• 10 Ceramic Artists That Will Inspire You
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    10 Ceramic Artists That Will Inspire You

    Ceramic designer Paula Casella shares the artisans who inspire her when creating her own pieces Pottery and ceramics have been experiencing a boom for some time now that has brought back traditional craftsmanship but, in many cases, with a modern and interesting twist. It’s a trend that has given ceramic objects new life and a place in our contemporary lifestyle. Argentinian artist Paula Casella Biase (@paulacasellabiase) is one of the leading examples in this renaissance of all things handmade.These are some of the potters who inspire her the most: Hand and Fire The hands that shape these pieces of white enameled black clay are those of Sage Cortez. Undoubtedly one of Casella's favorites, Cortez is an American ceramist who makes each object she creates unique by playing with textures and transparencies.

  • 10 Wonderful Webcomics You Need To Read
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    10 Wonderful Webcomics You Need To Read

    These online comics, which were created by illustrators from around the world, will both inspire and entertain you Webcomics are usually comics that were first published online and that are available to read on the internet. In many cases, once they’ve become successful, they are often published in magazines, newspapers or in books compiling a selection of the author’s work. These self-published comics are wonderful examples of their creators’ hard work, dedication, and creativity. We asked the Domestika community to name some of their favorite webcomics and then compiled a list of the top 10. Below, you will find a range of narrative and illustration styles: from dark humor to drama and suspense. Discover them all! Comics series Boyfriend of the Dead, by Ushio This comic follows a young, independent woman fighting for survival during a zombie apocalypse and her story of unexpected love. She faces the challenges of modern love with her boyfriend–a zombie. The first issue was published in 2017, and since then, there have been 247 more.

  • 20 Museums You Can Visit Online
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    20 Museums You Can Visit Online

    Take virtual tours of some of the most incredible museums around the world Thanks to museum experts, historians, curators, and photographers around the world, we are able to go online and visit art and history collections on show in the greatest museums each continent has to offer. This round-up includes museums from across the globe that allow you to take a virtual tour of their rooms and collections via their websites or as a collaboration with Google Arts & Culture. Get to know 20 museums virtually by embracing 360 technology or learning the stories of the pieces they have on display. Enjoy! Museo Del Prado (Spain) Visit the collections on display at the Museo Del Prado by time period, author, materials, art school, topic, or technique. Each piece has its own detailed information card.

  • 7 Animators That You Should Get To Know
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    7 Animators That You Should Get To Know

    The Domestika community has selected their favorite female animation artists We asked the Domestika community to share the female animators they most admire. Among them, are creatives from all around the world, many of whom also have backgrounds in illustration and design. Get to know them all! Rebecca Sugar (@rebeccasugar) Animator, director, producer, scriptwriter, composer, singer, and LGBTQ+ rights activist, Rebecca is the creator of the cult animation series, Steven Universe. She is the first woman to independently create a series for Cartoon Network.

  • 10 Tips for Creating a Collage
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    10 Tips for Creating a Collage

    Hanoch Piven shares his top tips for reinventing the meaning of everyday objects through collage Mixed media artist Hanoch Piven (@piven) creates playful portraits that have appeared in Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, The Atlantic Monthly, The Times, Entertainment Weekly, and more. Known for his 3-dimensional collages, he reinvents the meaning and use of everyday objects–from clothes pegs and playing cards to fruit and bathroom products–to visually communicate personality and playfulness.

  • 7 Apps for Remote Working
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    7 Apps for Remote Working

    If you're considering working from home, these apps could be just what you're looking for Working remotely isn't just a craze, it's becoming more common every day. Buffer's State of Remote Work annual report analyses the challenges, perceptions, and advantages for professional communities that work remotely. Of all the insights the study shares, perhaps the most interesting question is: "Would you like to work remotely, at least some of the time, in your career?" The result:

  • 5 Tips for Working From Home
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    5 Tips for Working From Home

    Discover practical ways to adapt to a home office routine Right now, we are facing the collective task of learning to find new ways to collaborate and form communities online. Maybe you’ve never done it before and even thinking of working from home seems like a big challenge. Here are five habits that will ensure the transition goes smoothly for you and your colleagues. If you’ve got any other ideas, please share them in the comments.

  • 10 Wildlife Photographers to Follow On Instagram
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    10 Wildlife Photographers to Follow On Instagram

    Amaze yourself with the photos of artists fighting to protect our planet We have brought together 10 wildlife photographers whose work is aimed at inspiring others to care for our natural resources. Many are scientists committed to environmental activism. From big cats and sea mammals to tiny insects and majestic plants, you will find daily inspiration on all their Instagram accounts. Christina Mittermeier (@mitty) Photographer, engineer in marine biology, conservationist, and author born in Mexico City, she founded the prestigious League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). Her work has been published by National Geographic and TIME, and has won numerous prizes, such as the Smithsonian Conservation Photographer of the Year Award.

  • 5 Ideas to Dedicate a Day to Your Creativity
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    5 Ideas to Dedicate a Day to Your Creativity

    Get to work and dedicate a whole day to your creativity, and focus on your personal and your professional projects They are many small actions we can take to invigorate our professional and creative lives. The Domestika community shared their ideas for what to do to give new life to your career. Try them out and see what you can achieve in just one day.

  • Top 10: Best Projects from February
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    Top 10: Best Projects from February

    We run through our favorite February projects shared by members of the Domestika community As we do at the end of the month, today we’re sharing our favorite projects shared by members of the Domestika community over the last 30ish days. Among these top projects, you’ll find projects by some of our course teachers and work that has been created by students on our courses, as well as personal projects. This month we’re sharing illustration projects, collage, animation, photography, embroidery, and editorial design. Which is your favorite? Ground Zero by Carles Marsal (@carlesmarsal) This digital illustration was created by visual artist and graphic designer, Carles Marsal. Just like his characters, we feel like explorers about to discover this post-apocalyptic world. You can learn to create fantastic scenes like his in his course, Secrets of Photomontage and Creative Retouching.

  • 10 Creative Accounts You Should Be Following On Instagram
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    10 Creative Accounts You Should Be Following On Instagram

    Which are your favorite creative accounts to follow on Instagram? We asked our followers and this is what they said… Our Instagram feeds are overflowing with content to a point where it can feel overwhelming. Accounts need to go above and beyond to make themselves stand out, engage with their followers, and offer something fresh. The following 10 are doing just that. From a candy-colored magazine based in Beirut to a Slovakian 3D artist revealing his process working in Blender, these are the creative accounts that our Instagram community insist that we should all be following.

  • 12 architecture photographers from the Art of Building competition
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    12 architecture photographers from the Art of Building competition

    Meet the winners and finalists of this international digital photography competition The Chartered Institute of Building created an annual architectural photography contest to recognize digital photographers from around the world. This union of the art of imagery with built spaces allows us to be amazed by the beauty of constructions, as if we were right in front of them. Get to know the finalists and winners of the tenth edition of this competition, which attracted photographers from over 100 countries. Each photographer explains their results, and the inspiration behind their images.

  • 10 apps that we used to obsess over but are now vintage
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    10 apps that we used to obsess over but are now vintage

    We review some smartphone apps that you probably still have but no longer use In a world that moves at the crazy-fast speed imposed by the Internet, the popularity cycle of mobile applications seems to be getting shorter and shorter. The proof of this is that it doesn't take long to recall a good number of apps that were incredibly popular years ago but are hardly talked about anymore. We decided to pay a small tribute to ten of these apps. They are examples of compelling interface designs and clever concepts that conquered hundreds of thousands of people around the world but faded away in our memories. 1. Angry Birds Back in 2012, the name of this mobile video game was literally on everyone's lips. One of the most downloaded games in history, Angry Birds conquered millions of people around the world with its simple and addictive mechanics. Unfortunately, after knowing in 2014 that the US Security Agency had used player data to build surveillance databases, and a sequel not very well received, the game gradually disappeared.

  • The 10 Most Inspiring and Creative Books
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    The 10 Most Inspiring and Creative Books

    We asked the Domestika community what books inspire them most and boost their creativity Books have always been a great tool for creation. Not only because of the knowledge they contain, but for their ability to spark creativity. That is why, through Domestika's Instagram profile, we asked the community what their favorite books are when they seek inspiration. Here are 10 of them, ranging from artistic compilations, to stories about personal experiences or comics:

  • 10 Tips for Launching a Creative Podcast
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    10 Tips for Launching a Creative Podcast

    Expand your audience and reach your community in a more intimate way with well-produced audio shows A podcast can be a fantastic way to expand the potential audience for your work or to explore topics that you are passionate about with other creatives and friends. Creating one is easy, and there are hundreds of apps that will help you do it. However, with almost a million podcasts available today, getting the potential audience to find yours can be hard. These 10 tips will help you create one that stands out from the very first episode.

  • Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers
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    Meet 10 of the Best Dog Photographers

    We asked the Instagram Domestika community what their favorite pet photographers are Instagram has always been a great place to find fun and creative photos of dogs. So some days ago, in our Instagram Stories, we asked for help in order to find the best pet photographers. And here it is. The full list of noses, tails, friendship, fun, and love. The Dogist (@thedogist) Armed with a digital high-speed camera and the desire to document the grace, beauty, and character of dogs, photojournalist Elias Weiss Friedman has focused on doing with dogs what The Sartorialist did with people: document the contemporary history of street style. Friedman has photographed more than 2,500 dogs of all breeds, and the most valuable lesson they have taught him is this: "There is nothing like the frankness that you find in a dog's face, they don't pose nor they are afraid of being photographed. A lesson for our whole society, in which vanity and constant social validation are the status quo".