These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022

The World Economic Forum sheds light on which creative profiles will be most in demand over the next three years

The World Economic Forum has published a report entitled Jobs of Tomorrow: Mapping Opportunity in the New Economy, in which it analyzes the professional profiles that will be most sought after in the immediate post-covid future and the skills they require.

According to this report, over the next three years, more creative opportunities will emerge across almost every industry. Below, we list the most in-demand profiles across the fastest-growing sectors and explain which tools you will need to improve your CV and secure a promising career.

These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022 1
Image from the Domestika course, Botanical Sketchbooking: A Meditative Approach.

Sales, Marketing, and Content

This is one of the fastest-growing sectors, surpassed only by the health sector. Sales, marketing, and content already generates nearly 20% of new labor demand. Núria Mañé (@nuriacomunica)–a social communication and digital transformation consultant–agrees with the report and adds that, aside from all of the jobs generated by social media, and which continue to grow, some relatively recent professions will also be on the rise, including roles related to business expansion through digital marketing (growth hackers, growth marketing specialists, funnels, and automation). "All the new professions that provide services to entrepreneurs and content creators will be in demand: digital project managers, virtual assistants, and other technical profiles, such as digital mechanics," predicts Mañé.

The World Economic Forum’s report lists a wide range of skills that will help professionals take advantage of these new emerging opportunities. These skills include "disruptive tools", i.e., those that can be injected suddenly and surprisingly into the market. Ideally, these should be combined with more traditional basic training and creativity. Núria adds that "you have to be able to select well, or, in other words, to curate and create quality content that makes it easier for the user to search for information," she says.

These will be the most in-demand roles in this sector.

1. Marketing Specialists / Growth Hackers

Growth hackers are in charge of planning conventional and less conventional strategies to help a company grow. They are professionals who have experience in:

- Social Ads
- Big Data Technology
- UX Principles
- Behavioral Science

These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022 3
Growth marketing is crucial in helping companies to grow.

These experts know all the tricks that drive visits and sales, secure a higher ranking in search engine results, and attract attention. Although today, there are careers oriented towards this particular role, these expert profiles are usually quite tailored. These are professionals that have backgrounds in advertising and IT and go on to acquire specific skills. Creativity in this field is more oriented towards finding different and innovative ways of achieving results.

These Domestika courses will help you to explore this profile and learn relevant skills: Google Ads and Facebook Ads from Scratch, Introduction to SEM: Create Google Ads from Scratch, and UX: Usability and User Experience.

2. Content Producers / Social Media Experts

After the data has been analyzed and conclusions have been drawn, it's time to make action-oriented decisions. The role of social media experts and content producers is to create content based on the trends fed to them by the data analysts. The creativity required in these fields has to do with the ability to find different ways to address issues while introducing innovative approaches.

Generally, professionals in this sector come from the world of advertising, journalism, creative writing, screenwriting, or have experience producing their own content for their own platforms. According to the report, these positions require strong skills in at least one media format:

- Writing
- Video
- Podcasting
- Photography
- Animation

Núria adds a new profession: digital coach. This is a service she has begun to offer to some of her own clients now that it is crucial that companies adapt to a digital culture and train their employees accordingly. "There is a lot of demand for digital profiles yet few trained professionals," she observes.

These Domestika courses will help you to explore this profile and learn relevant skills: Branded Content and Content Curation for your Personal Brand, Audiovisual Storytelling for Social Media, and Copywriting: Define the Tone of Your Personal Brand.

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Social media will play an even greater role over the coming years.

3. Viral Content Creators

The World Economic Forum projects that content creators producing both conventional and more audacious content will be key roles. The growth of TikTok has created a demand for professionals who can create funny and entertaining content on a regular basis. The goal of viral content producers is to achieve visibility at no cost. A key term that stands out among the list of skills required for this type of position: digital literacy.

This is the ability to locate, analyze, organize, understand, and evaluate information using digital technology to produce new content.

TikTok is a social network that is becoming a favorite among young users. Brands and creators are waking up to its potential: it is used in more than 150 countries (and in almost all of them it is among the top 25 most used apps nationally), and there are an estimated 800 million active users worldwide.

TikTok is another tool that can help you to get your creative project out into the world. Here you can find some practical tips for using the app and implementing social media strategy.

These Domestika courses will provide a better understanding of this role: Viral Marketing: Campaigns That Share Themselves, Introduction to TikTok for Creatives, and Create an Infograph that will Make History.

These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022 7
Viral content makes a big impact without having to invest in visibility.

Green jobs

The so-called "green jobs" are focused on caring for the environment. The profiles with the greatest potential in this sector are mostly related to exact sciences and engineering, in other words, creating measures that companies and States implement in order to minimize their environmental impact. However, given that these measures will need to be communicated through policies, products, and content, the report suggests that the "green industry" will give rise to a lot of creative opportunities.

1. Green Social Media Specialists / Green Content Producers

Communication experts with experience in environmentalism will be sought after by brands looking to promote their own ecological awareness and communicate their efforts to their consumers. Consumers will be increasingly eager to know about the measures being taken to reduce products’ ecological impact. It is also expected that email marketing will grow, replacing any paper-based promotional formats.

2. Green Designers

When it comes both to designing a product and presenting it, experts who can assess environmental impact and make informed decisions about how they use resources will be very sought after. Disciplines such as sustainable graphic design and the creation of environmentally friendly packaging will be priorities for both large and small brands over the coming years.

Here are the main courses taught by experts in the field to explore this profile: Introduction to Sustainable Graphic Design, Sustainable Packaging Design for E-commerce, and Introduction to Ecological Packaging.

These Will Be the Most Sought-after Creative Profiles in 2022 9
Introduction to Ecological Packaging, a Domestika course by Tati Guimarães.

Care Activities

According to the World Economic Forum report, 37% of new job opportunities that emerge over the coming years will be in the health and wellness sector. While medicine is usually a very specific area with specific job roles, creative activities linked to recreation and the so-called "wellness sciences" will emerge in this sector.

Wellness tools

The report gives prominence to professionals working in areas such as meditation, gratitude, kindness, and wellbeing. These activities are significant given how much content and services relating to these fields have been consumed since the beginning of the pandemic.

Tools for managing anxiety and staying calm in turbulent times are so diverse that they can include artistic disciplines linked to meditation and controlling anxiety, as well as specific tools for managing time and boosting your creativity and motivation.

These Domestika courses help to explore this trend: Botanical Sketchbooking: A Meditative Approach, Illustration Techniques to Unlock your Creativity, and Techniques for Developing your Creativity.

Do you want to read the World Economic Forum report for yourself? You can do so here.

English version by @eloiseedgington.

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