouTube. Users tend to watch vlogs to experience other realities or listen to reviews about products and services. They also want learn about certain experiences they’d like to live for themselves. Lucas Merayo, better known as Merakio (@merakio), is an actor and audiovisual content creator with more than 800 thousand followers on YouTube. The fresh and fun approach to everyday life he uses in his vlogs has turned him into a model for this genre. By exploring his process, we’ll be able to understand this format and learn practical tips to start producing vlogs, for launching our own channel or simply to record snippets of our lives in a fun and personal way.

  • 6 Online Courses for Embroidering Floral and Plant Designs

    6 Online Courses for Embroidering Floral and Plant Designs

    Learn basic embroidery techniques and stitches to depict natural themes with our experts There is no limit to creativity, and you can use needles and thread to capture the beauty of nature with its colors, shapes, and textures. In addition to creating unique pieces, engaging with embroidery allows you to relax and disconnect from the stresses of everyday life. There are various embroidery techniques and styles. If you are learning this art, you will enjoy exploring all the possibilities available. The following courses introduce you to several artists who can guide you step by step and show you their creative processes while inspiring you with extensive reference material.

  • Who Created the Iconic Yellow Smiley Face?

    Who Created the Iconic Yellow Smiley Face?

    Discover the story behind this pop culture icon originally designed by Harvey Ball to boost staff morale The oldest known example of a smiley face dates back to 1700 BC: a nearly-4000-year-old ceramic pot excavated near Turkey’s border with Syria features the faint markings of two dots and a curved line. Yet the ubiquitous yellow smiley face that is a pop culture icon around the world–and would become part of a digital language in the new millennium–is considered to have been created in 1963 in Worcester, Massachusetts by an artist called Harvey Ball.

  • Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Would you like to have the ultimate guide to night photography? Check out these essential professional tips If you have tried night photography you may have found it is a different process to photographing in daytime! The reason is that you don’t rely on your light meter in the camera. My Domestika course, Introduction to Digital Photography in Manual Mode, is on how to use your camera in manual mode and you need to understand this process to be able to use long shutter speeds for night time photographs or to make water look smooth.

  • 4 Free Tutorials for Learning Japanese-influenced Illustration

    4 Free Tutorials for Learning Japanese-influenced Illustration

    Expert Illustrators share tips on drawing manga and using the Sumi-e technique, both of which originate from Japan The land of the rising sun has given birth to illustration techniques that have greatly influenced the world. Among them are manga and Sumi-e, two expressive mediums with powerful identities. In the following tutorials, you will learn how to draw manga-style eyes that give your characters more personality. You will also be introduced to the Sumi-e technique, learning about the philosophy behind it before discovering how to create expressive brushstrokes.

  • Free Icons Pack for Adobe XD

    Free Icons Pack for Adobe XD

    Add these icons to your digital designs to ensure the best digital experience in Adobe XD When creating a product, such as a web page, digital designers often test their work. Before sharing the result with the end-user, you need to ensure that the browsing experience is intuitive and enjoyable. Icons play a major part in achieving this. Thanks to their symbology, they communicate better than words and make the user's journey more fun. José Galeano (@josegaleano) specializes in designing interfaces of digital products. He has collaborated with brands such as Uber, Asus, and ROG. For him, Adobe XD is the most powerful tool on the market as it allows you to create animated prototypes and visualize the product with a very high degree of fidelity. However, when it comes to improving results, he adds some extra resources to the program, such as icons.

  • What to Do if Your Work Is Plagiarized

    What to Do if Your Work Is Plagiarized

    We consulted an intellectual property expert to know the procedure to follow should your creative work be illegally used At a time when people, companies, and organizations need more and more content, designs, and ideas, the search for resources has become fierce. More so in the visual world, where unauthorized use, theft, and plagiarism of creative material are becoming widespread. To be able to protect their work, illustrators, photographers, and designers must be aware of the legal tools available to enforce their rights against any such infringements. How do you protect your work? What do you do when you discover your idea has been used? We consulted Intellectual Property specialist lawyer Esteban Agatiello, founder of Creativa-Abogados’ (Creative - Lawyers’) studio, who has defended international cases.

  • Free Visual Reference Guide for Botanical Watercolor

    Free Visual Reference Guide for Botanical Watercolor

    Learn to use visual references in botanical watercolor with this guide shared by illustrator Luli Reis In botanical illustration, besides observation, it is very important to wisely choose the visual reference you will use in your projects. Whether it's a real plant or a high-resolution photo, some care must be taken so that you can reproduce a fruit, flower or plant with fidelity and details that add layers of realism and meaning.

  • 5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter
    Pro Marketing

    5 Tips for Writing the Perfect Cover Letter

    Get expert advice and discover how to write an effective cover letter Raquel Marín Álvarez (@lalolagrafica) is an expert in writing and transmitting clear graphic messages. With a degree in humanities and graphic design, as well as a master's in advanced typography from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, she began working for different studios and publishing houses after completing her studies. In 2009, Raquel founded Lalolagráfica, a studio specializing in editorial design. She currently gives lectures and workshops on typography in art schools, universities, and anywhere else where people are keen to learn about conveying ideas with clarity. She is the author of the book Orthotypography for Designers and writes articles for different publications. She also teaches communication and language courses giving tips on how to write professionally.

  • How to Combine Watercolor and Oil to Get the Best Results
    Pro Illustration

    How to Combine Watercolor and Oil to Get the Best Results

    Ale Casanova explains how to improve your creations by combining watercolor and oil painting techniques Ale Casanova (@casanova_ale) is a painter and teacher with a degree in fine art. He works mainly with oil paints and watercolor to create striking portraits and nudes. His work has been exhibited in cities across Spain and Europe and has enabled him to build a career as a teacher, carry out workshops around Spain, and develop a technique where color and light become focal points in his paintings. In this exclusive tutorial for the PRO community, Ale challenges what we have always been told: we shouldn’t mix watercolor paints with oil paints given that they are oil- and water-based. He shows us how to combine these seemingly opposing techniques. How? Using an intermediary element. The painter guides us through his process so that we too can mix these techniques and use them to our advantage, no matter our level. He shares tips and helps us to discover new uses for our paints that will give us unexpected results.