• 8 Online Upcycling Courses for Creating and Repairing Garments

    8 Online Upcycling Courses for Creating and Repairing Garments

    Upcycle your garments with the help of fashion experts, using crocheting, embroidery, and other techniques Upcycling is a topical concept in society nowadays. It is tightly linked to the ecological movement, as we strive to safeguard the planet and preserve its resources. In fashion, this trend encourages us to increase the lifespan of our clothes by repurposing their designs. We can apply various techniques to create new designs using all sorts of material. These eight courses that we have selected for you will demonstrate the many faces of upcycling. If you are into textiles and have some time and imagination, you’ll be in for a treat while learning with these experts. They will teach you to repair or create new garments with these super creative tools. Embroidery: Clothing Repair, a course by Ofelia & Antelmo Are you familiar with the ‘visible mending’ technique? Find out how you can fix any unused or damaged clothing piece with Gabriela Martínez, a specialist in embroidery and textile art. The founder of the Ofelia & Antelmo project will teach you techniques and tips for embroidering and creating patches. In her course, she shows you how to create garments sustainably.

  • 5 Free Online Craft Classes: Essential Materials for Beginners

    5 Free Online Craft Classes: Essential Materials for Beginners

    Discover the essential materials you’ll need to start out in the world of crafts Crafts are an excellent starting point for developing your artistic potential, besides helping you improve your concentration, self-esteem, and attention to detail. Embroidery, needle felting, amigurumi, or crocheting are all good options to achieve those goals and exploiting your creativity. Creative processes and results can differ from person to person. Some people follow routines and others only create when inspired, but all have something in common: a creative mind continuously looking for new ways of expression.

  • Essential Crochet Materials

    Essential Crochet Materials

    Interested in learning this technique? Here's everything you will need to get started Crochet has made a strong comeback over recent years. Not only has this technique been revived, but new exponents have given it a modern twist. Alicia Recio Rodríguez (@alimaravillas) is part of a group of creators who have managed to put their stamp on their work which they share on social media. There, her work has attracted lots of people who are eager to learn her techniques. If you are also keen to make something with your own hands and develop your unique style, Alicia lists the basic materials that you will need to start crocheting:

  • 5 Online Courses to Learn Macramé From Scratch

    5 Online Courses to Learn Macramé From Scratch

    These experts will teach you the macramé techniques you need to become a pro Macramé has become very popular lately. Artists from all over the world are taking this practice to new levels, proving that this craft is not just for decorative purposes. Tying different types of knots with just our hands results in unique pieces that are as sophisticated as they are practical. Crochet, on the other hand, uses a specific needle called a crochet hook to weave yarn or wool. Although both techniques offer us endless possibilities, it is important to familiarize yourself with their different characteristics to know which techniques are most suitable for your next project. If you want to get started in macramé, explore this selection of courses: Circular Macramé Techniques, a course by Ancestral The only things you'll need to take part in this course by artist Erika Pineda, founder of the Colombian brand Ancestral, are some cord and a pair of hands. Although she will first show you the differences between circular and linear techniques, you will then focus on the former, learning a repertoire of basic knots and key processes. She will also teach you tricks for experimenting with different shapes and patterns.

  • 7 Online Woodworking Courses for Beginners

    7 Online Woodworking Courses for Beginners

    Step into the world of furniture and create your own wood pieces at home with our experts If you’re interested in diving headfirst into carpentry, you’ll need to get to know the different techniques and tools. Everything you learn during these early stages will be useful for developing your skills in the future. So, enjoy discovering all of the creative possibilities you can explore with wood. These online courses will teach you everything you need to know about this discipline, especially if you are just starting out. With courses dedicated to furniture design, restoring and upholstering chairs, and making your own frames, be inspired by these seven woodworking experts and start creating your own unique pieces. Design and Creation of Handmade Workspaces, a course by Gema Casado Olea Spaces have the power to positively impact the people who inhabit them. In this course, Gema Casado Olea, founder of El Tarro de Ideas, will teach you how to create a workspace that embodies who you are. She will guide you through building a desk and storage unit using DIY techniques. Following the principles of Fengshui, you will create a well-balanced space flowing with energy.

  • 10 Inspirational Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts

    10 Inspirational Bullet Journal Instagram Accounts

    Discover different techniques, uses, and styles and start bullet journaling Bullet journaling means taking a blank notebook and using it to plan, organize, and document your thoughts, anecdotes, inspiration, task list… anything! Unlike a regular journal, a bullet journal isn’t pre-designed, you shape and evolve its contents. If you love to be organized and creative, you’re going to love bullet journaling. We asked the Domestika Instagram community to recommend their favorite bullet journaling accounts to give you some inspiration. Here are the results: Bullet Journals (@bullet.journals) Bullet Journals is a great space to explore the possibilities that this format offers for recording dreams, fantasies, and events. It showcases the work of artists from around the world.

  • Domestika Diary: Lilly Maetzig

    Domestika Diary: Lilly Maetzig

    New Zealand-born, London-based ceramicist Lilly Maetzig takes us through the city she now calls home and into her pottery studio to share her creative process Lilly Maetzig (@mae_ceramics) is a ceramicist, designer, and artist who started her career (and life) in New Zealand before moving to London in 2016. Lilly first found ceramics in art school, but she truly fell in love with wheel-thrown pottery when she began working in a shared studio. In this Domestika Diary, she takes us on her surprisingly verdant walk to work and into her pottery studio to share with us a typical day in the life of a potter.

  • How Did Yarn Bombing Reach Your City?

    How Did Yarn Bombing Reach Your City?

    Discover the feminist roots of this unique street art using yarn and wool Whatever city you live in, you may have come across a tree decorated with wool or a lamp post covered in crocheted flowers. This practice is known as yarn bombing, and it’s everywhere. Yarn bombing is the decoration of public features with handmade fabrics. These colorful creations convey messages about care, respect, and the appreciation of public space. This street artform’s origins date back to the mid-19th century, the industrial revolution, and feminist resistance. Want to know more about knitted urban creations? Discover the roots of yarn bombing below!

  •  My Materials: Epoxy Resin Jewelry

    My Materials: Epoxy Resin Jewelry

    Discover the tools and materials you need to make DIY epoxy resin jewelry at home, with Mia Winston-Hart Epoxy resin is a versatile material that lets you make creative DIY jewelry at home using just a few simple tools. Mia Winston-Hart (@miawinstonhart) is an educator and accessory designer who specializes in creating jewelry using epoxy resin. In this video, she shares simple tips and advice as she takes you through the materials you will need to create your own epoxy resin jewelry.

  • Meet Maria Mandea, a Play Designer From Bucharest

    Meet Maria Mandea, a Play Designer From Bucharest

    Maria Mandea designs and creates playful objects and experiences for all ages Play is essential, regardless of our age. “It allows mistakes, discovery, and the creation of new realities,” says Maria Mandea, a play designer from Bucharest, Romania. Not sure what a play designer does? Actually, the role of “play designer” is a job title that Maria invented herself to most accurately explain what she does. Allow us to elaborate... Maria designs and creates playful objects and experiences, such as toys, stop-motion animations, apps, and games.

  • Bullet Journal Tutorial: How to Use Basic Symbols

    Bullet Journal Tutorial: How to Use Basic Symbols

    Learn the basic symbols used in bullet journaling and how to make a key for your own journal, with Annie Weir Bullet journaling was designed to help people organize their lives and bring clarity to their minds using a simple and flexible system made up of basic symbols. Annie Weir (@a_journal_by_annie) has been bullet journaling since 2017, combining her passion for lettering and illustration with a place to store her ideas, thoughts, and memories. In this tutorial, she shares how to use bullet journal symbols and how you can make a key for your own journal.

  • Free Crochet Pattern for International Women's Day

    Free Crochet Pattern for International Women's Day

    Crochet a breast following simple instructions of Ameskeria and share it with the community To join the celebration of International Women's Day (#IWD2021), Leire Villar (@ameskeria) shares with the community a pattern for knitting a breast in crochet. Leire is a photographer, specialist in crochet and feminist, who makes all kinds of pieces with threads and needles.

  • 8 Miniature Artists and Diorama Creators to Inspire You

    8 Miniature Artists and Diorama Creators to Inspire You

    What is a diorama? Be inspired to create your own miniature worlds A diorama is a three-dimensional miniature model, usually representing a scene that includes characters interacting, a landscape, and architectural elements. The models are typically found in museum exhibitions. However, many different types of creatives have focused on this craft in cinema, television, graphic design, advertising, and other art fields. While museums’ dioramas are usually highly realistic historical representations, contemporary creators tend to recreate scenes with a satirical message and social commentary. These artists create all their work in miniature, showing impressive technical ability. Meet some of these creators and their artwork, accurately capturing their love for miniature sculpture in their photographs. Lori Nix and Kathleen Gerber An architect and a sculptor make up this duo. Their work is inspired by classic disaster movies and post-apocalyptic literature. Their experimental scenes depict a dangerous world, ridden from human beings, all with a touch of humor. Their advice to young artists is to remember that all good projects require time for development.

  • How to Make Lifelike Paper Petals

    How to Make Lifelike Paper Petals

    Learn this simple method for making 3D paper craft petals, with Eileen Handmade. Paper flowers capture the beauty of nature and survive a lot longer than your average bouquet. Eileen Ng (@eileen_handmade), also known as Eileen Handmade, is a craft artist and maker who has been creating floral installations for years. In this tip, she shares a simple technique to make paper petals with volume.

  • Be Inspired to Create Amigurumi Characters with the Prince of Crochet

    Be Inspired to Create Amigurumi Characters with the Prince of Crochet

    Crochet artist and character designer Marcelo Javier Cortés, a.k.a. Príncipe del Crochet, shares his favorite projects Crocheting is a hand knitting technique that is gaining interest among contemporary creatives. Starting in the craft of crochet is easy, and there are lots of possibilities. One of the most attractive projects you can do using a crochet hook is ‘amigurumi.’ You can create cute, three-dimensional characters by crocheting them as if you were sculpting with yarn.

  • Free Pattern to Make a Nordic Crochet Vest

    Free Pattern to Make a Nordic Crochet Vest

    Learn how to make a vest, step by step, with this pattern in three different sizes, created by Ali Maravillas Do you want to crochet with your own hands? Choosing an inspiring pattern is essential for you to find and keep your motivation at a high level. For that to happen, Nordic and yarnbomber crochet designer, Alicia Recio Rodríguez (@AliMaravillas), shares a pattern for knitting a Hygge vest, one of those pieces that never go out of style. It's a cozy, light and cool design that will keep you crocheting for hours and hours.

  • DIY Tutorial: How to Preserve Dried Flowers in Resin Jewelry

    DIY Tutorial: How to Preserve Dried Flowers in Resin Jewelry

    Learn how to preserve dried flowers in resin to create jewelry, with Mia Winston-Hart Epoxy resin makes it possible to mold real flowers into beautiful pieces of art and jewelry that can last a lifetime. Educator and designer Mia Winston-Hart (@miawinstonhart) has made a name for herself by creating one-of-a-kind pieces with epoxy resin. In this tutorial, she shares how you can use it to create your own jewelry with dried flowers.

  • Domestika Diary: Caro Bello

    Domestika Diary: Caro Bello

    Caro Bello is a graphic designer and punch-needle embroidery expert. She tells us about her working process and creative routine in this Domestika Diary

  • 6 Crochet Online Courses to Explore the Technique Possibilities

    6 Crochet Online Courses to Explore the Technique Possibilities

    Create amazing garments, decorations, toys, and functional objects with your own hands Some people think crocheting is an activity just for older people, but the reality is that contemporary artists from all over the world are reinventing and rediscovering it every day. Crochet is very easy to learn, and it’s also a relaxing artisanal technique for those who love anything fabric and textiles related. These 6 experts share with you the secrets behind their modern creations, so you too can become an experienced crocheter and create your own toys, objects, garments, or decorations.

  • How to Create a Homemade Stencil for Stamping By Hand

    How to Create a Homemade Stencil for Stamping By Hand

    Learn to create a stencil out of homemade materials with Texture Factory If you're looking for an easy activity you can do using materials you already have at home, or perhaps to carry out with the little artists you have running around, you've come to the right place! Hi! I'm Gabriela Rodríguez, founder of the creative studio, Fábrica de Texturas (@fabricadetexturas), which specializes in DIY projects and recovers traditional and artisanal techniques to give them a unique, contemporary twist. In this blog post, I share a step-by-step process for making a template you can use to create hand-stamped pieces like this one: