• The History of Macramé: From Arabic Weavers to Coachella Fashion

    The History of Macramé: From Arabic Weavers to Coachella Fashion

    Discover the creative link tying together everyone from old-timey sailors to English Queens From nuns to ladies-in-waiting, and from sailors to hippies, for centuries macramé has served as a creative outlet for people across the world. But how has something as simple as decorative knot tying been able to connect with so many audiences and be reimagined in so many radically different ways? Join us as we untangle the fascinating history of macramé, exploring how each generation keeps adding their own twist on knot tying to transform something as humble as a bundle of rope into a canvas for creativity.

  • 7 Online Courses in Designing Fashion Accessories

    7 Online Courses in Designing Fashion Accessories

    Learn to design sandals with macramé, create floral headdresses, or make DIY personalized jewelry Sometimes, an accessory will be the most eye-catching element of an outfit. A unique piece of jewelry or a floral headdress will turn heads, both because of the way it looks and the story behind its creation. Below, different artists show us that the world of accessories design is bursting with opportunities and you don’t need to be an expert to dive in. If you are a lover of crafts and DIY, get ready to turn an idea into a unique piece full of symbolism. All you need to know is what accessory you want to create and start learning the right techniques. Look for inspiration and let yourself be carried away by creativity. You will be surprised to discover how many different materials and resources you can use to bring your ideas to life.

  • 12 Free Tutorials for Handmade Creativity

    12 Free Tutorials for Handmade Creativity

    Stimulate your creativity with these inspiring DIY, calligraphy, and upcycling artists Sometimes, creativity can only be executed manually. Knitting, painting, or dyeing garments are only some of the things you can achieve using easy yo obtain materials. All these activities will help you awaken your lateral thinking, that is, to focus more freely and imaginatively on your day-to-day life. Furthermore, spending time creating something is a way to take a break from the screen. Whatever your reason may be, make sure to check out these 12 free tutorials that will help you develop your creativity using your hands. Disconnect in order to reconnect. There are tutorials for crafting, calligraphy, macramé, upcycling, and more. If any of these take your fancy, click on the title to access the full content. Enjoy! Calligraphy Tutorial: How to Make a Reed Pen for Calligraphy in 5 min Have you ever heard about this calligraphy tool? A reed pen is one of the oldest writing tools in existence. It is key for various types of calligraphy, including uncial, as it enables you to create compact but organic shapes on paper. If you want to know how to make your own reed pen, check out this tutorial by calligraphy expert and graphic designer Joaquín Seguí (@joaquinsegui).

  • Basic Materials For Making a Macramé Wall Hanging

    Basic Materials For Making a Macramé Wall Hanging

    Discover which basic materials you need to create your own macramé pieces Do you know much about macramé? This technique consists of making types of knots using a crochet needle to create unique textile pieces. The name of the technique, macramé, has two possible origins: the majority of people say it derives from the Arabic term "migramah" (ornamental fringe). However, it could also come from the Turkish word "makrama," meaning napkin or towel.

  • 5 Free Online Craft Classes: Essential Materials for Beginners

    5 Free Online Craft Classes: Essential Materials for Beginners

    Discover the essential materials you’ll need to start out in the world of crafts Crafts are an excellent starting point for developing your artistic potential, besides helping you improve your concentration, self-esteem, and attention to detail. Embroidery, needle felting, amigurumi, or crocheting are all good options to achieve those goals and exploiting your creativity. Creative processes and results can differ from person to person. Some people follow routines and others only create when inspired, but all have something in common: a creative mind continuously looking for new ways of expression.

  • 5 Online Courses to Learn Macramé From Scratch

    5 Online Courses to Learn Macramé From Scratch

    These experts will teach you the macramé techniques you need to become a pro Macramé has become very popular lately. Artists from all over the world are taking this practice to new levels, proving that this craft is not just for decorative purposes. Tying different types of knots with just our hands results in unique pieces that are as sophisticated as they are practical. Crochet, on the other hand, uses a specific needle called a crochet hook to weave yarn or wool. Although both techniques offer us endless possibilities, it is important to familiarize yourself with their different characteristics to know which techniques are most suitable for your next project. If you want to get started in macramé, explore this selection of courses: Circular Macramé Techniques, a course by Ancestral The only things you'll need to take part in this course by artist Erika Pineda, founder of the Colombian brand Ancestral, are some cord and a pair of hands. Although she will first show you the differences between circular and linear techniques, you will then focus on the former, learning a repertoire of basic knots and key processes. She will also teach you tricks for experimenting with different shapes and patterns.