• What Does a Web Designer Do?
    Web & App Design

    What Does a Web Designer Do?

    Discover the skills and mastery needed to be a web designer Internet is the perfect and obligatory stage in which to showcase our work and projects to the world. Good planning and functional web design are essential for achieving a professional, current, and creative look. Web designers are a critical factor in this process. But what exactly does a web designer do? What is the thought process they follow? What tools do they use? Read on as we analyze the know-how and skills needed for such a key profession.

  • How Can I Become an Architectural Illustrator?
    Architecture & Space

    How Can I Become an Architectural Illustrator?

    Discover how you can train as an architectural illustrator and show what a project will look like using drawing According to architect and architectural illustrator Hector Lopez (@_thearchitector), the role of an architectural illustrator is to create visual representations of a structure, ranging from the smallest detail to a complete building or a block of buildings. In general, an architectural illustrator works in collaboration with an architect to visually present plans and help them understand how a project will look when it’s finished. These drawings are used to show the project to a team, to sell it to potential inhabitants, or to present its features. What does it take to become an architectural illustrator?

  • What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    What is a growth marketing expert, and what do they do?

    Discover what a growth marketer does and why it is a critical figure in the development of a company All businesses worldwide want to grow, but not many know how to do it, as strange as it may seem. This explains why growth marketing strategies have become increasingly popular recently. Following scientific methods, developing growth strategies, and relying on growth marketers, are fundamental elements to help companies achieve results. What are the skills required to pursue a growth marketing career? How do companies regard the role of a growth marketer? How will this figure evolve over the next few years? We will answer these questions with the help of a marketing expert with ten years of experience as a startup consultant who supports the idea to include growth marketing in your business.

  • What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

    What Does a Graphic Designer Do?

    Top experts tell us more about this role in their own words A graphic designer is a problem solver. Essentially, their job is to find visual solutions that transmit ideas and concepts. To do so, they use programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, and After Effects, and often collaborate with advertisers, journalists, marketing directors, and many others. A graphic designer can develop a wide range of products and services of varying levels of complexity: from an exhibition poster to the entire visual identity of a new brand, from magazines and books to logos, packaging, illustrations, and prints. The list is never-ending. They are experts in applying their creativity to the project in question’s needs and characteristics.

  • 12 Basic Principles of Animation
    3D & Animation

    12 Basic Principles of Animation

    Whether done by hand, using software, in 2D or 3D, these rules apply to all types of animation There are several ways to bring a drawing to life, but one in particular has become a reference over the years. In 1981, Disney animators Ollie Johnston and Frank Thomas published a book compiling 12 basic principles of animation for making characters seem more realistic, with a focus on physics and emotions. Although these rules were applied to classic animations such as Snow White (1937), Pinocchio (1940), Fantasy (1940), Dumbo (1941), and Bambi (1942), they are still relevant today, despite technological advances and the advent of 3D. They are constantly being expanded and updated to include new styles and techniques.

  • Illustrator Confessions: What It's REALLY like to Be an Illustrator

    Illustrator Confessions: What It's REALLY like to Be an Illustrator

    6 illustrators share their experiences and give advice about their profession The best way to learn about any profession is to ask the people who know it best — so we did. Six illustrators sat down to tell us about what it's like working in illustration today, and to give advice to artists who are just starting out. From their struggle to get family members to understand their career choice, to explaining why illustration is anything but a dying profession, here's what they had to say.