• Free Download: 4 Photoshop Brushes for Magical Photomontage

    Free Download: 4 Photoshop Brushes for Magical Photomontage

    Digital artist Natacha Einat shares an exclusive set of brushes for creating otherworldly compositions Photomontage is a hybrid and versatile technique that allows you to create and combine images in a unique, sometimes surreal, format. The idealization of alternative realities started with the Dadaists in 1915, who were protesting against the horrors of World War I. Years later, the Surrealists would use this technique to bring together contrasting, shapeless images as a way to have a dialogue with our unconscious inner selves. Digital artist Natacha Einat (@skipandwork) portrays fantastic ideas in realistic works. Her works are filled with visual metaphors that comment on the concepts of growth, transformation, and positivity.

  • 5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    5 Travel Photography Accounts to Inspire You in 2021

    Photographer Sandra Holmes shares a list of the Instagram accounts she goes to for inspiration when planning trips Slowly, the time is approaching to start traveling again. I'm one of those people who starts preparing weeks before a trip. I want to make the most of my vacation before I’ve even started packing my bags. I begin sorting out books, guidebooks, and brochures, and use Pinterest to gather interesting information. I also read books and watch movies that immerse me in my destination's atmosphere. This is all part of my creative routine that not only helps me organize my trip logistically, it's also preparation for documenting my travels through photography.

  • Free Guide: Makeup Tips for Photography

    Free Guide: Makeup Tips for Photography

    Discover the secrets of makeup in photography with an expert and create striking professional images Lighting is what allows a photograph to tell a story and convey emotions and sensations. Contrast, shadow and brightness, when properly used, transform a simple image into something striking. In this image capture process, dedicated flashes, light modifiers and makeup play a crucial role in giving the photographer more scene control and cutting down on editing time. Photographer Chris Robinson (@chrisccrobinson) is an expert in using light to materialize abstract feelings and create portraits that highlight the subject's facial expressions.

  • Thousands of Images from Space Free to Download

    Thousands of Images from Space Free to Download

    Gain access to photography, real-time images, videos, and educational material through the Hubble space telescope The discovery of outer space never ceases to amaze us. While we stare incredulously at billionaires like Jeff Bezos space travelling, and await the announcement of Elon Musk's next adventure, in some corner of the universe, spectacular images are generated to which we have free access. All this is thanks to the launch, on April 23, 1990, of the Discovery space shuttle and its Hubble space telescope in tow. Days later, the telescope was undocked from Discovery and started floating in orbit, with a mission of capturing images. Since then, our perception of space has changed. This tool has provided the scientific community with visual information that had never been accessed before.

  • What Is Focus in Photography?

    What Is Focus in Photography?

    Learn about different camera lenses are and when and where to use them to achieve the best focus In photography, focus is the sharpest area of the image. It is the area where the lens works to highlight an object, a person, or a situation. Focus is one of the pillars of photography, along with ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. You can either use automatic or manual focus. In automatic mode, the camera adjusts the focus in response to incoming light so that the subject appears sharpest. In manual mode, the photographer has to turn the lens’ focus wheel until the desired part of the image is in focus.

  • Free DSLR Camera Manual for Beginners

    Free DSLR Camera Manual for Beginners

    Discover how to use a DSLR camera and get the best out of your equipment with tips from a pro If you're just starting out in the professional world of photography and video, you'll definitely need a DSLR camera. This is the most used type on the market for its size and possibility of changing lenses, providing more freedom for those who are photographing. Rafael Jacinto (@rafajacinto), Brazilian photographer and filmmaker, masters the subject and has worked for clients such as Nikon, Nike and Converse. In his work, he uses amazing techniques to tell unique stories through the lens of creativity. He began his career as a photojournalist at the extinct newspaper Notícias Populares (1999), was part of the team that founded the newspaper Valor Econômico (2000) and founded the collective Cia de Foto (2004 -2014). From 2014 to 2018 he worked with his own digital content production company in São Paulo. Since 2019 he has lived in Milan, Italy.

  • This Award-winning Colombian Photographer Dedicates His Life to the Ocean

    This Award-winning Colombian Photographer Dedicates His Life to the Ocean

    Discover Edwar Herreno’s incredible underwater photography When he's not in the ocean, Colombian photographer Edwar Herreno is getting ready to return to it. He gets into great physical shape so that he can dive for longer periods of time, tackle new missions, and come face to face with creatures that have never before laid eyes on human beings. We’re not exaggerating when we say that Edwar has dedicated his life to the sea: he is a marine biologist, recreational diving instructor, technical diving instructor, and the captain of a yacht. His knowledge of the ocean is so vast that he often leads teams of researchers and science journalists on underwater expeditions. This has resulted in him winning some very prestigious awards. Below, we catch up with Edwar and discuss his breathtaking photography.

  • 10 Free Online Photography Classes For Beginners

    10 Free Online Photography Classes For Beginners

    Discover free photography classes led by Domestika experts to inspire you and help you achieve the best results Since its invention a couple of centuries ago, photography and the ability to immortalize any moment of our lives has transformed our world. If you are starting out in this art, it will be useful to know some essential tips to make the most of it as you develop as a photographer. Following a photography course can help you master this art, You can explore all its possibilities and use your creativity through experimenting in this popular form of expression.

  • 5 Free Apps for Restoring and Animating Old Photos

    5 Free Apps for Restoring and Animating Old Photos

    Bring old photos to life and animate your memories with these five apps We all have old photos that we wish were in better condition: portraits of family members we never had the chance to meet, people we haven’t seen for decades, or places we once lived or used to visit. If only we could restore their original quality. The good news is that analog and digital photography are working together better than ever. Thanks to cell phones and artificial intelligence, today we can accurately reconstruct photos of faces, objects, and landscapes. This list of free apps will enable you to improve blurred and washed-out images, give them a new look, and, in some cases, animate a gesture, person, or landscape.

  • Photographer Emma-Jane Lewis in the Latest Domestika Diary

    Photographer Emma-Jane Lewis in the Latest Domestika Diary

    The fashion and conceptual photographer takes us on a lifestyle photoshoot around London Emma-Jane Lewis (@ej_3) began her career as a wedding photographer before branching out into the world of fashion. She has won several awards and was even named one of Elle UK magazine’s top 12 UK wedding photographers in 2020. Her work has appeared everywhere from social media to high street campaigns, lookbooks, album cover artwork, and promotional material for celebrities. Join Emma-Jane in this Domestika Diary as she takes us along on one of her latest lifestyle photoshoots in London.

  • Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Top Tips for Mastering Night Photography

    Would you like to have the ultimate guide to night photography? Check out these essential professional tips If you have tried night photography you may have found it is a different process to photographing in daytime! The reason is that you don’t rely on your light meter in the camera. My Domestika course, Introduction to Digital Photography in Manual Mode, is on how to use your camera in manual mode and you need to understand this process to be able to use long shutter speeds for night time photographs or to make water look smooth.

  • Photography Tutorial: Lighting with a Beauty Dish

    Photography Tutorial: Lighting with a Beauty Dish

    Learn how to light like a professional using a beauty dish, with Julia Robbs Even if you’re new to photography, you probably know that lighting is fundamental to achieving professional-looking photos. A beauty dish is a useful tool for portrait shots, as it creates a focal point for the light, illuminating the model and creating contrast between light and shadow for flattering results. Julia Robbs (@juliarobbs) is a fashion and beauty photographer based in NYC. Her love of travel has taken her all over the world, working both in-studio and on location for lifestyle, portraiture, beauty, and fashion photoshoots. In this tutorial, Julia gives you some simple and easy-to-follow advice to create stunning beauty shots using a beauty dish.

  • The PhotoBook That Vindicates the Memory of Argentina's Trans Community

    The PhotoBook That Vindicates the Memory of Argentina's Trans Community

    Archivo de la Memoria Trans preserves the happy moments of the trans community during a time of criminalization Argentina became the first country in South America to establish the Gender Identity Act in 2012. Before that, trans identity was criminalized and repressed by the police. Those who were forced to live on the edge of society had to look for ways to find refuge and create a fantasy parallel life for their community. The Archivo de la Memoria Trans Argentina is an audiovisual collection that aims to preserve, build and vindicate the memory of the Argentinean trans community through photographs, videos, and diary entries. The archive contains some 10.000 images, dating back from the beginning of the 20th century to the 1990s. Part of this material has been turned into a book. Its goal is to recall the memories of the protagonists, captured in a happy moment during an otherwise difficult era.

  • Free Guide: Basics of Composition in Photography

    Free Guide: Basics of Composition in Photography

    Do you want to learn how to best arrange the elements of a photograph to capture the best shot? Check out this guide In photography, as much as in other art forms, capturing the perfect shot requires a good subject that can tell a story and some fundamental skills: one of these skills is getting the right composition. Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker Giulia Candussi (@giulia_candussi) can teach you how to take high-quality photos that can convey your unique vision. One of the essential skills is knowing how to guide the viewer’s gaze towards the most salient elements of your image; in other words, using adequate composition.

  • What Is Documentary Family Photography?

    What Is Documentary Family Photography?

    Discover a photography style that captures the intimacy, routines, and relationship ties of a family If you are over 30, you will remember when your parents and grandparents used to pull out and show family albums to visiting family and friends. Together with many staged pictures, those albums are also full of spontaneous and unexpected snapshots. In the days of analog photography, you could not see the result of your shots before developing them, which allowed for a lot more spontaneity. And spontaneity is one of the main features of celebrated Brazilian photographer Grazi Ventura (@graziventura), a documentary family photography specialist.

  • 10 Online Adobe Photoshop Courses for Pro Photographers

    10 Online Adobe Photoshop Courses for Pro Photographers

    Experts in Adobe Photoshop teach you how to retouch your photos and explore the possibilities of Camera Raw Adobe Photoshop courses are the key that will unlock the door to achieving professional and quality images. Photographers around the world choose this program for its versatility and the range of tools it offers. But even for them, the post-production process brings with it several challenges. That's why everyone needs to regularly update their knowledge and discover the latest creative possibilities it offers. If you are a photographer, be sure to check out these ten Adobe Photoshop courses. With the help of photo retouching experts, you will practice all kinds of techniques while discovering different settings. Some courses focus on the importance of Camera Raw. In addition to teaching you new useful tricks, these artists are sure to inspire you. Adobe Photoshop for Color Correction, a course by Manu Torres Photographer Manu Torres will show you how to adjust and manage the color of your photographs with absolute precision. You will also master how to develop your photos in Adobe Camera Raw, allowing you to get the most information from your photos and obtain professional results. Manu, a colorist who specializes in Photoshop, says that this software is the most suitable for working with color.