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Domestika Basics

Get started on the key software in the creative community with Domestika Basics.

Put Into Practice Your Adobe Lightroom Knowledge

Dare to do these professional photography retouching and editing courses.

Put Into Practice Your Video Editing Knowledge

Dare to do these video editing, film directing, colour grading courses and more.

Put Into Practice Your Illustrator knowledge

Dare to do these illustration courses with the best professionals.

Put Into Practice Your Photoshop Knowledge

Dare to do these digital retouching, photography and image processing courses.

Put Into Practice Your InDesign Knowledge

Dare to do these editorial design, typography courses and more.

Put Into Practice Your After Effects Knowledge

Dare to do these animation, motion graphics and character design courses.

Put Into Practice Your Cinema 4D Knowledge

Dare to do these animation, modelling and 3D rendering courses.

This Is What Domestika Courses Are Like

  • Learn at Your Own Pace

    Enjoy learning from home without a set schedule. You set your own timetable.

  • Front Row Seats

    Videos of the highest quality ensure that you don't miss a single detail. With unlimited access, you can watch them over and over.

  • Learn From the Best

    Learn valuable methods and techniques explained by top experts in the creative sector.

  • Share Knowledge

    Ask questions, request feedback, offer solutions. Share learning with other students in the community.

  • Expert Instructors

    Each instructor teaches only what she/he does best, conveying true passion and excellence in every lesson.

  • Creative Community

    More than 1M creatives and growing. Domestika is the place to share and learn what you love.

  • Certificate Pro

    Demonstrate your course attendance with a certificate signed by the teacher. Get it with your Domestika PRO subscription

  • Professionally Developed Courses

    We selected top creatives and a team of experts to develop the courses. The result? You'll feel like you're working side by side with leading professionals.

About Domestika Basics:

  • No prior knowledge

    At Domestika Basics you have all you need to get started in a subject and become an expert.

  • Tool-focused courses

    Get to know the basis, techniques and proved methods you need to master the tool.

  • Learn fast

    The best professionals teach you step by step and bluntly so that you don't get lost in the software.