What It's Really Like To Be a Female Creative?

Get an inside look into the life of 15 amazing creators and artists and their creative processes

The creative process is different from one person to another, and it can take many forms. From the very disciplined people to those who navigate by ear, a creative mind is always exploring new ways to express itself.

The video series Domestika Diaries explores precisely how is really like to be creative in different disciplines. Next, we gathered a list of 15 exceptional female artists from all over the world, so you can get inspired and start your next project right now and learn from their tips to be more creative and translate your ideas into real work.

Editorial Illustration: Emma Hanquist

Editorial illustrators have to create images that are visually striking and contribute to a larger conversation. Emma Hanquist is a Swedish illustrator who specializes in editorial illustration and who has also worked with brands such as Airbnb and Spotify. In this Domestika Diary, she talks not just about her daily routine, but also the places where she finds inspiration, and what she’s doing to foster her children’s creative habits.

Emma teaches the Editorial Illustration for Magazines course.

Multidisciplinar Art: COVL

Just like there are no limits to a person’s creativity, there are seemingly no limits on the number of mediums available to experiment with. For multidisciplinary artist COVL, whose clients include Nike, Netflix, Instagram, and Cadillac, experimenting with mediums outside her comfort zone is the key to improving her craft. She talks about her process, her experience working from home, and how the diversity in her work helps her see and find creative opportunities everywhere she looks.

Fashion Illustration: Connie Lim

Fashion illustration is part fantasy, part reality. Translating the artistry of high fashion into typically two-dimensional pieces of work, it records the details of actual garments while also infusing them with a dreamy, imaginative quality. Connie Lim (@_connielim_) is a London-based fashion illustrator whose work with fashion collages literally adds new layers to the traditional fashion illustration for clients like Louboutin, Bulgari, and L’Oreal. She now shares her routine, gives a tour of her studio, and talks about her creative process and sources of inspiration.

Connie teaches the Creative Fashion Illustration Techniques course.

Photography: Elaine Li

Just because travel is limited doesn’t mean photographers still can’t turn their lenses onto their home cities, finding new ways to capture iconic landmarks. Elaine Li is a Sydney-based art director and photographer who specializes in cityscapes and travel photography. In this Domestika Diary, she explains what lenses she likes to use and takes us on a sunset photoshoot of the Sydney Opera House while sharing tips and recommendations about how to take dynamic shots.

Embroidery: Olga Prinku

Olga Prinku (@oprinku) is a designer and maker who created the flower on tulle embroidery technique, where she embroiders dried and handpicked flowers onto tulle. A trained graphic designer, Olga adapted her design skills to her botanical surroundings to create her unique and elegant style which has seen her collaborate with Swarovski, Anthropologie, and Ruth Eaton London. In this Domestika Diary, Olga shares her florally-inspired daily routine and creative process with us:

Model Making: Jessica Dance

Jessica Dance (@jessica_dance) is an artist, designer, and coach who creates miniature models. Her unusual approach to design and making has led to collaborations with a host of global brands, including the BBC, Vogue, and Volkswagen, on jobs ranging from editorial design and animated adverts to interiors and installations. In this Domestika Diary, Jessica shares the daily routine that has enabled her to stay healthy, creative, and successful.

Animation: Caroline Kjellberg

Being far away from home during a global pandemic is a complicated situation to find oneself in. Danish animator and motion designer Caroline Kjellberg had to lengthen her stay in Bali as a result of lockdown measures, and she’s been working from there ever since. The multifaceted artist welcomes us into her home in Bali to talk us through her day-to-day routine working as a freelancer during unprecedented times. She also speaks about the advantages and disadvantages of working as a freelance creative, and shares advice for preventing professional exhaustion, which can set in if we don’t stick to a good routine.

Illustration: Pepita Sandwich

It’s never easy moving to a new city and a pandemic only makes that more complicated. However, Pepita Sandwich and her partner have managed to create a home where the two can create. Pepita Sandwich is an illustrator known for her vibrant style full of color, movement, and personality. She has collaborated with international brands such as Adidas, Spotify, and Cartoon Network and even published two books. In this Domestika Diary, she takes us around her new home, New York, showing us where she finds inspiration and art supplies.

Illustration: Luli Reis

Luli Reis (@lulireis) is a visual artist, illustrator and designer, specializing in botanical watercolors. The daughter of biologists and a lover of art, she was able to combine her passions in illustrations full of style and beauty, which she exhibits in galleries and sells through her online store.
In this installment of Domestika Diary, Luli give us a glimpse of her routine in her studio in Porto Alegre, Brazil, where she lives.

Luli teaches the Botanical Watercolor: Illustrate the Anatomy of Flowers course.

Lettering: Nubikini

Going from working in an agency surrounded by people to managing all your artistic projects from home can be a challenge, even for a creative who is used to managing her freelance commissions alone. Venezuelan graphic designer and lettering artist Nubikini (@nubikiini) shows us how she lives day to day in this situation, both professionally and creatively, from her studio in Bogotá. She also shares her tips to fight the creative block that can affect us all if we do not exercise our mind during confinement.

Nubikini teaches the Calligraphy and Lettering for Instagram with Procreate course.

Graphic Design: Catalina Estrada

Catalina Estrada (@catalinaestrada) has only been in Colombia a few months. Having lived for years in Barcelona, she became stranded in her home country while visiting her mother, and now is surrounded by varied landscapes, lush colors, and natural beauty. The stylish graphic designer and illustrator says that beauty and optimism are the trademarks of her internationally-awarded work, thanks to her experience growing up surrounded by these striking landscapes.

Catalina teaches the Illustration for Patterns with Soul course.

Photography: Verónica Cerna

Pictures, by definition, require the presence of two people: the photographer and their subject. So restrictions like those imposed in the wake of the pandemic, which oblige us to maintain distances between one another and avoid moving from one place to another, can complicate or even stop the work of a photographer. Verónica Cerna (@veronica_cerna), photographer and cofounder of the audiovisual studio BAF, whose work has been recognized in the International Photography Awards and The Photo Phore, explains to us in this installment of Domestika Diaries how her creative process as a photographer has changed during the current situation.

Veronica teaches the Conceptual Portrait Photography course.

Tile Design: Gazete Azulejos

Over 500 years after arriving in Portugal, tile design is now part of the country’s national identity. Portugal has maintained a rich tradition of creating unique, often handmade designs, and using them to decorate façades, interiors and any corner you can imagine. Gazete Azulejos owners, Alba and Marisa, showed Domestika Diaries around their studio and told us how everything began with a project to preserve their city’s historic and artistic heritage: organizing workshops to teach their trade and perpetuate the tradition.

Sustainable Design: Núria Vila

Environmental commitment is the foundation for art director and graphic designer Núria Vila’s (@nuriavilapunzano), life and career. She believes you can be extremely careful over design while also taking care of the planet, and she applies this maxim to her work. Did you know that approximately 70% of a product or graphic work’s environmental impact is determined in the initial design phase? Núria works to reduce that environmental footprint by applying environmental criteria to design more sustainably and with greater awareness. She practices what she preaches at home to achieve a greener life.

Embroidery: Juliana Mota

Juliana Mota (@juliana_mota) graduated in design and has worked in various fields, including magazines, books and packaging. Free embroidery allowed her to discover a new form of artistic expression, which that gives her illustrations more life. Her handiwork makes every piece a unique creation designed to cause emotion and stimulate the conscious consumption of handmade products. In this Domestika Diary, we accompany her in her daily routine and creative process.

Juliana teaches the Basic Techniques for Embroidering Letters course.


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