Domestika Basics 5 courses

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

By Giacomo Prestinari, Fitter

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Introduction to Final Cut Pro X. A Photograph, , and Video course by Giacomo Prestinari
Domestika Basics 5 courses

Introduction to Final Cut Pro X

By Giacomo Prestinari

71% Disc. US$ 44.90
US$ 12.90

Learn Final Cut Pro X without prior knowledge and master one of the most popular non-linear video editing programs on the market

Domestika Basics · 5 courses

What will you learn in these courses?

You will learn to master Final Cut Pro X and become a video editor equipped with the tools to make from simple assembly to the render end of your projects.

It is not necessary that you have previous knowledge of video editing. Throughout these five courses you will learn the operation of Apple software in detail to easily assemble videos with professional results.

You will begin to familiarize yourself with the Final Cut Pro X interface and its work spaces, and then learn how to set up your own work library with imported material.

From there you will go to the core of Final Cut Pro X: the revolutionary magnetic timeline, where the film is built. You will learn to organize and join your clips in a sequence, using each and every one of the editing tools of the program. Giacomo will provide you with all the video material necessary to complete the exercises.

Then you will learn how to mount multi-camera videos, that is, videos with different levels. On this occasion, your project will have three frames that you will learn to combine to give dynamism to your sequence.

Using masks, you will learn how to create effects in your videos. The first effect you will learn will be to double your main character so that it appears in two places at once in the same plane.

You will know the possibilities of titling, both in 2D and 3D, that Final Cut Pro X offers you, its presets, customizations and properties.

You will learn to design the sound of a project, using predetermined sound libraries and understanding the role that each sound plays within a scene.

Through changes in speed, you will learn to provide your projects with interesting dramatic effects, both in video and audio.

The focus of the penultimate course will be post-production. Here you will learn about effects and color corrections for video and the different tools that Final Cut Pro X offers to get the right look in each scene.

You will know what a chroma key or color key is and you will learn how to create this effect using colorful backgrounds. You will learn some tips to keep in mind when shooting good chromas.

You will finish your learning by solving some doubts and dilemmas that every video professional faces in their day to day: relinks, proxies, resolution settings, how to work in multiscreen efficiently and, finally, you will learn about the appropriate export options for your projects

Technical requirements

    ⦁ A computer with macOS 10.13.6 or later and a minimum of 4 GB of RAM (8 GB recommended for more intensive tasks).
    ⦁ Final Cut Pro X (you can buy it or download the 30-day trial version on the Apple website).

71% Disc. US$ 44.90


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Giacomo Prestinari

I graduated from the Milan Film School in editing, after which I started working in television. Just two years later I decided to make the leap to advertising, a field in which I have been telling stories with moving images for more than a decade.

I have worked for hundreds of clients from different countries and in different languages. Some of them are Coca-Cola, Gucci, El Corte Inglés, Volkswagen, Samsung, Ikea, Toyota, Grundig, Nomad, Cinepolis, Armani, Vodafone or Skoda, among others. Among my most outstanding works is that of the Spanish Christmas Lottery campaign of 2014, winner of the Silver Lion at the Cannes festival.

27 ratings / 100% positive ratings